Women’s Place In Life: Kitchen Or At The Top?

So according to our president, his wife place is in the kitchen and other rooms. Feminists are going crazy because of that sentence, as they should be. That sentence is disregarding and disrespectful. However it caused me to think it over deeply and reflect on the issue. Actually, the sentence of the president is coming from the perspective of a country that is deeply rooted in culture and religion. I am not coming in from the religious or cultural perspective rather I am going to try to reason it out based on the actual realities of our society.

A woman’s place isn’t just the kitchen. Her place is beside her man. It is not written anywhere that a woman life ends in the kitchen. Honestly such mentality shouldn’t even be around anymore. This is 2016; Hilary Clinton is going to be the FLOTUS. Angela Merkel has been the chancellor of Germany since 2005. Women are getting up there to stay up there. Women are achieving things and for someone, anyone to have that mindset that his woman belongs to the kitchen and bedroom is quite hilarious.

I think it is a woman’s duty to care for her household. That is, bother about her family general wellbeing. She is to cook for them, clean and manage the home. All these don’t however mean he is limited or restricted to the kitchen. I know so many feminists disagree with this, but oh well. I believe it’s a woman’s duty to take care of her family. It is a man’s job to provide for his family. There is nowhere this rule is explicitly stated but theses is the course of things in the society, I am not here to argue or displace that. My focus however is to say that although she is meant to care and manage her home. The kitchen isn’t her office or that grand place where she fulfills her destiny. Women are powerful, we can achieve things, we are smart and I think it is absolutely insulting for someone to say we are meant to end in the kitchen. It is so scary to think that a woman, with her quest to achieve enlightenment by getting an education and getting herself empowered is going to be regarded as furniture by her husband. That is wrong.

So that brings me to the question. Where is a woman’s place in the society, in her home, in this world that is largely controlled by the male folk? Well a woman place is beside her husband. Going stride by stride, achieving goals and being the best she can be. A true man will take his woman higher as he climbs higher. A woman role in the society is to give a sense of softness. She is to add the soft touch to the society, be a mentor to young girls. Her role is to be a constant source of inspiration to the young people. A woman should be able to enter the kitchen and cook a meal, as should a man also but that doesn’t mean it is a woman’s place. Cooking skills are lifesaving skills. Everyone should have them. I think it is high time the mentality that women don’t and shouldn’t amount to much is eradicated. I am a woman and I am more. I am so much more than my cooking skills.

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