Untold Story of How Dino Melaye Assaulted His Ex-Wife For Ten Years [PHOTOS]

imagesWritten By Fejiro Oliver

While the media continue to celebrate Dino Melaye as an anti corruption activist, revelations have unveiled that his story about being invited by the police, who later searched his house for any incriminating material, purportedly due to his anti campaign stand is not only untrue but unfounded. The politician turned activist first came into limelight when he turned the House of Representatives into a boxing ring.

Revealing the details, Dino’s ex wife family stated that the police actually invited Dino for question for beating Tokunbo, his wife. Tokunbo had gone to the police to report on her battering by Dino which left her with injuries all over her body. According to Tokunbo, he had also pointed a gun at her threatening to kill her, and nobody will talk about it, simply because he is a powerful man.

On 18th December, Dino told the world that he is divorcing his wife of a decade for infidelity, a claim which has been punctured by Tokunbo’s family. Dino had also claimed that his ex wife was in custody of their children, a claim which evidences with us disprove. In October 2010 as Nigeria was celebrating her 50th year Independence anniversary, Dino was reportedly beating his wife with plank wood, an act which left her with injuries on her hands. According to the letter made available, Tokunbo’s brother who went to ask Dino why he beat their sister to such a state were shocked to their face when Dino called police officers from Wuse Zone 3 to tell them that they were armed robbers, but the police quickly dispatched when they found out that they were the same men who brought tokunbo to the station to make statement.

Tokunbo after battering by Dino Melaye 10Dino is reported to have assaulted the wife by breaking a laptop on her head, attacked her with a wooden plank, broken her nose to the extent that it required surgery, beaten her to the point of miscarriage of one pregnancy, assaulted her to the point where her last child was almost born preterm and she required Cervical Cerclage (suturing of the cervix) to prevent the loss of that pregnancy, would certainly have no problems with something as simple as pulling a trigger. When Mr. Melaye threatened to kill her and declared that “You will die and nothing will come of it. I am untouchable,” she had to file for divorce.

Tokunbo after battering by Dino Melaye 1In Dino’s press release, he stated that his three Children were with Tokunbo. This statement we can authoritatively say is misleading, as documents in our disposal shows that Dino is the one in custody of the children and decides when his ex wife sees them in school. We gathered that Mr. Melaye has prevented Tokunbo from seeing her children since September 25th, 2013. From September 25th to November 12th, Tokunbo’s only means of contacting the children was to go to their school – Tender Years Preparatory School – and spend a few precious moments with them after their classes. When Mr. Melaye found out Tokunbo was seeing her children in school, he requested that the school should prevent Tokunbo from seeing them. The School Principal worked out what she thought was a reasonable arrangement that allowed Tokunbo to see her children about three times a week for 10 minutes each (see attached letter).

Even this arrangement, lopsided as it was against the mother of the children, was not satisfactory to Mr. Melaye. He stopped the children from going to school from Wednesday November 13th to Tuesday November 19th. It took Tokunbo’s entreaties to some family friends to get Mr. Melaye to allow the children back to school. The kids started going to school again on Wednesday November 20th. Mr. Melaye went to the school with a group of thugs and threatened the Principal that he would “scatter” the school if Tokunbo was allowed to see the children again.  Since that date, the school has prevented Tokunbo from coming on the school premises. Tokunbo has therefore not seen her children since November 12th.

As late as Dec 13th 2013, Dino Melaye’s lawyer was in a mediatory session organized by FIDA (Federacion Internacional De Abogados, or the International Federation of Women Lawyers) at their Abuja office. One of the major topics of discussion at that meeting was the custody of the children. All the participants at that meeting, including Mr. Melaye’s counsel and the FIDA mediation committee will be able to verify that Mr. Melaye has complete and total custody of the children, and has denied Tokunbo access to them since November 12th.

Letter detailing terms of access to children in School

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