Why Arc. Bulama Is The Best Man To Serve As Next National Secretary Of APC, By Engr Joseph Achebo

The parameters of what constitutes a nation goes far beyond population demographics, it transcends ethno-religious proclivities or other iterations of social stratification. A nation is a deliberate conurbation of people, who have chosen to come together for the betterment of all, and the detriment of none.

Our nation may have officially come into being in the decades leading up to independence in 1960. However, our intrinsic national identity has been spawned, shaped, and nurtured by great men of vision, our forbears, who have laboured tirelessly to forge our national identity, arriving today at what we call Nigeria, our fatherland.

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, when our progenitors and founding fathers such as President Nmandi Azikiwe, Prime Minister Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Chief Anthony Enahoro, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and others negotiated our freedom from the British Empire with the promise to run a government of the people, uphold justice and maintain the freedom of the press.

As time passed on, and before the demise of our said founding fathers, they expressed their disappointment over the decay and loss of confidence in the government of Nigeria. They were shocked and astonished at the deterioration in the educational system, judiciary, legislative and the Executive systems of Government. They lamented and admitted that this was not the future they had anticipated for a country they fought so hard to liberate from the tyranny of our colonial masters.

However, although our great nation has weathered tumult and turmoil, shaking the sociopolitical and economic underpinnings of Nigeria to its very foundation, regardless, we remain undeterred. We as a people remain undeterred because even as other generations before us have produced leaders of renowned reputation to stir us back on course, there are still national warriors living in our generation, and Arc. Bulama is one such national warrior.

To forge ahead, and for Nigeria to take its proper place among the great nations of the world, unity is key. As a nation we must aim for and stick to a singular determination and goal of pulling our different parts together, drawing from the talents and the wells of human resource from each and every State, to ensure full representation across the board, and to strengthen our collective resolve.

For this lofty but achievable purpose, APC needs a national secretary of very high intelligence, intellectual exposure, ebullient personality, ethical predilection, and unique character to helm the secretariat of the party.
The best man for the job, who fits the iterated criterion is none other than Arc. Bulama. The nation and indeed APC is at the cross roads and at this stage in our journey as a nation and a party, we need a man of high educational credentials, and who is also possessed of exceptional amiability. A friend to all, a welcome personage in all gatherings in all the six geopolitical regions. A Godly man, with an exemplary family, sound in the Holy Scriptures and who inherently has a firm grasp of the importance of tolerance. That man is Arc. Bulama.

Everywhere he goes he represents the good face of APC and along with his modernist approach and open door policy, everyone feels comfortable and carried along. Having him as party secretary would go a long way towards achieving true party cohesion which is a badly needed attribute in APC today.

Not only is he already widely recognized in the party and the nation as a whole for these stellar qualities, there are feelers from all quarters that people want him at the engine room of the APC. The party leaders and members alike have unanimously chorused him as the next National Secretary of APC.

With Arc. Bulama as the national Secretary of APC, we can all be rest assured that the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain. Providence has given us a man of his calibre for such a time as this. We must arise and answer the call of the people, they deserve the best of APC, and with Arc. Bulama as national party secretary today, we are assured of a greater tomorrow.

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