Army Repels Boko Haram Attack In Borno Community

The Nigerian Army inflicted heavy casualty on Boko Haram insurgents when they attempted attack on the military location in  Katarko community in Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State.

The army spokesman, Brigadier General Texas Chukwu in a statement on Thursday said the troops immediately swung into action following a tip off and pushed the terrorists backward with superior fire power.

He, however, said some of the terrorists escaped into nearby bushes but efforts were on to get them, adding that the troops were currently embarking on clearance patrol in the area.

Chukwu urged Yobe residents in general and Katarko in particular, to go about their legitimate businesses and report any suspicious activities or movement in their area to the law enforcement agents for prompt action.


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Gov Gaidam Declared Winner of Yobe East Primary Election

Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam has been declared the winner of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Yobe East Senate primary election.

The chairman of the election panel Ambassador Dauda Danladi said the governor won with 2272 votes out of the 2282 delegates accredited for the election. He said 10 ballots were deemed invalid.

Ambassador Danladi congratulated the governor for his victory and urged Yobe APC members to ensure that all elective positions are won by the party in 2019.

Governor Gaidam thanked delegates for voting for him as the APC candidate, saying he is humbled by their continuous support.

He asked the people to continue to pray for him and for the APC governorship candidate Mai Mala Buni for success and divine guidance so that both of them will justify the confidence that the people have reposed in them.

He assured the people that he will do them proud in the Senate.

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Yobe Politics And Gulani’s Endless Absurdity, By Muhammad Babande

There is hysteria among some fringe elements of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Yobe State who have chosen to belong in the fringes of political vacuity following the resolution of major party stakeholders in the state regarding the styles of the primary election to adopt, as preparations intensify for the 2019 elections.

One Ahmed Bulama Gulani, who claims to be a PhD student but without the profundity of thought and intellectual rigour that are normally the turf of advanced students, seems to be the very physiognomy of this hysteria.

In recent articles, including in Saharareporters and Premiumtimes, Mr Gulani continues to recycle a single, jaded idea – that Yobe State Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Geidam has single-handedly ‘imposed’ his candidates on the party at a time that “the people of Yobe State have asked for direct primary elections”.

Without a hint of evidence or any pretension of fidelity to the facts, Mr Gulani also claimed that government funds were used by the state government to purchase nomination forms for select candidates.

A true PhD student, who understands the value of facts and scientific evidence, would normally substantiate such claims with measurable and verifiable proofs. But since Gulani is only desperate to make a point – and those proofs do not exist – this is not a path he would take. Instead, he went on to make even unreasonably wild and baseless claims that primary elections are planned to be held at the Yobe Government House, and that the governorship aspirant anointed by Governor Geidam “is not the best” as if “best” is a universally settled and constant term.

It is trite to say this is bunkum. No one has ever said the primary elections will be held at the Government House. In fact, it is evident enough that Mr Gulani does not know a shred about Yobe State to assume that holding the primary elections at the Government House is even possible. With thousands of delegates to the primaries, the Government House is simply unthinkable and less spacious a place to hold or organise such events. Nor is there evidence that the “people of the state”, whatever that means, have asked for ‘direct primaries’, as Mr Gulani has claimed.

The direct primary election is only one of three kinds of the primary election that the APC constitution has given teeth to; the others being indirect primary election and consensus. As anyone even remotely abreast of recent developments within the APC knows, the indirect primary election is now the most preferred among all states of the federation. And the reasons are easy to understand.

First, most state party branches do not yet have an up-to-date data of registered party members and therefore lack a reliable and acceptable basis on which to conduct direct primaries. For many states in the country, especially those in the northeast, direct primaries also pose a huge logistical and fiscal challenge that the party would be hard pressed to bear.

Second, the “people” of Yobe State could not have asked for only a direct primary election. The people, if at all, would only do so through their party representatives and officials. Those are the same representatives and officials who have sanctioned the use of indirect primary election during a stakeholders’ meeting held in Damaturu recently.

They included all local and state chairmen and executives of the party, party elders, youth and women leaders and elected representatives. Of the five House of Representatives members of the APC from the state, four attended the meeting. The Senate leader Dr Ahmed Lawan, who is currently the most senior APC senator in the country, was also in attendance as was the only minister from Yobe State in President Buhari’s cabinet, Hajiya Khadija Bukar Abba Ibrahim. If these are not the party stakeholders whose decisions count, I challenge Mr Gulani to tell me his.

It is beyond doubt that the trajectory of events in Yobe APC today directly flows from that stakeholders’ decision.

Even so, Governor Geidam has made it abundantly clear that any party member or aspirant who is not comfortable with the arrangement can step forward for the primary elections that have been scheduled.

If those in cahoots with Mr Gulani are confident enough and popular enough as they seemed to suggest, they should stop all the vile and nonsensical talk and just go out for the primaries. Nothing can be a more “level playing field” than that everyone has the right to participate in the primary elections if they choose to. Let Mr Gulani’s Ogas demonstrate their political clout in the primaries if they have any.

If they continue to holler – as Mr Gulani is doing on their behalf – rather than throw their hats in the ring, we would assume that they are only empty shells and that all the noise is just a desperate attempt to steer attention away from the facts in the service of personal interest.

Which bringeth me to the final point I want to make. Mr Gulani’s hypophora about the aspirant that Governor Geidam has anointed demonstrably fell short. He asked, “what’s the qualification and (record of) experience of Mr Mai Mala Buni (who has been anointed by Governor Geidam)?” without providing the answer.

Well, again, this question, rather than throw his readers into confusion, only shows that Mr Gulani lacks the faintest idea about what’s going on in the APC.

Mai Mala Buni, for Mr Gulani’s information, is now in his second term as the national secretary of the APC. Before his re-election as the national scribe of the party, he was a state-branch party chairman and a special adviser to the Yobe State governor. He is a sagacious politician known in Yobe State and across the nation as a level-headed gentleman who can work (and has worked) across the aisle to get things done.

Now, as a PhD student, does Mr Gulani knows the minimum educational qualification that the nation’s constitution specifies for one to hold the office of governor or president? I haven’t read yet that you need a PhD to be governor or president!

In the end, all of Mr Gulani’s blather boils down to a single issue: Those who are poised to lose out in Yobe APC will seek to drag others down their precipitous path.

But whatever noise they make, the personal interests of a few cannot match or out-perform the collective interest of the majority of party members and stakeholders, who have resolved to work together to make the APC in Yobe State even stronger.

That is the message in the full glare of public spotlight when Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim representing Yobe East in the Senate decided to step down in favour of the aspiration of Governor Geidam to run for the same position in the 2019 elections. It is a message of unity and an endorsement of party supremacy. It is a message that Mr Gulani and his ilk will ultimately have to internalise.

Mr Babande writes from Sabon Pegi, Damaturu Yobe State


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Gov. Gaidam Signs Bill Against Rape, Homosexuality, Kidnapping, Others

Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam has signed into law, the State Penal Code Amendment Law 2018 which prescribed punishment for rape, kidnapping and unnatural offenses which were becoming rampant in the state and other parts of the country.

“Our administration has taken measures to curtail them and ensure the protection of societal morality…Every society acknowledges the relevance of morality to the sustenance of societal discipline”, the governor said.

Gaidam spoke today during the signing of the bill into law, as passed by the State Assembly, at the Council Chamber, Government House Damaturu.

The governor said the bill he signed into law “made provision for the amendment of section 282 of the Penal Code to institute the maximum punishment for rapists, kidnappers and those who commit unnatural offenses”.

The governor added: “The law stipulates clearly that whoever commits rape, where the victim is a minor, shall be punished with imprisonment for life and where the victim is an adult, shall be jailed for a term of 25 years…

“Furthermore, whoever is ascertained and convicted to have carnal knowledge, against the order of nature, of any man, woman, or animal is said to have committed an unnatural offense and shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term that may extend to 25 years or not below 14 years”.

Gaidam also said that a register of convicted rape and related offenders will be kept by the court and “will be made accessible to the public to portray the shameful act committed by the culprits”.

The governor assured that his administration will continue to support the judiciary to ensure speedy dispensation of justice and adherence to the rule of law.

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I Will Be In Senate For The People – Gov. Gaidam…Says He Will Not Be There To ‘Doze Off’

Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam, has said that his decision to run for the senate is to serve the people of his Yobe Zone A constituency at the legislative level, and that, unlike certain others, he will not be there to ‘doze off’.

“Dozing off is not part of the duties of a senator and we know that that person who regularly dozes off during plenary is not a serious person”, he said.

The governor spoke today during a governance inclusiveness summit organised by the Coalition for Inclusiveness and Good Governance in Yobe State which took place at the State Cultural Centre, Damaturu.

Gaidam described the summit, convened by various professional groups in the state, as “thoughtful”, saying it is a timely and significant step in bringing about broad political awareness as a means of entrenching democratic best practice.

The governor spoke about the steps taken by his administration to improve the people’s living conditions in the areas of healthcare, education, roads construction, housing, and water supply, amongst others, saying that despite fiscal constraints and other hamstrings, his administration has done its best to justify the confidence that the people have reposed in it.

Gaidam also lauded the improvement in the security situation in the state, commending security agencies for their gallant efforts and expressing gratitude to Almighty Allah for His intervention in the situation.

The chairman of the Coalition for Inclusiveness and Good Governance Barrister Muhammad Saleh Ahmad said the coalition is forged to discuss “legitimate propositions and considerations” about how to move the state forward as a natural corollary to the “self-evident developments across all sectors of the state, from education to healthcare, rural infrastructure to urban development” that the Gaidam administration has brought about in its years of service to the people of the state.

“We realised not only the beauty of selfless leadership but (also) the risk of not standing up to speak for the future”, he said.

Two seminal presentations on healthcare and education in the state and how the Gaidam administration has impacted those sectors were made by Dr. Kundi Machina, managing director of the State Specialist Hospital, Damaturu and Dr. Abba Idriss Adam, provost of the Atiku Abubakar College of Legal and Islamic Studies, Nguru.

The Coalition also presented an award to the governor in recognition of his effort in healthcare and education in the state.

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2019: Ex-Yobe Gov, Bukar Ibrahim Concedes Yobe East Senatorial Seat To Gaidam

Former Yobe State Governor, and the chairman Senate committee on Ecology and Climate change, Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim, on Saturday, conceded the seat of Yobe East senatorial zone to the incumbent, Governor Ibrahim Gaidam.

Recall that Senator Ibrahim had on Sept 6, 2018, picked up the nomination form of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to seek reelection in the upcoming 2019 general election.

However, the decision of the ex-governor to concede the seat followed the endorsement of Gaidam for the Yobe East senatorial ticket by the leaders and stakeholders of APC during an enlarged meeting of the party held in the state, on Friday.

The APC chieftain, in a statement issued by his media aide, Yusuf Ali, and forwarded to DAILY POST on Saturday, stated that he arrived at the decision in the best interest of the state.

The statement reads, “Senator Dr Bukar Abba Ibrahim continued to offer himself for service to the people of Yobe State whether in or out of government he has said he is into politics for life. However, His decision to run again in for the Yobe East Senatorial ticket 2019 was based on the fact that his people did not recall him. As a successful politician it’s a pressure from his political associates, friends and supporters alike. Run Bukar run.

“However, I want to make it categorically clear that it’s on record Bukar said he would not run, if Gov Gaidam runs. He has said if he wants the Senatorial Seat it is all his. There is no problem he has had enough. Bukar has been waiting patiently for Gaidam to decide. Bukar has approached Gaidam several times to know his mind but he kept mute. The clock is ticking, time waits for nobody, 2019 elections is here and we are still not sure Gov Gaidam is running. All what we hear is endorsements and political bootlicking to appease the Gov. Bukar then decided not to keep waiting and entered the ring. In that case, its Gaidam’s fault for delaying so long to express his interest.

“Sen Bukar has expressed his absolute loyalty to the Yobe State Government. He would not and will never caused disaffection and disunity in the party and or between the good people and government of Yobe State. He is never in for do or die politics. As he always says “Daga Allah sai Talaka” meaning “Power belongs to Allah and the masses to decide. It’s unfortunate that we come to this. I am not here to drum public support and sympathy for Sen Bukar. I want to make it clear that he has actually conceded the seat to Gov Gaidam but he was completely left in the dark, in a state of bewilderment.

“Politics is full of intrigues and, in Nigeria, violence. Most of the time, the candidate and leaders are not aware of what some of their followers get up to, actions that are often impossible to control. In Yobe, we don’t have do or die politicians that see politics as an investment from which they must recoup their money if not then violence and other criminal activity. God forbid.

“As a pride of the Sahel, we believe that politics is a community service to contribute our quota in the democratic process for the betterment of our people.

“I can understand both Gov Gaidam and Sen Bukar selfless urged to serve the people, their love for Yobe and the people, I doubt if it’s for their personal aggrandizement wanting to slug it out. As the situation unfolds, let’s remain calm and peaceful and pray for the best in our state and the nation as a whole.

“There is no cause for alarm. It’s all politics there is bound to be frictions but the interest of the people and the larger political picture were more important. Gov Gaidam and Sen Bukar will find a common ground to sort it out themselves. There is nothing that is not possible. I believe every decision taken is in the best interest of our good people of Yobe State.”

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Yobe Govt. spends N9bn on water supply in 7 years, Says Gov Gaidam

The Yobe Government in collaboration with African Development Bank (AfDB) had spent N9 billion on provision of safe drinking water in the state in the last seven years.

Gov. Ibrahim Gaidam made the disclosure at a two-day awareness and sensitisation workshop organised by the state government for members of the state House of Assembly held in Kano on Tuesday. Gaidam was represented by the Yobe Commissioner of Education, Alhaji Muhammad Lamin.

He said that the workshop was organised by the state government in collaboration with AfDB-assisted Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme.

According to him, the workshop is aimed at sensitising all members of Yobe State House of Assembly on the water laws and sanitation in the state. “Yobe State has spent N6 billion in the provision of clean potable water, and the National Bureau of Statistics has rated the state 75 per cent for the improvement of water and sanitation.”

In his remarks, the Speaker, Adamu Dala, said that the workshop was organised to give the lawmakers an update in the four laws that would be enacted on water and sanitation in the state. He added that the workshop was specially to create awarness to the state and other stakeholders on water law, policy base on policy direction and guidelines on water sector in line with international best practices. “It is good for us to have the law to see the advantages, disadvantages, and to set a committee that will simply work on the laws.”

In his remarks, the Programme Manager, Yobe Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, Mr Musa Haruna, said the workshop was aimed at ensuring that the distance to fetch clean water was reduced. “When water is not available you have to go far and sometimes when you go far, you don’t even get the clean water, you will end up getting conterminated or bad water. “Yobe communities depend 90 per cent on farming, it is important for water to be provided to make them healthy and productive.”

Haruna noted that the implementation of the Programme had been on in the past seven years and would end by December 2019. He expressed the hope that by the end of 2019, no fewer than three million people would be provided with clean water in the rural community. (NAN)

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Yobe Govt Entices Workers With Land, Farm Inputs To Embrace Agriculture

The Yobe State Government says it has procured 1,000 hectares of land and loaned it out along with other farm inputs to civil servants to enable them engage in farming activities.

The state’s Commissioner for Agriculture, Alhaji Mustapha Gajerima, made the disclosure in Damaturu on Tuesday in interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He said government provided land and other farm inputs as incentives to make farming attractive to workers to enhance agricultural production.

The commissioner said tractors had been dedicated to the programme to harrow farmlands allocated to the beneficiaries.

‘‘We have provided improved variety of seedlings which are sold at subsidised rates to the beneficiaries to assist them get the good variety for optimum yields.

‘‘Government will also accord priority in fertiliser distribution to those civil servants engaged in agricultural programme,’’ he said.

He said Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who have returned to their communities would receive government’s attention to encourage them to embrace farming.

‘‘This is to support them recover their economy through agricultural production being the major preoccupation of the communities.

‘‘Government would consider providing farmers in the state with a ready market to buy excesses of the harvests under the strategic grain reserve programme,’’ he said.

He appealed to youths to take advantage of the reclaimed peace and security to engage in agriculture to promote food security and economic recovery in the state.

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Nigerian Army Repels Terrorist Attack In Yobe State

Troops of the Nigerian Army have successfully repelled an attack on a military patrol team coordinated by boko haram insurgents at Sasawa community in Yobe.

Brig.-Gen. Texas Chukwu, the Director, Army Public Relations, said this in a statement issued in Maiduguri on Sunday.

According to Chukwu, “the gallant troops on Saturday repelled an ambush by the insurgents and killed many of them in gun battles at Sasawa in Babbangida Local Government Area of Yobe”.

He said the insurgents were planning to attack the Babbangida market to steal food items and laid ambush for the troops on patrol.

“Troops of 233 Battalion deployed in Operation LAFIYA DOLE have neutralised scores of Boko Haram terrorists today, 21 July, along Sasawa Road in Babbangida Local Government Area of Yobe State while countering  an ambush staged by element terrorists.

“The troops encountered the ambush during a fighting patrol to clear the general area of the fleeing elements of boko haram terrorists who have been on rampage for food and logistics.

“The gallant troops overpowered and neutralized the insurgents in the fierce fight that ensued and successfully extricated themselves from the ambush,” he said

Chukwu explained that reports indicated that the insurgents, whose original plan was to attack and loot Babbangida market, aborted the mission and laid ambush for the troops on patrol.

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JOHESU Honours Gov Gaidam As Best Health Sector Reformer In Yobe

The Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) Yobe State, comprising of professional health associations, has conferred a merit award on H.E Gov. Ibrahim Gaidam as “Best Health Sector Reformer” in the state.

The award ceremony took place today at the Yobe Cultural Centre, Damaturu.

The JOHESU affiliate associations include the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Physiotherapists Association of Nigeria, National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria and the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria.

State Chairman of JOHESU Comrade Abdulaziz Usman said health workers in the state deeply appreciate the effort of Governor Gaidam in transforming the healthcare sector.

“These professional health associations…advocate for continuous development of the health sector, which to our happiness and great admiration is already being effectively championed by His Excellency Governor Gaidam”, Comrade Abdulaziz Usman said.

The JOHESU chairman lauded the infrastructural development in the sector, saying they are unprecedented and “have placed Governor Gaidam amongst the highly rated governors in the country”.

“As major stakeholders, JOHESU is at a vantage position to really tell the story of the genuine restructuring that has taken place in the (state’s) health sector”, he said.

The JOHESU chairman also lauded the governor for the recruitment of more health professionals in the state’s health service as well as the upward review and 100% implementation of the CONHESS salary structure for JOHESU members and the CONMESS scale for doctors.

Comrade Usman said the 100% CONHESS/CONMESS implementation by the Gaidam administration is a “show of total commitment to the development of the health sector and a policy approach geared at alleviating the suffering of the common man in society”.

The JOHESU chairman explained that the award conferred on the governor is meant to motivate him to do more for the health sector and the state in general.

He called on other state governors to emulate Gaidam “because”, he added, “t is our belief that the greatest dividend of democracy should be in the health sector”.

While accepting the award, H.E Gov. Gaidam thanked JOHESU for the honour.

He noted that before the coming of his administration, Yobe’s healthcare sector was beset by “gross inadequacy of infrastructural facilities, equipment and human resources”.

“We took far-reaching measures to address these challenges. We have also collaborated with our development partners such as WHO, UNICEF, Women for Health, Bill and Melinda Gates and Dangote Foundations, the Federal Ministry of Health and the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency to achieve our overall objectives”, he said.

Governor Gaidam assured JOHESU that his administration will continue to invest massively in the healthcare sector and accord a special priority status to it.

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Service Delivery: Gov Gaidam Urges Teamwork Among Officials

Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam has tasked senior functionaries of the state government to continue to “cooperate and work closely and harmoniously” with their staff and management teams to ensure effective and efficient service delivery in the state.

The governor spoke today at the swearing-in of recently appointed senior officials, including permanent secretaries, chairmen of the State Pilgrims Commission and Civil Service Commission, directors-general and members of some Boards and Commissions.

“I urge the new appointees to always live above in discharging their duties in line with the goal of our administration of effective and efficient service delivery”, the governor said.

H.E Gov. Gaidam also charged the newly sworn-in chairman of the civil service commission to liaise closely with the office of the head of service to “reinvigorate the civil service” and ensure the training and re-training of staff in all cadres and grade levels for effective succession planning. “This I believe is the surest way of achieving our objectives of capacity building and filling the vacuum expected to be created by the retirement of our experienced civil servants which has already started and will intensify in a few years to come”, he said .

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Gov Gaidam Decorates His ADC, Zakari Deba With New Rank

Yobe State Governor, Ibrahim Gaidam has decorated his Aide-De-Camp (ADC), Zakari Deba with his new rank of Superintendent of Police (SP) following his promotion to the rank by the Nigeria Police.

The governor was assisted in decorating the ADC by the State Commissioner of Police, Sunmuno Abdulmaliki in a brief ceremony at the Government House, Damaturu today.

H.E Gov. Gaidam congratulated Deba on his promotion and wished him more success in his career.

Deba joined the Nigeria Police in 2002 as a cadet inspector and rose to the rank of superintendent through hard work, dedication and loyalty.

He was ADC to H.E Gov. Gaidam when he was deputy governor in 2007. Deba later became the ADC to Gov. Gaidam in 2011.

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