Senator Ojudu Condemns Punch Over Fake News

Contrary to the false publications by Punch online that the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo has suspended his Tradermoni tour, the Senator representing Ekiti Central and also the Special Adviser to the President on Political matters, Senator Babafemi Ojudu has openly debunked the rumor currently being circulated by the media house.

According to him, “this is falsehood, a man (Professor Osinbajo) who for three months traveled round the country campaigning, in the course of which he was involved in helicopter crash, went through an election which is not even over as there are supplementary elections in six states this weekend”.

“Mr President has also made him the coordinator of a Committee to audit all the projects embarked upon by this administration and yesterday he and the President were in the Federal executive Council meeting from 9.00am till 6.00 pm and you are condemning him for not going to the market”, he stated further.

Senator Ojudu also noted that, “Some other men would have gone to seek rest in some far away land, this we have asked him to do and he said there is so much to do here”.

While stressing on the selfless nature of Prof Yemi Osinbajo, he said “Be rest assured that Osinbajo will never abandon the people, whether in the market, on the street or on the farm.It is who he is, the caring academics , pastor and politician”.

Finally, Senator Ojudu condemned the Punch newspaper for pushing out a false narrative and also losing its credibility over time as they’re now recently more involved in propaganda.

He said, “Our Punch, the Punch we adore is becoming something else. May our gold not rot”.

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Atiku’s Desperation Going Too Far, By Senator Babafemi Ojudu

PDP and Atiku are desperate. Their desperation is however going too far and they are capable of doing anything now .They are resorting to all manners of puerile strategy to win, to get the South West in particular .

In conjunction with their foreign allies and consultants and a band of ethnic bigots they are even circulating a fake news that Osinbajo has resigned. It was the same set of people who blamed God for not killing him when his helicopter crashed.

They were agog with all manners of inhuman and ungodly postings on social media after the unfortunate incidents. We know them they are king and queens of FAKE NEWS.

PDP and it’s agents have become so irresponsible. They can do anything now, even assassinate Osinbajo to achieve their purpose. But God forbid! They know Yoruba states will be key decider in this election.

They are doing everything possible in the South West to cause confusion. They are sending money to pastors ( quote me on this )to tell their congregation that Buhari want to Islamize Nigeria and some pretenders in cassock are doing their biddings.

When your pastor or Bishop preaches that Buhari want to Islamize Nigeria ask him or her how much he or she has collected from Atiku and PDP? How I wish the pastors know the source of the money they are collecting from Atiku? We are up to them as we shall continue to expose them.

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Fifth Columnists In Our Recent History, By Senator Babafemi Ojudu

Once upon a time a General took over the reigns of power in Nigeria. He was determined to straighten Nigeria and instill discipline in the hope that in no long time Nigeria will be counted among the developed nations of the world.

He introduced economic nationalism, frowned at corruption, and said loud and clear that trafficking in drug was anathema to our national goals. He advocated that Nigeria no matter their social class, powerful or powerless must exhibit discipline in all they do.

Some fellow Generals who were in power with him but whose vision were diametrically opposed to his could not tolerate his stubbornness. They plotted against him. They found accomplices in the media, the traditional institution, among politicians and in the business community. Some foreign interests too were wooed.

They came up with a script. This man is too popular. We need to make him unpopular, tag him a dictator, high handed and uncompromising.

Yes the Yorubas bought into his vision and they loved him. What do they do to give him a bad name before they strike to institute their regime of locusts. They hired a band of boys within the security to proceed to the house of the revered leader of the Yorubas, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

In the middle of the night the boys sacked the house, forced their way into his bedroom, ransacked everywhere and broke down his ward robe. They claimed they were sent by the then Head of State Gen Muhammadu Buhari to go look for some confidential documents acquired illegally by the Chief. The Yorubas and other sympathizer of Buhari were outraged. That was the end of the romance between the anti corruption duo of Buhari and Idiagbon and the people.

They didn’t stop at that they sent another band of marauders to Kaduna. Destination was the home of the Islamic cleric, Alhaji Gumi. Their goal: embarrass the much respected cleric and set the Muslims against the regime. They succeeded at this as well.

A couple of months thereafter when they struck and overthrew the regime, these were listed among the offenses committed by Gen Buhari. The people having been deceived applauded them and Buhari adjudged high handed, brutal and a dictator.

When a couple of days ago Senator Bukola Saraki visited the gap tooted General in Minna, I interpreted as going to ask “Oga I hope I am doing well?”.

Nigerians should be vigilant . The children of yesterday’s tricksters are adults and are adopting the tricks of their fathers.

We must all rise up and say we shall not be deceived by them.

From the shenanigans at the Benue House of Assembly, to the siege on National Assembly, the attack on judges home in the night, the so called barricade of the Senate President’s house, the laughable kidnap of Boy Dino and “his eleven hours on a tree’, the freezing of Benue and Akwa Ibom accounts all are scripted, produced and acted by Oloye Productions .

Soon they may come up with a bullet riddled vehicle and claim that the Executive Producer has survived an assassination attempt. After all some of the Offa sharp shooters are still at large.

May God save us from these power mongers.

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