Of Cattle Rustlers And Human Rustlers By Peregrino Brimah

In March we had the Agatu massacre with hundreds of Nigerians killed and millions in property and livelihoods destroyed by the rustlers of human souls. In April we had the Enugu massacre which was a similar devastation.

There is a video that purports to show ‘Fulani herder’ sponsored terrorists armed to the teeth in boats on their way to the Agatu massacre. [Link: https://youtu.be/BLK60UTqSBo] There is also another video in which alleged ‘Fulani’ terrorists brag about having cells in all states of the federation, north and south and also having agents at all levels of the government including the army and Department of State Security, DSS. [Link: https://youtu.be/UW588spwsBc]

The question is: why has the Nigerian military and police never killed these hundreds of rampaging sponsored foreign and indigenous terrorists in the act?

Unlike Boko Haram in Sambisa, who it has now been proven are not ghosts, these middle belt and south marauders are right in Nigeria’s hinterlands.

Every day Nigerians happily read of soldiers ambushing and killing cattle rustlers. This is pleasing news. But why have we never heard of military and police operations that successfully ambushed and killed these “human rustlers?” Are they ghosts?

We would like to implore the Security agencies stop negotiating with terror sponsors if this is the case and rapidly invade the hideouts of these human rustlers and capture or kill them before the next tragedy. The lukewarm attitude of the Jonathan government, led to thousands of preventable deaths and this appears to have continued under the Buhari administration that only luckily captured about 90 members at a traffic stop.

We would like to strongly advise the military and police and DSS utilize all security tools they have to discover the cells, hideouts and sponsors of the terror that has threatened the fabric of Nigeria and kill or arrest all actors and sponsors no matter how highly placed.

While commending the military for doing their job in Sambisa against rag-tag Boko Haram terrorists, in keeping with the erstwhile reputation of the Nigerian military from the days we were globally recognized for delivering peace to Sierra Leone and Liberia, we beg them to apply the same intensity against the marauding sponsored terrorists who rustle men, women and children’s souls.

This is ACTIVE terror. It is not terror in the baking. It is not tit for tat violence. No Nigerian has the right to act above the law and take lives of fellow Nigerians no matter the provocation. Grazing reserves while reasonable should not come into play in the discussion of the marauding terrorists. Nigeria has clear laws against terrorists. As the latest bill was signed declaring death for kidnappers, Nigeria’s Anti-terror laws are clear on the punishment for terror and unlike as erroneously stated by the Attorney general of the Federation, Malami who promised to spare the lives of Boko Haram takfiri terrorists; any terrorist according to the Anti-terror bill is to be killed.

Where the security agencies are overwhelmed, they should recruit patriotic Nigerian youth across the country (as Civilian-JTF) who are jobless, willing and able to aid with intelligence and anti-terror battles.

It is time to secure the great promise of our great nation.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Opinion: Are The Fulani Victims? By Peregrino Brimah

Well of course the Fulani are victims. Just like we all are.

The Fulani have lost their immemorial abundant grazing reserves and routes. Desert encroachment, deforestation, modernization, increased urbanization and sheer greed have challenged the herder lifestyle of these West and central African semi-nomads. Their migrations into hinterlands with their millions of Naira herds constitute greater challenges every day. And don’t get it wrong; they don’t migrate south, running into and in-through more and more developed and utilized lands for fun, they need to in keeping with the seasons as fodder and water gets scarce in the north.

So, facing the consequences of a national population that has quadrupled in the last half-century, with increased competition for dwindling dwelling, arable and grazing land and the challenges of more sophisticated banditry –including extremes like Boko Haram – in a nation that has failed to grow its security departments in parallel, the Fulani are victims with many having nothing of wealth to pass on to their young. The youth who typically carry on the herder legacy with hundreds of cows worth tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, are now unemployed and restive.

But Who Is Not?

So while we agree that the Fulani are victims, the question is, who is not? Apart from the politician class and their cabal friends who get it all including what they do not need, the rest of us are all victims just as well.

The inhabitants of the Niger Delta who lived off of the land and sea have lost this too to oil exploration. Their lands are polluted and poisoned as are their waters. They too have lost their primordial ways of life.

The farmers in Borno and much of the north are victims too as urbanization and then deforestation with desertification takes over. Lake Chad, a source of water for not just the herders but over 4 million that includes farmers and fishermen in four countries have likewise lost their means of sustenance.

But not just those who live off the land, 80% of Nigeria’s population, the destitute population living under a dollar-a-day are without a promise of decent livelihood. The failures of successive governments have deprived the citizens of Nigeria, especially its youth the stability and comfort of meaningful application of themselves in rewarding employment. We all are victims of change and a failed country. We all are robbed by thieves, armed robbers and politician and military pen thieves. Should we all resort to terror?

The ‘Victim’ Tale Of Boko Haram And MEND

When Boko Haram started its campaign of calumny, their initial messages were an alleged crusade against government corruption and ‘Boko,’ or ‘western civilization’ which they blamed for the government corruption, oppression and the inequality and poverty it caused. For those who remember, this was the initial agenda of Boko Haram and their first rally call: to save the people from the corrupt western influenced government agents.

Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND said the same thing: we are victims, we cannot fish and farm anymore and it is due to the wicked and inconsiderate people taking over our land, excavating it of its resource and depriving us of the benefit. To this end, we will economically terrorize till our rights are protected and our emancipation cemented.

Victims Squared

The victims of the terror are hardly the politicians and military leadership behind the failure to ensure the promise for all from the abundant land and resource God has blessed Nigeria with. The victims north, south, east, west and nomadic make new double-victims from among co-victims in revenge of their deprivement and disenfranchisement.

If things were properly planned and cognizantly approached, grazing routes will be the least commitment. Indeed America has thousands of acres of protected grazing reserves. Grazing reserves are more for the survival of the ecosystem than for the occasional herders who ply them. Nigeria cannot do without such contiguous protected land reserves. What do we wish to become? A concrete jungle? But the reason why even this tiny commitment becomes irritating is because of the flummoxed and befuddled disposition of successive administrations. Why initiate a reward in response to terror? The offer of grazing lands as a reward for terrorism just does not humor the neurons. Deal with terror and address the various needs of the needy populace, including grazing solutions as an independent mission.

Should The Rest Of Us Victims Kill Too?

We are all victims. Because I lost my job and means of livelihood; because the errors of Jonathan and Buhari made my dollar-based business collapse and condemned me to millions of dollars debt as the naira lost half its value, does not mean I need to buy a pulp action gun and go kill a cabal or hire mercenaries to run them over on my behalf. Indeed the cabal and their politician partners who are still in business with access to dollars at the CBN rate, the ‘those who can afford it’ government-advantaged few, as Buhari referred to them who can still afford to get government rate dollars to pay their tuition abroad, are my identified enemies. But I will not pick up an AK47 and fire at them and burn down their houses. No. I will not resort to kidnapping the affluent. Whether I like it or not, as a civilized being, I will go to the courts and pray to my God and fight and wait for justice. I will protest and encourage those who know how to protest to do so. I may relocate or try to learn a new –non violent– trade while waiting for justice. But as a victim I will not become a terrorist and terrorize both innocent and guilty new victims because I lost my livelihood. Or I become a terrorist and a barbarian and an oppressor too who makes victims.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Would Falana Have Resigned From Or Rejected A Buhari Appointment? By Peregrino Brimah

I believe he would.

I plead this bit of public space to tender my salutations to Attorney Femi Falana, SAN. Falana has stood out like a handful in Nigeria’s history. He has rejected invitations to be part of corrupt administrations and turned down billions of Naira to continue advocating for truth and justice through thick and thin and from one administration to another.

Like the Gani Fawehinmis past and I dare say, in my young mind, a more relevant hero, I always am pleased to find when I am on the same side as Femi Falana’s positions on national matters. In fact, sometimes to confirm I am on the right side, I search for Femi’s comments on the matters.

Would Falana have resigned an appointment say as Attorney General? I strongly believe so. When Yushau Shuaib resigned as FOSSRA Consultant, I was not surprised. While perhaps not an angel, we all witnessed how Yushau fought Jonathan and Ngozi Okonjo Iweala during their reign.

It takes a real man of conscience to be able to stand up for truth and justice against those on his side and those who employ him. This is one reason why I always commended Rotimi Amaechi. The former governor of Rivers could have made peace with Jonathan and ignored Patience and remained in the halls of power and perhaps kept Jonathan there too. But before APC was, Amaechi was!, and in total rebellion.

Compare to persons like el-Rufai for instance, pathological political appointment dependents, who only amassed ‘their’ wealth and ever worked in government and who were a full part of the Obasanjo-Atiku grand corruption machine, and only when Yar’Adua and Jonathan had no love for him and Yar’Adua had the EFCC initiate probing him (before Jonathan forgot about that), did he become a ‘rebel.’

I messaged Yushau Shuaib when he resigned to congratulate him on his liberty. There is no better state of human existence than knowing that you stand for justice and truth, pure and clean without fear or favor and without hypocrisy by political or partisan alliance.

Is there any way that you can make it up to those who have died as a result of the failures of a party or government that you are partial about? While you stay up at night believing in and being partisan about change, is there any thing or message you have for the relatives of those massacred by agencies of the government or bandits permitted by the government you refuse to criticize and condemn when and where due? Can you deliver change to known and unknown, marked and unmarked, single and mass graves?

I was impressed when Femi Falana warned Buhari not to take a loan from China with threats to sue the administration. And I was glad Buhari listened and refused to collect any loan. What I asked myself was, what would have happened had Femi Falana been AGF? We would have lost that safety guarantee perhaps…or would he have been advising and influencing Buhari on the inside?

As happened to Jonathan, Buhari has surrounded himself with nincompoops. Incompetent miseducated persons simply flabbergasted to be in power. This is why the Buhari government is failing so much and scoring so poorly in human rights. His bad company advises him not to talk about the Dalori massacre. Advices him to be silent as nomadic terrorists massacre across Nigeria. They shield him from advise of better elements in the government and outside, telling him everything is ok. The question is: would an employed Falana have been able to get past these hounds or would he have been frustrated and forced to retire in defense of his conscience?

Reading Falana’s recent letter to Muhammadu Buhari, urging him to investigate the piling up human right violations under his government, I was pleased Falana is who Falana is. Thank God for such kings among men. Falana listed hundreds to thousands of killed Nigerians, from boys killed in Opgoni land by soldiers to others they killed in Abia and Zaria. From torture deaths to secret mass burials. From permission of nomadic terrorist deadly campaigns across Nigeria to election thuggery and malpractice perpetuated/encouraged by the ruling party/government.

When a good friend of mine, Nomoreloss, christened Muyiwa Osinuga, a rare talent who we feature regularly on Naija.Live radio, passed, so many suddenly remembered him and sang his praise. The contradiction of it actually caused a social media rumble with some accusing others of having ‘forgotten’ him while he lived.

It is common to celebrate our heroes only after they have passed. I celebrate a living hero of Nigeria today!

May God Bless And Preserve Femi Falana and Nigeria!!!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Nigeria Disintegration: Did We Really Miss the Bullet? By Peregrino Brimah

There is not much debate that a good portion of the South East and South South are not yet in tune with the rest of Nigeria. Any poll will most evidently reveal this fact statistically. While former President Goodluck Jonathan is credited with drastically expanding this divide with billions invested in religious, and sectional propaganda and entrenchment of distrust and disunity, current President Muhammadu Buhari has not done much to bridge the divide.

A launching statement of better patronage to the 97% States who voted overwhelmingly for him over States that only gave him 5% support left the citizens weary and highly suspicious. The follow up behavior of the new administration has done little to allay the fears of these people who have been fed, I dare say, solid material by Radio Biafra on the benefits of disintegration with glimpses of the Utopian promised-land dream.

Unlike other groups in Nigeria, the Southeast especially has been galvanized in common purpose and with common dreams by a coordinated media machine. Millions are signed on to a decision and plan to separate from mother Nigeria and Buhari is doing little to bring them back. It is impossible to develop a nation without carrying its people along and more so, with a great number of people effectively in brutal antagonism.

Several military actions with increasing human right violations by the administration’s security departments further alienates those with little hope. Army brutal clampdowns on protests, killing unarmed praying pro-Biafran protesters in Abia and other locations; the government arresting dozens of innocent citizens only trying to search for their missing ones; the ‘lie’ by the DSS who selectively identified 5 of 55 graves by tribe and attempted to use this shoddy evidence to implicate the pro Biafra IPOB millions of member separatist group and then Buhari’s refusal to view videos of the the military supposedly firing on unarmed protesters coupled with a lack of attention and government impunity to recurrent armed ‘Fulani’ Boko Haram terror insurgency genocidal campaigns across much of Nigeria’s Middle belt and south, has left little to convince members in these areas to sign up to a common purpose of a one Nigeria.

Disorganization of the government with the current budget impasse subsequent to padding of the budget by the Buhari Presidency and cabinet and then re-padding by the National Assembly adds little comfort and reassurance to many. Nepotism by the CBN, secretly giving jobs to Buhari and his party bigwigs’ children and other politicians has helped the matter even less. Buhari’s regular trips all over the world in 13 presidential jets he inherited from Jonathan and has refused to cut down against all expectations, while Nigerians trek in severe hardship and as free reigning military and clan massacres and catastrophes claim lives of Change advocates, doesn’t help either.

The Nigerian President can make the disenfranchised Nigerians its priority and prevent what might be a sudden and irreversible collapse of Nigeria which may occur if or when protests are again initiated in the Southeast and south south. Visits to these regions and serious deliberation with disaffected Nigerians will help to prevent a catastrophic and possibly violent disintegration.

Buhari may want to review restoring Nigeria to a true federation with distinct autonomous regions as it was wisely first created and as he has promised in his presidential campaigns.

Greater communication with the masses on what the government is doing and how serious the government takes the concerns of the people will also help greatly to stave off a possible collapse. Over all, Nigeria’s government would do well emulating Tanzania’s “Bulldozer” John Magufuli who is leading by example and is recognized as Africa’s corruption hero and face. There is no better reassurance than leadership by example and leadership of compassion.

We did not disintegrate in 2015; it would be nice if we don’t now.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Army Endangering Real Herdsmen Across Nigeria By Peregrino Brimah

It is necessary to urgently advise the Nigerian army and main stream media to stop endangering true and decent Fulani herdsmen by yoking them to all sorts of bandits and Boko Haram terrorists operating outside of the Sambisa axis. It is reasonable to still believe there are more decent Fulani herders than not.

In a recent Nigerian military press release, some 92 suspect armed bandits cum terrorists intercepted in a lorry and camry at a checkpoint near Abuja were called “herdsmen.” While they had Fulani staffs, they clearly had no herds and hardly dressed or appeared like Fulani herders with some not appearing to be of the Fulani ethnicity.

By labelling all bandits and terrorists Fulani herders, Nigeria is putting innocent herders at serious suspicion and risk across the entire country and seriously endangering them.

There are bandits and terrorists and there are herders and the distinction must be underlined. A herder who kills and burns is a terrorist. He must be arrested and dealt with under the Nigerian anti terror laws which prescribe death for terrorists.

“(2) without prejudice to sub-section (2) of this section, where death results from any terrorist act, the penalty shall be death sentence.” Terrorism Prevention Act of 2011 as amended in 2013, Part 1, subsection 4.

Nigerians need to know what exactly is happening in the country and who these armed ‘Fulani’ bandits and terrorists are. Are they linked to Boko Haram or actually one and the same with Boko Haram? Is their agenda the Boko Haram agenda? Are they the sponsors of Boko Haram?

Where do they get their arms and ammunition from?

What is their mission?

What is the truth behind their mode of operation: exterminating and occupying territory essentially identical to Boko Haram?

What is the police doing if anything to arrest and prosecute all of the murderers among them?

It is important Nigeria outlaws Fulani related banditry and terrorism. The message must be clear, resounding and propagated to them in a language they understand. Nigeria cannot continue to explain away this new disseminated armed terrorist network operating liberally across the federation. The government must urgently stop the romance, take off its kid gloves and sound a clear warning while assuming a posture that shows we as a nation are not in any way going to accept new editions of Boko Haram on our soil.

The messages from the security departments have so far not been reassuring. It is time to step up to this new deadly threat that continues to claim lives and destroy billions in property.

By continuing to romance and sympathize with killers, murderers and incendiary terrorists, the government of Nigeria is rather putting the decent herdsmen across the nation at risk as Nigerians are losing their patience and potential terrorists in various communities may take to ‘revenge’ terrorism against innocent herders in their vicinities as has been reported on occasion. The government should not fail to act urgently and properly while continuing to endanger real herders and Fulani across the nation.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Why The Igbos May Be Nigeria’s Greatest Hope By Peregrino Brimah

A recent report that succeeded in debunking the false narrative of Whites being more intelligent or academically proficient than Blacks, further identified the Igbo Nigerian race as outliers, demonstrably surpassing the Asian–best of the Caucasian race. The report provokes serious thought.

The United States DV lottery is not a charity as we sometimes wrongly assume. The program gives America the opportunity to select from the extraordinary human gene pool to ultimately catapult the advancement of the country.

It is no surprise therefore that New York, California, L.A. and London with their wide variety of races are primary sources of innovation today. California’s Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay were the birth places of Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and thousands of other world renowned companies. Tim Cook said, “Diversity is critical to innovation and it is essential to Apple’s future.”

There are two things to note: firstly in all races are unique skills and secondly, neglect to harness the unique skills of peoples to your detriment.

Apart from corruption or perhaps as an additional detriment, African states fail to properly exploit the number one resource on God’s earth: the diverse human potential. As the nation’s are led by intellectual ‘bricklayers’ who at best only know how to mix and plaster, that essential resource that leads to competitive development is totally lost. I am not sure that in the plan for Nigeria today there is an agency tasked with instituting optimized development of the human resource by unique features: region, ethnicity, selective capacity and related distinctive opportunities.

While there may not necessarily be a genetic component to increased innovation of certain races or sub races, with a recent study finding 99.9% genetic identicality between Yorubas and Igbos for instance, nature and nurture have their way of fashioning and sharpening human skills.

Can we deny that most innovation in Nigeria comes out of the tiny land mass occupied by the Igbo ethnic group? Can we deny the Alaba industrial complex? Can we ignore the fact that so many finished products and industrial semi finished materials have managed to emanate from the East over the years? That while Nigeria prides itself with not being able to make toothpicks, Alaba manufactures firearms? That the Igbos have been the bedrock of economical activity across the states?

And all this the region with its members does/do without government encouragement and against all odds.

Late Sardauna rather infamously identified the unique Igbo ability to advance and dominate wherever they adventure. While the Sardauna as Provincial head correctly, I dare say, identified this attribute as a risk to his region which he was responsible for in the then regional Nigeria setup (note: Nigeria was operating true Federalism at the time with distinct self identifying and serving regions), today as a de-regionalised single entity, Nigeria must harvest the skills of these peoples or let them go.

The Igbo is not only industrial but entrepreneurial. He is like the Western Jew. Now while other ethnic groups to also harbor similar and variable unique skills, one can imagine the outcome had the Western world not only ignored their Einsteins but frustrated them and pushed them into social rebellion and crime. Not only would they have lost decades of advancement but they would have suffered enduring regression from the easy transfer of intelligence and unusual skills to socially destructive applications. Your geniuses are some of your best resources or your greatest liabilities depending on how you utilize them.

Building a cohesive society and harnessing all the available human potential is the most important and critical measure towards fixing and then advancing a nation. More important than building infrastructure and providing amenities. Perhaps so important that Nigeria needs new ministries tailored towards advancing human capital… a Ministry of Human Resource Development as multicultural India has.

In my opinion, it is time to unleash the unique potential of the Igbo race or let them go.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Shey Na Saraki Alone Dem Go Hold? What About The Other Senators? – Peregrino Brimah

Now before you get excited and accuse me of soliciting for corrupt Saraki, let me clearly state that I am extremely happy he is facing justice for his alleged crimes. In fact if it were up to me I would like him to be taken quickly to a Capital punishment Islamic or Torah-based court and have his writing hand chopped off after he signs the refund of Kwara and Nigeria’s embezzled loot (paupers’ bread).

That said, the question on some of our minds as the CCT aggressively pursues Senate President Bukola Saraki is, what about the other Senators? As late Sage Fela Kuti sang about the ‘selective’ indictment of former President Shagari in his Confusion-Break-Bone (CBB), mid-80s hit track, “shey na Shagari alone dem go hold, what about the other Presidents?” Further stating that Shagari said he met an empty treasury…so someone must have looted it before him.

Tireless human right advocate, SAN Attorney Femi Falana has resignedly stated that the current corruption cases without the institution of new anti-corruption courts and systems will not draw to a conclusion till 2019 and beyond. At that rate, if we wait till the EFCC, DSS and CCT finishes with Saraki before the organs of the government go after the tons of other corrupt and criminal Senators and House members, are we serious at all with our anti-corruption war and mission to sanitize Nigeria or just actually witch-hunting select political foes?

From reliable sources, dozens of the serving Senators similarly made numerous false declarations in their asset declarations with the CCT. Why the delay in pursuing them as Saraki?

PremiumTimes recently listed David Mark according to Court papers held six million pounds in four foreign accounts – three at the Northern Bank, Isle of Man, and one at the Allied Irish Bank, Jersey. He is again indicted in the Panama papers. When will his case begin?

The same report also indicted House of Reps member, Iorwase Hembe and Ifeanyi Azubuogu, accused by the former Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, Arunma Oteh, of demanding N39 million in bribes.

Femi Gbajabiamila, Theodore Orji,Danjuma Goje, Andy Uba, Goodhope Uzodinma, Adamu Aliero, AbdulAzeez Murtala Nyako, Stella Oduah, Sam Egwu, Buruji Kashamu, Joshua Dariye, Abdullahi Adamu and Christian Adah are all listed with various indictments. When will their snail-pace cases begin? Is it safe for the nation in severe hardship and politician-greed-derived recession to continue to remain in the hands and care of indicted and incriminated legislators for a single extra minute?

What about Ali Ndume, Minority leader who was indicted for relaying Boko Haram threats in association with former Vice President Namadina Sambo andinvestigated with “state craft?”

And while we are on it, while Dasuki has been on trial for months, what about the many other implicated military officers and former ministers of defence?

We have been waiting long enough. We don’t need fancy dressing. We are too trashed, too broke and too smart for such. As we die of poverty, we need a real and thorough cooking to rescue our country. Nigeria has many brilliant minds and brilliant attorneys. We can multitask and expedite the full investigation, charging and prosecution of all our corrupt politicians and military officers. It is time to get it on.

Dr Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

Editor: Opinion expressed in this article is solely that of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of Abusidiqu.com or its associates.

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Nigeria’s AGF “Ignorant Of” Death Penalty For Terrorists Law By Peregrino Brimah

The frustration on why Nigeria could possibly continue to fail to give death sentences to murderous Boko Haram terrorists while it sentences robbers and others to death, was cemented today as the Attorney General of the federation denied the prescription of death for murderous terrorists.

As reported in the news, Mallam Abubakar Malami, the AGF told Amnesty International guests that “convicted members of the Boko Haram sect in the country could not be executed because the laws under which they were tried did not prescribe death sentence.”

It is criminally perplexing to realize that Nigeria’s young AGF does not know the law or chooses to disregard it to selectively “protect” Takfiri Boko Haram terrorists.

Nigeria’s Terrorism Prevention Act of 2011 as amended in 2013, Part 1, subsection 4 states:

“(2) without prejudice to sub-section (2) of this section, where death results from any terrorist act, the penalty shall be death sentence.”

It is explicitly stated: death for terrorists who kill.

In February of 2013 a Senate session unanimously resolved on the “Bill for an Act to amend the Terrorism (prevention) Act, 2012,” brought forward by its Conference Committee during plenary, that there was no alternative to punishing terrorism offenders than death. [See Vanguard, February 20, 2013: Senate okays death penalty for terrorists]

While Nigeria’s armed forces has demonstrated its willingness to act pre-meditatively on several occasions, as the new primary law enforces ahead of the police, in Abia and Zaria, assuming the role of judge, jury and executioner, granting immediate death sentences to Nigerian protesting and praying youth, it is perplexing to see that the Attorney General of the federation expected to intervene with immediate probes in cases of suspected actual violations, rather positions himself selectively in protection of Boko Haram terrorists in clear violation of Nigeria’s laws.

Nigeria is making camps for “repentant” Boko Haram terrorists. Under the AGF and the current heads of Security, with the above thinking, will terrorists who have killed human beings be not only spared death in violation of the law of the land and laws of God, but even be released to walk among regular people?

Who can call the AGF to order?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian


Editor: Opinion expressed on this page are strictly those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of abusidiqu.com and its associates

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Zakzaky: Renewed Call For Sack Of Buratai For Assassination Attempt And Murder, By Peregrino Brimah

This is a second call for the immediate sack of Chief of Army staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai for the atrocities and grave crimes against humanity committed by the army under his direct command in the days of December 12th to the 14th of 2015.

The description of the demonic acts perpetrated by the army as laid down by attorney for the family, respected “change” senior advocate Femi Falana are chilling, disturbing and sickening.

According to the narration of events by surviving daughter Suhaila and attorney Falana, General Buratai sent his men to the home of Zakzaky without a court order for Zakzaky’s arrest and out of the jurisdiction of the military.

Buratai’s “illiterate” armed hooligans in uniform burned down Zakzaky’s home in attempt to murder Zakzaky, his wife, children, relatives, friends and everyone else in and around the building. We have viewed videos of the aftermath.

Zakzaky’s elder sister was killed in the above process. Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife Zeenat and their sons and Suhaila survived the burning down of their home, hidden in the “basement.”

The soldiers then went there the next day to check and confirm that they had succeeded in murdering Zakzaky and his entire family. It was then that they found the family survived. The soldiers then murdered three of Zakzaky’s sons in cold blood in the view of Sheikh Zakzaky, Suhaila and Zeenat. The soldiers rained bullets on everyone in there hitting Zakzaky six times. His eyes were struck. Zeenat was also shot at least two times with shots to her abdomen and leg. Both were beaten, and further maltreated.

Near death and blinded Zakzaky was dragged on his behind and loaded in a wheelbarrow in typical Daesh style. They were all taken to secret detention and left to suffer and die and treated as the army so desired, denied their constitutional rights and access to their attorney’s, a judge and their medical specialists.

The bodies of the murdered sons, sister and other family members along with hundreds of other victims were carried away like animal carcasses and mass buried.

Zakzaky and wife Zeenat have since been detained extrajudicially and held incommunicado, denied access and information and prevented from seeking justice.

In additional shows of power drunken lunacy and radical fanaticism, Buratai’s possessed men under his and the orders of the administrator of Kaduna, demolished all other properties of the Zakzaky and went further to even exhume graves on his sons killed a year earlier, reportedly by Captain S.O Oku under Jonathan’s command and discarded these bodies in unknown mass graves. Some were burned.

This being the same Buratai that is unwilling and unable to accost a single of openly marauding armed Fulani herders who are brazenly above-the-law, terrorizing and killing innocent people in hundreds, burning down entire communities and even firing shots at serving Senators.

While General Buratai’s observing his paid duty to defeat ragtag, jungle hiding, heroin addicted Boko Haram terrorists is appreciated. It must be recognized that just the way we do our jobs, so also did Buratai do his. Any military leader is expected to be able to defeat terrorists, unless he is corrupt and compromised as were the past generals who were being paid by the survival of Boko Haram. Even the Civilian JTF used to roundly defeat Boko Haram terrorists when unhindered by Shettima and Jonathan.

We do recall that when Azubuike Ihejirika decided to crush Boko Haram in 2013, he did so easily, killing Shekau I and freeing all local governments under them, before he was ordered to stop and allow them recover their losses. To this effect, we believe Buratai’s salary is all he deserves for performing his duty to command the army to do their bidding against the terrorists and finish up the job Jonathan had done in his last months pre-election; and it is time he hands over that duty to other well qualified officers and is retired to face his charges for this act of unsurpassed bloody barbarism.

Nigeria’s north has suffered enough of God’s Wrath. We are tired of God punishing us with Boko Haram and making us the most disgraced land on earth. We are tired of the extreme poverty, shops burning, kidnapping, cattle rustling, kidnapping, desert encroachment and all other afflictions that God uses to punish us when we exhibit and allow and support this wickedness and oppression of the highest degrees against minorities in the north, Igbos, Christians, Shia and whoever else.

The Prophet of Islam said: “Fear the prayer of the oppressed, even if he is a disbeliever, for there is no barrier (between it and Allah [the God]).” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Please fire Buratai now and let him face his charges and free blinded Zakzaky and his beautiful wife who has lost six of her seven sons to Buhari and Jonathan and is not even able to bury them. This is not the “change” we fought and voted for.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian


Editor: Opinion expressed on this page are strictly those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of abusidiqu.com and its associates

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Are Nigeria’s Problems Impossible To Solve? By Peregrino Brimah

It will soon hit the one-year anniversary of the new “change” Buhari government. And while there is plenty to rejoice over and much to thank God for escaping from; it appears that as Nigeria takes two steps forwards it also takes two steps backwards. This is quite commendable, don’t get it wrong. Zero advancement is a good deal better than where the nation is coming from. Nigeria used to be in reverse. (-). The nation was even speeding in reverse. So zero acceleration calls for celebration.

It is also important to mention that considering the challenges inherited due to where we were and the state of the global economy, zero is further commendable. But the question is: can we every do better and actually solve our problems faster than they are created to advance beyond this status?

Corruption And Padding Tins

As Nigeria addressed corruption, arresting tons of suspects from the old gang, so also did the nation face one of the largest scandals in budgeting history. Borrowing the President’s words, “all my life I have never heard of budget padding before.” Nigeria’s budget was ridiculously padded. Government officials hid largesses that were not only humongous but also wicked. The Presidency’s offices got larger allocations than the entire collective schools of the country; it’s clinic got larger lots than all public hospitals combined. Ministers put projects like a single borehole at the cost of building a thousand. It was corruption at its finest.

Over a month later, no one has been arrested for this corruption, a few were simply moved to other departments, one or two were fired and implicated ministers and other officials are still in office. Unlike neighboring Ghana where corrupt Ministers are immediately sacked, Nigeria embraced its continued corruption. In fact, the new budget that just got passed still had most of the padding in it. The Senate reportedly just allowed it pass in the desperate need to move the nation forward at the risk of contractors of the government officials helping them swallow millions of dollars hidden in the padded allocations. The borehole is still to be built by the Minister of Works and Housing at $750,000. A world record!


President Buhari admitted today that he had failed as far as politics goes. He confessed that he failed with the Kogi polls, the Bayelsa polls and the Rivers polls. That’s all the polls there have been since he entered office. The Kogi polls had the ruling party fielding a dying candidate simply to grab the spot. It also witnessed a never before-heard-of gymnastics of replacing a governorship candidate mid-race with another person all together. I am sure the Tribunal is going to knock that one out; but so far it has been a sham. Kogi State lacks a deputy governor and you cannot blame Faleke for that.

In do or die politics, Bayelsa State witnessed the APC embracing the same corrupt men from the PDP; fighting an impossible battle and refusing to accept that they can never win the State, most especially when all they offer the people is the same’ol corruption as alternative with no thought of giving the people a chance with someone of decency.

Rivers was one of the most shameful political episodes in recent global politics. Dozens died including serving Youth corpers and soldiers. What a shame. For unexplainable reasons, the results are yet to be released. So one way or the other, these people died in perfect vain!

Soldiers were sent to Rivers, but what their orders were is in question. This is because there is a pristine video that shows an alleged above-the-law APC candidate brazenly storm an INEC office and openly demand a refund of the bribe money he paid. While the candidate vandalized the office, the police and soldiers stationed simply watched! What orders Buratai gave them is in question. Was it the type of orders given to officers who took part in EkitiGate? If these officers were dispatched to uphold justice and maintain peace, then they would have immediately arrested the alleged APC candidate who was terrorizing the center. What happened to Chief of Army Staff Buratai staing that he and his men are the trigger-eager defenders of Nigeria’s democracy? As Buhari said, it is a failure.


Nigerias’s economy is in shambles. The government is moving staccato. It is making and reversing policies. While it strives to create jobs, millions of jobs are being lost due to brutal foreign exchange policies that limit small businesses while only protecting the same old big corporations of dem Dangote and the like.

Small businesses are the largest employers on Nigeria, employing more than 75% of the work force. Millions of businesses are folding, leaving more youth unemployed. Recently Kano state complained that millions in the pure-water sachet line were losing their jobs because of raw-material costs. The same trend is being witnessed across the nation with so many small businesses in massive debt and closing their offices.

While the Buhari government creates jobs here and there, jobs that were before are gone. When will the creating rate catch-up with what has been lost before we move from point zero? I do not know. I am not an economist, but I do know that where people are unemployed and cannot put food on their tables, patience quickly wears thin.


What is so hard in importing refined fuel? president Buhari promised that he was going to incorporate the thousands of local refineries into the fuel chain. i am not sure this was more that just a promise like the one they made to the Civilian-JTF to incorporate them into paid national defense formations, which is no where near materializing as these 30,000+ boys left fallow promise to be an issue to our redevelopment. But not to divert from the topic. What’s really up with Nigeria giving its people the fuel they pay refined cost plus profit for? It’s not like the citizens pump fuel into their vehicles for free is it? They pay cost price plus profit for what they use, so why is it impossible to satisfy the national demand till some months to come as promised? If it was Jonathan I would have said he was clueless and surrounded by fellow inebriated scavengers who had no ideas and were only preoccupied with filling their bellies. But it is Buhari and it is only about a year. So I ask, what’s up?

Ultra-Wicked Power

Do we need go there? Is there a quick fix to power? I would say there might be one; but is there is, this government is not finding it. Nigeria’s power generation has hit all time lows in recent days. Everything has been blamed from vandals to strike-actions. Would it not be wise the Ministry of power opens the sector up completely for all big and small businesses and individuals to venture into power generation, distribution and selling? In the United States, if you generate more power for your home than you consume, your meter runs in reverse and you are paid by the electric companies for the power you have sold to them. I am not sure this obtains in Nigeria. In any case, elitist Fashola is at the helm of it, dishing extra charges for services not yet provided. The senate called it ultra-wicked, and rightly so. We had predicted it. Fashola is a cabal person. If and when Nigeria gets power, Fashola’s cabal friends will have been set-up to rake in a killing from Nigerians for eternity in unjustified levies. As is with Nigeria’s mobile networks and cement oligopoly, you can bet your betweens that Nigeria finally has power the country will pay the highest rate in the world for it.

Unrest And Terror

On terror, while Nigeria has apparently been quite successful in dealing with Boko Haram, the nation has been wiling and desperately attempting to create the very same terror, just as Boko Haram was created by the Obasanjo and predecessor Jonathan governments of the past.

Nigeria is provoking people and oppressing them to the point of riot and rebellion. We must be grateful for the patience and peaceful nature of the Islamic movement of Nigeria; because we all know that had it been any other group in Nigeria that had been so brutalized and continued to be so oppressed, they would have resorted to some form of civil or uncivil disobedience by now. But the provocation and desperation to evolve new terrorists does not just end with the Zaria massacre. Nigeria is refusing to receive and review the genuine agitations of the East. We cannot deny the millions protesting for self-determination. Denying this reality is to our peril. Nigeria is remaining unwise not to look into the practical approaches to addressing the agitation, be it by referendum or other means. The kettle is boiling.

The Agatu people are also being provoked to disobedience. They have watched the government condone terror against them. They have watched the government refuse to arrest murderers and terrorists who killed them and burned down their homes. While the Agatu people may not be the ones that directly approach resolution and the pursuit of justice via violent means, it may be some other sympathizers who may do so on their behalf. I do not believe this government can risk continuing to play with its goodwill.

Similar acts of what may be regarded as insolence and oppression have been conducted by the new government as we try to move forward. A High court judge just called the Nigerian military and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, bullies and terrorists who believed they were in the military dictatorship era for detaining people illegally for prolonged periods without trial.

A nation cannot move forward as long as institutionalized disenfranchisement is promoted and people feel neglected and oppressed. This was the cause of terror in the past and we hope we are not again planting the seeds of terror for the future; because then what will be the use of the advancement we may have made? The universal laws of entropy state that while it takes high energy and time to build, breakdown is a rapid, favored process that even lets off energy. It didn’t take long to destroy advanced Libya and Syria, did it?

We hope and we pray.

God bless Nigeria.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah, @EveryNigerian



Editor: Opinion expressed on this page are strictly those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of abusidiqu.com and its associates

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You Cannot Convict Fani-Kayode, Many Others Without Arresting Gang-leader Jonathan – Peregrino Brimah

Nigeria may continue playing games with the many open and opening cases of deadly corruption by members and co-travelers of the past administration, or the nation can decide to be serious about the cases and bring them to rapid conclusion.

What stands between making successful and fruticous arrests and convictions in many of the open and new cases is the requisite arrest and full interrogation of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The current administration which has denied signing a deal with former President Jonathan is doing a disservice to the millions of deprived citizens and those killed by the inebriated rule and gravid corruption of the former administration by delaying the prosecution of the former commander in chief.

A recent list of former ruling Party members including Femi Fani-Kayode, Ahmadu Alli, Nenandi Usman and others can only be responsibly acted upon by bringing Jonathan in to answer questions on the funds paid to these individuals.

The defence being used by these and other accused Nigerians is simple and legitimate: Jonathan gave us these funds and he claimed they were private funds and not State money. The case ends there. The EFCC and DSS may make illegal arrests and detain suspects unconstitutionally hoping to make them break and make self-confessions, but with this simple defence, a conviction would be otherwise impossible.

A recent article in the Punch relaying the defense posture of the accused lays this fact bare.

The Buhari-Osinbajo government owes it to the Nigerians who stood up to tyranny and rejected Jonathan, defying all odds and enticement to ensure the victory of the “change” government, to bring the corruption gang-leader, Goodluck Jonathana.k.a “stealing is not corruption” to book.

To prove that this is not a witchhunt, other culprits including the former Minister of Defence, Spy Aliyu Gusau, former Chief of the Army, Kenneth Minimah, his former office holder, Azubuike Ihejirika and the like must also all be brought in.

Too many Nigerians suffered and much too many lost their lives as a result of the corruption and wickedness of the Jonathan government. It is time to stop being partial and selective and bring all culprits to book. Else we will lose many of the cases we have in hand and fail to bring many more to book.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian

Editor: Opinion expressed on the page? is solely that of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the views of Abusidiqu.com or its associates.

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Opinion: Reprisals Can Only Be Legitimized Against The Government By Peregrino Brimah

What is a reprisal? It is defined as the resorting to the use of force, short of war, in retaliation for damage or loss suffered. Typically the term is used to refer to instances where a disaffected community takes the law into its own hands and attacks the “other” community from whence it has judged that the perpetrators of the injustice it suffered hail.

A reprisal is however a double and often worse crime than the initial offence. Whereas the initial offence may have been accidental and may have had fewer victims, more innocent victims are killed deliberately in typical reprisal attacks. There is premeditation with reprisal violence.

Reprisal attacks follow the Genocidal Killing theory where all people belonging to the group from within which perpetrators are suspected to have emanated, are automatically judged culpable in the acts of harm inflicted on a member or members of the now retaliating clan.

In reality, under a functional State, they are not reprisals but new barbaric aggressions. Not a single innocent victim who did not participate in the crime should ever be hurt or killed for a crime he was not directly part of and perhaps even objected to and protested against.

…let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety: and fear God.” Quran 5:8

Perpetrators must only be convicted by legitimate courts. If the police fail to investigate and the courts fail to convict, then the crime has been transferred to the State which loses its legitimacy. The State becomes the perpetrator, the absolute culprit and “enemy.”

The only long lasting solution to the illegal and immoral acts of reprisal mob justice is a government that postures itself to stop people becoming barbaric terrorists in response to a lack of *governance. Note the real infraction–a lack of governance. The reprisal act does not address or cure the infraction(s) but rather exacerbates societal chaos and progresses the failure of society.

A good government must strive to provide two key things/changes:

  1. Adequate recourse for victims while ensuring trust in the system.
    2. Must loudly broadcast that counter-perpetrators (reprisalists) who take the law into their hands no matter the injustice they have faced will be severely punished. And it must be serious about this an seriously proceed to enforce this prohibition.

On the part of the victims, they must realize that the real enemy, when they are maltreated by a citizen and the State fails to investigate and give them justice is no longer simply the perpetrator and definitely not his clan, but the injustice has now been transferred to the State. If they must personally seek recourse and redress, it must be with and against the State and not the clan.

Nigerians wait for a good government.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian



Editor: Opinion expressed on this page are strictly those of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of abusidiqu.com and its associates

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