My Problem With Buhari – Governor Fayose

In this interview in Abuja, Mr. Ayo Fayose, Ekiti State governor, says Buhari is not technically equipped  to better the lot of Nigerians.

He also speaks on the retreat by the National Economic Council (NEC). Excerpts:

On the National Economic Council, NEC, retreat in Abuja

It is a good idea if  we do not have  the same rhetorics. We all know where the problem is, where the problem is coming from. The reality is that we need a change of attitude. That’s what we need. No matter what you say, the ministers, the governors, some are two-term  governors, some are leaders of this country before, like Chief Audu Ogbeh, they know where the problem lies and what they need to do to tackle it. The attitude of everybody must change; from the President to the last man in government and beyond government. If you want to dispense justice, for instance, you must dispense it equally. If you want to fight corruption, you must fight it equitably. If we are talking about restructuring our economy,  the economy is not all about itself. There are other parameters. If you oppress me, I will not be favourably disposed to the programmes you are offering me. But the moment the president  of the country becomes everybody’s father, his agenda and the agenda for the nation will be pushed  by all parties and stakeholders.

So we have had a lot of these things. We have been through such  a gathering (economic retreat)  but, at the end of the day, will it not be the same old rhetorics, same strategies? Is it not a  diversionary move to make Nigerians think you are working on the economy? Meanwhile, this is a government that  was elected almost  one year ago, but which  doesn’t know what it is doing, doesn’t  know what  it wants, doesn’t know why it  got there; maybe it  wanted power  but  not to put Nigeria on the path of prosperity. So, it is a good idea  that we should talk about the economy of the country, but I think the driver should know the direction more than the passengers. But  he doesn’t know; he is just fishing. He is fishing for ideas  on how to run Nigeria.

With  due respect, people may not like the way I am saying it right now, but they have to come to terms with reality. You can’t grow more than your pastor. You can’t grow more than your MD under the same roof. He is limited by old age. He is limited by academic competence and he is limited by exposure. If you can’t grow more than your pastor, what  do you offer? Meanwhile,  everybody has to look up to the President. So with his  APC family, they ought to have had an economic team, economic master plan for Nigeria. They would have set the direction.

There are indicators of an economy. Indicators of an economy will tell you what will happen next year; will tell you that next year, there will be drop in rain for farming and that we must build irrigation. It will tell you, there are going to be issues that could make the economy get gloomy. That is why we have technology. That is why we have advanced information. That is why you have specialists. The President is the President. He is not the Minister for Finance. He is not the technical adviser. I was reading in the papers where someone said that the ministers of the President are incompetent or something like that, but I am not condemning them. I am only saying that the President himself had two months before being sworn-in. Since he came, the dollar has  risen  from 200 naira to almost 400 Naira.

I don’t blame him for the drop in oil price, but the fact  is that I blame him for not being proactive to finding solution to those challenges. Second, we should ask the President why Nigerians are suffering under him more than ever before. Look at  electricity tariff. In most cases, people  will never get supply of electricity; they get it  maybe once a month. Yet, they get what we call estimated bills. The people are so disenchanted. The people are not happy. There was this international body that said findings showed that Nigerians are unhappy more  than ever before. Something must be causing all that. If you look at that last  six  elections across  the federation, APC  has not won  and it shows people are saying, ‘Have we not missed  the road?’

The fact remains that when  a  disease catches up with you, you will not know until  it is about terminating your life. If you look at the violence greeting our elections now, it will amaze you, it will give you concern. Even the worst of  (former President|) Jonathan, abuse him, say what you want, but he promised there will be free and fair elections and he delivered, even against himself. If this was  the kind of violence that greeted Buhari’s election, would he ever be President? No! Nigerians don’t know party, they know their stomach. They know their business. They know their economy. Let’s look back and imagine that so many middle class businesses are gone. Look at me with  a daughter abroad and somebody says my daughter can’t get maintenance money in dollars  anymore. The education of my children has come to a halt after building such a child to year three  in the university. This is an indicator of incompetence, a clueless administration. Sometimes,  APC people  might have clues but the President doesn’t have. He has no clue. You see these things, people are afraid to say it.

You have been very critical of this administration and the President. Do you have any personal…?

Everything I have said  is backed with facts and figures. It is not about being critical of this administration. I didn’t start today. I started  before the 2015  elections. I told Nigerians not to vote for him (Buhari). I was a young man of 24, 25 years when Buhari was the Head of State of this country. The Yoruba man will say, ‘If you have taken a medicine that works for you, please give me’. We took a medicine which kills. Anybody that is 40 years old today that voted for Buhari doesn’t know Buhari because, from 1984 to date, it will be 32 years. So, a guy of  eight  years won’t say he knows Buhari clearly. So, add that eight  years to 32 years, that is 40 years, they voted for a man they never knew. So, if you remove people from the age bracket of 18 – 40 and remove the votes from Buhari’s votes, you will  know that he couldn’t have won the election. I am not critical of anybody. When APC is talking about me, they say whatever they want to say but I defeated them in all elections even when they call it militarization, even when they say Fayose is controversial; in every battle I will win them. Even when you have over taken, like after my impeachment, by His grace, they were over taken again and lambasted by the Supreme Court. There is a difference between vendetta and the reality on the ground. If I am incompetent, Ekiti people will not vote for me eight years after.

Let’s look at PDP politics. A few days ago, the Chairman of the PDP said you were one of those responsible for his appointment.  Are you happy with what you are seeing  weeks after?

I didn’t work for Sheriff like that. I worked for the truth. I worked for someone I believe has what it takes to lead our party. Party politics is not book politics. Party politics is being realistic. Life in itself is about being realistic. Sheriff and myself were not close  friends and we were not enemies either. We didn’t see often. We were not in and out with each other. We have never been in the same political party, but everybody that came, we engaged them one after the other. Because of the presentation of Aliyu Amodu Sheriff,  I supported him. That is the truth.

There was a particular question they asked him; ‘if the party needs N5 million before the governors can be reached, would you still be able to support it? If there is a meeting in Lagos or somewhere else and there is no commercial flight and you have to get there, would you have to call the governors saying,  please,  borrow me your aircraft or send me some money to  get one’. Second, they asked him, ‘This issue of Boko Haram you are being linked  with,  don’t you think it is going to be against your person in the public domain’ and he said, how, ‘How can a man be linked to Boko Haram and still be walking around, never charged to any court in Nigeria? And, above all in a way, I am an in-law to Mr. President. He is fighting Boko Haram now. Will he ask himself to marry a Boko Haram person or a relative to Boko Haram?’ These are logical things and I was convinced in my heart and I said, ‘ I will stand by you’ and my yes is my yes and my no is no. If I am with you I am with you and if I have issues against you, I will go there and tell you to your face.  And the gentleman has just been there for a few weeks;  so what would anybody have done in a party in this period? We have to be realistic. He needs time and, even in his three months, he can only do very little, but it is better than a man who has no clue at all.

But why were people against him when he was nominated?

Why were people against me when I wanted to be governor of Ekiti State?  Because they knew I will defeat them. When you see the  lion, you  run. Why are people against the lion?  Why don’t they keep lions in their houses?   Because the lion is the king. They know what you  represent. They know who you are. Remember when I wanted to do my primary, there was this consensus idea. About 26 aspirants said they wanted consensus, ‘take one of us’ and I said ‘I want to face all of you’. The Bible says the righteous are as bold as a lion. The whole  of the kingdom at that time and all the chiefs of the clans were against Daniel. Does it mean Daniel was wrong? The plotting against Jesus Christ, does it mean Jesus Christ was wrong? That is not a measure of people being against you. When people are against me, I get things done better. It makes things  easy for me. It  showcases  me and makes the whole world  know Fayose is there. Our style can’t be the same.

On party chairmanship and presidential candidate slot

I don’t know the people that came. Senator Buruji Kashamu can never, in his own capacity, make that statement for the Yoruba people. He is a friend? I love him so much but the fact remains that I take exception to that statement. First, the zoning committee is yet to be constituted. Let me round it up by saying it  his opinion  and, even if you don’t like it to come to the South-West, there is no good Yoruba leader that know the best of things will be coming to your zone and you say you don’t want. Kashamu is my friend, but I take exception to  that statement and I have told him in person and he said he was going to do a rejoinder. So his opinion is his opinion. It doesn’t outweigh the opinion of the majority. I am in Ekiti, you can’t decide for me. In Ondo, you can’t decide for Mimiko. Other leaders are in their various states, you can’t decide for them. The party will do the zoning. When the party comes up with the zoning, a decision will be taken.

On the speculation that the Chairman wants to elongate his tenure

I don’t know what you mean by elongation. There are constitutional provisions that say your tenure starts from this period to that period, and there is a body that  ratifies that which is the NEC and you can’t act outside the NEC provisions. But I don’t want to be misquoted.  As at today, except there is a zoning, nobody can say you can’t contest an election. As at today and until an agreeable zoning formula has been reached, you can’t come out and say someone can’t contest. I don’t want to be misquoted. Quote it the way I have said it. What Buruji said and I take exception and I am glad he said it is his opinion? One, there is nobody that anything good will be coming to his zone, if truly he is a leader from that zone, that will be opposed to such a thing. So far, we haven’t zoned it and if we haven’t zoned, the constitution doesn’t bar people from contesting that office. If anybody wants to contest, he can contest, but when the party now meets, takes a position, ratified by NEC, it becomes a law that we all have to obey.

What chances does PDP have in 2019?

What chances do you have to live till tomorrow? A lot of people blabbing today, who told them they will be alive at that time? Who is telling our oppressors that they will be there by tomorrow; that it won’t be me that will be there by that time? You understand, we have seen so many things in this country. I am the longest serving Nigerian governor. I served in Obasanjo’s administration. I served in Jonathan’s and I am serving in Buhari’s administration now. You see, I am not a small boy that anyone toys around with. You want to try me with impeachment, they have done it before. You want to try me with state of emergency, they have done it before. You want to clamp  someone in  prison, they have done it before. I am an experienced man. I am fearless.

The reason is that greater is He that is in me than he that is in them. And let me remind you, if they have another person that they will join with Buhari to get more forces, they will bow to this Force here. I am telling you the truth. Power doesn’t come from anywhere. God rules in the affairs of men. Oppressing, bringing  and cutting people down, dropping people, taking their blood on the ground, God is angry. God isn’t happy. How can you be cutting people down? You go to Rivers and kill people, you go to Akwa Ibom and kill people, you go to Bayelsa, you kill people, incarcerate innocent people. God is angry with Buhari. You can’t continue to take the blood of the innocent. Look at my predictions for 2016 for Nigeria, everything has come to pass. This is a different ball game. He that will take me, he that will go against me must first of all defeat God.

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PDP’s Problem Has Always Been That Of Manipulation – Ekweremadu

The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has said that the problem of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has always been that of manipulation.

Ekweremadu who has thrown his weight behind Ali Modu Sheriff-led PDP is optimistic that the party would be victorious in 2019 because of their new national chairman.

He gave the assurance when he received a delegation of PDP from Adamawa state led by its Chairman Joel Madaki at the Party’s national secretariat in Abuja on Tuesday.

“I have assured all stakeholders that congresses and convention will not be as it used to be.

“Now, the people will decide their leaders. The days when someone will sit down in his house and name party executives are over. People will decide who will be their leaders.

“Our problem has always been that of manipulation, but that is all over,” Ekweremadu said.

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The Problem With Political Parties In Nigeria By Yahaya Mohd Usman

In 2013, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar invited us for a meeting at the Yar’dua centre in Abuja, the meeting was to discuss happenings in the polity and the way forward for his political future having contested the presidency twice and lost.

The debate was centered around whether he, Atiku should remain in PDP or move out to another platform and whether he should contest again or not.

When I asked Atiku why will he consider leaving the PDP again having left twice before and back? He said the PDP cannot be “reformed” because, he said some people have hijacked the party and are bent on keeping it to themselves, Atiku left the party for APC after enormous consultation across all zones of the federation and his new party came over to win the presidential election even though Atiku lost at the primaries.

Atiku’s comment then remains valid till date that the PDP has forced itself into opposition. How could a party that wishes to reform itself go to hire a man with excess baggage like Ali Modu Sheriff to be it’s face of reform , isn’t that a movement from reformation to deformation? I have nothing against Senator Sheriff, his doggedness and stupendous wealth is not in doubt but that is not what PDP needs now, the PDP needed to reform itself against the image of a corrupt party of crooks who people believe instead of standing with them in times of their grief,  aided aided and abetted in the unleashing of such grief by  squandering resources marked for the fight against terrorism. Rather, the party chooses a person whose name keeps coming up in the complicity of the same crime that pushed it out of power to be it’s reformer. As if that is not enough the leadership of the party out of insensitivity to its members and plight of the general public decides to extend the tenure of it corruption infested members of the executive by another month, I doubt if before the end of the Dasukigate there will be any executive member left who will have no question to answer especially now that there is a question of how over 900 billion of the party funds were utilised. Yet the party is owing staff salaries from the national to the state level the same replete cases of recklessness,  I guess this is why they most have drafted in Ali Modu Sheriff to help oil the greedy and inordinate life of spending which cannot continue out of power.

Political parties across board in Nigeria are formed not based on any tangible principles and objectives, mostly they are formed just for the purpose of winning elections and thats all.
But for politicians with a vast knowledge of  politics,  like Atiku; he  knew that it will only take time the ruling party will crash especially that it has veered of course and not willing to “reform”.

Several members of a political parties in Nigeria are strange bed fellows whose only interest is how to feather there nest, this includes the ruling APC where there is no single clear agenda as to what the party seeks to achieve after winning the election, this is why a president could could just waive off a campaign promise as a party manifesto but not his promise, that only shows one clear message that the president either does not believe in the party since the party manifesto is a bond with the electorates or the party choosed the wrong candidate to fly it’s flag, it also beggers a question as to which is greater the part manifesto or the candidate’s campaign promise?

It bothers me a lot  that you cannot my the tip of your finger differentiate between the democratic party I.e PDP and the Progressive party APC, what is democratic about PDP and what is progressive about APC?

No democratic party will in anyway block other candidates from contest in its primaries especially when it was glaring that it’s incumbent was grossly faulty and on the flip side, no true progressive party will combine Buhari, Tinubu, Saraki Atiku, Nyako, kwankwaso, Ameachi, Sylva and many other strange bed fellows under the same canopy and didn’t even stop there but went ahead to field a 73 year old man who retired 30 years ago, that is why he will ask what kind of fruit is “blackberry”?
Apologies to El-rufai.

Politicsl parties in Nigeria should represent what truly they bear in spirit and in action but hell no! They are just a bunch of people fighting for themselves and not for the people and when they loose, they run to form another party, form alliances or mergers and the circus continue again just like the APC has continued where PDP stopped, intrigues, bickering, mudslinging, backbiting, Inpunity, vested interest and even corruption and maladministration.


Twitter: @boyemdee




Editor: Opinion expressed on this page are strictly those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of and its associates

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Buhari Warns Niger Delta Militants, Says Defeating Them Is Not A Problem

President Muhammadu Buhari has vowed to deal decisively with the seeming resurgence of oil theft, vandalism of pipelines and insecurity in the Niger Delta.

Declaring that the Nigerian Armed Forces had already dealt “deadly blows” on Boko Haram, Mr. Buhari said the activities of oil thieves and vandals would soon be brought to an end, according to a statement by his spokesperson, Garba Shehu, on Tuesday.

“The oil thieves and abductors are a less problematic target. We will re-organise and deal with them,” he was quoted as saying.

Speaking Tuesday in Abu Dhabi, the president warned telecommunication companies operating in Nigeria not to place their desire for huge profits above the security needs of the country.

Speaking at an interactive forum with members of the Nigerian Community in Abu Dhabi, President Buhari said the war against terrorism can only be won with the collective effort and commitment of everyone.

Remarking that the registration of all mobile phone users without exception will help the security agencies to pre-empt terrorist attacks, the president said telecommunication companies operating in Nigeria must adhere to the rules and guidelines of the Nigerian Communications Commission in this regard.

?President Buhari assured Nigerians at the session that his administration’s war against corruption will continue to be vigorously pursued.

The president pledged that more persons who have abused the public trust will be exposed and brought to justice soon, adding that his government was committed to re-establishing former standards of accountability and probity in the management of public funds which were jettisoned under past administrations.

?The president appealed for more patience and understanding from Nigerians as his administration takes steps to safeguard the economy from the shock of falling oil prices.

“In the face of our new economic reality of dwindling oil prices, there are a number of things we can really do without to preserve our economy.

“We must develop the capacity to feed ourselves and we should be spending our resources on real development projects, not luxuries,” he said.

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Boko Haram Is Also ‘Your’ Problem By Olu Wole Onemola

Kuje Police Station, Kuje Main Market, and Nyanya Bus Station. Three bombs in two towns in one night; they have once again attacked our capital city, Abuja. The rebel tactics of Boko Haram have become more rampant as they are being decimated on the front lines of battle by our military. However, we must all ask ourselves: “Six years into this insurgency, have we become numb?”

Those of us that are blessed to be alive and unscathed must question if we have truly become desensitized to the dangers of this insurgency. We must begin to search deep within ourselves to find out whether or not we have turned a blind eye to the plight of our fellow countrymen and women who have lived through the chaos of Boko Haram. We must not delude ourselves into thinking that a terrorist attack in Borno State will not have ripple effects in Lagos State. We are one country bound together under God, law, a Constitution, and a common Federal government. Hence, what happens in Chibok must start to resonate in Surulere. To paraphrase Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo’s recent speech on terrorism in Nigeria: “Bombs do not discriminate.”

Any student that has read Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ will understand that the guerilla approach that the extremists have resorted to is clear. Instill fear in the minds of every Nigerian; announcing with every explosion that evil knows exactly how to fight back. Boko Haram is attacking the unarmed, untrained, and always unprepared citizenry because as Sun Tzu says: “You can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places which are undefended.” As everyday citizens, we have let down our defenses.

Needless to say, a rally to arms by everyday Nigerians will not be the solution to this problem. However, a final rally of our collective consciousness against our common enemy can lead to a citizen-centered approach that will send our own message: Nigeria stands united. Nigerians are ready to prevent, manage, curb, and end the conflict once and for all.

We must develop that righteous anger that stems from a place of unjustified provocation. We must push our minds to believe that truly and surely, Nigeria will defeat Boko Haram. However, just as our men and women in uniform are advancing on the frontlines of this war in the North East, those of us at home must also commit ourselves to ensure that once Boko Haram is dealt with in the fields, they can no longer regroup to strike at us in our cities.

As we approach this situation from a citizen perspective – asking ourselves: what can I do to make this situation any better? What can I do to contribute my own little quota to expedite the end of this insurgency? We must also ask: am I guilty of making this a political or ethnic issue? Am I guilty of thinking: this is not my problem because it is happening over there. If you have ever had or still have this ‘over there’ mindset, please, be rest assured that ‘over there’ is closer than you think. Over there could be at your doorstep someday if we do not program our collective psyche and efforts to defeat Boko Haram and all its splinter groups now.

For far too long, we have sectionalized terrorism as a ‘Northern Nigerian’ problem. We have viewed this issue through certain prisms and flawed perspectives that make it difficult to solve this problem. We have been guilty of politicizing this war, ‘ethnicizing’ this conflict, and regionalizing the fact that the Southern part of Nigeria remains basically unscarred. For now, Boko Haram is ‘situation specific.’ If nothing is done, this situation will change. Consequently, we must remember Pastor Martin Niemöller’s statement during the Nazi’s campaign to dominate Europe:

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

If we do not remember the North East now, who will? If we do not donate to our internally displaced people now, who will? If those of us that live in communities that are likely to get attacked do not start meeting to proffer solutions on community vigilance at the local level, who will? If we do not begin to push our local, state, and federal representatives to focus on educating and reorienting the needy in our society, and establishing social security programs, we can be rest assured that the recruitment pool for those that may wish to hurt us using the neglected and forgotten members of our communities will always be overflowing.

Although we must focus on education, as I mentioned in one of my previous articles: “A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to education is no longer sufficient in Nigeria. Children must be taught the basic subjects that they need to know in this fast-paced world. However, they must also be taught the relevant issues and skills that are germane to their immediate environments. If they live in areas with high agricultural activity, our children must be taught the benefits, and best practices of farming in their schools […] Therefore, if they live in areas with high-insurgent activities, they must be taught the practical skills needed to survive in such environments. Teach them to detect manipulative and brainwash techniques early, and they will resist the recruiters when they come along. Teach our young men and women self defense, and in the absence of security – they can rally to hold the fort in their communities before help arrives.”

Finally, we must accept the fact that the government by itself cannot provide jobs for everyone. As such, unemployed young people are more likely to be recruited into nefarious activities. Consequently, there should be new public-private partnership focus to create ‘hyper-localized’ empowerment programs. Not every Nigerian that has a credible business idea, can write a proposal that would make him or her a beneficiary of empowerment scheme funds. However, hyper-localized community banking systems can give the skilled but illiterate members of our society access to funding for their small-scale ideas. Let us think outside the ‘status quo’ box.

As things stand, we have been at war against an enemy that is seeking to destroy us at any cost. We have been at this for 6 years. God willing, we will not get to the 7th year. Again, everyone has his or her part to play. Our military is doing the best that they can, but we must compliment their efforts in our own communities. Lead where you stand.

Four bombs went off in our capital city. By attacking Abuja, Boko Haram has sent us a message – they will not go down without a fight. As citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the ball is now in our court.

How will we respond?

Olu Onemola is the National Public Relations Officer of the All Progressives Congress Youth Forum (APYF). The views expressed here are his own. He tweets @OnemolaOlu.




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The Problem With El-Rufai, Fashola’s Demolitions, Attitude To The Poor By Peregrino Brimah

Barely had the new Kaduna State governor occupied his seat when he banished begging in the state. The deed was painted as a reaction to a terror attack, but it was apparent the terror attack was an immediately available convenient excuse to achieve his aforethought agenda to end the “irritating” habit. The bomber was not a pretend-beggar.

Within two months of being in office, the governor next began the aggressive demolition of illegal residences in an entire Alhudahuda community.

In similar reaction to hawkers, beggars and illegal land occupiers, governor Fashola of Lagos is remembered for his demolitions and clamp down on begging. Numerous communities in Lagos were demolished during his eight years, rendering the occupants homeless in an instant. And whoever was found homeless, who could have been made homeless by the very demolitions, was rounded up, kept in “concentration camps” and deported to any state of the Lagos government’s choice. At least 3000 Nigerians were deported through his tenure. I described these dumpings, typically on roadsides at outskirts of states in an earlier article.

While the principle of the demolition of illegal structures is legal, the problem is the reality of the States and nation. Is it fair for El-Rufai to give notice and demolish in just two months? Can he argue that notice was given by previous administrations he himself accuses of being hopeless, unresponsible and unreliable and as such, the occupants should have expected this sudden inconvenience?

There are some fundamental blunders and potential crimes in the cases of both governors and they are borne of the same stock. Let’s present it simply:

You must never demolish homes where there is no social welfare.

You must never banish begging where there is no social welfare.

You must never deport Nigerians irregardless of social welfare availability. (section 41(1) of the 1999 constitution). When you ban begging, assuming/after there is housing for the poor and welfare, then you can arrest and jail the beggars who violate, but you still cannot deport them around Nigeria.

The actions of both governors are borne from the same cloth– elitism.

El-Rufai is the epitome of the Elite. I have for long been as anxious and worried about him as I have been excited. He is the archetype of elitism just like Fashola is or became. These men represent the definition of the elite. They are “pure blood.” They detest destitution. They believe every man must be affluent or is less than a person. Their reaction to poverty is instantaneous, harsh and uncompassionate. I do not care that Nigeria’s billions have been looted and the nation has been run into the ground by friends of mine, leaving you no opportunity for gainful employment. I do not care that if you do not beg from tonight, you will starve and may die. I do not care that this country has only fed and built for the rich; that we developed Abuja to be as good as any developed city, re-paving the roads every year, while leaving the rest of the nation to rot. All I want is for you to get out of this property this minute and to get your filthy selves off my streets.

This is the Fashola/El-Rufai mantra. This is the decretum behind their policies and state actions.

So you see, while it is beautiful and beautifying to rid Lagos and Kaduna of destitutes, the prerequisites for such decree must be set in place first.

Before Fashola bans Okada, he should build a thorough Lagos metro transport system to enable Lagosians get around without each person depending on a car and as such not only leading to traffic deadlock but environmental pollution. Build the metro system first before you build Eko Atlantic haven for the wealthy; then you can ban Okada and the transport-time will not increase as a hardship for Lagosians.

While you can never or rather, should never deport Nigerians according to the provisions of our constitution (section 41(1) of the 1999), before you can banish street begging, establish a welfare system and homes and feeding stipends (Food stamps) for the poor, then you can ban them from begging.

Likewise, before you demolish illegal structures, provide public housing as America did since the early 90’s. This is the way of God, this is the way of logic, this is the way of peace, security and progress. The El-Rufai/Fashola way, with the chronic institutionalized disadvantagement leads to suffering, terror and death.

I believe both men are Muslims. In Islamic records, the banishing of alcohol followed a stage-wise process. First Muslims were told to decrease their consumption, then it was banned. This is the way of the prophets. The great leaders of old will not go to bed if any of their constituents was hungry. Things have so changed now… and this is why we have MEND and Boko Haram in Nigeria. It is the protection of the rich and deprivement of the poor that has brought the Wrath of God on Nigeria.

The sudden demolitions in Kaduna have only one outcome as did the deportation of beggars by Fashola. These lead to deaths. Already El-Rufai has three deaths on his hands. According to DailyTrust, three Nigerians have already died as a consequence; “Ali Yayo, a resident of the community behind Alhudahuda, whose house was demolished, was said to have suddenly slumped and died. “There were also Sani Anle and Murtalele who also died after their houses were demolished. At least, seven residents of the area are receiving treatment at various hospitals in Zaria. One of them is Abubakar Mai Sirfani.”

We should not look for a day of reckoning when a blind, crippled or other destitute, an old man, woman or child will ask what they did that the governors denied them an existence or dumped them on the side of the road.

While Nigerians celebrate change, it is advised these governors and men with great ideas are reasonable and conscious of economics and management of/for the poor. If they feel they have wronged Nigerians, they should make atonement. Otherwise a class war will be inevitable in Nigeria.

Praying their indulgence, I [for ENDS] write for the poor.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Two FM Radio Stations Announces Shut Down Of Operations Over Power Supply Problem, Shortage Of Diesel

Two sister radio stations, The Beat FM and Classic FM announced on Saturday that they would be going off air for the day by 8.30pm due to the shortage of diesel to power their generators.

In messages shared on their social media accounts, the stations said they have to ration what they have.

The statement shared on the handles of the two stations reads as follows:

“We will be shutting down at 8.30pm today due to diesel shortage. We have to ration. We will be back on tomorrow. We will keep you updated.”

Nigeria’s power generation and distribution has continued to take a nose dive, despite the billions of dollars expended.

Only yesterday, the Ministry of Power said that the power generation has fallen to an all time low of 1,327 megawatts.

It had dropped from a recent peak of 4,500MW on April 3, to 2,800 as of March 30.

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Buhari Reveals The Major Problem Of Nigeria

President-elect Muhammadu Buhari said yesterday that Nigeria’s major problem is neither ethnic nor religious but corruption which has remained endemic and entrenched.

Speaking when he received a delegation of All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders from Akwa Ibom State. in Abuja, Buhari, who asked Nigerian leaders to practice what they preach, said his government will rather kill corruption than allow it to kill Nigeria.

The delegation was led by the governorship candidate Obong Umana Okon Umana, who alleged massive inflation of results of elections in the state.

Buhari recalled that in 2007, it was his fellow Muslims and fellow Fulani, who Justices of the Supreme Court, upheld the election of the late President Umaru Yar’Adua, while those that said the election was flawed were not Fulani.He expressed confidence in the judicial system, saying: “I’m glad that you have gone to court too because you believe in the system as the right place to fight for your right and the right of the people you represent. I have gone to court three times and reached at the Supreme Court.

“Not because I believe the system has changed, but this time around, in your own case, you were still denied even with the use of PVCs and the card readers.

“That means they will never stop lying because the essence of the system itself is to protect the interests of the parties and the candidates whether it is the local government elections, house of assembly, governorship, house of representatives, senate etc.

“There is the need to go to the constituency, educate them, beg for their support and understanding, let them know the real essence according to law and to choose who they want to choose. Otherwise, we are wasting our time. I stand for that and that is why I chose to go to court, ending up at the Supreme Court.

“I didn’t go to court because I could afford it financially or physically, but people who believe in stabilising the system helped me along the line.

“Now the records are very clear, anybody who wants to study the political development of Nigeria cannot do that without getting the Supreme Court’s  judgment of those years, 2003, 2007 and 2011.

“If you could recall in 2007, the Supreme Court was split into two. A six-man panel of justices was divided. Six justices led by Justice Oguntade, a Christian, a Yoruba man, Justice Aloma Mukthar and another Justice from Delta State said the election of 2007 was null and void because it was not conducted according to the law.

“But former Chief Justice Dahiru Musdapher, a Fulani from Jigawa and another Justice from Taraba, also a Fulani said the election was not flawless but all the same, the PDP won and then the Chief Justice, a Muslim and a Nupe Man cancelled the votes with them so it was four against three. The point I want to make here is that the problem of Nigeria is not ethnic or religious. It is corruption.

“This is what we are fighting and that is why corruption is number three in my campaign. The first one is security, the north east, the Delta area where people are kidnapped and ransom are being demanded which people cannot afford.

“The second one is unemployment, sixty per cent of Nigerians are youths, most of them, whether they went to school or not are unemployed and that is dangerous. So we have to get the issue of the economy right to make sure the jobs are made available and we should try to kill corruption before corruption kills Nigeria.

“Let us practice what we preach as well, because corruption is fast becoming a culture and to try to control people is not an easy task but it must be done.”

Umana said the hope of the people of the state for a free and fair election was frustrated by the state government, leading to loss of lives.

Umana said: “The desire of our people for change was a natural outpouring of their disappointment with and neglect by the PDP-controlled Federal Government for 16 years, during which there was no federal presence in the state. Even the much-talked about East-West Road could not be completed in those long years.

“During the campaigns, the people also complained of gross under-representation in federal appointments, even in the oil industry, where the state leads in crude oil and gas production.

“While mentioning some of the developmental challenges facing our state, we would like to request that the Ibaka Deep Seaport should be treated as a priority project and completed by your administration to help ease the problem of unemployment facing youths in the state and the country at large.

“The people had hoped that there would be free and fair elections in Akwa Ibom State for them to vote and bring in APC government at both the state and federal levels, so that the lot of the people of the state would change for the better.

“However, it is a matter for regret and a point of great frustration that our votes for you in Akwa Ibom State were not allowed to count during the presidential election because of massive vote fraud and wanton violence.

“We would like to report that the gubernatorial and house of assembly elections held in the state on 11 April 2015 witnessed even worse degrees of electoral fraud and violence, leading to many deaths and injuries.

“All the violence and electoral malpractices were perpetrated by a private army set up and funded by the state governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio.”

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