UNICAL: Where Are The Degree Certificates? By Festus Idara

University-of-Calabar-It was all joy in 2012, when the 2011 graduates in Linguistics and communication studies, from the University of Calabar were to leave for their National Youth Service (NYSC) Batch C in November, 2012. Unknown to these graduates, the university authority had different plans for them. From the 2007/2008 session, when the department was accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC),with the addition of communication studies to the department ,which was formerly Linguistics alone, graduates from the department were issued double honors henceforth, they bagged  Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Linguistics and communication studies. But the story changed in 2011, when the University authority decided to shoot itself on the foot, by issuing a single B.A (Hons.) in Linguistics to the 2011 set. Reliable sources said that the university of Calabar authority, realizing the dangers and the legal implications this may pose, when the department is still with the full accreditation of Linguistics and communication studies, recalled the original certificates issued, immediately her graduates had returned from the Batch C orientation course from their different states of posting.

One year after the recall of these certificates, these graduates have not been issued with the new certificates as promised by the authority, neither have they been issued a temporary certificate or document to show for graduating. In the Nigeria of today, where people who have certificates are on the streets, in search of jobs, what happens to the people who have nothing at hand to show for it?

Why will the University of Calabar, which prides herself as the citadel of learning, fail to understand the implications of not issuing out a certificate to graduates of her Institution?

Yet, day in day out, they strive to be among the best universities in Africa. Why has the registry, led by the secretary to the governing council, Dr (Mrs), Julia Omang failed to arrest this situation? It is man’s inhumanity to man to deprive these young brains, the opportunities to sell what they have to the public. With the corruption that bedevils the registry in the university of calabar, with the parting away with four to five thousand naira extra charges for one’s transcript to be prepared, it cast a serious doubt on the sincerity of the management to stem corruption.

If the vice chancellor of the University of Calabar, Professor James Epoke was not issued his result upon graduation, we begin to wonder if he would have gotten to where he is today. Including members of his management team who have introduced ethnicity into the university of Calabar management system which have clearly derailed from what the amiable professor Bassey Asuquo stood for.

Sources close to this writer says that the Faculty of Arts and the Department of Linguistics and Communication studies, have absolved itself of any blame in the certificate issue. It has also been gathered that the 2012 set from the department were issued B.A (Honours) degree in Linguistics and Communications studies upon leaving for NYSC.

Is the non issuance of certificates to the 2011 set a part of the victimization by the university authority? It is no longer news that students in the past have dragged university authorities to court and obtained favorable judgment. We await the university authority in its response to this ongoing saga, as we urge spirited Nigerians to rise in defence of these helpless graduates who have no one to run to, while calling on Mr. Femi Falana and others to see this as their fight, and save young people from the wicked hold of the university of Calabar authority who have paid lip service to the non issuance of the correct degree to the affected graduates one year after the retrieval.

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