Buhari: Everybody Is Talking, PDP Sef Put Mouth, By Peregrino Brimah

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Nigeria: Conditions For A Federal Government Amnesty For Boko Haram By Peregrino Brimah

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Why Is The Buhari Govt Allowing Thugs And Criminals Block Our Roads In Ekiti? – Peregrino Brimah

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Asset Declaration: Buhari/Osibanjo Following Due Process, Yar’Adua Did So In Same Chronology – Peregrino Brimah

On 28 June 2007, late president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua publicly revealed his declaration of assets submitted in May (becoming the first Nigerian Leader to do so).

This disclosure, which fulfilled a pre-election promise he made, was intended to set an example for other Nigerian politicians and discourage corruption, which it did.

Late Umaru Yar’Adua was sworn in on May 29th 2007 but didn’t submit his declaration form to code of conduct bureau, CCB on June 28th 2007-the day he publicly declared the assets, like President Buhari he turned in his assets immediately after he was sworn in, in May to satisfy the conditions of the law which states that you cannot act as President until you have sent it to CCB.

It was a month later, on June 28th that year that he made public duly signed copies of the assets list he had turned in a month earlier.

According to procedures, you would give CCB time, up to30 days to verify whatever assets you had claim you have as contained in your submission. This explains why late Yar’Adua’s public declaration didn’t happen until one month after his swearing in. A little research reveals these points.

Quoting the CCB, verification is done thus: “First, is the examination that is carried out at the point of submitting the Assets Declaration Form. Second, is during individual or conference verification when documents are cited for authentication. Third, is when there is a need for field investigation when an offer goes to the field to see the houses, the landed properties etc.”

This process takes time. It is responsible to wait till your assets have been verified before they are made public.

Garba Shehu Misspoke/Misquoted

It is however understandable that by the newly appointed presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu’s statements which are quoted as suggesting the president had already made his asset declaration public was erroneous.

According to the Press, fresh-on-the-job Garba Shehu said, “By declaring their assets, President Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo may have not only fulfilled the requirements of the Nigerian Constitution, but also fulfilled the first of their many campaign promises.

“While seeking election into the highest office in the land, the President had promised Nigerians that he would publicly declare his assets as soon as he took over government.”

Rightly so, the constitutional requirements have been fulfilled but the campaign promise to make this public is expected to be fulfilled shortly at the expiration of the verification period and only before if already verified or if the president and vice-president decide to do so in a hurry to placate the anxious public.

Campaign Season Is Over

At this time it is advisable all Nigerians, private citizens and government officials alike exercise patience and appreciate the reality that campaign season is over.

We should all work carefully and confidently towards building #ANigeriaWeLove without confusing ourselves and distracting this administration we elected with an unmeasurable load on its shoulders.

*Article written with input from Bilms of Nairaland, Wikipedia and Code of Conduct Bureau website.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email:drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian?

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They Came, They Saw, They Squandered – Peregrino Brimah

At the crack of crimson dawn;
They came and pain was born.

Drops of blood our pouring tears;
In poverty and death, we lived our wildest fears.

Hollow men of no conscience;
Lacking in foresight, devoid of competence.

Abacha, Babangida and his brother Abdulsalami,
Obasanjo, his godson Jonathan; this was the kakistocracy.
One family, one party, one philosophy, one degeneracy;
Corruption, corruption, corruption, their only legacy.

Gusau, Dasuki, and that David Mark;
For thirty years, they kept Nigeria in the dark.

Oil wells they split up;
For years to fill their cup;
While leaving the masses without a drop.

They legalized mob violence;
To segregate the masses into silence.

The colonial divide and rule,
their greatest tool;
and we, their fool.

They banned pleasure;
sponsored terror;
to loot as we died distracted in the horror.

They built Aso rock, a palace like no other;
Secured in its grandeur, they cared for only one another.

They invested in decreasing national standards,
The bloody scoundrels;
Stole all our land and wealth, leading us backwards,
The shameless vandals.

Every good thing they spoiled;
Like little children, they soiled;
Africa the cradle they befouled.

Their god is money;
Treachery is their story.

Unlike our past heroes;
These are our past zeroes.

For thirty years they plundered and laundered;
They came, they saw, they squandered.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Will Muslims and United Nations Resolve To Wage War Against ISIS? By Peregrino brimah

As ISIS expands its threat in Iraq, controlling expansive territory there in addition to half of Syria, the terrorists have also established domain in more distant locations like Libya and Tunisia in Africa. And while all this happens, the world is loudly silent and criminally complacent. We are either doing nothing or doing next to nothing. As hundreds of thousands fall victim to ISIS and their divisions and franchises which include their recently acquired Boko Haram branch in Nigeria that rapes women on purpose to “procreate the next generation of terrorists” as is their active policy, what do we say of ourselves as a people?

ISIS will get to us in one way or the other sooner or later. Even if we pretend not to care because we think that ISIS destroying Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and Nigeria’s north is not in our immediate domain, are we ridiculously myopic for not realizing that this satanic evolving monster will soon be unstoppable – at least without consuming millions of innocent lives in the stoppage process, if ever stopped?

The larger the territory ISIS occupies the greater the casualty rate whenever we do decide to finally act. It will take a nuclear bomb to stop them by the time we realize we are ready and that’s if they don’t stop us with one before then. What flag bearers of humanity are we that we watch this monster and do nothing? That we watch this genocide and digging in of sheer future chaos and calamity for earth and go about our daily business? Why does the world watch as these cannibals sell oil and buy weapons? Is someone happy to see the entire Middle East and Africa go up in flames? Is this why this mess is being permitted with only wet towels being tossed on a forest fire?

Millions of humans are already affected and at risk; tens of millions of us are going to be affected; billions of dollars in property and livelihood damage has been lost; irreparable damage to the environment in bombs and the destruction of war is unraveling. In January of this year, ISIS, the Boko Haram Nigerian branch, destroyed several adjoining communities in and around Baga, killing over 2500 defenseless citizens while burning up towns in the single most deadly atrocity in human history, and we as a people hardly responded. It was the moment three or so were killed in the Hebdo attack. We were all Charlie, the provocateur, but none of us is late Sidhra, bombed to smithereens after she was raped by ISIS. None of us is the Kurdish mom who Mr. Abdulla narrated was unbeknownst to her, purposely fed her own son to eat by the barbarians from hell.

Where is the United Nations in all this? The United Nations has recently passed some cheeky resolutions: sanctions against financiers of ISIS; sanctions against ISIS for Genocide of the Yazidis; resolutions for beheadings, this and that, but where is the UN Declaration of WAR?

Where are the Sauds? Where Is Qatar? Where is France? Where are the allied forces that stormed and destroyed our dear Libya, allowing what we have today with ISIS embedded in the resulting post-Gaddafi, NATO-destroyed Libya? We saw these hawks amass around Libya, where they were not supposed to invade and we all watched through the six horrible months as they dropped over 50,000 sorties over Libya, destroying a nation that stabilized not just Africa but the entire Arab world, and now that there is a real and present danger that threatens the entire human race and that calls for a true coalition of good people, where is the coalition?

Are we going to leave it only up to Iran and the brave soldiers and civilian volunteers of Iraq to clear up that mess we allowed fester when we created this ISIS mess by encouraging the anti-al-Assad forces to master terror skills and gave them weapons? Where are now that they have come for them? Who will help us when they come for us?

Where are the Jihadists? Where are the fatwas? Now that there is a true necessity for Jihad, a true need for Muslims and all good people to gather and defend the peace that Islam should represent and the truth of the message the Prophet of Islam propagated. Where are the Muslim sheikhs in Egypt, In Nigeria and across the Muslim world to declare this called-for true Jihad against ISIS, the scum of the earth and stain to the religions of God. Where are the people, fast to declare war when a harmless cartoon is drawn or a beauty pageant is organized, or an accusation is made that the pages of a Holy book has been ripped, but now that millions are being terrorized, raped and killed by mischievous lunatics, Mosques are being bombed and Qurans being burned in dozens by careless gunfire, where are these Mujahids? Where are our donations? Where is the sound of our outcry?

Does the Hadith not say, as I quote from this rare declaration of Jihad against ISIS by the Muslims Against Terror organization, that: “A people will come out at the ‘End of Time,’ Immature, Foolish and Corrupt. They will hold the discourse of the best of creation and recite the Quran, but it will not go past their throats. They will pass through religion, the way an arrow passes through its quarry. If you find them, kill them, for verily whoever kills them will have his reward from Allah in The Day of Judgment?”

Will we wait for ISIS to kill us all or shall we kill them as Allah upon whom be all praise charges?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Nigerians Do Not Want Progress, By Peregrino Brimah

My engineer cousin had called my brother as he had similarly called me sometime after Buhari won the election. He had also told my brother why he was very interested in moving back home.

“We can generate electricity from trash,” my cousin had explained to my brother. “We can design cheap H20 generators…” he had said.

My brother, who like me is highly industrious – we all were the JET (Junior Engineers and Technicians) pioneers and representatives of our secondary schools back in the day – eagerly relayed the conversation to me. “What do you feel?” he asked, enthusiastically. “Don’t you see the prospects with the opportunity a new and fair government avails?”

I pricked his bubble. “Our people will not buy. They will not use.”

I went further to explain:

Nigerians are locked in stagnation laced with unrelenting and unending, baseless hope. It is no accident we have been serially branded the most hopeful, “e go better,” people on the planet. Nigerians will sit in darkness for years, patiently waiting for the power, “light” to come, rather than purchasing a simple rechargeable fan-lamp, talk less an inverter(+/- solar) system.  They will wait for government water, rather than dig a well. Colonized!

I went on to cite several other examples including how my Kanuri friends from Borno, who I now regard as my brothers, resigned to me when I swore at them for being cowards-for not bearing arms and defending themselves against Boko Haram but rather watching as one-by-one their loved ones were killed by the cowards. “Yes we are cowards, worse than chickens,” one had admitted.

It’s the same reason they put thumb down for Jonathan. They know he stole tens of billions of dollars that would have changed their lives forever, but they are stuck in a state of pestilential consumptive obduration. They have gotten so comfortable believing that so it was, so it is and so it shall continue to be, that they are afraid of change, they even resist it. “Ordinary pencil Nigeria cannot make,” is more than a mantra, it is a prescription; a policy.

Do not make it. Do not fix it. Do not change it. This is Nigeria. Simply say, “e go better,” and move on. Who do you think you are? Leave it for the government to do. Don’t challenge it!

My brother felt quite disappointed. With a deep sigh, he retired to bed. It is true.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian


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Cities In Sambisa And Myths Of Booby-traps By Peregrino Brimah

With shallow graves of unveiled bones, rivers of shed blood, wounded homes and don’t-ask-for-my-dad babies of the living martyr mothers of Sambisa, it is a tale that will never be untold. Nigeria’s bloody six years; the never ending cold days and treacherous nights of 2010-2015. The long and short of this tale is that Jonathan and his Army chiefs lied to us. We were duped, fooled, defrauded and betrayed.

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Only The Wicked, Misled And Criminals Voted For Jonathan By Peregrino Brimah

In 2004 when George W. Bush junior, who had called an illegal war against Iraq, propelled by exposed lies, won the US presidential (re)elections; Daily Mirror UK was not abashed to immediately call-out the conscience rejects who voted for Bush’s second term. The magazine came out with the caption, “How Can 59,054,087 People Be So Dumb?

Nigeria’s case was called even before the elections. Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka put it aptly (allegedly), when he said:

“Only four sets of people can vote for the PDP: (1) Those who are intellectually blind, (2) those who are blinded by ethnicity, (3) those who are blinded by corruption and therefore afraid of the unknown, should power change hands, & (4) those who are suffering from a combination of the above terminal sicknesses.”

It was so before the elections set for February 14th 2015. It remained so before the fraudulently postponed elections were later held April 28th 2015 and it remains so, ever more so, after, with the revelations about gross squandering of Nigeria’s common wealth and the preparation for transfer of a nation so indebted it cannot afford to pay its workers salaries.

12.85 million votes were recorded for the wicked. Now, do not get it twisted; we do not believe the PDP/Jonathan scored these 12.85 million votes. More than half were made-up, rigged as we now see with Akwa Ibom and Rivers state where almost a million votes a piece were manufactured in the gubernatorial elections, over the accredited votes as INEC instruments reveal. So we do know that in the alleged PDP states, votes of millions of good people were tossed in the trash as fake ballots numbers were made up; but still the numbers of misled and wicked voters is quite uncomfortable across certain states in Nigeria.

These people (who include the likes of Nuhu Ribadu and his ilk in Adamawa, so do not think it is limited to regions), voted for a murderer of my brothers and sisters. These people voted for a thief who has confessed to be a thief and protector of thieves. There is no question with the election associated successful last minute (6-week war) campaign against Boko Haram, that these (Boko Haram) murderers who freely unleashed a pogrom on the people of Borno and Adamawa were tolerated for 6 years by Jonathan. Those who voted for him voted for the killers of innocent Kanuris and abductors of Chibok’s princesses. What type of wicked or confused people are these who would do such?

What type of people will vote for a ruler and party that have led Nigeria for 16 years (30 if Babangida, PDP patron’s military rule is included) who have led us to a state where we are so broke we have to borrow to pay worker salaries and borrow to keep up with legislooters raking in 30% of our income? Only very wicked, very misled or very criminal people will vote for such a wicked choice.

Now do not get it twisted. You do not have to vote for Buhari. Those who read my writings know that I initially supported the candidacy of the younger Kwankwaso and was a fervent red cap revolutionist, before the wise, elderly Buhari won the primaries, however if you decide not to vote Buhari, that is fair enough, you can abstain from voting then, but to put thumb down for Jonathan; you are evil, misled or criminal and there is no mincing words about that.

This is not a game. It is not some politics game as the colonialist tries to teach you where everyone has a say and choice and no one is evil for exercising his democratic constitutional rights; No! This is registered evil. To put thumb down for a man who today confesses that he is a criminal, blaming his friends and advisers, and expects to be killed for his robbery; to put ink on thumb for a man who we now all see stole the nation’s billions of dollars to pay for his personal presidential campaign; who lied about Boko Haram and allowed the murder, rape and abduction of thousands and displacement of millions. To vote a kakistocrat who with his party supervised terror of Boko, MEND Ombatse (who the Fulani’s had to help us get rid of after Jonathan tolerated them even after they killed police families), who supervised oil theft and pollution destroying the entire Niger Delta irreparably; who pays terrorists to “protect” oil lines…voting for such a man/Party is evil and in excusable. I am reading the lying Aribisala who falsely claims Buhari promised to make Dollar: Naira 1:1, I am reading Chidiebere’s “Cry not for the Igbos (2),” where he shamelessly stands by the evil of voting for a self confessed clueless thief.  The Bible says of them: “Whoso is partner with a thief hateth his own soul: he heareth cursing, and bewrayeth it not.” – Proverbs 19:24.

As I have said in the past, you must apologize to your neighbor and repent to God if you voted for Jonathan and the PDP. It is sickening to live with such people; I wish they could carve out their own planet to live with Jonathan as their king upon.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Thousands of Captives: Boko Haram Proves To Be Worst Tragedy of Our Time [Photos] – Peregrino Brimah

Over six hundred women and children have thus-far been freed as the Nigerian army along with hired foreign mercenary fighters and pilots at last bombard Boko Haram camps in Sambisa forest, Borno state.

The unveiled tragedy cannot be described. With thousands now proven to have been imprisoned in Sambisa and neighboring forests and occupied town camps, one sees a picture of one of the worst holocausts in recent history.

In 2014 after the 234 Chibok school girls were abducted, ENDS released a report on the true situation in Sambisa. Our emergency alert article captioned “National Security Update: Details Of The Sambisa Camps Holding Our 200 Abducted Daughters” –ENDS.ng, brought much attention to the abduction crises and inspired global protests for the Nigerian government to act and bring back the abducted girls.

We had seen these camps. At this time we realized that we were being scammed by our government. Boko Haram was hiding in plain sight. Nigerian and foreign aerial missions that fly over the northeast see these dense, active camps housing men and women with heavy machines, living infrastructure and all types of vehicles, and were keeping mute on it.

As we promoted #BringBackOurGirls, for the 234 abducted Chibok girls, we realized this was merely a good rallying point for the thousands of real numbers of abducted boys and girls.

We described the camps in detail and informed the world on the horrible reality for our northern imprisoned citizens our government was aware of and doing nothing about. Quoting from that article 10 days after the Chibok abduction, dated April 25th 2014 that went viral on sites like LindaIkeji, AbuSidiqu and NewsRescue:

“Boko Haram camps in Sambisa are not hidden. The terrorists camp in clear sight. The camp seen housed thousands of terrorists and their abducted families, up to 3000 people by conservative estimates.

“The terrorists were seen walking freely in the camps, living a very normal life. Women were seen in the camps, these included the hundreds of women who have been abducted over the years.

“The camps were kitted with generators delivering power to their devices. There were fridges, welding machines and all other household and technical equipments. Over 100 trampoline tents were seen, in which the terrorists dwell. It is not yet rainy season in Borno, so not much shelter is yet utilized. We were informed that over 50 vehicles were seen in the Sambisa camp. There were hundreds to thousands of motorcycles”

Today we know the truth. This is one of the greatest calamities of cataclysmic proportions in human history. We are seeing only women and children escaping and no men for one simple reason – the army kills or captures all men escaping the camps as potentially being Boko Haram fighters!

Many of these women and young girls are pregnant and with illegitimate and rape conceived infants. We were informed that Boko Haram has made identifier marks on some of these escapee “wives” at their navel area with hopes of being able to identify them if they survive.

The situation in the northeast is dire. We have had the worst singular event of terrorism in this same region just this January when over 2500 defenseless civilians were massacred in Baga and environs when the Nigerian and neighboring military betrayed an agreement to protect the border.

There are mass graves being discovered around the northeast, some holding hundreds of shallow buried corpses. Burial sites in Sambisa can be imagined.

3 million were displaced, thousands abducted and by estimates, over 100,000 killed through the 6 years of Boko Haram’s pogrom spanning the entire Jonathan regime.

People need accommodation.

People need clothes, food and medicine.

People and communities of people are in desperate need of psychological therapy and individual, spousal and group counseling.

A lot of these women and children need to be relocated far beyond their immediate environment. Many women and children need to be adopted in one form or the other.

And then there is the catastrophe of the missing males: abducted boys being killed by Boko Haram and the Nigerian army as they too try to escape the terrorists.

We call on citizens and groups to unleash their fountains of compassion in the urgent mission to rescue Nigeria’s terrorized northeast. We need your donations, we need your prayers, we need you to volunteers yourselves…to cater and adopt. We need your heart.

Please join us #SaveBorno

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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CBN Engaging in Fraudulent Anti-Citizen Policies In Contravention of 2007 Act – Peregrino Brimah

  • A Kakistocracy is recognized by its imposition of Bank managing directors as CBN governors – Perry Brimah, 2015

Sequel to our recent articles on the violations of the financial freedom and rights to life free from grift and extortion, by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, we herewith provide evidence that the CBN under governorship of Godwin Emefiele of Zenith bank is engaged in a conspiracy with the banks to defraud Nigerian citizens and is purposefully violating the CBN Act and Nigerian constitution.

CBN Lied: 2007 Act Does Not Prescribe Jail For Dollar Transactions

On the 8th of April 2015, the CBN issued a statement warning the general public of a jail consequence for transacting any local business in dollars. See Punch: Use dollars for local transactions, go to jail – CBN


“For the avoidance of doubt, the attention of the general public is hereby drawn to the provision of the CBN Act of 2007, which states inter-alia that ‘the currency notes issued by the bank shall be legal tender in Nigeria…for the payment of any amount.’”

The notice, as relayed by the Punch went on to threaten:

“Furthermore, the Act stipulates that any person(s) who contravenes this provision is guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a prescribed fine or six months imprisonment.”

Herewith we provide the link to the CBN Act of 2007: http://www.cenbank.org/OUT/PUBLICATIONS/BSD/2007/CBNACT.PDF

The public is urgently invited to review this document in entirety to verify the existence of stated penalty for the so-called ‘offense’ as stated by the CBN this April.

Section 21(5) of the 2007 Act manipulated by the CBN for this latest act of deceit and subjugation of the masses states:

“A person who refuses to accept the Naira as a means of payment is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N50,000 or 6 months imprisonment:

“Provided that the Bank shall have powers to prescribe the circumstances and conditions under which other currencies may be used as medium of exchange in Nigeria.”

In an act of fraud, the CBN alleged that the Act defined thus, “the Act stipulates that any person(s) who contravenes this provision.

Whereas the act states: “A person who refuses to accept the Naira;” and DOES NOT threaten or accord punishment for a person who receives or transmits dollars.

While the Act of 2007 is ambiguous in its statements, the CBN was purposefully being mischievous and fraudulent in interpretation of the law with intent to harass and intimidate Nigeria’s masses. “Refusing to accept naira” is what the Act criminalized, not transacting in and transmitting dollars.

While according to the Act, the Bank reserves the right to dictate the conditions where other legal tenders may be enforced for transacting business, such must be formally documented and stated clearly and categorically as new laws and guidelines as these provisions are not contained in the Act of 2007.

CBN Gives Foreigners Preferential Treatment Over Nigerians With Illogical Permission

Assuming a new legislative circular by the CBN, it is unfathomable why the Bank as broadcast in its publicity messages permits foreigners to conduct business within Nigeria in foreign currency while Nigerians are barred.

The CBN press releases and notices sent by banks states:

“This prohibition, however, is without prejudice to foreigners, visitors and tourists who are encouraged to continue to use their cards for payments…”

Is this voluntary colonization? Why are foreigners exempted? Are Nigerians exempted from the provisions foreigners are bound to in their countries?

We ask, if a merchant wishes to sell to a presumed foreigner, how will the foreigner’s status be checked? Will merchants ask for ID? Do merchants have the requisite skill to verify authentic foreign IDs? Are these CBN people literate at all?

How will such merchants prove to the CBN that they received the foreign payments in their accounts from the PoS from a foreigner? Does this mean the merchants must make a sensitive photocopy of the foreigners ID when a sale is made? Or call Godwin’s hotline first?

Most Critical: Inability To Buy Dollars Violates Constitutional Rights

The continued illegal deprivement of citizens’ ability to easily purchase foreign exchange at banks is a violation of Nigerians constitutional rights.

Procuring dollars apart from via the CBN and coterie banks run Black market is literally impossible. Form M can never be filled right if you are not a cabal and do not have the right sort of connection. The impossibility of filling the required forms to purchase dollars along with obtaining all necessary documents from abroad to purchase dollars purposefully destroys the ability of small businesses to procure necessary dollars for imports.

The Central Bank by allowing the Black market in Nigeria is violating Nigerians’ rights and promoting illegal Bank business.

In all countries in the world including neighboring Ghana, you can simply waltz into a Bank or official Bureau d’change and purchase dollars into your domiciliary account. Dollars is not hoarded. In Ghana for instance, while the dollars purchased can only be easily withdrawn after it is converted into the local currency within the Bank, citizens are allowed the right to buy dollars in their accounts without tedious and illegal forms and limitations.

Continued Bank Charges In Cashless Policy Violate Constitutional Rights, Another Fraud

Fines for deposits and withdrawals are a violation of Nigerians’ fundamental human rights. Citizens all over the world are attracted by rewards to save their money in the bank and not fined by the Bank Cabal and their partner CBN governors. Fines to deposit, transfer and withdraw are not only illegal but a violation of fundamental human rights.

These fines are one more in a list of violations the CBN has authorized Bank cabal to perpetrate against Nigerian masses. We have listed many of these levies in earlier writings on ENDS.ng.

Whereas the real reason for the weakening foreign reserves is governing cabal looting, laundering and ruling party political dollar raining, and the CBN-Bank promoted Black market extortion of masses, it is the poor and struggling small business men and women of Nigeria that these Bank manager CBN governors this kakistocratic ruling party always chooses, decide to financially incarcerate.

We would like to ask the CBN: these cashless fines for transactions and all other new levies, whose account does the money go to? Is it collected by the banks to the state purse… or to charity? If it is the banks, is there a reason the banks are being given our money in fines under a so-called cashless cover? Does this have anything to do with the present and immediate former CBN governors as selected by this kakistocratic government, being former Bank MDs?

We urge Nigerian citizens to demand and protect their rights.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Goodbye Akinwumi Adesina, Goodbye GMO, Goodbye NWO By Peregrino Brimah

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