Osun Election: APC Rejects Tribunal’s Verdict

The All Progressives Congress in the State of Osun has rejected the verdict of the Election Petition Tribunal that declared Ademola Adeleke the winner of the 2018 governorship election in the state.

In a statement signed by the Osun APC director of publicity, research and strategy, Kunle Oyatomi, APC cast doubts on the verdict, noting it will not hold water when contested.

“The verdict cannot stand superior legal scrutiny. Therefore we will appeal against it,” the statement said.

The Osun State Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal sitting in Abuja Friday has declared Ademola Adeleke winner of the September 22 election.

Chairman of the three-man tribunal Ibrahim Sirajo, said in the ruling that the rerun election that held on September 27 was illegal.

The tribunal said Adeleke won the election at the first ballot on September 22, and the rerun that INEC devised to reach a final conclusion a week later was illegal.

INEC had declared the September 22 election inconclusive because the margin between the PDP and APC, 353 votes, is less than the number of registered voters, 3,498, in the seven polling units where elections were cancelled.

The APC candidate in the election, Oyetola,who was declared the winner after the rerun, APC and INEC had filed their notices of preliminary objection against Adeleke and pdp’s petition on the grounds that the petition is incompetent adding that the court lacked jurisdiction to entertain the petition.

The objections filed by Gov Oyetola, APC and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was dismissed by the tribunal.

Sirajo, held that the objections were misconceived and struck them out

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Just In: Tribunal Declares Ademola Adeleke Winner Of Osun Governorship Election

The Osun State Governorship Election Tribunal has declared the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ademola Adeleke, as the winner of the poll.

The tribunal, in its ruling, declared the Osun governorship election re-run illegal.

It stated that the exercise was borne out of an illegal cancellation of results in the polling units during the September 22, 2018 original poll.

The Returning Officers who declared the results cancelled, according to the Tribunal, lakced the power to do it.

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Osun Police Command To Arraign Electoral Offenders

The Osun State Police command has arrested four persons during the State Assembly election held last Saturday.

The Public Relations Officer of the command, Mrs Folasade Odoro who confirmed the development said the suspects were arrested for various electoral offences.

The police spokesperson refused to give further details of the suspects, saying releasing such may affect investigation.

she however gave the assurance that those arrested would soon be arraigned before court.

There were reported cases of disruption of election process in some parts of the state including Ipetu Ijesa in Oriade Local government and Ilaje in Ilesa West local government on Saturday. 

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Remembering Bola Ige, By Abiodun Komolafe

Ethno-religious leanings or socio-political ideology notwithstanding, it is almost improbable for any society to underestimate the contributions of some people to the emancipation of its people and the realization of the dream of its founding fathers.

For instance, America will forever remain grateful to the likes of Martin Waldseemuller, Stephen Moylan, George Washington and Martin Luther King Jnr. for their contributions, one way or the other, to the realization of the American dream as a land of equal opportunity for all. In like manner, China’s economy wouldn’t have become “the fastest sustained expansion by a major economy in history” to the extent of having “lifted more than 800 million people out of poverty” but for the political sagacity and economic ingenuity of leaders like Chairman Mao Zedong and Den Xiaoping.

In a word, the world owes Winston Churchill, Pope John Paul II, Nelson Mandela, Ayatollah Khomeini and others a debt of gratitude for their efforts at leaving the world better than they met it. Here in Nigeria, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, and Ahmadu Bello, among others, have left their marks in the sand of time and one is not in doubt of their place in world history.

Among such great Nigerians who have also etched their names in gold is the late Bola Ige. Ige was a poet, novelist, writer, founding member of Afenifere socio-cultural group and devoted Christian. He was a multi-lingual, gifted orator who did so much to promote socio-cultural integration and the Yoruba Agenda. A deep thinker and an irrepressible crusader for the Common Good, he was once the Secretary of the youth wing of the defunct Action Group (AG) and he eventually rose to the peak of the Party hierarchy. Amid the uncertainties of life, the ‘Cicero of Esa-Oke’ walked in integrity and in the beauty of democracy.

A prominent lawyer, once described as the luminary SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria), Ige was former Commissioner of Agriculture in the defunct Western Region of Nigeria. He was also the governor of the old Oyo State between 1979 and 1983. In 1999, he sought the nomination of the now-rested Alliance for Democracy (AD) as a presidential candidate but the rest, as they say, is history. Bloodied but unbowed, the Afenifere chieftain was later appointed, first, as Nigeria’s Minister of Power and Steel; thereafter, Attorney General and Minister of Justice. In fact, Ige was the African Representative designate to the United Nations International Law Commission before death struck on December 23, 2001.

For us in Nigeria, Ige proudly stands in the class of John Kennedy, George Bush and, perhaps, Bill Clinton, whose politics have in no small measure electrified America. Rather than accumulate instant wealth and sudden fortune, his legacy lies in the ‘Four Cardinal Programmes’ as espoused in the manifesto of the-then Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). Among those things he introduced that would live forever in the hearts of the people was how he democratized the education space. It is a fact of life that, without his intervention, many people might not have gone to school. And, because they were educated, majority of them are now in the top echelon of the appurtenances of power, contributing their quota to nation-building. It is also interesting to note that, like John, Bola’s assassination “precipitated a national nervous breakdown” and fatalistic sense of futility.

Well, Nigerians must be alert to the fact that remembering Ige is not all about naming places or monuments after him. Of course, there are perhaps enough of that! In my view, it’s time we started dealing with the socio-psychological underpinning values of monuments, which is the celebration of humanity, not mere ‘monuments’, the glory of which is likely going to fade away or perish with time. Instead, what we need now is the internalization of humanity institutional monuments, which deal with humans in the heart of hearts of people.

Till date, the world looks at America’s premier political dynasty, whose politics “inspired the idealism of the Sixties”;  and the Bush-Davis-Walker family, which included two presidents, two first ladies, a state governor and a senator, with immense admiration. In the 1960s, Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham had a rare privilege of understudying Kennedy’s case while on internship at the White House. It is perhaps the realization that a typical society has its own institutional pattern that motivated the future Clintons to remain in the Democratic Party. Even, Barrack Obama could not afford to sidetrack “the last of the Kennedys” in his quest for America’s 1st Citizen. Today, America’s 42nd and 44th presidents are better for it! But I doubt if a 10-year-old Nigerian will not ask if a titan like Awolowo ever passed through this land. No thanks to the removal of History from the school curriculum.

With regard to natural expectations, democracy finds full expression in being a political system of competition for power. But then, why can’t the children of Nigeria’s heroes past ride on the wave that has been created by their heroic parents? This brings me to the tricky question of ‘political recruitment’ and ‘leadership mentoring’ patterns in Nigeria. For example, Muyiwa (Ige’s son) has no reason to be struggling for a place in Nigeria’s power ladder with persons of lesser political pedigree; not even within Uncle Bola’s locality. Unfortunately, ours is a country where warped systems prevail!  The tragedy of leadership in this part of the world is that, for the strangest of reasons, political neophytes and clumsy characters, whose penchant for transactional politics, political entrepreneurship and manipulation of passions knows no bounds, just emerge as ‘leaders’ and foist themselves on the people. But all that must change in order to encourage future generations! Needless to repeat that the younger Ige has the name, qualification, experience, reputation and the pedigree which eminently qualify him to, as it were, step into his father’s shoes! The more reason he and others in his shoes must be encouraged wherever and whenever they show interest in politics because they have a name to protect.Top of Form

May the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, grant us peace in Nigeria!

*KOMOLAFE writes in from Ijebu-Jesa, State of Osun, Nigeria (ijebujesa@yahoo.co.uk)

abiodun KOMOLAFE,

O20, Okenisa Street,

PO Box 153,

Ijebu-Jesa, State of Osun.

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2019: Atiku Vows To Give Women 30% If Elected

Presidential candidate of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has promised to give women 30 per cent of the positions in his government if given the mandate.

Atiku stated this at a presidential campaign rally at Freedom Square, Osogbo, in Osun State.

According to him, the current administration has failed the country in the area of security, a situation he vowed to correct if elected.

He further urged the people of the state to vote for all PDP candidates in the forthcoming elections and defend their votes.

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Oyetola Will Surely Deliver; But…. By Abiodun Komolafe

I have had the privilege of reading Gboyega Oyetola’s Inaugural Speech as Governor of Osun and I can confirm that he meant well for dear state.

In the well-crafted speech, Oyetola promised to run “a people-friendly government which focuses on growth, creation of jobs, social protection, inclusive governance and sustainable upgrade in the standard of living of our people.” He assured Osun workers of their welfare, prompt payment and prioritization of their salaries and pensions “bearing in mind the financial inflow of the state.”

A healthy state is a wealthy state! While vowing to “build on the progress already achieved by past leaders as “the defining hallmark of” his “intervention in governance”, Oyetola also promised a participatory administration that would “promote equitable and value-based developmental education that emphasizes competence and character.”

Kudos for a well-written Address which input, in no small way, did reflect the personality traits of the governor! As good instinct would have it, the governor did not parrot the speech. Rather, it was a speech that was written for; and by him.

Lots of promises and lots of expectations! But, can Oyetola deliver on these lofty aims and ideas? He surely can and will deliver; going by his educational attainments and professional background, I have no doubt in my mind that he is eminently qualified to lead the state from where it is to where it ought to be. The governor is not a novice; he can handle and deliver. Also standing in his favour is his untainted grassroots pedigree, one whose dignified mien and capacity to freely hold conversations with the people, irrespective of their political status or racial inclinations is not in doubt.

Talk about religious piety, Oyetola is an unpretentious Muslim who has managerial skills and an interpretive understanding of social relations. Though a time-tested administrator who will never suffer fools gladly, he has an amiable comportment, not a garrulous physique that has the capacity to intimidate or scare people of other, even similar, religious inclinations. Besides, he is one good manager of people who understands the politics of the Board as well as the nitty gritty of the intrigues of human management. So, he has what it takes to excel. Above all, he is a successful family man who, in all modesty, is conveniently comfortable.

However, it is a statement of fact that the technology of politics is riddled with tales: some fairy, some real; and its path is strewn with thistles and thorns: some, intentional; some, conspiratorial; others, deliberate. Facing the reality of our time, this is where the governor’s creative ingenuity comes to play. After all, in a democracy, the process bears more weight and it’s as such more valued than the outcome.

First is the issue of praise-singers whose partisan concerns are only meant to satiate the saintliness of the time and wandering heroes who embellish fake and false narratives just to draw unmerited attention and curry favour. Oyetola needs to dine with these sets of people with the proverbial long spoon for his administration to make any meaningful impact. This step will not only allow the benefits of public programs to reach their target recipients, it will also help to improve on the allied ancillary issues that have for long been threatening our communal togetherness.

Broadly speaking, this is an age when ‘mere talk’ is no longer fruitful. In line with the distinctiveness and the diversity of opinions therefore, the governor also needs to nurture a cosmopolitan worldview on volatile religious and allied issues because, whatever the governor says or does, Nigerians will surely ascribe meanings, which, if not properly handled, may put his government in precarious situations.

Oyetola needs to be proactive, independent-minded and firm, especially, on issues that are capable of catalyzing investment decisions and energizing the economy of the state. I have argued in some of my previous interventions that one major challenge of our Nigerianness is the collapse of feedback and reward system. In my considered opinion therefore, the governor should create a Feedback Department and put certain sets of responsible government officials in charge to handle feedback.

For instance, I have always wondered why a ruling party that has done so much to uplift the welfare of the people could be searching for less than 1000 votes on September 22, 2018. Of course, the more reason trailblazing programmes like ‘Ogbeni Till Daybreak’, which, on a good day, ought to have predicted the direction of the election before the party in power almost lost the plot, should be reviewed and re-energized with a view to serving the purpose for which they were originally conceptualized.

In politics, professional hawks and sycophantic hangers-on, who are always motivated by personal greed to rattle the government for attention, will always ply their trade but it is the duty of the governor to consistently demonstrate leadership by compassionate and inspiring example.

Let me state here that money, said to be the wheel of the gospel has also been identified as the root of all evil. Thus, Oyetola will be doing posterity the greatest good if he can avoid throwing money at problems. For example, a community in need of, say, ten boreholes, will get better values for their request if those boreholes are sunk – and are seen to have been sunk – unlike when huge sums of money are given to some faceless, dishonourable leaders in whose pockets such monies usually find a haven.

Last but not the least is the troubling issue of entitlement seeking. In my view, this dangerous and unprofitable razzmatazz must not find a space in Oyetola’s government. Truth be told, there are ‘Agba Osun’ and there are ‘Agba Osun.’ While the former refers to those “highly vulnerable seniors who lack guardian support”, the latter comprises the cult of rapacious ten per centers, the 10-for-10 kobo elite, none other than a tiny section of the electorate who prefer commercial prosperity to political liberty and latter-day democrats whose primary constituency is their pocket.

May the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, grant us peace in Osun!

*KOMOLAFE writes in from Ijebu-Jesa, Osun State, Nigeria (ijebujesa@yahoo.co.uk)


abiodun KOMOLAFE,

O20, Okenisa Street,

PO Box 153,

Ijebu-Jesa, State of Osun.



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Osun Gov Oyetola Inaugurates Six-Man Committee To Revitalise Health Sector

Executive Governor of Osun State, Gboyega Oyetola, on Thursday, inaugurated a six-man committee to oversee the activities of the health sector in the state.

The committee christened ‘State of Osun Special Health Intervention and Revitalisation’, is expected to review the state of the sector for efficient and effective healthcare delivery.

According to the governor, the committee would leverage on the quick rehabilitation and revitalisation of 332 primary healthcare centres across the state.

The governor said the rehabilitation and revitalisation process would be run under the auspices of the Ministry of Health which would champion the success of the initiative.

“This is a reflection of our commitment to ensure a free healthcare delivery at the primary and secondary levels.

“It shows that we take health sector seriously and that we are paying a serious attention to the health sector.

“This is to show that we have health as one of the critical sectors to be improved upon within 100 days ?of our administration.

“Apart from the fact that this state had recorded a huge success in building infrastructure in all sectors, we are going to maintain the tempo of development in the health sector and ensure that they are fully revitalised.

“So, when we talk about revitalisation, it is not about making the hospital beautiful, but it also entails the provision of drugs, personnel and making sure that the infrastructure is good”, he added.

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SRJ 2019: Determination Remains Unshakable – Media Team

The entire media team of the amiable Dr. Surajudeen Basiru Ajibola, by sobriquet, SRJ, has described him, as diligent, determined, and quite energetic, to represent Osun Central at the senate, come, 2019.

This unarguable proclamation is borne out of the unceasing visitations of Dr. Basiru Ajibola to the local governments within the jurisdiction of Osun Central.

The visitation has commenced from a very long time, and there have been endorsements by party leaders, Party excos, and all recognised and dignitaries from the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Dr. Basiru Ajibola is symbolised with willpower, resoluteness, and resilient. His qualifications; Academically, Constitutionally, Morally, and Intellectually, is second to none in the race.

There have been continuous consultation with constituents, and part of the pacts he has with Osun Central, include, but, not limited to; sponsorship of beneficial bills, establishment of skills and vocational training centres across Osun Central Senatorial District, annual employability/career training/ job fair for graduates in the Senatorial District to ensure that graduates are not just qualified but employable.

Indeed, at this juncture, it is safe to conclude that Dr. Basiru Ajibola’s determination to take Osun Central to an enviable height remains Unshakable!

– Afolabi Abdulmalik O.

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2019: Osun Central Senatorial Candidate Ajibola Basiru Visits Bisi Akande, Receives Endorsement

A Former governor of the State of Osun and leader of All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Bisi Akande received in his country home today, the Osun Central Senatorial District flag bearer of APC, Dr Ajibola Basiru.

Dr Basiru who was on a visit to the national chieftain of APC in continuation of his campaign tour of the central senatorial district paid glowing tributes to Baba Akande for the fatherly roles he has been playing in the affairs of the party since its inception in the year 2014.

The immediate past Attorney General and the Commissioner for Justice in the state used the opportunity of the visit to explain his manifesto to Baba Akande.

The Octogenarian-politican lauded Ajibola Basiru for the lofty programs he has for the people of the district.He assured Ajibola of his unwavering support during and after the election.

The former governor of osun state gave insights on how to promote synergy between various organs of the party in order to give it a good outing at the upcoming elections

Others people with Baba Akande at his residence in Ila-Orangun during the visit were Engr. Sola Akinwumi, and Hon Fakaye Olufemi.

Earlier,in continuation of his efforts to reach the nooks and crannies of osun central senatorial district, senatorial candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) in the 2019 general elections Dr. Ajibola Basiru, paid visitations to Baales of communities in Ifedayo local government comprising Alagbede, Ayegun, Oyeadunni, Oyi – Aratumi, Elemo-Ogun, Olotu, Isinmi-Enle, Ajebandele, Olotu and several others.

At the gatherings, Dr. Ajibola Basiru expressed gratitude for the massive supports people of Ifedayo local government gave APC during gubernatorial elections held in the state.

He also unveiled plans to bring significant federal presence to the local government in a bid improve socio- economic activities of the community dwellers.

Speaking on behalf of other Baales, Alhaji Jimoh Adebisi Pidan stated the resolve of people in the villages and communities to vote for Dr. Ajibola Basiru at the upcoming polls. While describing the APC as a truly progressive party, he listed numerous infrastructural projects completed in the local government including access roads which have given farmers in the area quicker access to market thus raising their productivity.

Highlight of the tour was the visitation made to Oke-Ila Government High school in Ifedayo local government where education materials including exercise books and other writing materials were distributed to students of the school.

The Director General of Ajibola Basiru Campaign Organisation ABCO,Hon. Olaide Ajibola, admonished students of the school to exude good behavior and show positive attitudes to learning.

While speaking on behalf of the elated students and staff, the principal of the school expressed profound gratitude to ABCO for the gestures. He lauded the numerous strides in the educational sector recorded by the All Progressives Congress government in the state of Osun.

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Gboyega Oyetola Sworn In As 5th Governor Of Osun State

Mr. Gboyega Isiaka Oyetola, on Tuesday took oath of office as the 5th executive governor of Osun state, for a four year term.

His predecessor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and the newly sworn-in governor, are members of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressives Party (APC).

The swearing in ceremony which took place at the Osogbo Township Stadium, had in attendance former Governor and national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, his wife, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, Chief Bisi Akande, and other dignitaries.

Recall that Governor Oyetola was declared governor-elect after winning with the smallest margin ever in Nigeria’s governorship elections, defeating the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Senator Ademola Adeleke, in a run-off with 482 votes.

Oyetola’s early years, Education and Career
Oyetola was born in Iragbiji in Boripe LGA of Osun State on 29 September 1954. He went to Ifeoluwa Grammar School in Osogbo for his secondary education which he completed in 1972.
He was a graduate of University of Lagos and had a B.Sc (Hons) Insurance in 1978 and MBA in Finance in 1990. He is also an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute, London and Nigeria and a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management.
He started his Insurance Career with Leadway Assurance Company after his NYSC in Maiduguri in 1980 as an Assistant Manager and rose to the position of Area Manager, Control Office, Lagos. He worked at Crusader Insurance as Underwriting Manager, Corporate Alliance Insurance as Controller Technical before he left to set up Silvertrust Insurance Brokers in 1990.
He was on the Board of many companies. He was the Executive Vice Chairman of Paragon Group of Companies with interest in Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Stock Broking etc. until his appointment as the Chief of Staff to the Governor of the State of Osun.
He is happily married and has children.
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Police Arraign Pastor For Alleged Rape Of Minor

A 55-year-old Pastor, Adeyemo Samuel has been arraigned at the Federal High Court, Osogbo, for allegedly having canal knowledge of a minor.

The accused was alleged to have had sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old girl who was kept with him in his Church.

According to the charge sheet read in the court, the accused committed the purported crime at Ajanaku Street, Gbongan, in Ayedaade local government area of Osun state.

He was alleged to have forcefully had intercourse with the girl for two years, and thereby committed an offence contrary to the law.

The accused person pleaded not guilty to the charge of rape preferred against him.

He explained that the girl had been living with him for a long time saying the mother of the girl brought her to him since she was in primary six and her parents were in the village.

He explained that she along other young people were with him in the Church and was responsible for her education, but later confirmed she was not always in school whenever she left home for that purpose.

Counsel to the accused, Mr. Abiodun Adebiyi, urged the court to grant his client bail, promising that he would stand his trial.

Justice Maurine Onyetenu, granted the accused person bail in the sum of N20million with two sureties in like sum.

She said one of the sureties must be a civil servant of not less than level 14 and the sureties should submit their bank account to the court.

The court adjourned the matter to November 19 for hearing.

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Osun Guber And The Days Ahead, By Abiodun Komolafe

Again, Osun governorship election has come and gone with its attendant bliss and despair. A winner has emerged while losers have either cheered themselves with courage or looked in the direction of enriching Nigeria’s jurisprudence. While one may wish to laugh at the contenders, even yell at the pretenders over the confusion to which they subjected Nigerians while the process lasted, that a tribe of the Pharisees have been feasting on this important chapter in our history to misinform an unsuspecting public is, to say the least, demeaning.

In fairness to reality, Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s major ‘mistake’ was his desire to bring Lagos to Osun without realizing that Osun didn’t have what it takes to be (like) Lagos. Added to this was the salary dilemma which struck the state like an epidemic somewhere along the line. Unfortunately, more than 18 states are still caught in the web, even as we speak. In the face of these challenges however, Osun has thrown up some significant posers that may be a subject of debate for some time to come.

For instance, beyond the points of law and allied arguments being raised in some quarters, it is within the jurisdiction of conventional wisdom to interrogate the circumstances that led Nigerians into becoming unlucky victims of a process that almost handed Osun’s destiny back to political misfits whose adventure in power would have limited the people’s capacity to think for the next four years.

I have told those who delight in accusing the electorate of “not appreciating performance” that, unlike acceptable democratic norms, elections here are contests – somehow stern, sometimes tedious. So, to have expected the loser on September 27, 2018 to “be honourable in losing” would have amounted to expecting the sun to rise from the West.

But then, how did we find ourselves at this messy pass, where educational accomplishments are no longer appreciated for an office as important as that of a governor? Was it the fault of the Aregbesola-led government for ‘not putting food on the table of the electorate’ or that of a tiny section of the electorate for being selfishly interested in mortgaging its future for a pot of porridge?

Political leaders who lack the capacity to understand the essence of education are bound to be absentminded when issues of growing the economy in the right direction, combating unemployment, getting infrastructure development right, and checking ‘condition-driven’ urban migration come to the fore. Good that the electorate opted for a candidate whose credentials were impeccable and, his word, his bond. Otherwise, a “dance to Osun Government House” by a particular candidate would have made a mess of our education while working harder in life would henceforth have meant nothing.

A lot of our youth would have by this unbargained-for victory become disenchanted and the state would have been preparing for a government by proxy as the flag-bearer in question lacks the capacity to govern a state as socio-economically sophisticated as Osun. Above all, our scarce resources would have been preparing for an unenviable journey into the hungry, private pockets of a mendacious cabal – mere men with narrow loyalty to the ‘Land of Virtue.’

Unarguably, Osun provides a rich opportunity for the party at the centre to rediscover itself, preparatory to next year’s General Elections. Without being immodest, events in the last few weeks have forced rational thinkers to conclude that, unless the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is prepared to rise to the occasion, Osun may repeat itself, even in a more ferocious form in 2019.

For obvious reasons, the gang-up against the ruling party is real and, from the look of things, the contest is most likely to be tense. Essentially therefore, it’s time the story of party politics changed for the better if APC must be taken seriously by Nigerians. From the experience in Osun, fact is that Alli Baba and the Forty Thieves who are bent on returning Nigeria back to Egypt are sinisterly scheming to truncate and disrupt a process already on its way to the Promised Land. Needless to repeat that APC has to change its strategy and fine-tune tactics in order to smile convincingly next year!

As we all know, the  most  comfortable  and  realistic  duty  of  anyone  desirous  of developing patriotism  is  to read between  the  lines  of  history. A friend once wrote that if the Aregbesola-led administration had achieved 5% of what the major opposition party in Osun launched against it in terms of propaganda, the story would at least have changed. I also share this sentiment!

While my comments on this objective observation are issues for another day, I make bold to say that a strategy that underestimated the influence of Isiaka Adeleke, among other considerations, in the recently-concluded election was a costly mistake that must not be repeated in the build-up to February 2019. Already, there are embarrassing allegations of compromise by some of the ad hoc staff recruited for the Osun election. This is in addition to other unpleasant infractions like vote-buying, over-voting, ballot box snatching and betrayal of trust on the part of some of the security agents deployed for the exercise. These disturbing trends are not likely to give way, except some steps are taken, lawfully, to address the situation.

Again, while the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration’s efforts at stabilizing the economy have not gone unnoticed, it still needs to do more on the herders’ insurgency which has now overtaken Boko Haram terrorism as Nigeria’s greatest security threat. Olusegun Obasanjo’s distractions notwithstanding, it is also not too late for this administration to compliment ‘greening’ of the street with some ‘greening’ of the stomach, especially now that it’s only corruption that is “fighting back.” In my view, allowing poverty to partake of the ‘fight-back’ may be too heavy a burden for Nigerians to bear.

Yes, the days ahead promise to be very interesting! Therefore, time to act is now! Strangely enough, those who had hoped to bank on the advantage of age to deceive Nigerians have with the emergence of Atiku Abubakar fallen victim to the awkward narrative usually associated with political adventurism in this part of the world.

May the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace in Nigeria!

*KOMOLAFE writes in from Ijebu-Jesa, State of Osun, Nigeria (ijebujesa@yahoo.co.uk)

abiodun KOMOLAFE,

O20, Okenisa Street,

PO Box 153,

Ijebu-Jesa, State of Osun.



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