How Buhari Miraculously Improved The Power In Nigeria Overnight – Peregrino Brimah

Many have been puzzled and piqued over this question. How did the new Buhari/Osinbajo government suddenly and rather drastically improve the power situation in Nigeria literally overnight? Apart from Asari-Dokubo and the people of Borno, most Nigerians have celebrated  stretches of uninterrupted power like never before. My niece and nephew were overheard arguing on if it had been a full 24 hours of uninterrupted light. One said it was, the other said it was over 20 hours but not 24. In the past they barely had 20 hours of light per week. It’s been so across Nigeria, an unexplained miracle of the new “change” government.

Some die-hard Jonathanians have claimed the glory, “Jonathan did it,” they say, “after all has Buhari repaired any power plant?” Some have even accused Buhari and Osinbajo of sabotage, claiming they kept the power down for the 16 years of PDP to pave way for their 2015 election victory.

Let There Be Light

I believe I figured out what the miracle was today and realize the answer is simple and rather painful. While chatting with a friend and ENDS General, who rejoiced that he had not turned on his generator for a whole month, it suddenly hit me. I asked how much fuel he bought into his generator per month, “N30,000” he replied. I asked how much fuel he bought into his car monthly, he said, “about N5,000 a week, about N20,000 a month.” It was so clear. I called up several other friends and asked the same question. One said, no, that he doesn’t use more petrol for his home generator than his car, then he said, actually I use the petrol for my office… “yeah, I do spend more fueling a generator than my car.”

You have been kept in darkness for the 16 years of PDP, not so much because of the generator cabal, but because of people more wicked than them. Because of the fuel cabal. It is the fuel cabal that ensured that you never had power, the same cabal and for the same reason that they ensured that your refineries never worked. They are the ones that said, “let there be darkness over Nigeria.”

The Nigerian fuel cabal make their trillions from fuel subsidy payments. The more petrol Nigeria consumes, the more money they make so long as the fuel is imported and not made by our refineries. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, fuel accounts for over 40% of Nigeria’s total foreign exchange expenditure on imports! When Nigeria is in darkness, there is a party in the fuel-cabals’ homes. We saw the generators as noise makers and income for the generator marketers, but we rarely recognized them as a cash cow, magic money for fuel cabal. Nigeria uses possibly double the fuel it uses for transportation, for providing power. Like a magic trick, our eyes were covered from realizing the real hustle of generators – doubling Nigeria’s fuel imports.

And this explains why, the minute Buhari and Osinbajo came into power and they repaired those refineries, banned those 120 ships and called all the fuel cabal to line-up and account for and return the billions in payments they have gotten for supplying fuel they don’t even supply, that same minute the power became steady.

We are talking of $5 billion in imports a year, more than double what it should be, thanks to our generator consumption. There is a long chain that makes money in this scam, from the government to the banks, to importers, to the supply chain and fuel stations. The banks for instance make as much as $100 million annually on premiums on forex sold to marketers to import this fuel.

How did the fuel-cabal keep the power off? The Buhari government must investigate old NEPA, they must investigate PHCN. There are people in those agencies that were on the payroll of the fuel cabal who kept the light switch off. Of course the privatization needs to be reversed as many have said. Imagine, the very same fuel cabal invested in keeping Nigeria in darkness bought PHCN assets and now controlled the switch their very selves! That’s getting the wolves to tend the sheep. The fuel cabal must sit in the dock! I have mentioned before that our refineries were never really that spoiled. Our power was always better than we suffered through. What Nigeria suffered for 16 years was people so wicked they kept us in darkness to fill their pockets. After all how can stuff built in early post colonial “prehistoric” era be impossible for us to build and maintain for 30 years of PDP and PDP’s godfathers? Of course not. We could have solved our refinery problems 10 times over and our power problems 20 times over had the fuel cabal not collaborated with the IBB and his PDP sons’ governments all these years to shut off our refineries and shut down our power supplies so they raked in their billions.

How the lack of steady power hindered Nigeria’s development can never be overstated. I believe these matters must be seriously considered, investigated and there must be justice for any and all culprits.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Hunting Nigeria’s Witches: Why Saraki Should Be Happy, By Peregrino Brimah

When we were in school and we were to be punished, or for those still in school, do we prefer to get beaten first or last? I was one who preferred to be first in line to receive my koboko and get it over with than to be last in the line.

Nigeria’s Senate president Bukola Saraki should be happy that he has been put somewhere in the front of the line to receive his judgement and possible punishment early in the game and get it over with on time. He should be happy at this privilege. By submitting for his case and not continuing to run away, indeed he will prove to Nigerians that he is a true leader in good and bad times. But by running away, demonstrating that he is “above the law” and sponsoring youth to go protest for him, he is committing further crimes and cementing his guilt in more places than one.

Literally every thing can be blamed on politics. Hanging it on politics is not an excuse to run from court. If all Nigerians claimed summons was politics, there will no longer be a need of a court system in Nigeria. Saraki should learn from Tinubu who is remembered with the image above, “sleeping in the dock” while waiting for his case.

We remember that in 2011 the same Code of Conduct Tribunal dismissed the case against Tinubu for “lack of diligent prosecution.” And that was a Tinubu brave enough to face the school master who was actually serving under a PDP federal government: the other Party. Who knows, perhaps Saraki will defeat his case faster than we can say jackrabbit and come out stronger and a respected national symbol.

We trust that so many big witches will be hunted down. Big names will go down. There will at last be tears in the homes of the cabal as there have been in ours, in the homes in Chibok, in Otueke, in Gwoza, in Eyenkorin and all other habitations where the poor abound. Those who have their cases addressed first should count themselves the luckiest.

We Like Witch-Hunting

And to those who call stuff a witch-hunt. Nigerians are rather happy with the witch hunters. We support Buhari and Osinbajo hunting all witches, thieves and other creatures of the darkness that worked with Jonathan through the years as senators, governors, other office holders and private cabal, and participated in and facilitated the corrupt practices that took Nigeria to the brink of economic, social and security catastrophe and collapse. The Chibok girls are begging for this “witch-hunt” from where they suffer or decay today. If you feel the “witch-hunt” that is just beginning is selective, not to worry, three years and change soon come. Contest, win power and witch hunt your own. This way all witches and thieves and other creatures of the night will be finished in Nigeria in a couple of cycles guaranteed.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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By Reviving Lake Chad Buhari Will Create Millions Of Jobs In Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon – Peregrino Brimah

In France, Nigeria’s president Buhari made a most delightful revelation while answering to questions on his plans to tackle terror in Nigeria’s northeast and restore peace and development to West Africa.

Nigeria’s new president, Muhammadu Buhari told the France 24 interviewer that his mission and top priority was to work with partners like France to urgently revive the dwindling lake Chad which has been blamed by experts as a major factor in unemployment and conflict around the lake, precipitating recurrent deadly cross border conflicts and accused in the etiology of Boko Haram terror.

More To Boko Haram

We recognize that in Boko Haram’s northern pogrom agenda over the past five years, determinately displacing all farmers and fishermen in the northeast of Nigeria, with over 2 million so-far displaced, competition for resource especially water has been a major factor that has fueled the terror and ensured the instability of the region. Lake Chad that has reduced in size by over 90% over the years has been central to the existence of millions of livestock rearers, farmers and fishermen around the lake in the four countries. The bloody wars over Lake Chad started before the term Boko Haram was ever coined.

President Buhari explained that as a several year-old abandoned report and University presentation had proposed and several studies have advocated, re-filling the lake via canals will be of immense benefit to the entire region and will create over 4 million Jobs in Nigeria and millions more in neighboring nations.

The Lake Chad replenishment project has been proposed for over a decade as the lake reduced in size by over 93% from 20,000 square kilometers to 1,300 square kilometers today. The dwindling lake is source of water to 70 million West Africans, people in Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria and Niger. The vanishing lake has caused conflict and has been fingered among the reasons for covert sponsorship of Boko Haram by unscrupulous francophone elements.

Water: The World’s Most Precious Resource

Few realize that water is the most valuable and invariably most precious resource in the world today. As astounding as this may read, a barrel of Eva water sells for double the price of a barrel of oil today. While competition over oil in the Chad basin has been pointed to in the Boko Haram crisis, regional competition for water may be a more implicated factor as many have written that the big wars of these times will be over water. The France-led western action against Libya with the expulsion and murder of Gaddafi has been suspected to be related to his aquifer “the Great manmade river” project which NATO reportedly bombed in 2011, which would have released so much water from Libya, the nation was poised for immense wealth as a major water supplier to all Europe.

Recharging Lake Chad

The necessary plans for restoring lake Chad include major water diversion schemes that would involve damming the Ubangi River, tributary of the river Congo, at Palambo in Central African Republic and channeling some of the water to the Lake through a navigable canal.

The project which requires strong African leadership to initiate and navigate the various diplomatic and regional challenges, is guaranteed to not only provide millions of jobs but also improve the living conditions of tens of millions with better access to water and power as a hydro-electric power dam is being conceived along with the recharging of the lake.

Prior Nigerian administrations have been accused of lacking the leadership to urgently proceed with this desperately needed project. Recharging the lake has been continuously abandoned by the often criticized as shallow past administrations over the past 30 years, accused of being enmeshed in corruption and of utilizing the cover of the diversions caused by terror and conflict to loot billions of dollars in State funds.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Governor Obiano Must Explain August 30th Deaths During Onitsha Rally – Peregrino Brimah

On August 30th about 6 protesters died during rallies at Onitsha. About two dozen others were injured. The media carried a tale of a shoot-out between the pro-Biafra demonstrators and arms of the Nigerian security department. However injured protesters claimed there was no shootout and that they were fired upon by the Nigerian Navy while merely carrying flyers. The Navy defended itself that after the protesters overran a police post they (the navy) shot into the air to disperse them but never shot at them.

Today, September 13th, over two weeks later, we do not know what happened and why very likely innocent Nigerians died and how they died. This is not tolerable in this century. We wish to know if they died of gunshots or stampede. We need to know if some of the protesters were arrested with guns or not. We want to know if bullets were found in the bodies of the injured or if they were not shot at. And if they were shot, we want to know whose bullets they are. We want to know if the navy or police were ordered to shoot on them, who gave the order. We want to know if it was a covert conspiracy action by mischievous Biafra agitators and if the government has suspects. Indeed there are a lot of things we the public deserve to know and must know from the unfortunate events of that fateful Sunday.

In the past we have strongly criticized Borno state administrator Kashim Shettima for his complacency and self confessed mismanagement that led to the Boko Haram crisis of today. We have described how he as finance commissioner under accused Modu Sherif, was part of the administrations that benefitted from Boko Haram in its early form, Ecomog political thugs and who watched over Boko Haram as it metamorphosed. We have condemned Shettima for admitting that while he was commissioner he knew his boss as a Boko Haram sponsor and did nothing. We have condemned him for as he admitted, being part of the past and the head of the present administrations that focused on the cities and allowed Boko Haram establish in rural areas. Indeed actions and inactions of governors and federal governments are directly implicated in the origins and establishment of terrorism.

Today Governor Willie Obiano is at the center of developing terror. While Hon Justice (rtd) Eze Ozubu, the real leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra association is not implicated in organizing terror and seeks legal means of achieving his goals, the breakaway media arm faction, Radio Biafra, headed by a young and money, fame and power hungry Nnamdi Kanu is unfortunately not so sensible. Nnamdi Kanu and his Radio Biafra faction has taken to the promotion of terror. These youth have issued death threats and urged the killing of innocent Nigerians. The Radio station director has admitted learning from Mohammed Yusuf’s book and encouraging the doctrine of terror against innocent life and State officers in “retaliation” for deadly provocation. While defending Boko Haram and Mohammed Yusuf’s recourse to violence against the state, Nnamdi Kanu of Radio  Biafra is already dancing in glee over the Onitsha deaths and happily using this to recruit terrorists and encourage attacks on non Igbos and Nigerian soldiers.

Certainly the Radio Biafra faction of pro-Biafra agitators and zionists who are destroying any true causes for addressing the Biafra question, must be shut down by international means and its directors arrested, but in addition to this, a full and credible investigation into the deaths of August 30th I believe is in progress and the public must be informed of the results and the action of the government to provide justice and repudiation to the culprits whoever they are. One Shekau has been enough for Nigeria, we are not ready for this next one on the line.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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The Death Threat To My Life Issued By Radio Biafra – Peregrino Brimah


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Before The First Eastern Bomb: Declare Radio Biafra A Terror Organization By Peregrino Brimah

We have seen this before. This is how Boko Haram started. This is how MEND started. But this may be potentially much worse. We have a terror leader freely utilizing modern media tools comfortably for way too long; sowing seeds of terrorism and death into the hearts of vulnerable Nigerian youth embittered after 30 years of PDP and the party founders’ plundering and destruction of Nigeria.

Listening to the publicly available archives from the past few days of the Radio Biafra show, since the deadly “shootout” at Onitsha on Sunday August 30th, one hears only the drums of war, or rather terror.

A caller calls-in and tells megalomaniacal Nnamdi Kanu, the radio host that he is ready to kill soldiers and their families. Another, Chinwendu calls-in from Abuja and tells the host that what he should do is give the order for Igbos in the Igbo states to start killing Hausa-Fulanis as a covert action; that this will precipitate a revenge in Nigeria (the zoo as they call it on the show) where the caller currently resides. The caller explains that “when they start killing us here it will cause the nation to erupt in chaos and this will make Igbos return to “Biafra-land.””

It is the type of chaos that has happened in Nigeria’s past and that some have suspected was triggered by Biafra zionists for the same reason–to push Igbos out of the rest of the country so they can fight for the secession from home. Even other terror in Nigeria has been suspected to be fueled by such mischievous persons with mission to cause chaos and trigger ethnic pogroms, Igbo exodus and a possible hate built secession.

Chukwuemeka Onyebuchi calls from Malaysia and discusses with host Nnamdi Kanu how they should be killing Nigerians one-for-one. “Blood to blood, fire to fire.” He asks them to start a secret strategic plan off the air waves.

Another Biafra zionist calls the host and tells him that he is technically trained and has been researching how to make deadly weapons for the past 20 years. He, a technician and engineering graduate says he can make microwave lasers that can destroy armored tanks. He says he has a host of other deadly friends who are all ready to wage war against Nigeria.

In the chilling audio recording of September 31st, a certain Uchechukwu Madueke in London’s Heathrow calls-in and tells Nnamdi that his brother who “spoke to Nnamdi yesterday” has left India for Nigeria and has promised to kill a random Hausa man. The caller who hails from Enugu says he knows his brother, Michael, that he will kill the Hausa person before he returns to India.

Listen to chilling clips from the broadcasts:

Nnamdi Kano continues to promote and promise these radio Biafran fanatics that he will meet them in secret as he travels the world and that soon they will “avenge” the deaths of “Biafrans.” Kanu says he will kill Nigerian soldiers for what they have done and “trigger the collapse of the Nigeria, ‘zoo'”. Nnamdi Kanu, the radio host freely travels around the world and incites Igbo youth against the Nigerian state.

Radio Biafra is live on short wave, on the internet and on phone Apps. The march in Onitsha on August 30th that turned deadly had hundreds of “Indigenous People of Biafra,” IPOB, participants. With the unscrupulous covert plans of Biafran zionists, it is highly plausible the protesters intentionally fired shots to trigger the chaos and deaths the group appears to desperately seek under the new government. It can be recalled Radio Biafra was in support of the Jonathan government and the former army chief, General Azubuike Ihejirika who has been accused of diverting army billions (USD) and allowed Boko Haram devastate the north of Nigeria.

It can also be recollected that the Oslo Norway terrorist, Anders Breivik in his manifesto detailed his support for pro-Biafran zionists. This Radio Biafra group may be more complicated and deadly than meets the eye.

In the past we have accused Nigeria’s former Chiefs of Security, NSA Aliyu Gusau and NSA Sambo Dasuki for deliberately ignoring the signs of Boko Haram and MEND and allowing these terror groups to establish and fester. We believe the current NSA is tuned in to the radio station and the nation’s intelligence department is tracking all these potential terrorists.

Radio Biafra must immediately be declared a terror organisation. The radio host must be internationally declared wanted for Interpol to arrest him. The Radio Biafra phenomenon cannot happen in any other country and it should not happen in ours. While the incident of August 30th must be investigated and justice must be served to all erring parties, this unfortunate event is not a reason for a declaration of terror on a sovereign nation, except by a lunatic mind who was hoping for and promoting such tragedy. Indeed Nnamdi Kanu aligned with Shekau in his September 31st broadcast, saying Boko Haram started out peacefully and that it was the Nigerian state that provoked them to arms as they have now provoked Radio Biafra.

The true grievances of Nigeria’s Igbos must be addressed in reasonable fashion including options for regionalism if intellectual referendum proves the true desire, however the unscrupulous young terrorists and terror minded bad eggs must not be condoned. We must not wait once again till the bombs start exploding uncontrollably in the East before we act. We trust President Buhari to handle this, perhaps first greatest test effectively and exigently.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian


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FACT: Buhari Denounced #100DaysPromise As Total Fraud In Chatham Speech Prior To Elections – Peregrino Brimah

It is rather troubling to see that certain elements are still peddling the fallacious 100 day so-called covenant attributed to the person of our distinguished President.

Whereas all evidence overwhelmingly proves that President Muhammadu Buhari never made such puerile, ridiculously ambitious promise to fulfill the impossible-in-years within weeks, certain misinformed and misled media and persons still insist on peddling this latest slanderous allegation against our gentle and reasonable President.

There is no better evidence of Buhari’s position in regards to the so-called document than his extensive denouncement and vilification of said document in all forms as he delivered in unscripted answer to a related question at the Chatham house in February of this year ahead of the Presidential elections.

Buhari called the so-called covenant document a fraud. The President, a candidate then, went ahead to thoroughly debunk and discredit the alleged covenant in the most unambiguous and extensive terms.

Read and watch Buhari call 100 Days Covenant ridiculous and a fraud at Chatham house:

“I respect the question (about high expectation in first 100 days). Quietly I was thinking about this high expectation. Those who are following the train of our campaigns and seeing how people are turning out, some becoming emotional and crying, I am really getting scared. If I get there they will expect miracles within the next few week or months.  That will be very dicey, handling that one. And I think we have to have a deliberate campaign to tamper high expectations with some reasonableness…on the part of those expecting miracles to happen.”

“Just to go first to the ‘first 100 days’, some of it is fraudulent and I don’t want to participate in any fraud in any form. Nigerians know that we are in trouble as a people and as a country.”

“When we get there we will quickly get correct intelligence of what is on the ground and inform Nigerians and just in line with what I have just read. We will make sure that the misappropriation and application of public resources will not be allowed. You would be surprised by how much savings we will realize. That saving will be ploughed back into development and this is what I can promise. But I would remove that ‘100 days’ mischief/mystery that some politicians have created.”


Buhari in his unsurpassed honesty admitted that some politicians were pushing the fraud which he denounced and condemned as a fraud.

It is therefore not surprising that no mainstream media house published this fallacious, juvenile and rather dangerous document before the elections scheduled initially for February 14th. While the said document had been in circulation on social media and informal media since January. This goes to prove that no official media representative of the APC party or Buhari campaign committee distributed the article.

We challenge those claiming the said document was authorized by the APC party or person of the President to substantiate their allegations with evidence of their publication of said critical media document. Why, we ask, did they not publish it? Was this an attempt to diminish the Buhari campaign if they believed the document was authentic? The only logical and plausible reason why no mainstream media published the said document before Buhari’s public rejection of it at the Chatham house was because they did not receive it from Buhari or official APC publicity arms.

Attempting to validate the document, certain media pointed to a Vanguard mischievous publication of said covenant on March 17th, two months after it had beeen in circulation and only after Buhari had clearly and in no ambiguous terms denied the covenant as a fraud at the Chatham house.

We have dealt with just too many of these slanderous and libelous campaigns from Jonathanians. Over the years we have painstakingly cleaned up malicious billions of dollars financed attempts to tarnish President Buhari’s image. A purposeful malicious and demonic mispresentation of his statement that the declaration of a state of emergency by Jonathan and Ihejirika was not intended to defeat Boko Haram but was their ploy to attack and cripple the north (economy wise) was converted in misleading media captions to “Buhari Says, An Attack on Boko Haram is an Attack on The North.” With no evidence of such statement in any of the media stories. We cleaned that up. Buhari also rejected that alleged statement at the Chatham house when asked.

We also cleared up an accusation that Buhari threatened to make Nigeria ungovernable. We proved that PDP stalwart Lawal Kaita was the northerner who made the statement in reference to PDP internal politics. We also informed many who did not know, that due to these malicious libel attacks, Buhari took Jonathan’s spokesman, Reuben Abati and the Guardian paper to court over the “ungovernable” slander statements and won over them. We pointed out that then president Jonathan had to beg Buhari to settle with his men out of court and that Reuben and the Guardian were compelled to publish an unreserved apology to the person of Muhammadu Buhari for these well sponsored and orchestrated malicious slander campaigns that have left much irreparable damage to his reputation.

We strongly implore the media and social active persons to turn off campaign mode. It is time for progress and responsibility. While we acknowledge that the so-called 100 days covenant was evidently spun by members of the APC, there is however no iota of evidence Buhari or the official media arm of the party ever approved the message. We challenge anyone to prove that Buhari approved the message.

We realize that unfortunately some Nigerians were misled into believing it. Some even made elaborate fact-check websites to rate Buhari based on these assumed campaign promises. We understand that rather fortunately, in our view, some Nigerians voted for Buhari based on it. Thank God for that. By any means necessary Nigeria had to be freed from the reign of terror, theft and tyranny.

However with Buhari clearly distancing himself from the fraudulent document as soon as it was circulated, we must refrain from further insulting his intelligence as a well weathered president who knows better than to make juvenile promises. It took ENDS analysts barely a minute to determine the covenant as fake. Immediately we read the childish promises, eg- to provide food for pupils within 100 days; which involves budgeting, getting caterers, food quality establishment and unspecified logistics, we knew it was a hoax. We immediately searched the APC website and saw no evidence of it. We checked SaharaReporters, it was not there. We checked PremiumTimes, Vanguard, Punch, etc and saw it was no where. Immediately we concluded with 100% confidence that is was a sweet and ambitious campaign material made (with chunks of truth) from actual non time limited campaign manifesto promises, by zealous APC young politicians who had never been in positions of authority.

On behalf of Buhari, we apologize for your confusion; Buhari did not author or approve it. The one promise Buhari clearly made was to rescue Nigeria from the plague of misappropriation of funds to the betterment of Nigeria. And on this promise he is delivering beyond measure.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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But The So-called #100DaysPromise Was Not On Any Mainstream Media Channel – Peregrino Brimah

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How Deploying Fani-Kayode As Mouthpiece Was The Masterstroke That Sacked Jonathan By Peregrino Brimah

The race was dicey up till that point. The odds were stacked in Jonathan’s favor as incumbent with keys to the nation’s treasury. While progressives were set on battle and ready for a fight to finish, analysts still suggested that the ruling PDP party would likely win. But this changed on the fateful day that then president Goodluck Jonathan chose the one and only Femi Fani-Kayode, FFK now known as Olu Kayode as his campaign spokesman.

Choosing FFK was the nail that sealed Jonathan’s fate. Who would have thought that Nigeria’s president and ruling party would by themselves hammer the nail that sealed their coffin?

FFK is perhaps the most hated Nigerian. The notorious former Aviation minister is probably the most despised career politician and political employment dependent (PED) Nigerian there is. Of all PEDs in Nigeria, known for their switching party as promise presents, FFK by being one of the most vocal, stands out perhaps the most and is the symbol of the principle-void of the PEDs.

When Jonathan selected PED FFK, Nigerians behind the then opposition, APC party sat back and relaxed a little, recognizing that Jonathan had at last revealed himself beyond doubt to all. Selecting a PED who was known for lashing out the worst against his very party was the most suicidal and/or clueless singular act of the then president. No one had better dissed and dismissed Jonathan than FFK.

Let’s rehash a few of the notable comments from FFK that would rapidly erode whatever hope of a victory Jonathan still had.

FFK is remembered for being a foremost Nigerian who condemned Jonathan of being behind the Boko Haram terror saga. Perhaps one of Jonathan’s most incriminating statements was his defense of Boko Haram as his siblings. On August 13, 2012, FFK posted this on his faceBook wall: ‘”They((Boko Haram) are our siblings and you cannot send the army to wipe out your family”- President Goodluck Jonathan (NEWS).”‘

He followed up the post by quoting Kayode Ogundamisi, ‘”I have no intention of insulting Mr President by concluding that he’s insane. His referring to Boko Haram as “our siblings” leaves me with no choice”- Kayode Ogundamisi.”‘

And then gave a final stroke against Jonathan, “BH have killed over 3000 people in two years and GEJ calls them our siblings? I weep for Nigeria. Don’t even know whether to laugh or cry.”

These were the type of things FFK was known for during his opposition years. He was brutal and lethal against Jonathan and the PDP.

He was on all TV shows describing the PDP party and the then President’s response to terror as treacherous and putrid. Quoting him ss relayed in ThisDay on the 6th of June, 2014,

‘“The PDP will continue to sink because it is a political party that has lost its bearing and its soul and it has mortgaged its conscience. It has also lost the source and strength of its inspiration and moral authority in the distinguished person of President Olusegun Obasanjo, who really was the glue that bound the party together and kept it going against all odds.”

Still in the same essay, Fani-Kayode said the PDP has become a party that is beyond redemption and that “the removal of Tukur cannot change that. I say this because no sensible person will go back to a stinking carcass simply because the head of the dead animal has been cut off and thrown away. A carcass remains a carcass whether you cut off its head, legs or any other part of its body or not. Whichever way, it remains as dead as a dodo and it only awaits a formal burial.

“The truth is that the vultures are already feeding fat on the rotting and decaying cadaver of the PDP and whether anyone likes to hear it or not, the truth is that the party can never be whole again. As I said eight months ago, it is a party that has been rejected by God and whose leaders are suffering God’s judgment for their unjust, gluttonous, wicked, foul and evil ways.”’

This was the best of FFK. This was what made FFK the most despised PED to the PDP party. And it was this very man, and most vociferous critic of the PDP and Jonathan that the very party selected to be its spokesman. Was this move insane or suicidal?

Some of us thought Jonathan was deliberately tossing in the towel. We simply unleashed FK against FFK the minute he began his spokesman role and the rest days were a laugh to victory.

The day PED FFK was selected as PDP campaign spokesman was the day millions of Nigerians who might have voted for the PDP switched party or decided to no longer vote.

It was a move that proved that Jonathan could mortgage anything and could even sponsor terror to win. Selecting a most despised PED was an in your face move. The only people who would still vote such a candidate were Nigerians who did not fear God and had decided to auction their morality.

Who could stand beside and behind an FFK? Who wanted an FFK country? FFK was the epitome of immorality, consciencelessness, disloyalty, money servitude, PEDism and all the rottenness that plagued Nigeria. FFK was known for hard drug dependence, tribalism, rants against Igbos, male chauvinism and women degradation, lewdness, promiscuousness, lickspittling, and all other vices known to man.

In a sense FFK was Jonathan as Jonathan was FFK. This is what Nigerians came to realize. FFK was Jonathan’s alter ego personified. No normal person would deploy an FFK. FFK was speaking Jonathan’s mind and demonstrating Jonathan’s soul beyond the physical realm. Nigerians saw it this way Indeed while the billions-to-spare Jonathan could have chosen and hired a “good” human being and paid him to do the spokesman work, Jonathan rather decided to choose FFK. Perhaps this was the most honest decision Jonathan ever made and the one “reverend” Kukah should tell Nigerians to appreciate him for.

Jonathan had made a statement: “I do not care about my reputation, I do not care about truth, I do not care about corruption, I do not care about you; right now all I want is the most rabid bulldog I can get to bark the most libelous and slanderous messages against the candidate I wish to defeat. I plan to keep you engaged and distracted with this vocal terrorist while I apply financial, Pulpit and other extreme mechanisms to try to buy and canvass the support I need in my catchment areas.”

It didn’t work. Despite aggressively deploying “Open the gates of hell and spill the blood” Pastor Oyedepo, one of the world’s largest pastors to further the Henry Okah publicized Jonathan utility of Boko Haram as a means of tarnishing the north/northern politicians, and the use of CAN president Ayo Oritsejafor while FFK kept keeping Nigerians distracted; and despite the Dangote and other cabal’s donation of billions at the end of 2014, and the opening of the nation’s treasury to fund the most expensive political campaign in world history, Jonathan lost with true numbers so large, if inflation due to rigging was corrected, perhaps Buhari doubled or tripled his total scores. And the one person that made this loss so grave was Femi Fani-Kayode, aka, Femi Olu Kayode.

Nigeria must thank Jonathan and thank FFK.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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The Successes and Excesses In Nigeria’s New War Against Terror By Peregrino Brimah

The order to crush Boko Haram by the end of the year is well intended and most appropriate, however it opens up reasons for concern based on history and as has been elucidated in recent reports.

We cannot lie to ourselves; we know the army. Nothing transformed over night. We love and support our troops, are compassionate about them and appreciate their gallantry and valor, however we realize that for 30 something odd years the Nigerian army has been deprived of proper training, equipment and standardization and this has led to a sub-optimal force.

In the middle of this time of trial for the army, Nigeria is being tested with one of the largest and the most deadly jungle and urban terror insurgencies in recent world history. The same decades starved, deprived, demoralized and undermined soldiers who were guilty of abuses in Jonathan’s era and were encouraged to a lack of professionalism are again largely at the forefront of the war against Boko Haram.

While Nigeria is rapidly transforming from the CHANGE the nation got with the election of Buhari and Osinbajo and their selections of new heads of service; we will be dishonest to say the army has completely transformed over night as we non combat preoccupied civilians ourselves are yet just struggling to learn what competence, integrity and patriotism mean. Some army commanders are expectedly still unprofessional and trigger eager while there are still frank saboteurs in the ranks.

A prominent…most prominent Borno son and elder Statesman and supporter of this revolution for CHANGE, Professor Kalifa Dikwa recently cried out to the army that his blood elder brother, his nephews and other male family members were summarily executed by some “military commanders” last week in his village, Katulbare in Dikwa. Dikwa was just liberated with 5000 captives freed. They were not surprisingly mostly women and children.

Recently, based on the reality of embedded Boko Haram terrorists, Cameroon deported thousands of displaced Nigerians. Our men are being killed by Boko Haram or by our army who are not able to determine if and which among them are terrorists hiding among civilians. This is a serious problem. In eagerness to fulfill the mission to defeat Boko Haram in record time, more such mistakes are predictable. We cannot afford to loose the men and support of locals in our war against terror.

While Nigeria has been criticized and reprimanded for military excesses, today things have changed, and there is a new regime that promises and has demonstrated repudiation for erring officers; however we cannot replace life and must work extra hard to prevent any unnecessary loss of innocent life in the complex theatre of war.

War is difficult, indeed no singular act is more betraying to the wars against terror than the US-Iraq loss of over 2300 US built armored Humvees to ISIS last June, which US republican front-runner, Donald Trump criticized in recent campaigns, an error or crime that belittles Nigeria’s worst atrocities, however there remains no excuse for giving an advantage to terror and annihilating life and support of the locals.

To this end, ENDS repeats its suggestion over the years that the overburdened and worn out Nigerian army must work hand in hand with civilians, the Civilian-JTF, hunters, vigilantes, ex-servicemen and other volunteers to properly achieve the quick defeat of Boko Haram. Indeed a Joda, Ribadu, Orasanye inclusive think-tank constituted by former president Olusegun Obasanjo recently agreed with our recommendations of Nigeria needing to work with these locals against Boko Haram. The problem of identifying Boko Haram terrorists hiding in local populations can best be tackled with locals participating at intelligence levels and the war front.

Our second recommendation which we understand is already in process is for the army to urgently and immediately acquire sophisticated intelligence tools and gadgets. Bomb detectors, gun-powder residue presumptive test kits and other intelligence tools should be made available to officers in the battle front to assist screening of citizens immediately.

Thirdly, we do believe the soldiers engaged in the war in the northeast are being rotated for quick courses in proper military ethics and professionalism. This should be sustained and prioritized.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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We Have Had Enough, No More Chancing! Time To Sign #RecallNASS Petitions Website By Peregrino Brimah

While global oil prices dropped 70%, Nigeria’s lawmakers’ budget stayed between a whopping N120-150 billion! Today Nigerians have to manage 70% less income while the lawmakers held tight to their billions.

Our legislators are well known to be the highest paid in the world, while Nigeria has the most poor per economy per its population: the 110 million destitute as Vice president Osinbajo reminded us last week.

Who sat and watched while billions of dollars was looted in past administrations and did nothing to protect Nigeria from the catastrophe?

Who partied, cruised in their exotic rides and went on six week recesses while the past administrations allowed MEND, Boko Haram, Ombatse and other terror groups evolve and murder and devastate the lives of millions in Nigeria while coveting money for the army?

Who absconded their duties, played and watched our refineries stay dysfunctional while enabling the oil cabal make a killing off of the plundering of our commonwealth?

What group of public servants include indicted thieves, accused Boko Haram sponsors, wanted drug barons, launderers and corrupt ex-governors?

This is the burden Nigeria carries. As Nigeria got Change at the top this May, a heavy serpentile weight remained that promised to do its best to derail the new direction the nation set out on.

There is no question, Nigeria’s National Assembly by virtue of its greed and the less than 100 bills it passes in four years, is a burden to Nigeria and is dysfunctional beyond repair.

God said we should not partner with such; we must not protect the rich over the poor; this brings Wrath and destruction to our land. If we have the capacity to remove them then this is our duty. They say, white man who made pencil, made eraser. The Power of Recall is the eraser.

There is no room for the current selection of lawmakers who keep fighting to deny transparency of the assembly’s budget and to maintain as much as a billion dollars, N120-150 billion naira as its budget; mostly recurrent expenditure! A budget 10 times over what is reasonable. And money that is used to either oppress or turn their constituents into beggars and slaves.

Senegal decided appropriately to scrap its Senate in the interest of its people. To do so in Nigeria will require first the recall of current lawmakers who will never otherwise give up their jobs in the best interest of Nigeria.

Nigeria is running fine without Ministers, it will run better after we recall this crop of “legislators” while we reconstitute our assembly.

All Nigerians are invited to to sign their votes of “No Confidence” in their legislators as the constitution grants. All the current crop are co-conspirators, partakers in amassing an income that can only be considered legal looting.

The entire building must be emptied, both upper and lower chambers. Let Nigerians not have any partiality or be selective because the Senators and Representatives have long given up their homes, families and constituencies and are only family and brothers to one another of a new “Abuja constituency/brotherhood/cult.” At this time in our history, we suffering masses need be only brothers to ourselves and stop being fooled and used by those who do anything other than represent our interests.

After we recall all our legislators, Nigeria will begin a correct process of only considering intending candidates who pledge to contest to be lawmakers for the prestige of the job and for a minimum wage. Only such genuine Nigerians will be given our votes as we refill our house. In our haste to boot out Jonathan, corruption’s head, we definitely erred and overlooked standards the past General elections. It is time to fix this.

We can also begin a process of change to a unicameral, one house system, the more popular system worldwide, scrapping the Senate after we have recalled our legislators.

We have taken our time to develop a conducive online platform to enable the organized collection of signatures to Recall assemblymen across the country, north to south, east to west.

When we marched and Babangida banned us from marching and we sat at home in protest; we showed our united resolve and successfully sacked the Babangida government that 1993 in the first Spring.

Again we prayed and God answered our prayers and seized the life of a corrupt tyrant who was poisoning us with fake fuel imports. Again we were victorious.

Most recently, in spite of people saying we could never defeat an incumbent, we rallied together and fought off their billions of looted dollars to defeat Jonathan and his fund raising cabal.

And as the world laughs at us with this hopeless National Assembly of clearly corrupt men and women, we must prove to the world that we are not weak, cowards, fools or mugus. We will Recall them; this is our obligation to our generations to come. Do not be fooled when they offer a reduction; they’ll offer no more than 10% of their salaries and not the entire jumbo budget, you can bet. They’ll “give a dog a bone” as always. Where we are going is a 90% slash of that jumbo budget through new legislators. Recall and reset.

We call on you to sign on and spread the word. We are tired of corruption and the corrupt and must get rid of the last vestiges of the corruption that has murdered us and held us back for far too many years. Few people cannot be parting with big money while the rest of us are hungry.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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Buhari: Nigeria Got Its Rawlings Revolution By Peregrino Brimah

For decades Nigeria has been begging for a Rawlings-type revolution. At last with the swearing in of the Buhari-Osinbajo government on May 29th this year, Nigeria is abuzz, in fervor as the government postures itself in the eagerly and desperately craved-for Rawlings anti-corruption pose.

The 31st December 1981 Rawlings Revolution

Ghana, like Nigeria was decaying in the annals of corruption as a failed post colonial state. Western multiparty democracy had not helped the rotting nation and it desperately begged for change. Consequent to the the colonial occupation of Africa, the slave trade and a deliberate divide and conquer corrupting colonial technique, corrupted generations prevailed.

As military or democratic leaders, the challenged and already compromised actors the western colonialists handed power to, could not lead the failing states. The African states were set to fail having been created by sudden and immediately pre-liberation, irrational rearrangements of territories (usually of ethnic groups not yet naturally ready to coexist). These rearrangements, combined with unfair power and resource sharing formulas developed by the colonialists before granting independence was a recipe for failure. Ghana was one such state.

It is generally agreed that Jerry Rawlings’ military take over and his ruthless reform revolution rescued Ghana from this abyss. The revolution, characterized by the unsympathetic prosecution of all Ghanaians who could not account for their source of wealth, drastically turned around the fortunes of Ghana. Rawlings’ corruption revolution was so ruthless that piles of money were seen around Ghana, as people dumped their stashes in fear of being prosecuted if unable to account for their monetary possessions. Even market women were seen dumping cash. You knew that once you hesitated explaining where you got your money from, you might soon be looking into the barrel of a gun.

The effect of the Rawlings’ purification process is finally fading over three decades. A death of an elected president and the assumption of power by his vice, not particularly the choice of Ghana has been the final straw which seems to have reversed the gains of the revolution and is destroying the success of Ghana. The governor’s brother, widely accused of corruption is routinely seen holding traffic as he drives down the streets of Ghana with an array of exotic cars.

Nigeria’s History Of Corruption And New Found Change

For the most of thirty years, Nigeria has been bogged down in unquantifiable and unsurpassed corruption. Over $500 billion dollars has been looted over this period. Billions have been carted out of the nation and lost for ever and more billions have been systematically transferred to Nigeria’s Forbes listed super-rich cabal. These internally kept looted billions have been invested in industry, yielding dividend for the cabal and former leaders. Other billions have been used to buy up all available prime land and build property, leading to an increasingly deadly competition for dwindling land and resource.

In the middle of this hopelessness, Nigeria’s Sankara, Rawlings, Nkrumah; a man called Muhammadu Buhari who ruled Nigeria from 1983-1985 as one of a few regimes known for integrity, returned to power in a rare and rather miraculous triumph of democracy.

The Buhari-Osinbajo government hit the ground running, almost fanatical to deal a deadly blow to the corruption monster. Nigeria that had never had more than a combined total of five years of responsible leadership (brief, truncated tenures of Murtala, Buhari [first episode] and Yar’Adua), now like Ghana, had been an unfortunate victim of a lucky vice president who became president due to death of the premier. Like Ghana, the vice who became president was not the choice of the people and not necessarily skilled for the job. His almost six-year reign brought an already horrible and intractable corruption crisis to its lowest. It was at this low point that Buhari/Osinbajo brought hope and promised a radical war against corruption.

The corruption had been so bad, almost no official in previous administrations can claim they were not involved. A fundamental problem the Buhari-Osinbajo government has identified and delayed appointments to first address is that former officials did not even know what corruption was. Administrators embezzled, inflated contracts, cut up stupendous wages, regularly utilizing their family members to help covet; overpaid their selected over plentiful staff, laundered and indulged in all other forms of mismanagement including being directly involved in bunkering oil, with these habits considered lawful and protected by the state security services. Investigations and indictments never merited retribution with indicted officials today still occupying positions as governors and from the top to the bottom of the national assembly.

Today Nigeria is on its toes, the Rawlings revolution is here at last! Buhari is dealing decisively, promising to fight the entrenched corruption to its death at last and a victory for Nigeria. He has promised not to be distracted by the deadly, ruthless agents of corruption fighting back. The word in town is “probe.” Corruption is now an offense once again. Slogans like “No Probe No Hope” and “Kill corruption before it kills us” are commonplace. Old regime officials are trembling, recent reports have it that as the ICPC corruption agency pursues government officials who coveted government properties, the officials are returning some and hastily listing others on the market. Money is being thrown out, buried, kept in tanks and farms and all sorts of other queer places.

As Nigerians hold tight to prayers for God to protect their new leaders and give them victory in their war, they are also showing their solidarity with protests, marching against corruption.

After hardship comes ease the Good books say; every murderous tyranny finally falls, Gandhi says; Rawlings’ revolution is here at last, there is no going back.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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