Kano govt. Approves Additional N136m For Payment of Student Fee In American University

Kano State government granted approval in the tune of N136, 558,100 for the payment of outstanding balance in respect of students studying at American University, Yola Adamawa state
The decision was taken at the Executive Council meeting which was held at the council chambers last Wednesday.
The government in a statement said it wishes to reassure parents and students that Ganduje’s  administration would not let the studies of its students to be truncated either within or outside the country.
The council has also approved N56, 567,233 for the Ministry of Education to construct additional classrooms and hostels in five Tsangaya Model Schools, and the schools to benefit are at Doguwa, Tsanyawa, Dandishe, Garo and Harbau towns.
This programme was initiated by immediate past federal government and continued by present one, Kano state government has the highest number of Tsangaya schools as a result it would not allow the project to suffer.
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Nigeria’s Umar Ahmad Awarded Best Student At Malaysian Research University

?Malaysian Research University, the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has awarded Umar Ahmad, a Nigerian held from Bauchi LGA of Bauchi State Certificate of Merit for being the best student to graduate with Outstanding Distinction with a CGPA of 4.00 in his Master of Science by Research in area of Medical Anatomy.

In addition, Ahmad has published 5 papers from his Master Thesis in a peer review, high impact scientific journals. He participated in about 30 different professional certification workshops and attended many international seminars, conferences, and scientific gathering during his master studies.

His major research activities in basic and translational research focus on developing targeted therapies for human cancer and he is currently interested in the targeting and identification of genes involved in breast cancer metastasis, neuroblastoma prognosis, anti-angiogenic factors relates to NDV virus and apoptotic pathways in cancer such as how the virus stimulates DNA fragmentation, which will of course be relevant in drug development and initiate virotherapy application for cancer patients. In recognition of his accomplishment, he was offered to service Malaysian Journal of Microscopy (MJM) as their Sub-editor.

Ahmad was among the best student in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, where he had his undergraduate degree at Medical Faculty of the University and graduated in 2010.

We therefore, on behalf of the entire Nigerian Students studying in Malaysia extend our congratulatory message to Umar Ahmad for his recordable achievement in academic. Nigerians are highly making us proud by showcasing their talents to the world.

Abdu Mustapha is a PhD Research Fellow in Health Promotion at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) wrote from Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia and a Principal Lecturer with Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education, Kano State, Nigeria. E-mail:agamalafiya73, Mobile:+2348065457336, +60103327322

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Death Of Kano Student In India: The Untold Story, By Salihu Tanko Yakasai

It is often difficult to put forward facts and figures or advance reasons when emotions are high. This is even more so when a serious and solemn event like death has been used to appeal to sentiments and achieve a target. It is the situation we found ourselves in Kano with the death in India of a Kano State student, Jibril Abubakar Jibril.

Jibril was, until his death, studying Pharmacy at the Bapuji Pharmacy College in, India, on Kano state Government scholarship.

While it was indeed painful seeing how tempers were whipped high by some people whose target is actually not sympathy for the deceased’s family or even the suffering of the late student prior to his death, but rather using the unfortunate incidence for certain ends, one still felt the need for restrain to let tempers calm before setting the records straight.

The first and very important information on the travails of the deceased student that was conveniently ignored by hate mongers is that late Jibril was actually involved in a fatal road accident in India while travelling very late at night on April 4, 2016. It was not only him. His fellow student, Usman Safiyanu Jaafar was on him during the ill-fated journey.

However, while Usman Jaafar sustained mainly bruises that were treated and he was discharged immediately, Jibril was not as lucky. He sustained serious neck injuries that required surgery. And because of the cordial relationship between the school and the Kano State government, Jibril’sschool did not waste time in taking care of him while they contact the government.

The government’s link man in India, the consultant that is like the guide of all our students there immediately sent an email to the Scholarship Board and other government figures. He broke the sad news and informed the authorities here that a relative of Jibril also on scholarship in the same institution had signed a consent form for an immediate surgery. The consultant equally attached another form for Jibril’s father back in Kano to sign for further work to continue.

The uncle of the student was then called to the Scholarships Board where he was briefed on the sad development and the consent form was presented to him. The duly signed form was then posted back to India.

However, because of the medical report the government received and the critical nature of the student’s condition, and after Governor AbdulllahiUmar Ganduje was briefed about the situation, the state government promptly sponsored two members of his family – his mother and a brother to travel to Bangalore to look after him.

The state government also requested that Jibril be given the best care he could get and that was how he was transferred to the best hospital in Bangalore despite the doctors saying his survival chances was just about 10 percent.

The governor directed the Executive Secretary of the Scholarships Board to keep tab of development around the patient and keep him abreast of developments as they unfold. The Scholarship Board was therefore on daily contact with the doctors in India, the college’s principal, Jibril’smother and the consultant who was monitoring everything. On days his condition warranted, officials of the board even got to speak to Jibril himself.

When the student eventually died, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology immediately facilitated the transportation of his remains alongside his mother and brother who were sponsored to nurse him. This was done as urgently as possible in line with the Islamic injunctions on funeral and in order for the deceased student to be given befitting burial as ordained by Islam.

The foregoing has shown the level of concern and commitment the Kano State Government has shown on this unfortunate happening, contrary to the falsehood peddled since the death of Jibril. Indeed, no one can rescue a soul whose time is up but for sure the government has done its extreme best to help Jibril and his family in their hours of need.

Kano State Government has so far paid a total sum of $27,474 (Twenty seven thousand, four hundred and seventy four dollars) to settle the medical bills of late Jibril and other related expenses.

All that was done, of course, was backed by finances and the government did not hesitate in releasing all necessary funds for treatment and other needs for the late Jibril. His school was up to its responsibility by paying up the initial bills for emergency care before contacting the government. Immediately the government came in it paid up the bills accrued by the school in giving the early care and continued from there till the end.

With all this effort on the government’s side I wonder why anyone would go and manufacture conjectures about neglect or whatever in this case. It is nothing less than inhumanity for anyone to cease the grief of a family and turn it into a political mischief trick, which is what happened in this incidence.

May the soul of Jibril find repose in the nicest of Jannah. May Allah comfort his family, ameen.

Salihu Tanko Yakasai is the Director General, Media and Communications to the Kano State governor

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On the BUK Female Student who Committed Suicide By Muhsin Ibrahim

This is coming a bit late, or at least later than expected. I had tried to dig out and gather more fact on what exactly happened, but I couldn’t obtain much substantive explanation. Yet, I have a lot to say, to, at least, debunk some fibs and falsity going viral on the social media regarding the case.

I know about a similar case with two students (and are coincidentally siblings) in the Dept of English and Literary Studies, BUK. My very close friend and colleague, Mal. Aliyu Yakubu coordinates their level. He, out of sheer compassion, tried everything possible to rectify their problem within his power and jurisdiction, but he couldn’t.

The registration portal (i.e website) is monitored and maintained by the ICT/Computer Science Department people. He went to the person in charge of that. The staff outrightly told him that he should see his superior, the director of the centre. He went to the director, Dr. Ajiya. He too told him that he couldn’t do anything as there was a directive from the VC that registration was over – and that came after at least two postponements, the last attracted a surcharge. But he advised him to ask the students to write to the VC via the HOD, apologising and requesting a favour to rectify their default. And so was done. The students are now going on with their students without a hitch.

There is yet another option that comes in second semester. A student can buy and fill what’s called an Add and Drop Form. By using this form, as its name implies, one can add or drop any course he has or hasn’t registered in the session.

Philomena Umoru, the deceased, could’ve done the same – first or second option -, and that might have saved her life. But she decided to go the other way, doing something else. Most likely, the lecturer whose course she failed to correctly register was not fully aware of her predicament. Even if he was, there was nothing he could do more than to guide her follow the required channels to rectify her mistake.

Again, there are possible motives behind her committing suicide. She was 46, perhaps unmarried. She had yet to finish her first degree, though she struggled, obviously, a lot to do that. But even a war isn’t won by brawl alone but by the combination of brawl and brain and careful strategy.

I also believe that a sane person who believes in fate couldn’t end his life that quickly over a less severe issue as such. Must one do a degree? Must one finish once he begins? How many others survive spillovers (backlogs) I and II? Why would I say “f*ck existence” – her words – because I cannot do a degree? Is degree the raison d’etre of our life? Hell, no.

It’s just too unfortunate and pathetic. I really sympathise with her loved ones. It’s a tragic end she has.

I hope people should be more understanding and fair to her lecturers and the University in general. BUK does a lot to support and safeguard the lives, the studies and almost everything of her students. The lectures could be wrong, as any other humans, but blame them only when they are blameworthy.

Attached is the copy of those students’ letter I snapped, for I equally have a similar case with a student. Can you imagine? I, WALLAHI, asked the student to do the same more than a month ago but he has yet to. Hmm. Should something happens later, the same social media zealots will come and crucify me. Dan Adam sai Allah.


Muhsin Ibrahim,
Bayero University, Kano

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Student Union Leaders Budget N1.8m For Phone Calls

Student Union executives and legislators at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, have budgeted N1, 837, 550 to make official phone calls between August, 2015 and January, 2016.

In a copy of the Student Union budget made available to our correspondent and debated by members of the OAU Student Representative Council on Sunday evening, the leaders also had a separate budget for internet facilities and sending of bulk Short Message Service.

The sum, which did not also include the one for purchase of phones, was budgeted by the leadership of the Central Executive Council and Students’ Representative Council led by Mr. Omotayo Akande and Mr. Adebari Aare respectively.

Others are the clerk, deputy speaker, halls of residence executives, chairmen and secretary of transport, judicial, and budget and finance committees.

The student union leaders, who in totality budgeted N26, 090, 469 for their various needs, are expecting an income of about N15m.

Read More On Punch


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Expelled Benue University Student Kills Self, Colleagues Dump His Corpse At VC’s Office

A final year medical student of the Benue State University, BSU, Nicholas Idoko, apparently killed himself, yesterday, in a  motor accident after being expelled.

It was gathered that the deceased allegedly killed himself in  the accident along Abu King Shuluwa Road, Makurdi where, on top speed, he crashed a Honda ‘Baby Boy’  car, minutes after he threatened to commit suicide following the news of his expulsion from the school got to him.

But while the news of the death was been discussed, his colleagues in the medical school deposited the coffin of their dead colleague at the office of the Vice-Chancellor in protest.

According to one of his schoolmates who spoke on condition of anonymity, the student who, like other mates, had spent ten years in the six-year medical course due to non accreditation of medical courses in the institution, was asked to quit the school after failing a course he carried over.

“He was with his course mates when the news came to him that he should leave the school because he failed a course he carried over in a programme, after having spent ten years in the institution and also done his clinical,”the mate said.

“On getting the news, he threatened to kill himself, saying he would not be able to stand the shame of not making it out of school, that the trauma would be too much for him and his parents.

“So when we had that he crashed with the car along Abu King Shuluwa Road, most of us concluded that he had carried out the threat, and we feel pained because the school management acted wrongly by expelling a medical student that had spent ten years in an institution due to no fault of his.

“Their decision must have forced the young man into talking his own life as he threatened; and, if on the other hand the accident occurred because his lost control of the car, it could be because he was unstable emotionally and, in that state, it was  difficult to control a car while on top speed”.

The student, numbering over 100, after an altercation at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital mortuary, obtained the coffin of their dead colleague barricaded the ever busy Makurdi-Gboko highway with a coffin and bonfire alleging that the student committed suicide as a  result of his frustration after spending  10 years in the institution.

They subsequently marched to the VC’s office, vowing not to leave until their grievances were resolved.

All efforts to reach the Vice-Chancellor, Mrs. Charity Angya, for comments proved been abortive as she neither picked several calls made to her mobile phone nor responded to a text message sent to her as of the time of filling this report.

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Meet The Muslim Student Faatimah Knight Who Raised $81,000 To Rebuild Black Churches Destroyed By Fire

Faatimah Knight, a Muslim student at Chicago Theological Seminary, is breaking down religious barriers in order to help rebuild the eight southern Black churches recently set ablaze. Within a ten-day span, several Black churches were burned down in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and both Carolinas. Respond with Love is theLaunchGood campaign set up by Ms. Knight to help rebuild the churches destroyed following the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. With three days left in the campaign, Faatimah, along with Ummah Wide, Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative and the Arab American Association of New York have raised $81,741 of their $100,000 goal in just 12 days.

“We wanted to show that as a Muslim community, their pain did not go unnoticed by us—that we did, if fact, feel deeply for their loss… The Muslim community and the Black community are connected in integral ways, one cannot tell the story of one in America without telling the story of the other. We hope that these churches might stand tall again as a testament to the power of human goodness over human vileness and to one day be a place where God’s name is oft-remembered.”- Faatimah Knight to NBC News

Faatimah and her friends initially set out to raise just $500 to send flowers to Emanuel AME Church, but overshot their goal when they ended up raising $900. From there, the LaunchGood campaign was established and has garnered the attention of many influential social media outlets– Mashable, BuzzFeed and Yahoo!, just to name a few. Such a response from a community that experiences similar unfair and even barbaric treatment is not only heartwarming, but also a symbolic gesture of love and support for all those who wish to divide us.

“And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.” [Surah al-Hajj (20): 40]

Unity likes this is important now, at a time when acts of terrorism and racism cause us to question the humanity of those around us– as victims and as villains. Now is a great time to strengthen the ties that bind us to this earth. There are only a couple of days left in Faatimah’s campaign, but I encourage you to look into ways you and your community can help out as well!

“As a whole, however, we understand the climate of racially inspired hate and bigotry that is being reignited in this country. We want to let our African American brothers and sisters know that we stand in solidarity with them during this dark hour. As a small symbol of that solidarity, during this blessed month of Ramadan, we are gathering donations to help rebuild the seven churches that have been burned down since the racist murders in Charleston, South Carolina.” -Imam Zaid Shakir

Source: http://hivesociety.com


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20 Year Old Student Wins Parliamentary Election In UK, Becomes Youngest MP Since 1667

A 20 year old student, Mhairi Black, has won the parliamentary seat to represent Paisley and Renfrewshire South in the just concluded UK general elections.

She defeated the Labour Party candidate Douglas Alexander, with a 5,684 votes in one of the biggest coups by the Scottish nationalists.

Her victory as the SNP candidate for Paisley and Renfrewshire South puts her as the youngest MP in Parliament and the youngest since the 19th century.

“This is a real chance,” she said. “Things like this don’t come along very often,” Ms Black had said in April when speaking about her chances of clinching the seat.

She will go to London to be enrolled in her first graduate job – member of Parliament – and a couple of weeks later return to take her final Glasgow University exam, on Scottish politics.


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