The Fall Of The Dubai Strategies And The Wailing, By Ussiju Medaner

We had known and categorically asserted before now that the only reason Atiku and his cohorts went to Dubai to plan their way into Presidency was because they already knew that they had no chance of winning a free and fair election, at this moment, against President Buhari or in the nearest future against any serious contender.

The Dubai meeting was a concoction of schemes to collectively rob the entire Nigerian electorate and win the presidential election through devilry, cheating, deceit and unholy manipulations of the electoral processes.

The major strategies produced by the evil propositions from Dubai contain three elements. The first was the grand plan to internally disrupt the entire country with lies and unfounded propagandas against the sitting president. They were so good at it but the problem is that Nigerians have become more enlightened and able to sieve the lies and discard mendacities. This is responsible for the ineffectiveness of the very many lies from Atiku, his running mate and their many pawns. That is the reason the Amina Zakari issue, the ownership of 9-mobile and the very many other fabrications from the campaign council of Atiku Abubakar were all dead on arrival. We all remember the vice-presidential debate and the myriad of unnecessary concoction of figures and lies to deceive Nigerians to accept the candidature of Atiku and the good jobs Nigerians did after the program to rebuke PDP for reducing itself to such a trifle.

The second plan was the engagement of the services of Mr Brian D. Ballard of the BALLARD PARTNERS, INC., a US-based firm which was believe to have lobbied for diplomatic waiver to enable Atiku enter United States, is planning to manipulate the electoral system electronically the very way they did for Trump in the last election in the US. Mr Brian and his office are said to be placed on a contractual agreement worth $90,000 (?31.5m) monthly which shall also last for as long as the contract would, came under the obligation to pave way for Mr. Atiku to enter US despite a long standing ban on him. According to reliable information the firm also has the task of organization and perfection of a cyber-attack in Nigeria to aid his victory at the polls. It was for this purpose that the PDP insisted on passing of the electoral law that will approve only electronic transmission of election results from the field. The company’s responsibility was to import the technology and train the manpower to use it locally. The proposed software would have jammed INEC system and automatically replace several documents during transmission. It therefore creates little wonder that until about two weeks ago when INEC came out to categorically state that all results will be manually transmitted, PDP was still busy pushing its luck by blackmailing the commission to abandon manual transmission of results. PDP would have created a serious unprecedented integrity issue for INEC Ann the electoral process . How will INEC explain out the existence of a near legitimate result favouring the PDP as against its own authentic result in favour of another candidate? There would be cry of rigging and possibly grounds for litigation and finally an opportunity for PDP to go down gracefully as the cheated one instead of as a villain that has been disgraced.
With the exposure and failure of that plan, PDP has decided to go ahead with the plan of arresting communication in specific locations on the day of the election while they perpetuate their rigging plan. Pre-empting the possibility of the ruling party’s reaction and Nigeria’s rejection, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, speaking for his principal is already trying to divert attention from themselves when they eventually implement their plan of jamming all communications around selected regions.

It calls for serious questioning how Mr Fayose got the information that APC jammed telecoms networks 3Km around the Government House and other locations during the Ekiti Elections and yet did not cry out as has been his manner until now. We must also be prepared to stop PDP from disrupting the election and change the will of Nigerians in the forthcoming elections.

Nigerians must collectively be prepared for the PDP grand plan to create integrity issues against INEC by collating and projecting fake election results to the public and claim it is the authentic result. The plans may include breaking into INEC server to manipulate information and results transmission. This is part of their pact with some election pundits on their payroll. This will give them grounds to accuse the ruling party of rigging the elections in favour of its principal. Earlier, we raised the issue of PDP establishing command centres across the nation for this purpose.

A covering letter and report alleged to have originated from the Brian Ballard Company was immediately denied by both PDP and Mr Ballard as expected. Will he accept that the letter originated from him and truncate all chances of his principal winning the election? It is expedient of common sense to think that their first reaction should be denial. For what purpose would such a letter emerge from elsewhere at this material time? Unlike PDP, the President and his party are very sure of victory at the polls and have no reason to resort to unbecoming, disparage and diminishing acts as projected by PDP. Nigerians know better.

The third devilish agenda from Dubai was the strategic placement of the suspended CJN Walter Onnoghen. Perhaps the reason behind PDP outcry on the issue was for the singular expected duty of the then Chief Justice as defined was to await the day the presidential election litigation would get to his court and simply throw all caution to the air as he faults the victory of President Buhari and declare Atiku winner of the election and President-Elect. The fact remains that after such pronouncement, Nigeria will be turmoil; there would be chaos yet the pronouncement, like the word of gods, stands. We must all have providence to thank for exposing the suspended CJN and prevent such theft of our franchise. You would imagine the vehemence with which PDP responded to the suspension and threatened to upturn Nigeria if the decision is not rescinded. As soon as it was confirmed that Onnoghen is gone forever, Atiku started to mull losing and what would happen after that.

It is now lurid that the entire Dubai plan is a fiasco because it lacks the basic elements of healthy participation in the game of electioneering; it was filled with devilish arrangements intended to usurp power in the country. Nigeria has grown beyond manipulation, cohesion to unhealthy submission, and acceptance of lies. PDP lost contact with reality; the party was of the opinion that Nigerians were the same people they manipulated for 16 years and had their way all through but no, it has seized to be business as usual.

The worst scenario, though not coming from the Dubai template is the element of desperation currently being exhibited by PDP. After failing in its entire plan, the party has now resolved to impede smooth running of the election by preventing the use of card readers in every region possible. They have been against this all along, knowing it was singularly responsible for their loss in 2015 and would still stand as the major obstacle to whatever plan of rigging and result writing they plan. They tried without success to hand twist INEC to reject the use but the failure of the President to assent to their new electoral bill make that impossible. Now they have resolve to setting INEC offices on fire across the country. The only reason anyone would carry out such demeaning act would be to prevent the use of the card reader; so there is no way a president and a party who is a proponent of the use of the system and stand to benefit more from transparency of the system through the use of same will act in a way that endangered the system.

The incidences of fire outbreak at various INEC offices across the country must be duly investigated and perpetrators brought to book but much more, INEC must refuse to be cowed into abandoning the use of card readers in those affected areas. If need be, election should be postponed in such areas until Smart Card Readers are available. Burning offices of INEC would not give them the victory they desire, not even setting INEC headquarters on fire would, it would only postpone the doom hovering over them.

As it has always been, in all humility, I welcome constructive criticism to the above submission

May Nigeria Succeed!

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