VIDEO: Tears Of Joy As Chibok Girls Reunite With Their Families

It was all emotions on Sunday as the the 21 kidnapped Chibok girls who regained their freedom earlier in the week attended a thanksgiving service organised for them.

As the service was going on, parents of the girls arrived the venue forcing tears down the eyes of almost everyone, particularly the girls and their parents.

In this video shared by Williams Adeleye, the parents of the girls are seen expressing emotions in ways best known to them.

In one of them, a mother could be seen carrying her daughter on her back to express joy at being reunited with her.

Watch the video below:

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VIDEO: President Buhari ‘Jokingly’ Disses Wife Over BBC Interview

President Muhammadu Buhari elicited laughter at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday when he responding to a question about an interview granted by his wife, Aisha Buhari, to the BBC.

The president jokingly said, “I claim superior knowledge compared to [my wife] and the opposition,” mentioning his three failed campaigns for the presidency of Nigeria over a 12-year period before he won on his fourth attempt.

He said his wife belongs to the his kitchen, the living room and the other room.

The video below captures the president’s exact words.

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Donald Trump Video Bragging About How To Seduce Married Women Leaks [Watch]

A new video captures newlywed Donald Trump bragging about his attempts to seduce a married woman and boasting about how being a ‘star’ means he can get away with ‘anything’ when trying to bed a woman.

The recording, obtained by the Washington Post, was made on an Access Hollywood set in 2005 and captures Trump, newly married to Melania, discussing women with host Billy Bush.

The shocking outburst captures Trump detailing his pursuit of an unidentified married woman.

‘I moved on her and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and f*** her. She was married’, he says in the recording published on Friday.

‘And I moved on her very heavily. In fact, I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said, “I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture”.’

‘I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there. And she was married,’ he continues.

‘Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony t*ts and everything. She’s totallychanged her look.’

At times another man’s voice – presumably Bush’s can be heard on the recording.

Bush then worked for Access Hollywood and now works on the Today show. The pair were on the set of the soap opera Days of Our Lives. Trump was about to record a segment on the show andBush was there to interview him about it.
The pair were captured chatting, presumably unaware their mics were recording the exchange.

The Republican nominee is later heard bragging about how his celebrity status allows him to do ‘anything’ to women.

‘You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait,’ he boasts.

‘And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the p—y. You can do anything.’


The Presidential candidate, who has consistently come under fire for derogatory comments about women during his campaign, did not deny the exchange had taken place and put it down to ‘locker room banter’.

‘This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close,’ he said in a statement. ‘I apologize if anyone was offended.’
Shortly after the recording emerged, Hillary Clinton tweeted: ‘This is horrific. We cannot allow this man to become president.’

Bush swiftly deleted his Twitter account on Friday in the wake of the revelation.

Credit: Daily Mail

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Yemi Alade, Wizkid, Rihanna, Others Nominated for 2016 Watsup TV Africa Music Video Award

By Prince Akpan

Yemi Alade, Wizkid, Cassper Nyovest, Diamond Platnumz have lead the nominations for the newly launched WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards which collated Music Video contents from over 20 Africa countries across 21 Categories.

The Awards which is an initiative of WatsUp TV, a leading Entertainment Content producer in the Pan African Bilingual communitylaunched and announced its first set of Nominees for the 2016 WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards (WAMVA), an annual award dedicated to the celebration and honouring of the best in African Music Video on Thursday 29th September at Plot7 in Accra, Ghana.

The platform which is set to bridge the gap between the Anglophone and Francophone music video contents show true ingenuity when over 140 videos from 136 artistes where considered for this prestigious award thereby expanding the scope of knowledge on what African musicians and directors have been churning out across the continent.

Yemi Alade who leads with 6 nominations had Wizkid, Cassper Nyovest and Diamond Platnumz following with 5 nominations respectively.

Some of the Most Nominated Videos include: Final (Wizkid), Want You (Yemi Alade), War Ready (Cassper Nyovest), Tsumani (Ahmed Chawki), Baby Chop Kiss (Shatta Wale), Nyedzilo (Edem), Pana (Tekno) etc

Nigeria leads with 39 Nominated artistes followed by Ghana (26), South Africa (12), Cameroon (7), Tanzania (8), Morocco (6) etc.

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Shekau “Mentally Sick And Unstable”, Army Says After Sect Leader Appears In New Video

The Nigeria army says Abubakar Shekau’s latest video has confirmed its suspicion that the Boko Haram leader is “mentally sick and unstable”.

Earlier on Sunday, Shekau released a new video claiming he was “fine now” after being struck by the Nigerian army in an air raid.

“People of Nigeria, Buhari and his wife, Idris Derby who has a goat eye, and people of Niger and the whole world. I’m fine now but once my time is up, you won’t see me again,” he had said.

“You should all prepare with all your armed forces, even with our own John Kerry of US. They should all prepare with Ban Ki-moon also.”

Responding to the video via a statement by Sani Usman, its spokesman, the army said Shekau had derailed and no longer believes and practises the Islam he professes to follow.

“The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to a video clip released by the so-called Abubakar Shekau faction of the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists group this morning,” read the statement.

“In it, the purported leader of the group in his usual insane manner made all sorts of assertions to the point of threatening various towns, groups and individuals. He also tried, albeit failingly, to deny the air raid by the Nigerian Air Force in which he was wounded.

“The video has shown beyond all reasonable doubt the earlier suspicion that the purported factional terrorists group leader is mentally sick and unstable. The ranting is also another sign that the end is near for him which is part of the signs of all wicked people.

“The Nigerian Army wishes to assure the public that they should not be bothered by the contents of the video clip. This is because the facts on the ground speak for themselves.

“It is public knowledge that the military has been making concerted efforts to clear the remnants of the terrorists and rescue all persons held hostage by them especially the abducted Chibok Secondary School girls. This is a task that will be accomplished, no matter how long it takes. We are determined in this regards. Already thousands of persons have been rescued by troops from the terrorists.

“The video has further shown that he has derailed and no longer believes and practices the Islam he professes to follow; as he was absent at the last Eid prayers video. It is equally reported that he could not even lead prayers. The public should not be fooled by this individual.”

“No nation or society would believe him or any Boko Haram terrorist based on antecedent and as he has shown over times to be irrational and therefore unreliable especially when it comes to negotiations on the release of the abducted girls. Therefore he must release them unconditionally.

“We want to assure Nigerians especially the residents of Maiduguri, Kano, Kaduna and Zaria not to panic as we have more than what it takes to defend them and deal decisively with the remnants of the terrorists group.

“We would like to reiterate that Boko Haram terrorism as it was known, is gone for good. We are just counting down to the day when all the few remnants will be totally wiped out or brought to justice. However, a window still exists for the repentant ones among them to lay down their arms and surrender to justice.

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On Boko Haram’s New Video, By Usama Dandare

A video footage allegedly from Boko Haram fighters was uploaded on YouTube ereyesterday in which suspected Boko Haram terrorists threatened fire and brimstone against the Nigerian states, and jokingly threatened to abduct President Muhammadu Buhari in what looks likes a new comedy series. Boko Haram are known for their explosives videos but this latest release seems too amateurish and looks more like a comedy show, it’s nothing but a war propaganda to deter our combatants forces in their ongoing efforts to wrap up the already won battle against insurgency in the country. A closer analysis of the so-called video will prove that the whole clip is more or less a fraud:

First of all, i doubt if the video was covered on 12 Sept, 2016 as the narrator wanted us to believe. Eid prayers are normally performed outdoors in the open, contrary to what we saw in the footage where the suspected terrorists were shown praying Eid inside a mosque. The other two praying sessions were no doubt captured during Eid prayers but the date and time remains a matter of questions, however, the second prayer session seems to have been captured in the night as against the 1st & 3rd, which contradicts Islamic injunctions. So it’s either they (Boko Haram) lacks the basic knowledge and understanding of Islamic tutelages or they may be playing with our collective psyche by rejuvenating an old video of a Friday and Eid prayers when things were going good for them.

Secondly, the entire video settings and atmosphere is also another factor to scrutinize. Taking a closer gaze, one may notice the background and surroundings in that video looks more like a village, and considering the fact that Boko Haram are currently not in control of any part of Nigeria’s territory, one must wonder how Boko Haram managed to own such a village undetected in an environment heavily covered by airforce jets. Therefore, there’re all possibities that the video was taken either in Bama or Buni Yadi when the terrorists were in control of towns and villages.

My third observation is the large number of worshippers shown in the so-called video, looking tattered, malnourished and helpless  as you can see in their faces. The large number of worshippers shown in the clip looks more of poor villagers than Boko Haram fighters, reason that vast majority of them were unarmed, and no real terrorist will be roaming about unarmed while fully knowing the military are after them and may jam anytime any moment. Looking at the crowd, one may notice that the worshippers were helpless and under control. As such, it’s possible that the crowd shown in the video clip may be that of poor villagers whom were unluckily trapped in the then Boko Haram control territories.

At the end, the unnamed narrator vindicated my earlier statements, he said in Hausa and I quote: “kada wani yayi tunanin wannan tsohon video ne aka hada, sabon video ne da muka dauka yau ranar sallah shabiyu ga watan satumba na shekarar arna.” meaning Nobody should think that this video is a collection of old videos being manipulated or rejuvenated, it’s a real video and not a videoshop that we took today being Sallah day 12-Sept according to infidels calendar. This statement alone speaks volume about the genuinty of the video in question. As the hausa man will say “me ya kawo rami idan babu rami?” meaning what brought the issue of a hole when there is none? Or the common saying; “there is no smoke without fire”. If truly the video wasn’t manipulated, what prompted the narrator to bring in issues of manipulation?

Finally, the whole essence of this videoshopping was to ut fear into the minds of innocents citizens and show the world that Boko Haram are still as strong as they were before, in order to falsify government’s claims of achieving huge success in the ongoing assault against Boko Haram. But whatever the case may be, it’s clearly written in bold that Boko Haram has been demoralised and conquered by our gallant forces, the remaining incapacitated few are surely coming home roast any moment soon. The so-called video if nothing, has given Nigerians enough reasons to celebrate the end of Boko Haram and thank President Muhammadu Buhari and our gallant military forces for a job well done, they have achieved in just fifteen months what others failed to achieve in six years. Though the likes of Femi Fani-Kayode wouldn’t be happy with this development but the video itself shows that we have indeed made significant progress in the war against insurgency, at least we are seeing for the first time a Boko Haram video without rocket propellers nor GPMGs not to mention of Armoured Personal Carriers, rather we saw some malnourished idiots with three to four AK-47 only. Indeed, our gallant officers and men of the Nigerian military are on the verge of wrapping victory in a war that once seemed unwinnable. Thank you Buhari! Thank you Burutai! #ThankASoldier


Usama A. Dandare, a social commentator write from Sokoto. Reach him via, twitter @osadaby

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Boko Haram Threatens Buhari, Buratai In New Video [Full Transcript]

The Boko Haram insurgent group on Wednesday released a new video where it threatened to capture President Muhammadu as well as the Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai.

The 12 minutes, 58 seconds video did not feature either of its dreadful leaders, Abubakar Shekau and Abu Musab al-Barnawi, son of a former founder of the group, Mohammed Yusuf.

The narrator however made it clear the faction was loyal to Shekau.

Shekau and Barnawi leads different faction of the group that have since turned against themselves

READ: Shekau Vs Barnawi: How Fighting For Dominance Led To Multiple Killings Of Sect Members

Below is the transcription.

“Brothers, this is our Eid for the year 1437 AH (2016) under the leadership of our leader, Abu Muhammad Abubakar Ibn Mohammad Ashakawi (Shekau).

“We extend our greetings to our people and fighters all over the world; and to our leader, the leader of Jama’atu ahlus-sunnah lidda await wal jihad Imam Abubakar Shekau.

“We pray that Allah should keep us together under this umbrella and cause.

“May Allah guide us to follow the teachings of prophet Muhammad (SAW). May Allah make us triumph over all the infidels of this world. May Allah protect our leader, mallams, wives and everybody all together.

“Our message to the infidels who are fighting us; especially their leader, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, is that he should know that we are still in this religion. And like they keep saying that they have defeated us; it is indeed not true, because we are in good health and succeeding in our cause. We are very strong and doing very well.

“Buhari is saying that he will finish us. Let him know that before he said so, other infidels said so before now and they couldn’t.

“So this infidel by the name Buhari saying that he will finish us, he should know that by the grace of Allah, he cannot finish us. Rather, he will die, he will die, he will die.

“Our leader who is leading us on this, Imam Jamatu ahlus Sunnah lidda awat (Shekau), may Allah continue to protect him for us.

“By the will of Allah, under the leadership of our leader (Shekau), we will capture Buhari with our hands.”

“My last message is to you Buratai (Tukur, Nigeria’s Army Chief), Kukasheka (Sani, spokesperson of Nigerian Army) and the rest of the infidels.

“You should know that this is a brand new video which we recorded today the 12th of September 2016, using the infidel’s calendar.

“It is a new video, not an old one. It is a brand new video; (we hear) you are saying you will finish us with your fighter jets.

“By the grace of God, you will see what we will do to you.

“Under the leadership of our leader, Shekau, we will step further henceforth and will destroy what we never destroyed before.

“We are ready and even stronger now. We will go to where we never were before now and destroy what we never destroyed before now.

“You infidels, you are finished now. You all want to live and enjoy life; but this time around, we are well prepared to die. (Chants of “Allah Akbar”).

“No retreat, no surrender by the grace of God! No retreat, no Surrender by the grace of God! No retreat, no surrender by the grace of God!

“We shall cut off your heads with our swords and guns (removing his sword from the sheath).

“Allah is going to help us. And you shall see how he is going to do that soon. (Chants of “Allahu Akbar”).

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Boko Haram Vows To Capture Buhari In New Video

Boko Haram has released a video of its “Eid-el-Kabir prayer”, during which it threatened to capture President Muhammadu Buhari, whom it described as “leader of the entire infidels”.

The video, released and uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday, shows thousands of the sect’s adherents praying at a large mosque in an unspecified location.

“In this place where God has brought us together, God has brought us together under this roof and we must be Muslims,” the man who led the prayers said over a microphone held by a bearded man dressed in the mould of an Abubakar Shekau.

“God should keep us together. God should keep our families together. May God bless us in this world. May God increase our leaders. Our men our women and our soldiers. Everyone.

“This message is to the infidels and the leader of the entire infidels who is the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, that he should know we are very strong and doing very well.

“By the will of Allah, under the leadership of our leader Abubakar Shekau, we will capture Buhari with our hands.”

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Boko Haram Releases Video Of Members Observing Eid Prayer In Large Numbers During

Members of Boko Haram under the leadership of Abubakar Shekau has released a video showing thousands of its members praying during recently concluded Eid ceremony; the militant group showed members in three separate praying grounds in Borno and the Lake Chad area.

However, the leader of the faction, Shekau was conspicuously missing in the video. The group used the opportunity to threaten President Muhammadu Buhari, insisting its members are still many and remain resilient despite the military action that killed scores of its foot soldiers and reclaimed Nigerian territory under its control.

See the video below:

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Nigeria Army Declares Salkida, Bolori, Wakil Wanted Over Latest Boko Haram Video

The Nigeria Army has declared Journalist believed to have links with the Boko Haram insurgents group, Ahmed Salkida wanted.
Also declared wanted are Ahmed Bolori and Aisha Wakil. Aisha Wakil was a member of the presidential panel on the Chibok Girls set up during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.
The army in a statement by Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman

Acting Director Army Public Relations, said the three Nigerians were declared wanted as a result of their link with the last two videos released by Boko Haram Terrorists and other findings of our preliminary investigations.
The statement added that ” two recent incidents have pointed to the fact that three individuals have information on the conditions and the exact location of these girls.
“The world is quite aware of the abduction of several persons; women, children and men,  including the female students of Government Secondary School Chibok, Borno State Nigeria by Boko Haram Terrorists group. Consequently, appeal was made for their unconditional release by the Federal Government. The military also made concerted efforts to rescue them.”
“Therefore, the Nigerian Army hereby declare the two gentlemen and the lady wanted for interrogation. We are relying on the relevant laws of the land and in particular the Terrorism Prevention Act 2011 (as amended) where Nigerians could be punished for failure to disclose information about terrorists or terrorists activities.”
“This become necessary as a result of their link with the last two videos released by Boko Haram Terrorists and other findings of our preliminary investigations.”
“There is no doubt that these individuals have links with Boko Haram Terrorists and have contacts with them. They must therefore come forward and tell us where the  group is keeping the Chibok Girls and other abducted persons to enable us rescue them.”
“We are therefore calling  on all Nigerians and peace loving people to give us useful information on their whereabouts. We are also liaising with other security agencies for their arrest if they failed to turn up.”
“We also appealed to Nigerians that have any information to volunteer to the military or security agencies to enable  us rescue them.”
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FG Reacts To Latest Chibok Girls Video, Says Its In Touch With Boko Haram

The federal government has reacted to the latest video released by the Boko Haram sect, saying the government is in touch with the group for talks on the release of the Chibok schoolgirls.

Lai Mohammed, minister of information and culture, said this in a statement issued by Segun Adeyemi, his media aide.

He said the government was doing everything possible to secure the release of the girls and to put an end to the horrible saga of their abduction.

”We are on top of the situation. But we are being extremely careful because the situation has been compounded by the split in the leadership of Boko Haram. We are also being guided by the need to ensure the safety of the girls.

”Since this is not the first time we have been contacted over the issue, we want to be doubly sure that those we are in touch with are who they claim to be,” he said.

Alhaji Mohammed expressed the hope that the latest development will signal the beginning of the end of the nightmare to which the girls, their families and indeed all Nigerians have been subjected since the unfortunate abduction.

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Boko Haram Releases New Video Showing Chibok Girls [Watch]

Jama.atu ahlis sunnah lidda awati wal jihad otherwise known as Boko Haram has released a fresh video of the female students of Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, abducted more than 2 years ago.

The Youtube video posted on twitter by Ahmed Salkida, a journalist who has reported extensively on the Boko Haram group shows the Chibok girls dressed in hijab.

“This is the second time Shekau has ordered a video of the girls to be released to the public, since the abduction of the girls 852 days ago,” Salkida said via his twitter account.

He said a Chibok girl spoke in her mother tongue and narrated how many of the girls, dozens of them have been killed in airstrikes.

The Nigerian army in its bid to flush out the sect has in the past one year launched series of airstrikes on the hideouts of the group.

He also added that the video shows “horrifying images of some of the alleged to have been killed by airstrikes.”

Watch the video below:

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