Few Takeaways From Emir Sanusi’s Speech At The #KadInvest 2.0 Summit In Kaduna

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, was the keynote speaker at the second edition of the Kaduna Economic and Investment Summit (KadInvest 2.0, an event organised by the Kaduna Sate Government to encourage investments.

During his speech, the governor spoke on a lot of issues including education for the girl child, the economy and the comment by Zamfara State governor.

Below are some highlights from the speech.

As I start, I will try very very hard not to offend anyone. Apologies in advance if I do.

Senate Versus Presidency

If you’ve been reading Nigerian newspapers for the last 3 weeks, Nigerian TV and social media, you’ll be concerned. There has been no serious conversation over the last 3 weeks. Too much noise. If you create too much noise, nobody sees you good work. Nobody sees the progress on anti-corruption or security. All that noise have the consequences of noise.

Governor Yari’s Comment On Meningitis As God’s Punishment For Nigerians Sins

“Don’t give these kind of explanations. “That is not an Islamically correct statement to make.”

“(If) you don’t have vaccines, you don’t have vaccines; Go and get vaccines.”

On the Economy

I have spoken a few times on the Economy. I think I have actually said enough. I’ll just summarize the growth of Nigeria in the periods of high growth were driven largely by rising commodity prices & debt. The Federal Government is spending 66% of its revenue on interest on debt. 34% left for recurrent & capital.

We have Governors, they spend 1 month in China then return with MOUs of debt. A nation (state) is only transformed by vision. If the vision is flawed, every single thing is flawed automatically. We need to invest in education and healthcare. We are in denial.

The North East and the North West of Nigeria are amongst the poorest parts of the WORLD. Not just Nigeria. If Borno and Yobe were countries, they’d be poorer than Niger and Chad.

On Kano Film Village

I publicly opposed the opposition of the Movie Village in Kano. We had a comparative advantage with Kannywood. Now, that entire industry is now being moved to Kaduna. I am sad Kano has lost it. Happy Kaduna got it.

“We refuse to recognize that the rest of the Muslim world has moved on. We are fighting culture and we are fighting civilisation. For us to address social policy, we have to reclaim our religion.”

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