The Ajibola Basiru We Know, By Rasaki Adejare

According to the dictionary definition, illustrious can be defined as a well known, respected , and admired for past achievements.

For someone to be illustrious, such person must be eminent, distinguished, acclaimed, noted, notable, noteworthy, prominent, pre-eminent, foremost, leading, paramount, pretigious, important, significant, influential, lionized, renowned, famous, famed, well known, respected, exalted, venerable, august, highly regarded, well thought of, of distinction, of repute, of high standing, splendid, brilliant, remarkable, outstanding, great, noble, glorious, grand and lofty.

In my vantage position as the National President of Osogbo Progressive Union who has gotten the opportunities to assess AJIBOLA BASIRU from far and close ranges, he perfectly fits in the dictionary definition of illustrious as itemised above.

Rasaki Adejare Shiyanbola JP.

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