Why President Buhari Must Rise To The Occasion And Save APC From Collapse, By Salihu Hassan

This is a trying and tough time for the ruling party and time is running against it. The president must be decisive and show leadership. Oshiomole and Tinubu are hell bent on destroying the APC and if something urgent is not done that is the end of the party.

The party has taken the path to self-destruct. Oshiomole is out there disqualifying eligible aspirant who have made all the requirements and guidelines laid down by the party. How can you deceived people into spending their monies to purchase forms and campaign just to disqualify them at the last minute in order to pave way for unpopular incumbent who cannot win election for the party. In my senatorial district of Adamawa south for instance, eight aspirants including a ranking senator and former spokesman of the senate, Senator Silas Zwingina, were all disqualified to give way for the incumbent, Senator Ahmad Moallahyidi, who is not popular enough to win a reelection. It is the same story in Adamawa north.

Someone like Senator Shehu Sani who spent the last three years insulting and castigating the party, the president and his state governor to the excitement of the opposition is now rewarded with automatic ticket. This is a clear case of rewarding disloyalty and sabotage. This is injustice and the chairman should know that where there is no justice there cannot be peace. Running a political party is not same with running Labour unions. You cannot just wake up and disqualify eligible aspirant who have spent their resources and precious time to campaign.

The case of Kaduna central is pathetic were five aspirant were seated at the venue of the election just to read online that all of them have been disqualified from the contest except Senator Shehu Sani. We are in a democracy and the party should not give a preferential treatment to any aspirant. All eligible aspirants should be given equal opportunities to test their popularity. If the party succeeded in imposing the incumbent without giving the other contestant a chance for a fair contest, that will only lead to protest vote against the party. There is confusion everywhere in the party. Many states are yet to conduct their gubernatorial primaries.

The president must do the needful and reverse this act of injustice. This is a clear case of cheating and corruption because the party deliberately collected money from this aspirant and then disqualified them without any justification. This means it doesn’t pay to be loyal party men and women. It is gross violation of human right and against the principle of justice and fair play. The APC ought to be a revolutionary party and model for democracy but sadly Oshiomole is becoming dictatorial.

What the party did is against the principle of natural justice and tenets of democracy. I am highly disappointed this is coming from a man who is human right fighter and former labour leader who should know better and be in the best position to do justice to the weak and powerful members of the party. This is same man that was rig out in an election and had to go to court to get justice. Unfortunately he is doing worse now that he is in a position of authority.

How can the party give automatic tickets to the MPs who have been sabotaging government through budget padding and then make the incumbent governors vulnerable by subjecting them to direct primaries. Oshiomole should thread with caution because the governors are the financers of the party. Oshiomole is only implementing Tinubu’s minority policies against the wish of majority members of the party all because of his 2023 presidential ambition. This is not how to run a political party. By denying people their civic right of contesting, the party cannot claim to be democratic and it is indirectly pushing them out of the party. These disqualified aspirants are left with no choice than to defects to other parties that can do justice to them and also give them the opportunity to realize their ambition.

Politics is a game of number and one vote can make you to win or lose an election as seen in the recent concluded Osun election. Today the APC is yet to conduct gubernatorial elections in Ogun, Zamfara, Imo, Lagos, Taraba, Adamawa, Enugu and Abia thanks to Tinubu’s insistence on direct primaries. Direct elections are not good for a fledgling democracy like ours. It’s only suitable for developed democracies where there is credible membership register. It is easier for an incumbent to rig a direct election because he has structure in all wards with local government chairmen and councilors loyal to him.

We don’t have the capacity of conducting such elections considering the number of security personnel you need in all wards to monitor the election plus the logistics challenges. Even INEC don’t have the material and human resources to monitor the exercise across all the electoral wards. Today people are being killed just because of direct primary elections.

In my local government of Numan for example, we have 10 wards but only 3 are inside the main town, all the remaining 7 are in villages outside the town. The party should know that only justice, internal democracy and fair play can guarantee peace and subsequently translate to victory at the general election.

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