Everything Is Not Ok By Peregrino Brimah

It’s really not OK at all. While the rest of us are free, living our daily lives, discussing the times, the economy, corruption, Trump and Sanders and other unnecessary things, 200 Nigerians have been languishing in jail in Kaduna for the past 62 days. You may think you are free, but we are only as free as the weakest of us. We are only as safe as the meekest of us. We are only as happy as the frailest of us. Those in jail illegally are our weakest link.

You may hate Shia Muslims. But there is no reason why a Nigerian youth like me and you who has a family, has plans, goals and ideals, school to go to and mouths to feed, should be locked up and denied his constitutional rights of council, bail and family visitation and freedom. Is this how we wish to make converts of them assuming we dislike them due to their “weird” faith? Is this how our own God taught us to behave?

In the court appearance yesterday the army initiated what has been called dangerous trumped-up charges on them. The army said they had deadly weapons. When asked to produce this, the army allegedly said the weapons are in Lagos. Everything is not ok. The army is ready to destroy these Nigerians forever to save its face. If it was a confrontation then why is the army not in jail too pending resolution? Is one citizen more special than another?

Everything is not OK. Buratai and Buhari are dancing. This does not bother them. The majority Sunnite sect north dislikes these large minority. Buhari is traveling around, not even thinking of these people. He is getting his health check-up. He is thinking about headache, indigestion; little things. Do you know what it is like to be locked up in jail for a day, a week, two months? We know the rights of citizens. Everyone is eligible for bail in 2 days. Then you prepare for your case in court. Innocent till proven guilty. Where is our humanity? What if we were walking on Sokoto road and got caught in the web by accident; we ran into Husainiyyah complex to seek refuge when we heard the initial gunshots from the army killing the stick and stone wielding protesters. Is this how we will like to be forgotten, unable to return to school, to our families and friends, to our lives of something and times of freedom for nothing as we choose?

Everything is not OK, Nigeria. I do  not know what to do. I am thinking of protesting as a one man protest, I want to shout, I want to write to the ICC, Obama, UN, I do not know what to do. I know I have to do something because it may be me tomorrow and even if not, I feel like I am the one in there and everything is not OK at all. People in there voted for Buhari. People in there have not even cried with their families over lost ones; some left little children alone in the outside world. i do not give a damn about Saudi. I don’t give a rat behind about Iran. This is about Nigerians. this is about our people. This is about human beings who deserve justice. Who simply deserve their rights under the stipulations of the law. They have been held illegally for two months. In any other country they will be compensated and people will go down for this. This is not change. This is evil. It is this neglect and evil we did in the past that made God curse us with Boko Haram. Are we not tired of God’s wrath? Do you think God likes this? Do you “fanatic” see this as us giving them punishment on God’s behalf? So we are now God? Did God not say that He could have made us all one faith and that He will decide between us on our faiths and who is right and who is wrong?

I have seen mass graves. People cannot even find and bury their dead. Is this who we are? Nigeria, think oh and decide what you can do because everything is not OK and God will ask us.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian

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Who Is To Blame? By Peregrino Brimah

First we obviously blamed the Jonathan government for everything,

Next when 105 soldiers died/got missing, we accused the media of a false report,

When the army massacred 1000 unarmed civilian youth, we blamed the youth for tapping the chest of a soldier,

But in contrast, when Niger Delta militants are violent and spill oil, we blame the oil the militants spill,

And similarly, when the so-called Fulani militants successfully, under “democracy defender” Buratai continued their incendiary massacres, we blamed grazing routes,

When the budget was amended and replaced we blamed the Senate,

For Girei, Chibok and Dalori Boko Haram massacres, we blamed Boko Haram as trying to embarrass our government,

When Dalori massacre happened and we were asked why we were indifferent, we went there and blamed the citizens of “not being vigilant,”

While in the past we had said to blame the leadership, not soldiers for Boko Haram, now we court-martialed soldiers who we now blame,

When unscrupulous, inflated and fraudulent figures were found in the budget we blamed senior civil servants, aka “budget mafia,”

The Ministry of health blamed rats in its office,

When Aso clinic was found to swallow more than all Teaching hospitals, we accused the media again,

Because Nigeria staggers under a reputation of corruption (political, including current ruling politicians), we blame the citizens as criminals, drug and human being traffickers,

When Nigerians discovered then governor of Lagos, Tunde Fashola, built $400 boreholes at $450,000 each, he blamed it on Lagos’ procurement office. Now he has again budgeted $700,000 for single boreholes, who will we blame?

We did not vote this government because we thought they were perfect, far from that. We voted them because we thought they will respect us, listen to us, be honest with us, not loot us silly and work in our best interest and not in the best interest of themselves and their reputations always.

Fellow Nigerian, mark my word, if they haven’t already, they will soon blame you!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian

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Buhari Is Fighting The Wrong War Against Boko Haram By Peregrino Brimah

Nigeria’s 8-month President Muhammadu Buhari has gotten himself into the wrong war against Boko Haram with deadly consequences for the people. And you don’t have to take my word, take it from his own admission: President Buhari said, via his media spokesperson Garba Shehu, in response to recent deadly attacks on Chibok and Dalori, that the terrorists were “so desperate to embarrass the government and the people that they have no qualms attacking isolated communities and markets.”

“Fall-Back Position” And Dalori

As Buhari told his peers in the U.A.E that he had driven Boko Haram into a “fall-back position,” the terrorists responded by striking Dalori and neighboring communities at the door-step of the North-eastern State capital, killing as many as 300 according to local tolls, in one of the most vicious attacks in recent times and the worst of 2016. People were locked in their homes and entire families screamed as they were burned to death by tossed fire bombs. Boko Haram had responded with wanton killings to embarrass Buhari.

The Christmas Deadline And Maiduguri Massacre

It was a pattern that had repeated itself enough times for the Presidency to notice. Last year December as the Presidency, pressed to prove that they had achieved a self designated deadline to defeat Boko Haram, announced the “technical defeat” of the terrorists, the unscrupulous and unrelenting militant army struck the heart of Borno itself. In a daring attack, they crossed the rampart and penetrated Maiduguri, the “safe” capital city of Borno. It was the first time in months or even years that the terrorists had successfully attacked the capital. As is their vile pattern, they locked people in their homes and burned them alive, running along and mingling with crowds in Jidari Polo before they retreated of their own will. Dozens were killed in a shocking successful attack on the safest city and center of governance of the State. This was so embarrassing to the Buhari government that they denied the attack on the capital in entirety to the displeasure of the citizens and victims. The residents of Maiduguri would later protest that the point of entrance of the terrorists was still left unsecured.

All Because Of One Deadly Mistake

This unusual and quite deadly publicity war between Boko Haram and Buhari started, not because of Jonathan, the former President; he cannot be blamed for this. It also did not start by Boko Haram’s choice. This was an error from Buhari’s side. Perhaps his National Security Adviser or perhaps his Army Chiefs or the entire team. It all started when a new government that had every reason not to, decided to select a random date and make an over ambitious promise to defeat the insurgent capacity of Boko Haram by it. On some very foolhardy advice, Buhari promised to defeat Boko Haram’s territorial holding and insurgent capacity by December of 2015. This promise was immaturely made, careless and overambitious, lacking in proper and credible estimation of the depth, intricacies and complexities of the Boko Haram terror network. Of course, we are not privy to whatever hidden information they had in believing they could set such date or secret planned method, but the result of this blunder judges.

Building On A Mistake

It’s the, “better quit at one mistake” tale. There was no error in President Buhari tasking his military to achieve success by December or even earlier; but it is the duty of a professional and responsible thinking military to inform him as they go forward that the deadline is not practical; and it would have been safer for Nigerians and more dignifying assuming they had they done so, for him (President Buhari) to have simply told the country that they tried their best but could not meet the hoped-for deadline. This would have stopped the next series of deadly and destructive blunders and massacres that continued to build on that one single mistake.

First about 105 soldiers went “missing” or were killed as the army had been touting its successes and the military tried its best to deny the happening, denying the dead soldiers their dignified burial and national prayers. The army had to prove that it had miraculously turned itself around from an accused, dysfunctional army through the Jonathan years into a hyper-efficient and perfectly capacitated killing force. CoAS Buratai would want us to believe that push-ups and breaking-bread had miraculously made the needed difference.

Next the military hurriedly burned down swathes of Sambisa forest ahead of the December deadline in desperate bid to meet the “mistakenly” chosen deadline. This was a dumbfounding purposeful ecological disaster ordered by Nigeria’s reckless military, and another horrible compounding of blunder #1.

And the errors and desperation to cover-up kept piling on each-other. The Army Chief kept trying to artificially “procure” the victory for Buhari as the military kept denying Boko Haram attacks and cutting down the numbers of poor dead victims, just to prove that they had succeeded. And as Buhari kept waging this war against himself, Boko Haram kept responding to the Buhari-Military self imposed challenge, making sure to “embarrass” them at every turn. As we have mentioned before, Boko Haram has sinister and well placed sponsors within Nigeria and far away abroad that Buhari has not yet apprehended. These people watch the news and when they see Buhari declare a victory, they tell Boko Haram to make it’s rebuttal. Victims: innocent Nigerians. It has been poor and desolate Nigerians that have continued to die in the cross-fire of the battle of the egos of Buhari, Buratai and Boko Haram.

300 terrorists attacked six villages in Adamawa in the typical Boko Haram pre-dawn raid, burning everything in sight and retreating into Boko Haram’s very own Sambisa home and the military seriously edited the story.

Every day they announced that they had finally cleared all Nigerian territory of Boko Haram, the next day, if it wasn’t Boko Haram that busted their claim with a new attack, they (the military) themselves announced they had just liberated 1000 Nigerians… from where? Well not in caves or from outer-space, so obviously these poor betrayed victims of such a large number had been living captive in Boko Haram territories the military had just inconsiderately and harmfully claimed did not exist. This cycle and war with the wrong enemy has continued till this week.

Missing Memo: Political Campaign Season is Over

It is impossible to tell who is to blame for this continued deadly embarrassment and wound that refuses to heal. There is nothing the Buhari administration has to prove. This government has all the goodwill from desperate and bleeding Nigerians that any needs. No one blames it for the stage Boko Haram is at today. The people understand that this was inherited. There is no way a terror army that had numbers in the range of over 20,000 would just disappear in a day. We remember when former President Jonathan was drilled by the BBC when he claimed he had defeated the terrorists and he tried to respond that the thousands of them had “slipped back into society and others had gone back to Niger, CAR and other places from whence they were hired.” It did not sell then and not now either. Nigerians are tired of Jonathan’s Gwoza human-legged-signboard lies and pages from the same book. It is actually extremely dangerous to continue to try and disappear the menace if it still exists. Nigerian army announcing false successes allows the people to drop their guards and is causing more harm and death to the people. Just call it a mistake and let us move on.

The War Is About Nigeria Not Buhari

The war against Boko Haram is not about Buhari’s government but about Nigerian lives. Yesterday a prominent Borno elder, Professor Khalifa Dikwa complained about the lack of government attention to the Dalori crises and its aftermath. Similar complaints have been made about Chibok, Adamawa’s Girei and other affected localities. The people need the truth; they trust that the Buhari government has their best interests at heart, and whether it will take long or short, they will wait the haul for this scourge to end and end finally. The people, Civilian-JTF, hunters and other patriots are waiting with their offer to join and assist the battle-weary, PTSD’d army conquer back Nigeria. The army promised to integrate them but as happened through the Jonathan era, the promise appears to hold no water.

Buhari should not allow his over flowing support and goodwill to gradually erode with many of us who supported him through thick and thin and particularly in the most affected areas where the victims read the distorted stories in the media and feel the neglect, the pinch and notice the government avoiding them to maintain its mistake narrative. And he should please take off the kid gloves, soft approach and Zaria the Takfiri terrorists.


Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian

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Politics: The Hundreds of ‘Fulani’ Militant-Terrorist Herdsmen Are BACK! By Peregrino brimah

  • fulani herdsmen are boko haram
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Senator Yerima Must Be Tried In Sharia Court, By Peregrino Brimah

I believe Senator Yerima has himself requested for his case to be tried at a competent Sharia court. Being a man of conscience, I am sure the Senator begs for the justice of the best judicial system that he believes in and that he helped give the people. Even if and after the ICPC delivers its justice on the very spiritual Senator, we as a nation must agree that he must be then transferred to the Sharia court for their capital punishment for his crimes if found guilty.

Senator Yerima is being investigated for alleged theft of the money of Zamfara State and therefore is subject to the legal processes of the State.

The Prophet of Islam is quoted to have said: “The previous nations were destroyed, because they let off persons of high rank and punished the poor and the helpless”.

Quran 4:135 “O you who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even though it be against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, be he rich or poor, Allah is a Better Protector to both (than you). So follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest you may avoid justice, and if you distort your witness or refuse to give it, verily, Allah is Ever Well-Acquainted with what you do.

We are tired of having Nigeria destroyed due to the injustice of those in power. In China they have their brand of Sharia law and they apply it for the poor as they do for the rich. Today, China is perhaps the strongest and wealthiest nation on the planet.

Nigerians will all like all those convicted of stealing to be dealt with by Sharia capital punishment courts after whatever of the loot that can be recovered has been. We want to see their heads cut off or hands cut off as permanent symbol and remedy for their deadly criminality.

Senator Ahmad Yerima obviously should be dignified with the justice of God.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian; also on http://Naija.Live online radio

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I Miss Shekau, By Peregrino Brimah

Shekau told us everything that was wrong with Nigeria. Shekau made us understand the level and implications of looting in Nigeria as well as the level of institutionalized disenfranchisement of the masses. He exposed how evil we are and can be and as well triggered good advocacy and most human, altruistic behavior in some of us. He exposed the hypocrisy and cowardice of our Elite and Religious leaders. Shekau made us know how many who claimed to be crusaders, ready to die in Jihad over ripping of pages of books were mere cowards who cowered away and tucked their heads under their mothers’ laps when the true call to rescue our weakest was made.

Shekau made us understand how much of a crime authority stealing was. President Buhari just referred to him when defending his extra-judicial imprisonment of Dasuki. He said, “look at the 2 million displaced people and I should let Dasuki who looted the billions go to London?” This was academic course Shekau 101: the implications of government looting.

Shekau did not lie as all our administrations do, Shekau always told us the truth. Shekau exposed our rot which he took advantage of. In fact during Shekau’s time, Shekau was the only institution that worked in Nigeria when all others were thoroughly dysfunctional. Shekau operated his Boko Haram with efficiency, discipline and professionalism, something we lack in all ours till date. None of his members ever divulged company secrets. On the information sector, Shekau’s press releases were always relevant and timely, even at times when he was dead. When Jonathan could not procure arms, Shekau did right from the jungles of Sambisa and when the Nigerian army could not fight, he could. Remember how 300 of his men used to defeat 3000 of Alex Badeh’s without even shooting a bullet?

Shekau taught Nigerians a lot of sense. He showed us how foolish we are. He ridiculed the north and drilled them on their extremism. Notice, since Shekau came to town you no longer have those insane northern youth running around at the beck and call of the Takfiri fanatic elite, burning Churches and Igbo businesses for beauty pageants “in Indonesia?” Shekau took them to school and gave them a mirror to see their dark souls. Shekau taught Nigerians to live in peace and harmony, well to a degree he did, though it has already worn off in the north and east and within sectors of the demolishing government. He brought us together to vote for change which would have been otherwise largely impossible.

I miss the days and ways he boldly called our bluffs and dismantled our government lies. Today we and our media are not bold enough to stand to authorities and tell them when they lie and declare stuff as technically corrected when it is not, that they are lying. We are not true to ourselves and our existence as Shekau was. Shekau let us and the world know how useless we are/were. He made things vividly clear.

We could never be united as a nation in truth, goodness and justice, but at least, thanks to Shekau, we eventually even if reluctantly got largely united in anger at evil. Like Paul of the Bible, Shekau will be remembered for the mantra “Let us do evil, that good may come.

Without Shekau we return to our lies, our intolerance, sectarianism and self hate.

Today under a pretense of good, may insufferable evil not come.

You can call me a lunatic, but truth be told, I miss Shekau the mirror to our dark souls as I wrote of him sometime back.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian; also on http://Naija.Live online radio.

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Boko Haram: Time For Nigeria To Invest In Explosives Detection By Peregrino Brimah

It is urgently required for Nigeria to invest in explosives-detection technology for Maiduguri and neighboring cities. We can’t keep just talking and praying. We need bomb sniffing dogs, bees, mice and other biological organisms deployed across Maiduguri. We need explosives trace compounds testing kits to be used by Civilian-JTF and military for operations. Once precursors for home-made explosives are detected on random suspects’ hands, they can be interrogated and lead to their bomb-manufacturing bases ahead of the next deadly carnage.

While some of these things are expensive, we know many of the tools are quite cheap enough. Further, it is time for draconian measures against the National Assembly and reckless government officials who covet billions in borehole projects and buying newest model replacement cars for fleets only a year old, as the Senate leadership just did; and take this money to save lives in the northeast. Scrap that Senate as Senegal did for God sake and save Nigerian lives. Kit the army; kit the intelligence units, kit the Civilian-JTF. And as promised, keep the Army heads in Borno. There was a technical reason for that promise, your Excellency, if I must remind you. The family of 20 that were killed is never coming back. Their history has been wiped out. Where is our conscience as a nation that we play games and play politics and stoke-up and invite unnecessary sectarian strife at the beckon of mischievous foreign parties, than protect our citizens’ lives?

If indeed the war has been revised back from an insurgency to urban terror, then Nigeria should move ahead of the revision and not waste time talking. How many more lives need to be lost for us to catch up to and move ahead of Boko Haram? Enough talk. It is not by defining or redefining the technical details of the technical defeat of Boko Haram, nor by chatting with the media and defining what the media does or does not do that will save the invaluable lives of our dear loved ones. The media did its job perfectly fine during the Jonathan era in effort to save Nigeria’s north and the nation at large from total collapse under Boko Haram terror; and this job is what brought in this new government; we must never forget.

The media must advise and warn the people properly. Indeed I had to play my part as an advocate to warn the people inmy article, to stay alert and not be distracted by the political advertisement of victory of the government which borrowed from the notes of the Jonathan government. The risks of such careless advise are too grave to be continuously toyed with. Perhaps the people of Borno misunderstood the meaning of “technically,” and relaxed their security consciousness. Nigeria is not interested in publicity stunts. They got Jonathan nowhere. We want action, clue-full action. Over 100 lives have been lost in Borno and Adamawa states of Nigeria since Christmas. People like me and you; entire families have been wiped out. We must act.

As mentioned in my earlier article; we must know those behind and sponsoring Boko Haram and cut the links and execute the sponsors to end this saga and prevent the like. Killing and pleading for Boko Haram foot soldiers to surrender does not kill it. Who is doing this to us and why? Who pays the bills? Many of our Elite and politicians know. Arrest them! The Military, NSA and other security agencies should get out of Zaria sectarian and political issues and focus on Borno in terms of technology, manpower and proper intelligence. We need Boko Haram sponsors arrested and we need this now. We are not kids to think this thing lacks a head, nor are we conscience-less to think the heads can be pardoned.

Nigeria needs proper intelligence; proper tools and a professional military and intelligence command.

Dr Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Boko Haram Cannot Be Defeated Unless Its Sponsors Are Arrested By Peregrino Brimah

While we receive the announcement of the technical defeat of Boko Haram by the Nigerian government on Christmas eve, we are obligated to advice Nigerian citizens to not release their breath yet and risk their lives in the known Boko Haram territories. Keep your guards up and be fully security conscious as the end is near and approachable but not quite here.

ENDS as always highly appreciates the work of the altruistic and truly patriotic Civilian-JTF who have always remained there as the last line of defense and most reliable and consistent hope to the plagued communities against Boko Haram. Your vigilance in intercepting those food-flask bombs cannot be over commended. And the sacrifice you make and those who have passed made will never be forgotten.

While Boko Haram is “technically” defeated, the danger is still here and present and still well active. Unless the public was not notified, not a single sponsor of Boko Haram has yet been arrested by the Nigerian security services and army. This is the root of the deadly tree and until the root is killed, the tree will not be dead.

We will like to remind the Nigerian security services that the governor of Borno state and head of the northern governor’s forum, Kashim Shettima knows the sponsors of Boko Haram. Kashim Shettima has said on several occasions that he is keeping mute to protect them.

We will like to urge the Nigerian army to make Kashim Shettima and others who know the sponsors, talk. Dasuki has hinted that he knows the sponsors as has former President Goodluck Jonathan. By now we do believe they have handed over this information to the security services and we also expected top-level arrests before the December deadline.

It is time to put a lasting and permanent end to this menace that has affected all of us including our army and turned some of us into beasts and walking dead. The stress has taken a permanent toll on our army. As is done world over, they need counselors and medical therapy. They should not keep laying their lives down for us and testing their physical and mental capacities while some people paid for this carnage and still live large and party happy.

As important as the war against corruption is and prosecuting the chief looters; so also is the war against Boko Haram and its main financiers and political sponsors, Nigerian and foreign. Nigeria must urgently get to the bottom of it via identifying and executing its backers, not only to truly end the reign of terror and prevent its reoccurrence but also to identify the reasons towards preventing similar situations in the future. The sponsors of Boko Haram must no longer be covered and all those implicated in concealing their identity must be punished equally to the full extent of the law.

The military chiefs also implicated in supporting Boko Haram and its pogrom agenda directly and indirectly along with former NSA Dasuki must also be brought to book. We should have pity on the 100,000 dead victims and 3 million displaced, suffering in Borno’s winter right now. These men must not continue to walk free after all they caused and the money for terror they looted. The Chibok girls and their families deserve justice; without which there can never be peace.

It is another Christmas without our girls. Only God know whether they will ever come back. But they are in the best hands: His. May He have mercy on them.

We thank the sacrifice of the soldiers in the battle front. May the Good Lord bless you and reward you in the ways man cannot. Zaman Lafiya, Lafiya Dole!

Dear compassionate Nigerians, please donate winter clothes to our #IDPClothesDrive for the families in Borno IDP camps.

God bless Nigeria.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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#IAmZakzaky: Will You Kill Me Or Will You Fight For Me? By Peregrino Brimah

I am Zakzaky. I am different.

I am not Sunni. I am not Shia. I am not Christian.

So will you kill me or will you fight for me?

I am Zakzaky. I am different.

I am not Hausa. I am not Yoruba. I am not Igbo. I am not Fulani.

Will you kill me or will you fight for me?

I am Zakzaky. I am different.

All my life I have always been discriminated against and persecuted by the army and authorities.

Will you kill me or will you fight for me?

I am Zakzaky. I am different.

Sometimes I protest.

Sometimes I carry sticks and stones after you killed my family and did not even say sorry the previous year.

So will you kill me or will you fight for me?

I am Zakzaky.

I protest and tell you I won’t allow you advance your siege on my house and kill my family again and demolish my freedoms again, once again; you might as well just kill me here as I defend my family.

I am Zakzaky.

Will you kill me or will you fight for me?

I am Zakzaky.

You come and embrace me and pray with me when you need votes and kill me and dig out my grave as soon as you win.

I am Zakzaky.

Will you kill me or will you fight for me?

I am Zakzaky. I am different.

Though in many lands, you are a minority, I am a minority in this land.

Will you kill me or will you fight for me?

Only God knows tomorrow, but today, #IAmZakzaky.

Will you kill me or will you fight for me?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian; also on www.Naija.Live online Radio.

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Goodluck Jonathan Comments On #ZariaMassacre, By Peregrino Brimah

This is a made-up conversation between Nigeria’s former President, Goodluck Jonathan and a good friend of his, former Minister of the Niger Delta, Peter Godsday Orubebe. It is constructed by me to present what might be an actual conversation between the two in relation to the recent events in Zaria, Kaduna.

Goodluck: Nawaoh!

Orubebe: Oga, na so we se am oh.

Goodluck: I killed 30 of them with the 3 of his sons last year and they said it was genocide…

Orubebe: Oga, this time they are dancing.

Goodluck: Buhari killed at least 300 of them and 3 sons also…

Orubebe: My President, maybe it is because they threw stone…

Goodluck: My own unko? Did I not say they fired gun shot at the army.

Orubebe: Oga, El-Rufai said procession is banned.

Goodluck: Orubebe, during my own last July they were on an actual large procession, blocking all the roads when the army confronted them. This one I hear there was no procession. They were in front of that their house. Reports say the army first went there and stationed commandos around the building before Buratai came…this was what they say aroused them that the army was planning another genocide attack on them, that they convened and blocked CoAS.

Orubebe: No procession?

Goodluck: I said there was no procession this time. If there was procession, much more than these number would have died.

Orubebe: But Oga, they said they stoned the Chief of Army staff…

Goodluck: And all the times they stoned me during campaigns…was I not Commander in Chief of the Armed forces? They blocked me from my civic right to campaign, with stones and other missiles, did I order them to be mowed to the ground? Did I send the army to their houses to throw grenade inside?

Orubebe: Oga, I feel you. I am simply playing devils advocate here. Nawaoh! So Oga, stone at CoAS is big offence…maybe the army ran out of rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse those angry youths who were lamenting the army presence in front of their center and still had your own unaddressed incident fresh in their memory.

Goodluck: I left plenty tear gas in the cupboard.

Orubebe: Oga they say Buratai had to quickly get to some functions and a party in Zaria that day, they were delaying him.

Goodluck: Is he not supposed to have relocated to Sambisa? Has their deadline not reach?

Orubebe: They are tweeting: #ZariaIsNotSambisa

Goodluck: How many of them? Hypocrites.

Goodluck: When similar angry youth with sticks and daggers killed 800 victims in the post election riots of 2011…what if I had done something to them and sent the army to Buhari’s house that they were rioting for…

Orubebe: These youth did not kill any body Sir. And Zakzaki has denied that he told the ones that held sticks and stones to do so.

Goodluck: Is that not what I am saying.

Orubebe: Oga, no uproar oh. Na so we see am oh.

Orubebe: I heard El-Rufai is condemning them hard and fast.

Goodluck: Nasir! Nasir that called it genocide and paid homage visit to Zakzaky when I did my own last year?

Patience: DiarisGodoooo!


Constructed by Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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#BloodBillions: Chibok Girls Write Dasuki, Jonathan, By Dr. Peregrino Brimah

On the 14th of April in the early hours of the morning, Boko Haram terrorists came to our school. For several hours, they gathered us together and then went into Chibok town to look for lorries. They took their time as we cuddled and prayed and pinched ourselves hoping it was just a dream. The nasty looking terrorists spent more time raiding stores in the town and collecting provisions. For the over eight hours it took, there was no help for us; there was no one to come rescue us. There was no police or army to save us and put up a fight at least.

On the rough roads they drove us in lorries to their den in Sambisa. It was a journey of perhaps six hours but to us it felt like a year. We never lost hope through the ride, cuddling together and praying the Good Lord does not abandon us. We never stopped hoping we would hear helicopters and see military vehicles ambush the convoy and rescue us so we could return to our mothers and fathers.

The next day we heard some courageous Civilian-JTF with some of our family men braved it to the edge of the forrest to try to rescue us. We held some hope, that since they knew where we were the Nigerian army, that strong army that sorted out the crisis in Liberia will come rescue us.One night after the other we hoped. As the terrorists laughed at us, telling us we will never be rescued, that the Nigerian government did not care about us; we still held on to hope. We hoped the United States will do something at least if Nigeria didn’t. We hoped France will intervene. We held on to faith and then days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. We prayed but also we cursed. As we heard the news that some of our parents were dying, we cursed. We prayed and cursed those who did this to our land, who did this to our parents and to us.

As time passed, some of us died; some got pregnant, some were married and some were taken away. One by one we got used to these men. They fed us, they tended to us, they tried to keep us alive and these monsters became our benefactors. There was no one else but them and God that provided for us and kept us alive.

We held on to hope as we lost trust. Why did this happen to us we asked? Why did this happen in Nigeria? Why were we born in this country where this would happen to us? Why, we asked, why? Why were we being punished for having dreams and going to school? What had we done to deserve this? The terrorists had money. They bragged to us: you see the money your government you are waiting for to rescue you gave us? Can you see the money the French gave us? We care about you, they do not. Forget them. We are your family.

We saw helicopters drop money, food and guns. We saw suspicious men talking with our captors; men who we knew were from the outside. Gradually all hope we had began to fade away.

It is 606 days since. There are bombardments going on around everywhere. We don’t really care. We have been diminished. We might as well be dead. There is not much left here to return to normal society. And what society are we returning to? Is your society normal where you leave your daughters to be defiled and no one wages Jihad to liberate them? Some of us are angry, very angry. Some of us have had child for these men, and are connected to them. We do not know how we will fare in that your world anymore, honestly, we do not really care. We stopped caring a long time ago. But there was just one thing we wanted to know. We wanted to know why?

Dear Dasuki; Dear Goodluck Jonathan. Is this why? Was it all about this money?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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The Saraki Text-Crime Bill: Has Its Corruption Run Nigeria’s Senate Mad? By Peregrino Brimah

Even China, one of the most repressive nations in the world does not have such inane laws. Nor does Kim Jong-un’s North Korea…that If I should send a text today to a friend of mine, with some faulty message about a Nigerian Senator; If someone sees the text or the phone networks pass it to the authorities, I will be arrested and jailed for two years and/or fined almost $10,000.

Only a bunch of brainless psychopaths, devoid of ideas and dependent on public employment can ever come up with and support such barbaric suppression of the people. Only illiterates can conjure such a bill and read it once and twice with a nod.

I must tell you something about these lot; the same lot who stand behind the senate president accused of pervasive and chronic corruption. The men who cook up such legislation and nod to it are the 89 who march behind Saraki to his corruption trials. These are career crooks.

In China where such repressive law does not even exist, there is death for corrupt officials. A brother, Mohammed Sabo Keana said that the condition which will make him support the Saraki text crime bill will be if the same shameless senators propose and put into law a bill that prescribes death by hanging for corrupt office holders. I won’t hold my breath.

So I tell you about these beasts; they are worse than the Chinese leadership in terms of repressive dreams. They cannot make a single dollar out of public office. They cannot sell a single pencil and make a profit. Their families are likewise; otherwise why do they live off of corruption and slicing massive pieces of the Nigerian pie to survive? What kind of people will pass no sensible bills, will never be known for good, but will be the ones who on their 2-days a week sittings, hurry to divide up juicy committees and pass bills that proffer immunity on themselves and incarceration on Nigeria’s disenfranchised masses? What do you call such Aye-Ayes?

I will tell you about them. Nigeria’s legislooters are the scum of the earth. You have the like of Dino Melaye. Can someone tell me how he made his money to buy all those expensive cars? It is known that people who are so vain lack the tools of manhood. This explains why he seeks such vain glory. His cars give him what is missing between his legs and between his parietal bones. Dino Melaiye was lucky. He rode on our war against Jonathan. We were blindsided, or rather focused on the bigger wars; Jonathan, Dasuki and their Boko Haram cash venture. The day Dino won, he showed off his cars.

Time is our friend. How time flies. It has already been 6 months. Just another 3 and a half years. Is that not all? Three and a half more years in that ‘hallowed and sacred’ house as Dumbo Menace calls it. Just three and a half. Enjoy and then come again to the ballot. Haha.

Can you imagine a people who leave their job and march along side a man accused of gross corruption with charges impossible to shake off. They follow Saraki to the courts to bully the judges. Are these human beings or rotten nuisances in human skin? Bully the judges and then bully the masses.

I said I will tell you about them. The little of Dino Melaye’s rant I listened to before I tuned in to lawmakers in UK discussing how to fight Daesh, I heard Dino call their chamber a ‘sacred’ one. Sacred my foot. That chamber is no more sacred than the nasty chewed gum that sticks under your shoe that you scratch and scrape to try to escape from. Big pay, tiny brains. Our is the most useless Assembly in the world. After all are these not the murderers who watched as Jonathan and Sambo Dasuki did all that to us leading to over 100,000 Boko Haram deaths and 3 million displaced?

Are these not the nitwits who had no clue how to screen our ministers and approved all even those with records who slighted them in answer to their one track and one step questions?

Are these not the criminals who failed to impeach inebriated killer Joe, before during and after Boko Haram kidnapped our poor, dear Chibok girls and his administration denied it and his wife obfuscated it? And only raised the threat of impeaching the president the three times he affected them, when their jobs or wages or immunity was at stake?

You see, as I was saying earlier, career polithievians have no faith in their seed. They know for a fact that their children will be as brainless and useless as they, this is why they steal to live and live to steal. They steal ridiculously so much because they do not want their children to die miserable deaths of failure, being empty heads as they are. So they steal more than they need and buy homes in Dubai, London and America so their empty-head kids can have places to live. Why else will a public servant become a proud and shameless public thief? My dad was a public servant, a minister, and he left office broke but with pride.

I love him because he made me wealthy in mind. He trained me to be a success. I do not need a dime from him. I would never accept a house from him abroad if he had to loot or otherwise covet money of Nigeria’s poor to buy this for me. My dad gave me more. He trusted that the toolset he gave me will make me never need. Not this lot who cut up incomes they know they do not deserve for the nothing but harm they do in a nation where 80% live under a dollar-a-day.

No, not these ones I tell you about. These ones want to steal and to shut us up so we cannot even text each other to lament over their stealing our future. Dino, NaAllah, these people do not have much intelligence, in fact they have none at all. Their brains are empty baskets, filled only with wickedness and deadly hunger for cash, the only value system in Abuja.

I promise them that we will fight them. We will hold placards and harass their children abroad. We will carry placards any time they travel and at our embassies with their names and their records of theft and shame. When we can, we will finish them. Like we fought Boko Haram; like we fought Dasuki and Jonathan,w e will fight them. Oh, we will fight them. This I promise.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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