Zamfara: Placing Gov Yari On Responsibility Scale, By Mukhtar Jarmajo

I have seen bad students of history say that when it was Jonathan, we blamed him and never blamed Kashim Shettima. But today, “due to hypocritical tendencies,” we are sharing the blame for Zamfara between Buhari and Yari. This for me, amounts so much unfairness to Shettima.

Recall that Jonathan and Kashim were at loggerheads simply because Kashim wanted the BH problem to be solved while Jonathan hardly even believe there was a problem. A pointer to this was when Chibok girls were abducted. It took Jonathan two weeks to even believe there were any abductions. This was how it went on with Jonathan’s presidency frustrating every Shettima’s attempts at curbing the BH insurgency. 

This is opposite of Zamfara’s case. Yari is never ready to face the challenge. At some point he announced his resignation as the chief security officer of the state. Funny enough however, he neither vacated from the seat nor resigned as the chief accounting officer of the state also. He is yet to take any responsibility as far as the insecurity of Zamfara state is concerned.

Now compare Yari with his neighbour, el-Rufai of Kaduna state. Nasiru has been up and doing. Aside that he is taking preventive measures, at any point crisis erupts, he rises to the occasion to thwart it. He holds security Council meetings frequently and when ever the need arises to seek federal assistance, he does so willingly. Only recently, he personally foiled an attempt at a kidnap on the Abuja-Kaduna Road.

While Kaduna state is not entirely bereft of kidnappings and attacks, fairness demands that we note here that Nasiru’s commitment towards curbing the security challenges have reduced the rate at which the crimes are being perpetrated. Assuming he is like Yari, Kaduna state would have been a terrible place to live today.

My point of emphasis is a governor is very instrumental in the administration of a state. Without their willingness and commitment to promote peaceful coexistence thereby placing the foundations for development, little can be done to them to foster peace.

However, on his part, the president has a constitutional tool that allows him to declare state of emergency in Zamfara state to have Yari off the stage and secure the place.

This is what the president has failed to do.

Jarmajo wrote from Bauchi. 

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