1. Oh my God!
    Hmmm the secrets that we keep. Can you imagine all these happened in this country? And this crazy maniac, IBB wanted to run for president?
    God bless the interviewer and the interviewee. I was completely ignorant of over 90% of what was discussed in this interview. I just knew the basics of the story. Now I have a better understanding and it just makes me sad! The number of lives wasted and for what? To feed the greed of a few men? So many pple betraying their country, Nigerians hero worshipping criminals? God help us.
    Can’t wait for part 2

  2. This man had probably gone bonkers while in Jail. He quite some stories but its all jumbled up. Do I believe him? No

    1. No, you are the one pretending not to admit the truth. I was reading his paper called Razor that time. He had ever been a point blank man ever since he was my student union president at UNILAG. You need to wake up from your slumber.If you don’t believe him, then tell us what you believe.

  3. This man had probably gone bonkers while in Jail. He has quite some stories but its all jumbled up. Do I believe him? No

  4. I am speechless for now. I reserve my comments untill I read part 2. But it does appear to me that he is making sense and speaking the truth and cleansing himself in readiness to meet his maker.

  5. Daudu m.d
    Well we all know that their are misgivings and we all know that their are a few power brokers!!! But the incorupptible lots of us have to fight this oppression for over three decades!“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
    ? Martin Luther King Jr. Aluta continua victoria aserta!!! May your days be long leader.water run away my eyes!!!

  6. This is a beautiful nonsense,if you are true jounalist and anactivist you don’t have to hide from US and be calling names of evil dowers in the name of saying the truth.two question,why are yyou saying this now,how come you have such confidential and monopolise informations if you were not part of the circle*nd if otherwise prove to us with objective facts,thogh am not disputing the fact that this so called leaders can do anything to maintain there seats

  7. These are exciting albeit shocking and mind-blowing expositions on Nigeria’s recent political history. This man is one Nigerian that should be commended for unequaled bravery, patriotism, honesty and generosity with much desired expo on the evil concoctions and deeds of the so-called leaders of the country. He has challenged many, particularly those still alive, let them speak up!

  8. When i read this piece, tears rolled down from my humble face think of the evil our so called leaders perpetrated. This are the people who will be saying gone are those days.They are filled with greed and the lives of the citizens are their sacrifice for retaining position. Nigeria will surely witness a revolution, we will built the nation afresh and wipe away the pest. Creating a new world. Wait and see because the drum of war is already at hand. The existence of what the cherish so much will soon be a forgotten story and we will make their children suffer. He who have ears let him hear. The evil doers will sure pay with their lives and that of their children.Waiting for the second edition. God bless the the man that share this.

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