Umar Wambai: A Warrior With A Heart Of Gold! By Ziya’atulhaqq Usman Tahir

The most important thing in ANY STRUGGLE is never to lose hope. Once you choose hope, anything is possible. Umar chose hope, he’s not a survivor, Umar is a warrior.

When tragedy strikes, we try to maintain a sense of normality until we no longer can. That, my friends, is called surviving not healing because we never become whole again.

A part of us perish along with our sense of security, but somehow we still pick up the remaining pieces and we move on – not everyone does anyway; I mean not all of us are that strong. If you are STILL here today after all the bomb blasts and massacre, YOU ARE A SURVIVOR. There are those who made it through the journey of consistently endless and excruciating pain and are still standing strong, still living, still beaming with joy, and at the same time very content with their lives. These ones must certainly bear a different name – WARRIORS!

LITERALLY, survival sounds like something blew in and out in a moment, like a storm, and somehow you made it through. Umar’s was no storm; it was and is still a journey, a journey through pain, one that changed his life forever.

Umar was a normal healthy kid, like a lot of us. He could walk, PLAY FOOTBALL (which was his passion), dance, stand and pray and a lot of other things until he lost all that in a tragic car accident two years ago. On the 18th July 2013 Umar left Gusau for Zaria with his Dad and he didn’t come back home the way he left. Umar Ibrahim Wambai is in his early twenties, a vibrant passionate footballer. He hails from Zamfara State.

Despite everything that’s happened to Umar, he’s not letting it define him. Umar is currently doing his Msc in Leeds University, UK. When I asked him how being in a wheelchair made him feel. Umar said he’s happy, he’s never been happier in his entire life, not even when he was on the pitch doing what he loved most. Umar had wonderful things to say about his family. Their love and support keeps him grounded. But Umar had this to say about his mum;

“She is the SOUL of my success, the face of my happiness.IMG_20150703_123510

Always there at the top with me, and with open arms ready to hold me at the bottom. She silently shouts her encouragement from wherever she is, and I always feel it, and smile FROM WITHIN AND OUT. She is number one fan. Through sorrow and grief, through happiness and peace, I was NEVER alone. My habibty, the woman I love. My Mother, without whom there will be no Umar Wambai. SHE IS THE WARRIOR. Watching me in pain day and night through the years, with no sign of weakness or any decrease in the care and help she rendered me.

Whatever strength I seem to have, I got from her. I wouldn’t have chosen another person to be my mum even if I could. She’s everything to me and more. She is my RIZQ”

Umar Ibrahim Wambai doesn’t consider himself a warrior. According to him his Mother is the real warrior and I should be writing about her, not him. He may be the one in the wheelchair, but she’s the one carrying all the pain.

But to me Umar Wambai is a WARRIOR. Warriors are people who have gone through a great amount of trials themselves, and have gained their own strength through those struggles. These are what I like to call super powers – the ability to overcome those moments that cut deep, and to turn them into power.

These people are rare. They look at you and see beyond all of the horrible things you see on the surface. They help you learn to breathe again, and to find your voice again. They can bear witness to horrible things and feel the same pain you feel inside. Umar is all that and so much more. Umar has more patience and more compassion than I have ever known in my life.IMG_20150703_123451

He was a very good friend when he was on his feet and an even better friend when he lost both his legs. There was no limit to the length he could go for his friends. He had everyone’s back, and it’s no surprise he didn’t even have to watch his own back – everyone had his. And being the strong loving person that he is, he acquired even more friends. Everyone that came in contact with him adored him – and it’s still so. With that being said, imagine what his friends went through seeing him lose his legs. What they are probably still going through. Imagine how and what they feel seeing the spinal cord of the circle in a wheelchair. It’s only natural for his loved ones; with the way they all adore him, to want to grill him with pity but not with Umar.

He’s the type of person that assures everyone he’s alright even when you can clearly see that he’s not. He, in whatever state he finds himself, takes it upon himself to make everyone comfortable. He is one to always give hope even when he can’t find any to hang on to himself, but then again, he always does. He believes in hope – never for one day gave up on it. Every day he sits in his wheelchair and he makes people with both legs comfortable, he touches so many lives in ways not every standing man can, he carries his million dollar smile wherever he goes and he completes complete people not because life hasn’t given him enough reasons to give up on hope, but because that’s what he is – someone who never gave up and who will never give up on hope. And that is what makes him a hero and ….and a warrior in one skin.

Thank you Umar Ibrahim Wambai for sharing your story.. May Allah in his infinite mercy grant you the ability to walk again…


Ziya’atulhaqq Usman Tahir

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  1. This is very touching,i was searching through my insta as i usually do when i saw his pf and i see how courageous he is even from reading his bio you will know its coming from someone who never lose hope,may Almighty Allah in his out most peace and mercy rise his shoulders again may he grant his mom peace health and th strength to continue being with him through thick and thin,our lord is d one who says be and it shall be so umar there is nothing impossible on d surface of earth you shall be healthy again by his grace…sister thanks alot for sharing this inspiring story with us

  2. An absolutely touching story! Umar is indeed a warrior, may Allah make it easier for him. In shaa Allah he’ll walk with his two legs again, nothing is impossible to our Creator. Allah Ya saka wa mama da gidan aljannah kuma.

  3. mm, Umar Use to be my team and room mate during our NYSC camp in Abia. State, when I first heard what happen to him I was very divastated. I wish I can meet him again to tell him hw influential he still is in my life. He help me find the hidden talent that I dnt know I have. He once said to me “Dimaria”(he call me with that name cos according to him I play like Dimaria) dnt let anybody mek U feel inferior U are good enuf to do what. Everybody else can do” when I read this about Umar I said to my self sure U r talking about my pal then I saw his pix wallahy I wept. DNT Worry my brother Allah will see U thru.

  4. What a heart touching story! Umar may Allah heals you with His mirracle healing hands as He is our savior in times of grief, responder to every prayer, consoles in time of anxiety and refuge when all support is exhausted. And to you Mama you deserve all the special thanks and best wishes may Allah reward you with “jannatul firdausi”

  5. Comment:
    Laa ba’sa dahuran in sha Allah. May Allah make this trial an easy to take Umar to Jannah. May we learn from his bravery whenever we are tested.

  6. La ba’asa tuhutun In Shaa Allah,Mah Almighty Allah make this trial easy for you.Allah ya sa kaffara ne.Allah ya baka lafiya.Amin

  7. Comment: indeed he is warrior. may Almighty Allah show his miracle on you, grant you the ability to walk with your two legs, To Almighty Allah nothing is impossible. and to you mum, may Almighty Allah grant you success in all your endeavors, may Aljannat Firdausi be your final abode Amin.

  8. Allah sarki,Umar was once my School mate at UMYUK,he was a charming and vibrant young Man,naturally i developed interest in him,i found him very handsome,for the love i have for beautiful pple i always say hi,eventhough we never became so close,because he’s the shy type,he never gets comfortable around ladies,and one thing i always remembered about Umar was his smile whenever u faced Umar he will leave that memory of his childish Smile in U.His story really touched me and indeed got me inspired,i pray God almighty see u through,and continue to give u Imaan,u’re indeed a Hero…..May God in his infinite mercy the all hearer,Ya hayyu Ya Qayyum see u through and make u stand on ur feet and walk again….

  9. Indeed this is a very touching story, Umar was my junior at FGCKD, Allah yashfiihi.

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