We Will Not Retrench Workers; Governor Ahmed Assures Labour Congress

Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed has described workers as the engine room for service delivery by any government. This assertion was made at the governorship interactive session organized by the Joint Kwara Labour Congress of the NLC and the TUC yesterday where the governor enthusiastically entertained series of questions and rubbed mind with the workers of the state.

It was never a surprise as the workers prioritized matters concerning them during the course of the debate. The very first question put to the governor thus was about the retrenchment of workers in the State.

The governor in his response spoke convincingly on the significance of workers in the development of any nation. He reiterated that in recognition of their service and commitment to nation building, every government must intensify efforts to keep them happy un-interruptedly.

In his bid of justification, he explained that every single worker is symbolically a stem with numbers of branches depending on him. Retrenching him in an undue course therefore will not bring havoc to him alone, but also cause a great dismay to his dependants.

Ahmed maintained that retrenchment is a tyrannical approach inherited from the military. He seriously condemned and described it non-democratic. He however, related reasons that are capable of causing such catastrophe to poor financial capacity of the state, expatiating on how downfall has over the years struck the state allocation from, and other responsibilities of the federal government.

In his way forward analysis, the governor elaborated how his administration has been taking care of the situation by sourcing funds from its internal revenue to cater for the cumbersome responsibilities of the administration. He emphasized that areas been affected by the horrid behaviour of the federal government towards the state and other tiers are so much devastating that only a proficient government can survive, and device alternative means to it.

“In the face of all challenges, our government will never fail the people or show any ineptitude concerning every matter that affects them. Rather, we will continue to strive to meet up with their needs and ensure our targets are met as a government” Ahmed re-assures.

He finally urged the workers to re-exhibit their progressive character in the forthcoming election and never play a partisan politics, as he enjoined the entire public to make sure their votes count for the right person of their choice in a non-violence manner.


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