1. I think the title of this should have been “evils of northerners”. I refrained from commenting yeaterday until I read the whole interview today. I can’t claim to have read it all today because frankly I found a lot of what he had to say diversionary and skewered. He speaks of private lives of many people as if he were personally involved, he counters factual situations with religious idealism, he says what the average uneducated and unexposed Nigerian would say to another, he has succeeded in opening up a scab of the healing wound of our unity….northern oligarcy? Kaduna mafia? Fulani superior race that wants to take over the country? Southerners as the jews of nigeria(meaning northerners are Hitler)? And so many other stories that break my heart because when I hear grown men who should know better make utterances like this then we know their children will be worse. Most of the interview was devoted to IBB and I do not doubt the mans legendary contributions to the state we find ourselves in today, I have tweeted in the past that one of the things that killed Nigeria as a Nation is the obliteration of our educational sector, and it started during the IBB years when students were shot on campuses for activism, he did this while his own children were tucked away in schools abroad, he showed most of the elite the way in destroying our schools and taking away their own children.
    Back to this interview, I have no doubt that there are millions who will swallow everything this gentleman has said hook, line and sinker, I do not have counter arguements or facts with which to debunk his assertions (no matter how far fetched I think they are), what I will say is that if we are to have hope and prepare for our future it won’t be through interviews like this, we need to find ways to move forward positively in this nation not engage in who ruled more or which rulers stole more from which region. I always say: if OBJ was corrupt and a thief he did not withhold funds from say Delta state did he? The Governor of the state is an indegine of that state he did not come from the moon, why did he not use state resources to transform even if its his own village to a mini-london? Its not impossible to do it with all the money states are allocated, instead he steals for his PERSONAL gain, his grandfathers compound is a mass of mud huts and his neighbours are hungry but he helps none save a few Yes-men/women. This is replicated all over this country.
    This blame game of who ruled more, who killed more, who is a sodomist, who stole more won’t help us or our children, the person interviewed is a citizen of the US, the greatest democracy on earth where his childrens education is guaranteed free by the state, where, if they work hard they can be president one day, where if he or a family member is struck by cancer, aids or an accident the state has laid down institutions to care for them and he comes to help us sow seeds of disunity and discontent.
    In conclusion to my long rant I wish to offer the only solution to my mind for now: if unity is such an issue, an it is, because our tribal/religious lines have never been so visible,perhaps we are not, were not and have never been ripe for independence, if this theory of us versus them still flourishes and has followers at this time then maybe we are not matured enough as a nation to handle our own destiny. A high powered delegation, motivated by nothing beyond love for country, needs to go to the UN and in an unprecedented motion submit the country for re-colonization for a fixed term, perhaps when outsiders come in the blame game may end and situations won’t have conspiracy theories and postulations anymore.
    If Nigeria was Germany there would never be peace after the Nazi led government because we would still be trading blame, if we were americans the country would still be fragmented after the civil war.
    God bless Nigerians and Nigeria

  2. The interview is an eye opener though full of contradictions and deeply biased. His assertion that Fulani or Northerners believe are born to rule and are responsible for all the manipulations in our polity was not supported by the facts or d history he tried to use and justify his assertion, we all know IBB is responsible for most of the atrocities committed against the Nigerian people but he s not fulani, and how many among all the players mentioned re fulani, very few not more then 2 from d interview. It s very wrong to claim that this crop of Northerners who re not even practicing their religion are planning to impose Islam on d country yet they do not practice d religion themselves. We look forward to a day when Nigerians will tell us what’s happening in d country without any bias so as to assist the younger ones in forging ahead. I see people from all part of d country participating in d scheme and these politicians have no region or religion when it affects their interest yet they continue to polarise us.

  3. I read part 1 and 2 and all I can say is wow! I don’t particularly believe some of his allegations….How did he get all this info? Another Chinua Achebe?

  4. Nigeria Nigeria Nigeria. My only concern is d death of the innocent citizens wh is inevitable wen revolution comes knockin

  5. Nigeria as a nation is like a nation hanging in the beam balance with just a single thread attached to it & the thread is getting weaker by the day.At the same time is like a ttime bomb waiting to be exploded.Time is thicking away.

  6. An expository interview, long but filled with shocking revelations. If anyone envisages a better Nigeria, he must first be exposed history to understand the political terrain and how to maneouvre through it. The author has shown great patriotism by making this information available. We at Nigeria will continue to hold the forte while we hope that our effort at Nation buiding will yield positive results someday.

  7. I read through all the writer wrote but as a wise and educated citizen of Nigeria who also have been following events and reading asking questions and so on. This writer only said his mind and 100% sentimental about so many issues he narrated. He is serving the interest of some people not telling the truth, because some of the things he said were pure lie or he does not have litteral knowledge of it, we know them point blank and he is saying otherwise. Good work but not good enough. for me it is just one of those stories.

  8. There is a saying that say’s “Those who love their chain remains in bondage”.I don’t think that someone in their right mind that lives in 9ja and has seen the situation of things there and past events that has happened in the country 9ja would have read part 1 and 2 of this article titled “The evils of past 9ja leaders and their associates” and yet criticizing and doubting the raw facts of this article. Is it possible for a 9ja citizen to go against what is being published in this article? This is the lifestyle of we 9jarians, we always go against the truth.For instance when there is any protest or strike in 9ja against the government for things to get better we are the main ones that goes against the people fighting for the right of common 9ja citizen.This is why i refered to the saying”Those who love their chain remains in bondage” It is evident that we nigerians are not ready to be delivered out of the bondage of these evil leaders.The bible say’s we shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. This is the real truth about what is going on in our country 9ja and at this age and time a full blooded nigerian citizen would now openly go against what we all know is the truth.There was a clear evidence that Babangida had plotted the 1985 coup against Buhari and Idiagbon’s regime and at the same time ,the Babangida and Gloria okon’s issue came up and not too long after that Dele Giwa’s death occured.It is clearly evident in this article that everything that happened at this time was in a sequence i.e one thing led to the other and the same set of people were involved throughout the evil operations.With all the information gathered in this article,we seriously do not need any revelation to know the truth it is crystal clear.Today,some of the people that is being mentioned in this article are gone and the rest of them are still alive e.g Babangida,Obasanjo,Gloria Okon,Mustapha and many others. Note: We are all going one day before the throne of judgement of God where every secret will be enveiled.The evil a man does lives after him. God bless nigeria.

  9. Some nigerians are very sick upstairs,after readin all dis U???? are still doubtin d genuineness of dis stories,i pity us I?????n????? dis country,§o????? pple r black n §o????? also their senses,let me not mention names here,tank God d man as challenged d pple involve to speak up n i pray dey do

  10. Huh!!! I’m sort of speechless honestly, however, I must have to pull my self together and act like one in between the devil and the deep sea that must take a decision. @4yusuf, my dear I buy into your opinion, but one thing we must understand is that for us to appreciate our future as a nation we must recognise our past, the past mistakes and harm done to us by our past leaders who allowed their insatiable quest for power and wealth to have kept Nigeria in the darkest corner of the world, and we must learn from those mistakes and forge ahead. But I have to state categorically that for Nigeria to survive and forge ahead, these people that committed all these attriocities must be banned for life from coming close to government, but unfortunately these are still the same set of people that our youths of today embrace as their heroes and seek unguided counsel from. Oh the youths need to be sensitise!

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