The End Of Akpabio’s Political Dynasty And Why Akwa Ibom Cannot Be In Opposition By Eneh John

With the formal declaration of Buhari as the president-elect of our great country, it is a fact that some persons and groups from Akwa Ibom worked hard to make this dream come true.

In 2011, when we saw what Akpabio did in our state, we said let Godswill be done again, but we were wrong because that decision has cost many their lives after his inauguration.

At Independence High School Ukana,which happens to be Akpabio’s polling unit, we knew how the elections were won.

I have been a registered member of PDP in my ward since 2010. But for the activities of the state Governor, who ruled this state with so much impunity and could not tolerate the opposition,so many of us chosed to be dormant members of the party.

In 2013, when the All Progressives Congress(APC) was formed, with my progressive nature, I knew change has come.

Although the PDP had dismissed the formation, we knew and believed in the cause of APC and identified.

Akpabio had never tolerated the opposition.

Myself and other comrades in the struggle were labelled opposition.

I was told many times to stay clear of Akwa Ibom because I was attacking Akpabio’s Government with my publications.

We came to Akwa Ibom and for fear of witch hunting, we could not be showing ourselves in public.

My friends left me for fear that they could not work and walk with me as an opposition member.

I kept the faith.

I held on

I believed in the change project.

Akpabio struck the carmel’s back when he ordered for the detention of Odudu Ukpanah, the son of the late outspoken politician Engr.Albert Ukpanah.

When I was briefed, I studied the matters and stepped into the case.

We mobilized and storm Uyo for a protest even when the Commisioner of Police denied us permit for the protest.

We were accused of been sponsored by politicians.

That allegation never held waters because we were determined to see the world know Odudu’s plight in prison.

Akpabio turned himself to a demi-god when he declared that anyone who seek political office without his permission will die.

Today,I speak for myself and the thousands of my followers who believe in the change project.

That Buhari’s victory has put an end to the political empire of Akpabio.

That the political god of Ukana has been put to shame when he boasted that he will deliver 100% votes to Goodluck Jonathan.

Akpabio who was GEJ’s supporter, helped his fellow Southerner to be defeated at the presidential polls despite massive rigging from Akwa Ibom.

Akpabio cannot determine a successor and determine who becomes a Governor in my state.

Akpabio has never wanted opposition in Akwa Ibom and as such Akwa Ibom cannot be in the opposition but in our new GOVERNING PARTY.

APC assured me in March that Odudu Ukpanah will be released when they come to power.

I want to declare to Akpabio and his men that from May 29, 2015, we will bring Odudu Ukpanah out from ikot ekpene prison.

Godswill Akpabio cannot play God.

Don’t tell me that your candidate is from Eket senatorial district with me and so I should support him.

I have refused to be an ethnic and religious bigot.

That was what triggered my support for Buhari. Despite the challenges we faced.

The end of Akpabio’s dynasty has come.

Never again will Akpabio determine our collective destiny in Akwa Ibom.

I don’t have issues with Udom Emmanuel, if he had come out as an independent candidate to run the elections, we would have supported him.

But a governorship gift from Akpabio is like getting a gift from the devil.

Akpabio has boasted again that he will deliver 20 states to PDP.

But at the end,may it be known to him that PDP may not get upto 10 states across the federation.

If you had hearken to my open letter and release Odudu Ukpanah, we would have known what to do with you politically.

Akwa Ibom deserves more recognition for good not for impunity.

I must acknowledge your role to have worked and improve Akwa Ibom state.

I stand today, as a firm believer of change, to declare my Governorship stand.

My candidate may not be the best, but it is my belief that Akpabio’s stooge will plunder this state.

I hereby declare my unalloyed support and commitment for Umana Okon Umana to be the next Governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2015.

I’ll stand with my Change Family Project and work for this project as we always do till the last minute.



Eneh John is a Journalist and Secretary,Coalition of Human Rights Defenders.(COHRD)
E-mail: enehjohn49@yahoo.com


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