Why Buhari Should See Youth As Important In Building A New Nigeria – Babangida Ruma

Undoubtedly, the FUTURE belongs to the youth, they are also part of the “present” because they are most productive group in any society. However their productivity and contribution to national development depend on their capacity, in terms of skills, education and financial empowerment.

To me I defines the youth as FUTURE hope for every nation, no nation can move forward without youth. The youth constitute 60 percent of the nigerian populations but to be unfortunate not all of them can read and write, It is also becoming increasingly clear that the national security can be enhanced by addressing the problem of youth who are the most vulnerable group in our various communities because their Exuberance and Idealism are always manipulated for selfish interest the adage that the devil finds work for an idle mind in true among the youth than any other group emerging development indicate that idleness drag them to Drugs and crime, virtually All the people arrested for armed robbery and other crimes that endangers our security are young men.

The youth have also become a reserved army for unleashing political voilence on the country under cover of freedom for ethenic nationalities.

With the existence of those difficulty facing our youth in North and the whole country I deceided to found Arewa Youth Awareness Initiative Forum (AYAIF) It has been established to serve as a medium through which issues affecting the Northern Youth in particular and Nigeria in general, It is an assocition of like minds who are passionate about their own and try to shape a future that seem bleak, AYAIFoundation is now on the batch of officially getting register as full civil society organization.

Our major concern now is street Begging.

The growing number of begers on the major streets of our urban centress in Northern nigeria is not only disturbing but alarming. The category of people involved as cut across age and gender, because you now have in addition to the physically handicapped, a number of children, women and school age girls roaming the streets beggings without definite means of shalter, clothing or food. But a substantial number of the begging population are the “Almajiri” as they popularly known.

Let me remind those of us who feel to busy due to official and personal engagements, to contribute to the initiative by suporting us, that it is time for them to reflect and consider the possbility of re-paying the debt owed the society. The basic realities on groud is that this debt owed for many years need to be paid and indeed ought to be paid, By whatever yardstick of judgement. I also want to assert here that no amount of personal commitment is greater than the pursuance of this noble cause. You do not have to be poor to feel the plans of a common man you only need to have fear of God. You any need to have humility you any need to have humanity, you must be capable of listening so that you can hear when people are crying. You must be paying attention so that you can see when the youth are losing focus and are making the wrong choices in life. You do not have to be a counselor, chairman, honorable member or governor to know this is not the way to go. You cannot see yourself as superior to the people you seek to lead. You cannot believe you are better than the man who has not been given a choice, when you do those, than you can no longer claim to see hunger and anger in the faces of people. You cannot claim to still hear when they cry no matter what position you occupy in your community in your place of work, or government, you have lost the right to lead the people.

You most begin to ask yourself the hard questions when those youths are left to rot and their values are debased, what happens to your so-collet privileged children? How are you going to face your God when this vanity comes to an end we cannot fight the hunger of the stomach wen the poverty of our minds is getting stronger, so we must fight and defeat the poverty of our minds.

I also want use this opportunity to acknowledge the fact that, the Initiative at this stage need to widen the circle of consultation and subscriptions.

Finally, I am calling on Buhari Administration to consider utillizing more of those less greedy young people into process of governance and create an enabling atmosphere for their betterment by providing qualitative, accessible and affordable educational system and creating job opportunities to cater for poeverty and civic crime, so that we can save more to make our roads and health system better, thereby keeping our currency within system better,


Babangida Ruma

Commonwealth Youth Council Ambassador

Twitter @AmbassadorRuma

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