Teenager Invents Phone Charger That Uses Hand Energy

A teenager, 19-year-old Michael Vaga, has invented a technology that charges your phone using power generated from the human body.

The import of this new device is that one can now charge phones without having to find the most times elusive plug.

The gadget is called ‘HandEnergy’ and it works by allowing users to charge their phones just by rotating their hand.

By rotating your hand, you activate the device’s gyroscope to produce energy that can then either be stored or used to immediately charge your mobile phone.

HandEnergy received more than £50,872 in Kickstarter funding. The Inventor, Michael Vaga, lives in Minsk, Belarus. He said of the gadget as follows-

“With each rotation of your hand, the rotor speed increases significantly and generates more power. The average speed of the rotor is 5,000rpm. We translate the mechanical energy you put in into electrical energy and this means you can charge your device.”

He said that the product, which took the better part of a year to develop is great for people who travel frequently or are often away from power sockets.

It takes between 40 minutes and one hour to fully charge the batteries of the HandEnergy device and this speed is reduced by 30 per cent if a phone is being simultaneously charged.

Mr Vaga and his team believe the device not only provides emergency energy but it is also clean energy which is good for our ecosystem.

Mr Vaga said further that:”‘It’s a superb feeling when a project you have developed for many years not only keeps moving, but actually picks up the pace. All of our reviews have been great. People admired the project and were happy someone came up with a device that will save them from power shortages.”

HandEnergy is currently scheduled to roll out in March 2017 with an expected retail price of 99 euros (£84).

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