When Aradu Came Passing By, Walid Moukarim

What if this is it, the last few days of life on earth?

Who would you give all that stashed wealth to, when everyone is seeking Allah and running away from the worldly possessions?

Are you trying to make that last deal, that last catch, that last do or are you reflecting on your life, your relationship with Allah, your missed prayers, missed fasts, the times you willingly and willfully caused pain to others?

Are you looking to make peace with all you have crossed and seek peace with Allah or you believe this is not for you and you are above it?

We have been told so many times be good, be kind and be generous, do not steal, do not this and do not that but we turned a deaf ear.

So what if it is that Allah is angry with us and in His mercy has sent this as a warning to bring us back to HIS Commandments?

What if this is an answer to all prayers of the oppressed that have sort for the oppressors be brought to book?

And yes, we are all guilty by omission and commission for all the transgressions.

We have outdone Sodom and Gomora, we have made lawful all Allah has made unlawful for us.

We live a life devoid of Allah, from cults that thrive on the blood of babies to homosexuals with arrogance, from wife swappers to fornicators tagged commercial sex workers.

We call the name of the Lord in vain, lie and do not keep trust when given to us, we oppress and cause pain to those we should be kind to.

We refused to listen and now the Laws of Allah are being forced on us, and yes, no one is calling it Islamization.

No more  parties, Owambe or otherwise, we now follow ques and don’t cramp close, we give distance, we cover our mouths when you yawn or cough, we shield our nose when you sneeze, when we are sick we self-quarantine, we do not visit the prayer areas when we have a contagious disease and so much more.

We have these spelt out in the Hadith and Sharia, did we listen, did we act on it? No!

So we the mighty and powerful, the assumed alfa and omega have to come to terms that we are nothing and have no significant value in the scheme of things.

We who have left our people with very poorly equipped hospitals are now confined to those hospitals.

We who will only travel by air are now limited to the roads we forgot to fix.

As for schools and our educational system it is sad that those who benefitted from a top class public education system failed themselves and the country.

Scandal after scandal we have been living with no one bold enough to take corrective steps without being vindictive or biased.

Now just one little virus far smaller than the mosquito that causes us what we thought was discomfort has gotten the whole world in a state of “la hauwla wa la quwata” [there is no GOD but Allah].

Of the many things that Allah could shake us with, No tsunami, No Asteroid, Not even nuclear war our large headed leaders have so often threatened us with, Allah just sent one out of many viruses and a tiny little one at that.

One tiny little virus has Everyone in confusion.

I pray that the dead find peace and that those responsible for the failures of the systems that should have prevented this find it in themselves to seek forgiveness from Allah.

I pray this becomes a unifying point, not only for us Nigerians but the world in general. That we stop preaching hate in any form, that we seek each other’s forgiveness and turn a new leaf.

I pray we learn and understand that like Kidnappers, Armed and Pen Robbers, COVID-19 is not bothered if you are Hausa, Yoruba or Ibo, Herdsman or Red Neck, Young or Old, Rich or Poor.

I pray we all survive this and live to tell the story of when Aradu came passing by, living a Godly life, doing what is right before Allah and forbidding that which is wrong.

If we don’t make it, then I pray we exit in a state of high Iman, in a state of repentance and helping our neighbors, the poor and needy.

Walid Shawkey Moukarim

@wsm4you  – twitter

@walidsmoukaim – facebook

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