The Phenomenal Template Of Muhammadu Buhari, By Abdullahi Haruna

His rating was at its sliding level, descending abysmally to a frightening dimension. The traducers were having the upper hand, the editorials were massively against him, popular opinion gore him and voices from the sanctuaries didn’t help him either, things got worst when his contemporaries took turn to slight him with unmitigated venom- the man was losing it …and very fast! Within a blink of an eye, something happened; he turned the sliding table and his descend was halted.

First was the legendary signing of the Not too young to run bill into law. Wearing an immaculate blue doted agbada, he stood in the midst of the young conveners towering over them in lanky height he held his fountain pen as doted the lines that made years of youthful advocacy for equal participation a reality. The youth population went into frenzy – celebrating their conquest. The very rational young people who understood governance welcomed this development as they scored the man high in responsiveness, trust and character.

The nation barely recover from this milestone then the taciturn one struck again, this time, from an unlikely unexpected angle. No one saw it coming and like a thunderbolt, the nation stood in daze and awe as this man unburied justice that was conspiratorially buried. He woke the sleeping but hurting memory of late MKO Abiola- the man who laid the foundation for the freedom we enjoy today, the man who was betrayed, ruined and debased by those who thought tomorrow was theirs. The man who defied the labels of tribe, ethnicity and religion to win overwhelmingly the support of all Nigerians. He won the June 12 presidential elections but was denied his mandate and left to die in prison. 20 years later, Alhaji Moshood Kashimawo Abiola regain his honour as the rightful winner of an election that was unrivalled even though tragically after his death. Posthumously, MKO has entered the hall of fame of presidents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

These two manifests points to the realisation that never say die especially with political calculations. Let this be a study for the pundits of political history that those with taciturn orientation must be feared because they are perilously unpredictable. President Muhammadu Buhari is one of such phenomenon; not a man of many words, hardly filbutrous and covertly reclusive. Reading his mind is as difficult as discerning his body posture – he is a difficult character to define. Where you expect his entry is likely not where he emerges. He is a contradiction of common norms, perpetually in his own world and thoughts.

Whether politically motivated or not, the recent manifestations of this man has relaunched a semblance of confidence and hope in our polity. Righting the wrongs of yesterday is a clear cut expectation of governance. And any right-thinking member of the polity must see and appreciate these developments as positive deliverables. As the man gets his vibes back, it is our expectations that he sustains this turgidity that will bring forth good fortunes for all Nigerians. For now, it is Muhammadu Buhari on the threshold of political history.

Phenomenally musing

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