17 Year Old Boy Hacks President’s Website, Demand Postponement Of Exams

A teenager in Sri Lanka has been arrested for hacking the president’s website and posting a message demanding that his college entrance exams be postponed. As the AFP reports, the 17-year-old boy was arrested on Monday and faces a fine of 300,000 rupees ($2,000) and up to three years in jail.

As the BBC reports, the official website of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena was hacked on Thursday and Friday last week by a group that calls itself Sri Lankan Youth. The group posted a message on Thursday demanding that April’s final exams be delayed, and called on the president to “take care of the security of Sri Lankan websites or… face a cyber war.”

The group also demanded Sirisena “stop the prime minister’s irresponsible work and look more into the problems of the university students.”

The message was taken down, but the site was hacked again shortly afterward.

According to the AFP, this is the first time that a teenager has been charged under Sri Lanka’s computer crimes laws. Several government websites have been hacked recently, the BBC reports, raising concerns around cybersecurity.

The unnamed boy has been taken into custody, and is being questioned by police.

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“I Don’t Fix Prices”, Fashola Responds To Question On His N78m Website

Babatunde Fashola, former governor of Lagos state, on Wednesday revisited the controversy surrounding the alleged use of N78 million for the upgrade of www.tundefashola.com, his personal website.

Critics of the former governor had accused him of enriching himself at the expense of the state. And during the ministerial screening at the senate, Fashola was asked if he truly spent N78 million on the website and more than N300 million on sinking a borehole.

In his response, he said he was not directly responsible for the cost of the website.

“Some people may be surprise to learn that as governor of Lagos state, I don’t know about other states, I didn’t sign cheques, none of my commissioners signed cheques. I have never signed a cheque, I don’t fix contract prices, it is an institutional process,” he said.

“The only training I have is that of a lawyer, but in order to execute works on a project, we need the input of architects, we need the input of quantity surveyors, we need the input of structural engineers and we have consulting ministries.

“For civil works, it’s the ministry of works, for science, it’s the ministry of science and technology. The statisticians are there to fix prices from biro to iron rod to cement. It is approved and it becomes the  benchmark price of government procurement; nobody can award any other contract over that benchmark.

“All of these things nobody has alleged that I have corruptly enriched myself, and I couldn’t be the master of all on technology, I need something to do my work and you make procurement in senate, who is involve how much you buy your stationery.”

Responding to a question relating to his concept of loyalty, Fashola said: “May our loyalty never be tested,” and the senators chorused “Amen!” He went on to shed more light on his understanding of loyalty, using a story to drive home his point.

“The concept for loyalty is very strange. You know why I say so; in the course of my work, there was a family that had a parent who had a kidney malfunction and the diagnosis was that the patient needed a transplant and needed to go overseas, we had procedures in government where we helped people who applied to get overseas treatment,” he said.

“When we had paid and they were to go, the question was who will be the donor? We found out that the only matching kidneys were those of her two daughters and none of them was willing to give a kidney for their mother, that was their supreme test of loyalty.

“So, I always pray that my loyalty will not be tested, because you do not know, you may have to take a bullet for somebody, it may be a father for a child.

“In public life, I have remained loyal to courses that I assigned on to and all my life, really nobody has fairly accused me of giving my word and going back on it.”

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The TrentOnline, Pro-Jonathan Website Determined To Ridicule President, VP And Elrufai’s Relationships

By Oluwole Isaac

Why will a news medium pack its supposed news article with a bunch of lies? Or why will a reporter and the editor, who are meant to disclose truth to the reading public, embark on a fictitious journey misleading the very audience that they are meant to inform. Could there be a hidden agenda that TheTrentOnline is trying to implement?

Writing under the headline “Osinbajo insulted by El-Rufai, Walks Out on President Buhari”. TheTrentOnline completely fabricates scenarios that are not known to truth. Not only that, the website makes references to previously baseless claims that have been conclusively rebutted and dismissed, ignoring the very basic ethical commitment to truth of a journalist and a media outlet.

In one of its latest fictions presented as a news report, with the headline above, the website reported that “A few weeks back, our investigations reveal, the tension between Osinbajo and El-Rufai came to a head when Governor El Rufai insulted Vice President in a meeting in the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock, and Osinbajo reacted by denouncing El-Rufai and walking out of the meeting which had President Buhari presiding”

TheTrentOnline did not disclose the time of the said meeting, the agenda of the meeting or the specific cause of the purported disagreement, yet the only website, went to great length to purvey such aspersions.

A simple investigation in Aso Rock easily as revealed, that there were no such incidents. Besides, it is well known that the relationship between the President and the Vice President has been one of cordiality and mutual respect, equally the relationship between the President, Vice President and the Governor of Kaduna State is also of mutual respect. There are several ongoing government initiatives around which the Vice President and the Kaduna State government have worked on and are still working together, unlike what TheTrentOnline claimed, there was no meeting in the presidency or anywhere where the governor insulted the Vice President nor was there any meeting where the President or Vice President walked out as reported by the news outlet.

This curious “news report” attempts to befuddle the reader and create an impression of confusion. It also tried to belittle without cause, the personalities of the President, the Vice President and the Governor of Kaduna State. Who or what set of individuals will have the motive and the desire to create such impression? I will soon come to address that question. The report claims that the President prefers to have a Northerner as his right hand man, deliberately ignoring the fact that the President has surrounded himself already with several aides and assistants both from the North and from the South, covering all grounds of the nation.

The report also tried to rehash some of the failed campaign talking points deployed before the election, to paint then General Buhari as a religious fanatic. Not only have Nigerians seen through such blatant falsehood, the President has come to be known as a real Pan-Nigerian patriot since his emergence in December 1983 as the Head of States. What is more, in the March 28 presidential elections, a vast majority of Nigerians that voted, validated President Buhari’s nationalist credentials. Retelling the old tales that Buhari would never have appointed a Southerner or a Christina, TheTrentOnline conveniently but questionably ignores the fact that Buhari had always picked Southern Christians as running mates.

This news report that is awash with ill feelings and mischief also claimed that governor El-Rufai forced the hands of the President to appoint Amina Bala Zakari as the acting INEC Chairman. The website made all these claims without providing any scintilla of proof. The so called news report also continued the pure falsehood regarding the alleged exclusion or locking out of the Vice President from Security Council meeting when many Nigerians have since found out, that not only is the Vice President a constitutional member on the Security Council, but that the President personally invited the Vice President to the Security Council meetings, But this harbingers of lies continue to lie through their teeth that the Vice President was excluded. Again, short of quoting anonymous sources, the website provided no proof for it’s wild and outrageous claims.

Why is TheTrentOnline so committed to falsehood, ill-will, and these desperate acts of wickedness? Is it because the owner of the website Aziza Uko Douglas is a paid crony of former President Goodluck Johnattan, who is an active client of her Ziza Media Group? Or could it be that TheTrentOnline is committed to misleading Nigerians about the President and the Vice President, because its owner is a well known ally of Reno Omokri, the infamous Special Assistant to former President Johnattan on New Media.

While we will leave those questions for well meaning Nigerians can read through the lines, it is important to say that those who intend to be considered as fair participants in the public place ought to do so with a sense of fairness, personal integrity, commitment to accuracy and an absolute desire to publish the truth, and not fictions. He who seeks equity must come with clean hands. If Ms. Aziza Uko Douglas wants to show her gratitude to her paymasters, it is all well and good, however, it is unconscionable for her and her website to resort to denigration of the President of Nigeria, his Vice President and the Governor of Kaduna State. Basic human requirements of decency, imposes upon the publisher of TheTrentOnline to respect the truth.  Writing fictions, making outrageous claims, and spewing lies cannot advance the cause of anyone, including individuals who are sponsored to tarnish the respectable image of others, or those of the sponsors themselves. Stop the lies!

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We Have Had Enough, No More Chancing! Time To Sign #RecallNASS Petitions Website By Peregrino Brimah

While global oil prices dropped 70%, Nigeria’s lawmakers’ budget stayed between a whopping N120-150 billion! Today Nigerians have to manage 70% less income while the lawmakers held tight to their billions.

Our legislators are well known to be the highest paid in the world, while Nigeria has the most poor per economy per its population: the 110 million destitute as Vice president Osinbajo reminded us last week.

Who sat and watched while billions of dollars was looted in past administrations and did nothing to protect Nigeria from the catastrophe?

Who partied, cruised in their exotic rides and went on six week recesses while the past administrations allowed MEND, Boko Haram, Ombatse and other terror groups evolve and murder and devastate the lives of millions in Nigeria while coveting money for the army?

Who absconded their duties, played and watched our refineries stay dysfunctional while enabling the oil cabal make a killing off of the plundering of our commonwealth?

What group of public servants include indicted thieves, accused Boko Haram sponsors, wanted drug barons, launderers and corrupt ex-governors?

This is the burden Nigeria carries. As Nigeria got Change at the top this May, a heavy serpentile weight remained that promised to do its best to derail the new direction the nation set out on.

There is no question, Nigeria’s National Assembly by virtue of its greed and the less than 100 bills it passes in four years, is a burden to Nigeria and is dysfunctional beyond repair.

God said we should not partner with such; we must not protect the rich over the poor; this brings Wrath and destruction to our land. If we have the capacity to remove them then this is our duty. They say, white man who made pencil, made eraser. The Power of Recall is the eraser.

There is no room for the current selection of lawmakers who keep fighting to deny transparency of the assembly’s budget and to maintain as much as a billion dollars, N120-150 billion naira as its budget; mostly recurrent expenditure! A budget 10 times over what is reasonable. And money that is used to either oppress or turn their constituents into beggars and slaves.

Senegal decided appropriately to scrap its Senate in the interest of its people. To do so in Nigeria will require first the recall of current lawmakers who will never otherwise give up their jobs in the best interest of Nigeria.

Nigeria is running fine without Ministers, it will run better after we recall this crop of “legislators” while we reconstitute our assembly.

All Nigerians are invited to www.RecallNASS.com to sign their votes of “No Confidence” in their legislators as the constitution grants. All the current crop are co-conspirators, partakers in amassing an income that can only be considered legal looting.

The entire building must be emptied, both upper and lower chambers. Let Nigerians not have any partiality or be selective because the Senators and Representatives have long given up their homes, families and constituencies and are only family and brothers to one another of a new “Abuja constituency/brotherhood/cult.” At this time in our history, we suffering masses need be only brothers to ourselves and stop being fooled and used by those who do anything other than represent our interests.

After we recall all our legislators, Nigeria will begin a correct process of only considering intending candidates who pledge to contest to be lawmakers for the prestige of the job and for a minimum wage. Only such genuine Nigerians will be given our votes as we refill our house. In our haste to boot out Jonathan, corruption’s head, we definitely erred and overlooked standards the past General elections. It is time to fix this.

We can also begin a process of change to a unicameral, one house system, the more popular system worldwide, scrapping the Senate after we have recalled our legislators.

We have taken our time to develop a conducive online platform to enable the organized collection of signatures to Recall assemblymen across the country, north to south, east to west.

When we marched and Babangida banned us from marching and we sat at home in protest; we showed our united resolve and successfully sacked the Babangida government that 1993 in the first Spring.

Again we prayed and God answered our prayers and seized the life of a corrupt tyrant who was poisoning us with fake fuel imports. Again we were victorious.

Most recently, in spite of people saying we could never defeat an incumbent, we rallied together and fought off their billions of looted dollars to defeat Jonathan and his fund raising cabal.

And as the world laughs at us with this hopeless National Assembly of clearly corrupt men and women, we must prove to the world that we are not weak, cowards, fools or mugus. We will Recall them; this is our obligation to our generations to come. Do not be fooled when they offer a reduction; they’ll offer no more than 10% of their salaries and not the entire jumbo budget, you can bet. They’ll “give a dog a bone” as always. Where we are going is a 90% slash of that jumbo budget through new legislators. Recall and reset.

We call on you to sign on www.RecallNASS.com and spread the word. We are tired of corruption and the corrupt and must get rid of the last vestiges of the corruption that has murdered us and held us back for far too many years. Few people cannot be parting with big money while the rest of us are hungry.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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N78m Website: Fashola Breaks Silence, Explains How The Money Was Expended

Former Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola has broken the silence over media reports which emerged last Saturday, detailing how the Lagos State Government under his watch as Governor, spent the sum of N78 million for the upgrade of the website – www.tundefashola.com.

Following mixed reactions that trailed the reports, Fashola in a statement on Thursday night, denied the allegation, comparing his accusers with pigs who get “happy” when they get you “dirty.”According to a budget report on the website of the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (LSPPA), the contract was awarded to Info Access Plus Limited.

Barring any last minute change, since strong rumours emerged that Fashola’s name may have been penciled down to be appointed minister by President Muhammadu Buhari, he has come under scrutiny, including allegations that he fathered a set of twins outside wedlock, left Lagos state in huge debts and played a key role in the emergence of leaders of the National Assembly.

On the issue of extra marital paternity, he said he only adopted three children who were orphaned by the Dana crash of 2012, stating that he went through due process.

He denied any involvement in the national assembly leadership elections, and said all the loans he took as Lagos governor went through due process and they are being repaid.

Fashola however, disclosed that he also met debts when he became governor in 2007 after the eight-year tenure of his predecessor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Read Fashola’s full statement

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IT Firm Denies Receiving N78 Million For Fashola’s Website, As Nigerians

The IT firm named by the Lagos State procurement office as receiving N78 million for the upgrade of former Governor Babatunde Fashola’s personal website, has denied being paid the amount.

Info Access Plus Limited said its quotation for the job was N12.5 million, and that the state eventually spent N10 million.

The figure contradicts details released by the Lagos State procurement office, first reported by the budget analytic firm, BudgiT.

The listing shows N78 million was spent on the website.

Curiously, for a company that specialises on building and upgrading websites, a Google search for Info Access Plus, revealed that Info Access Plus Limited has no website of its own.

According to information technology experts, www.tundefashola.com, created by the firm for the former governor, is a WordPress website and an upgrade could not have cost more than N300, 000.

The news of the expenditure has elicited outrage from Nigerians, with many using their social media accounts to lambast Mr. Fashola, widely seen as one of few upright politicians who could be given a cabinet position by President Mohammadu Buhari.

Mr. Fashola’s spokesperson, Hakeem Bello, did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ request for comment.

In its reaction, the IT firm, Info Access Plus Limited, questioned the motive of the procurement office in releasing details of the spending.

The firm also denied that the website was for Mr. Fashola as an individual, saying it was for the “governor of Lagos State.”

It also denied receiving N78 million for the job, yet, the firm compared the website with other internet products delivered at millions and even billions of dollars.

Read the statement below:

Our attention is drawn to the twitter campaign alleging that the Lagos State Government (LASG), led by His Excellency, Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN spent Seventy Eight Million Naira (N78M) to upgrade the www.tundefashola.com web site, a site dedicated to giving citizens unfettered access to the Governor’s daily activities and open access to information. It is imperative to state here that, the website in question is not Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola’s personal website but an official website which reports and documents his official activities as a way of socially accounting for his stewardship to the people of Lagos State. This initiative of having an official website for the Governor was to build on the earlier commitment to open access which saw Governor Fashola being the first serving governor to publish his telephone number on the pages of newspapers. As pressure mounted on that number, the website and all of its social media handles became alternative platforms for people to directly engage with their elected governor.

While we do not hold brief for the Lagos State Government, the selective loading of contracts awarded and executed by the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency is itself suspect and aimed at a pre-determined end. The statement of the Contract Line Item and the cost ascribed on the website of the agency are therefore misleading and mischievous.

For avoidance of doubt, we are by this medium therefore laying bare the facts for the public:


The former Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, set out to streamline easy access to himself, while in office and to document his activities for the citizens.

From 2008 and up till May 29, 2015, the www.tundefashola.com web site has processed thousands of press releases/speeches, more than 6 million pictures, thousands of videos to generate world class, content-rich online information collaterals for the former Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN.

The same www.tundefashola.com web site provides great opportunities for the Lagos State Government, as it collates all activities of the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, and his government during his two terms.

What Did LASG Get For the alleged “N78M”?

  • N12.5m was quoted for the upgrade of the www.tundefashola.com web site, which includes complete re-design of all the hundreds of page templates. Meanwhile, the LASG spent less than N10m on this and not N78M being bandied on the social around.
  • Info Access Plus Limited will provide free technical support for the entire life cycle of the web site.
  • Info Access Plus Limited will manage the contents of the site, which consist of press releases, speeches, photos, videos, etc for one year.
  • Info Access Plus Limited developed and managed the first and only web-based 1-year Countdown Clock to May 29, 2015 on a 24-hourly basis off the back of this same service cost for a period of 1 year from 2014 to May 29, 2015.
  • Info Access Plus Limited developed mobile apps for the top four platforms, namely Apple iOS, Google Play, Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry World off the back of this same service cost.
  • Info Access Plus Limited will provide free technical support throughout the life cycles of all these mobile apps also off the back of this same service cost.

For the Records

  • In addition, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, personally paid for the www.brforg.org web site, even when he was the Lagos State Governor. He felt that www.brforg.org is the online presence of his Non-Governmental Organization, BRF Organization. Again, we state for the records, that the website in question is the official website of the Governor of Lagos State and not Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola’s personal website as being disparagingly alleged by the campaigners.

Quality Software Development Takes Serious Effort, Time and Resources

Signed on Behalf of Info Access Plus Limited

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Former Lagos Gov. Fashola Spent $400,000 To Build A Personalised Website -TheNews

News report that former governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola shelled N78.3million of Lagos tax-payers money on his personal website, has stirred a huge buzz on twitter.

In tweets and retweets, commentators have been expressing derision and disgust that the former governor could have approved such a questionable expenditure under his watch.
The consensus is that the cost was grossly exaggerated and over-inflated.

A WordPress website, like http://tundefashola.com/http://tundefashola.com/should not cost more than N3million, according to expert opinions.

The story was broken by BudgIT, quoting a budget report on the website of the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency.

The contract was awarded in 2014 to “Info Access Plus Limited”. A Google search by TheNEWS did not turn anything out about the company.


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Nigerian Internet Registration Association, NiRA Shuts Down ENDS.ng Civil Rights Website

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