NEMA Discovers 22 Boko Haram Members Among Nigerians Deported From Cameroon

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has discovered 22 Boko Haram members among Nigerians deported from Cameroon who were put at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Mubi, Adamawa.

Mr Muhammad Sani Sidi, Director-General of NEMA, disclosed this at the 18th Safe Schools Initiative Technical Committee meeting on Thursday in Abuja.

Sidi stated that the Boko Haram members were identified with a peculiar mark on their backs amongst the 12,000 Nigerians deported from Cameroon put in IDPs camp in Mubi.

He added that 90 per cent of the deported persons were from Borno.

“The Cameroonian government dumped 12,000 Nigerians at Mubi and we had to move them to transit camps and even open more camps to accommodate them.

“Ninety per cent of these returnees are from Borno with a lot of Boko Haram elements among them.

“We arrested 22 of them yesterday who were actually planning an attack, they were identified with a mark inscribed on their backs with hot iron in form of tattoos.

“The mark on their backs indicates that they are ready to die,’’ Sidi said.

He said there were 23 residential camps in Borno and that the state government planned to open more as the number of displaced persons was increasing.

On the safe school initiative, Sidi commended the Adamawa team for recruiting 71 teachers to scale up education in IDP camps.

He urged other State Governors in the North-East to show commitment that safety and security of students were guaranteed before the team could rebuild the schools that were destroyed by insurgency.

In his address, Mr Baba Kalli, Desk Officer, Safe School Initiative from Borno, said that almost all the schools in Borno had been occupied by IDPs.

Kalli said that NEMA had taken over the catering for 23 camps but that the problem persisted as population of the IDPs kept increasing.

He solicited for more assistance for all Borno indigenes while thanking all their donor agencies for their assistance, so far.

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What Are The Sins Of Homeless Nigerians – The IDPS By Boluwatife Adekunle

It’s one of such days where it would seem the writer of this article woke up to a rather sobering morning. I couldn’t help but ask again the very question I am sure many concerned Nigerians home and abroad have asked on numerous occasions.  And naturally it’s almost sounding like rhetoric. Nonetheless, I believe as a people we must continue to scream and overwork our voice until the deaf finally get the message.

I understand several NGOs as well as media houses have been ringing bell on the welfare of IDPs hanging on for life in many camps across the nation especially in the north eastern part of the country a region literarily deemed as theatre of war. How we arrived here is no longer a popular question as it is widely accepted to be the failure of successive governments to tackle head-on the menace called Boko Haram.

The terrorist sect was in 2002 birthed like wild beast that waited seven years later to be monstrous and since 2009 till date it has been bloodshed upon bloodshed. They’ve carried out the most heinous crime in human history and given our dear country a name we’ve never been known for.

An average westerner or foreigner as the case may be would long before the emergence of Boko Haram called Nigerians all series of names; scammers, schemers, liars, 419s but never would they address or call them terrorists. Reality is telling a different story today but the fact remains that the long run of sad events in North east is definitely “Un-Nigerian” and this foreign veil that is fast overshadowing our heritage, the tolerating nature of our people would by divine intervention be dragged down and flung straight to pit of hell. Terrorism will not define us. We are a people rich in culture, loving and accommodating.

Many patriotic Nigerians never cease to hit at full volume issues involving IDPs, what I found baffling is the worsen state of things, it would seem the more we bring the plights of IDPs to fore the more deteriorating their situation become, their well-being is abysmal. The environment and physical shape of camps is complete eyesore. It’s far worsening than the conditions of Africans on slave ships that were transported to the Americas, over 15 million of them between 1540 and 1850.

It is unfortunate to see before our eyes compatriots been catered for in manner similar to events of 16th century and this inhumane treatment goes on unabated whilst the appropriate authorities to check mate the activities of NEMA keep mum or simply look away.

We need not be reminded that these vulnerable Nigerians are in this quagmire owning to no fault of theirs – I sometimes wonder what would be the fate of foreigners should the situation in our hands a case of people fleeing from war outside our shores or simply put refugees or asylum seekers. It is unimaginable what their destiny would be if we could be unsympathetic to our own people.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that in the course of battling management crisis of IDPs there are overwhelming figures been thrown around and if these billions of naira is anything to hold forth, then its physical representation on various camps across the land is far cry from reality.

In as much as this episode might not necessarily be a case of mismanagement or otherwise, on the other hand I couldn’t bring myself to accept that some people could be enriching themselves from the fallout of funds meant to enhance the living condition of internally displaced persons in the country. It is callous, inhuman and devilish.

There are also allegations of nefarious activities within IDPs camps, ranging from human trafficking to physical abuse, sexual harassment, rape and so forth. Also, in the absence of data management, human ritual bands are alleged to be having field day picking victims at will. IDPs in Nigeria are molested, assaulted, mistreated, they’re physically abused, victimized and mishandled –one could not but ask this disturbing question, what are the sins of internally displaced persons?

Couple of days back, reports on forced relocation of IDPs from Christian home for the needy in Edo State were all over our screens. I must emphasize the point that visuals of ensuing drama following the announcement were heart-rending, it was emotional scenery for me and I hope such insensitive decision never reoccurs or see the light of the day ever again.

However, there was an unexpected comment from a victim in the camp, a young man whom I presume to be in his early twenties (maybe 20, 21). He said in an interview and I quote…

“…If we are one Nigeria, is Edo State not in Nigeria, so Edo State is in Nigeria but they say, they should carry us to north is it because that we have come from north and me as a citizen now or all of us here as citizens, we have freedom of movement we can go everywhere in Nigeria, to come to Edo State is not matter of visa because we are all citizens of Nigeria…”

Why it is that internally displaced persons are treated as second class citizens in their homeland?

Here are my immediate and long term solutions on the matter.

Turkish’s Policy

Turkey currently harbours high figure of refugees from Syrian, Afghans and Iraqis over 1.5million and it is expected to rise to 1.9million by the end of the year [according to UNHCR].

In the short term –Federal government should as a matter of urgency constitute and send a committee to Republic of Turkey to borrow a leaf from Turkish government on management and handling of Refugees and asylum seekers in Izmir and other parts of the Eurasian country. Their protection measures and access to public services could be worthy of emulation.

New North East

The long term measures present rapid reconstruction and redevelopment of North East, therefore Federal government must give utmost attention to the –economically most backward and less developed region in the country. To achieve this in not too long a time would require huge deployment of resources, man power and devotion.

State governments should endeavour to come up with programs that would address the needs of IDPs in their respective states. If the 36 states of federation could design plans to welcome and cater for IDPs in their domains, I have no doubt in my mind that it would go a long way in solving the many challenges of IDPs in our land.

Boluwatife Adekunle


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VIDEO: Nigerians Should Appreciate Jonathan Even If He Stole All The Money — Bishop Kukah

The Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rev. FR. And member of the National Peace Committee, Mathew Kukah says that Nigerians should be appreciative of what former President Goodluck Jonathan did, even if he stole all the money in the world.

The Reverend Father spoke in an interview with Channels TV the video of which is presented below in three parts.

The particular statement Bishop Kukah can be seen on the second video.




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IT Firm Denies Receiving N78 Million For Fashola’s Website, As Nigerians

The IT firm named by the Lagos State procurement office as receiving N78 million for the upgrade of former Governor Babatunde Fashola’s personal website, has denied being paid the amount.

Info Access Plus Limited said its quotation for the job was N12.5 million, and that the state eventually spent N10 million.

The figure contradicts details released by the Lagos State procurement office, first reported by the budget analytic firm, BudgiT.

The listing shows N78 million was spent on the website.

Curiously, for a company that specialises on building and upgrading websites, a Google search for Info Access Plus, revealed that Info Access Plus Limited has no website of its own.

According to information technology experts,, created by the firm for the former governor, is a WordPress website and an upgrade could not have cost more than N300, 000.

The news of the expenditure has elicited outrage from Nigerians, with many using their social media accounts to lambast Mr. Fashola, widely seen as one of few upright politicians who could be given a cabinet position by President Mohammadu Buhari.

Mr. Fashola’s spokesperson, Hakeem Bello, did not respond to PREMIUM TIMES’ request for comment.

In its reaction, the IT firm, Info Access Plus Limited, questioned the motive of the procurement office in releasing details of the spending.

The firm also denied that the website was for Mr. Fashola as an individual, saying it was for the “governor of Lagos State.”

It also denied receiving N78 million for the job, yet, the firm compared the website with other internet products delivered at millions and even billions of dollars.

Read the statement below:

Our attention is drawn to the twitter campaign alleging that the Lagos State Government (LASG), led by His Excellency, Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN spent Seventy Eight Million Naira (N78M) to upgrade the web site, a site dedicated to giving citizens unfettered access to the Governor’s daily activities and open access to information. It is imperative to state here that, the website in question is not Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola’s personal website but an official website which reports and documents his official activities as a way of socially accounting for his stewardship to the people of Lagos State. This initiative of having an official website for the Governor was to build on the earlier commitment to open access which saw Governor Fashola being the first serving governor to publish his telephone number on the pages of newspapers. As pressure mounted on that number, the website and all of its social media handles became alternative platforms for people to directly engage with their elected governor.

While we do not hold brief for the Lagos State Government, the selective loading of contracts awarded and executed by the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency is itself suspect and aimed at a pre-determined end. The statement of the Contract Line Item and the cost ascribed on the website of the agency are therefore misleading and mischievous.

For avoidance of doubt, we are by this medium therefore laying bare the facts for the public:


The former Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, set out to streamline easy access to himself, while in office and to document his activities for the citizens.

From 2008 and up till May 29, 2015, the web site has processed thousands of press releases/speeches, more than 6 million pictures, thousands of videos to generate world class, content-rich online information collaterals for the former Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN.

The same web site provides great opportunities for the Lagos State Government, as it collates all activities of the Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, and his government during his two terms.

What Did LASG Get For the alleged “N78M”?

  • N12.5m was quoted for the upgrade of the web site, which includes complete re-design of all the hundreds of page templates. Meanwhile, the LASG spent less than N10m on this and not N78M being bandied on the social around.
  • Info Access Plus Limited will provide free technical support for the entire life cycle of the web site.
  • Info Access Plus Limited will manage the contents of the site, which consist of press releases, speeches, photos, videos, etc for one year.
  • Info Access Plus Limited developed and managed the first and only web-based 1-year Countdown Clock to May 29, 2015 on a 24-hourly basis off the back of this same service cost for a period of 1 year from 2014 to May 29, 2015.
  • Info Access Plus Limited developed mobile apps for the top four platforms, namely Apple iOS, Google Play, Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry World off the back of this same service cost.
  • Info Access Plus Limited will provide free technical support throughout the life cycles of all these mobile apps also off the back of this same service cost.

For the Records

  • In addition, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, personally paid for the web site, even when he was the Lagos State Governor. He felt that is the online presence of his Non-Governmental Organization, BRF Organization. Again, we state for the records, that the website in question is the official website of the Governor of Lagos State and not Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola’s personal website as being disparagingly alleged by the campaigners.

Quality Software Development Takes Serious Effort, Time and Resources

Signed on Behalf of Info Access Plus Limited

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Omojuwa, Linda Ikeji, 10 Other Nigerians Named In Africa’s 50 Movers And Shakers

World-leading financial services company, Credit Suisse has named 12 Nigerians as part of its 50 Movers and Shakers on the continent.

“These 50 people personify modern Africa: entrepreneurs and artists, athletes, politicians and activists,” Credit Suisse said in a report.

Popular bloggers Linda Ikeji and Japhet Omojuwa made the list that had Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka and Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote and serial entrepreneur Tony Elumelu.

Other notable Nigerians on the list are Mo Abudu, Chimamanda Adichie, Davido, Raji Fashola, Genevieve Nnaji, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Michael Akindele.

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Forgery of Senate Standing Order is a desperate attempt to cheat Nigerians – APC UK

Commenting on today’s news that rules used for the election of both Senate and deputy senate President were forged, APC UK , who campaigned vigorously for change during the 2015 Nigerian election released a statement saying:

“A report states that Rule 3, as contained on page four of the Standing Order, which has to do with the election of presiding officers, had shown that it is different from the 2011 Senate Order.

The document released by the Sunday Punch detailed allegation of the extent at which “parts of the 2015 Senate Orders were different from the one ratified by the 6th Senate in 2010, which was used by the 7th Senate Standing Orders 2011.

APC UK believes that this is a desperate attempt to cheat the Nigerian people. The President must direct his Inspector-General of Police to arrest those that are culpable and ensure that they face the full wrath of the law.

Adenike Lucas

Press Secretary

APC – UK Chapter.

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Why Nigerians MUst Support Buhari, By Yahaya Mohd usman

I am very mad now! Infact I have gone crazy to say the least,

Check this, the allegation of misappropriation of over $20 billion dollars by Diezani would make any one mad.

In a country where over 80% of the populace live below a dollar per day, hospitals cannot afford pain relievers, schools cannot afford chalks, no electricity, no portable drinking water, no fertilizer for farmers, nothing, nothing at all.

The roads are terribly bad, crime is high, mortality rate is high, live expectancy is low, poverty is ravaging.

Yet this woman who should be a role model becomes an icon of criminality in Nigeria. It is very unfortunate.

Only recently a very close friend of hers told me how a whooping one hundred million dollars was “stolen” from her by her house help.

The story still baffles me, this is how it went.

Diezani sought the assistance of a certain friend whose name starts with a “DO…”to assist her get a house help, the friend got the house help for her. One day “Do” came to the house help and ask the house help to get a certain box from diezani’s  room, the house got the box and then “Do” left with the box, and later gave the house help $5 million to leave the country. The house help who is so naive went to Dubai and spent the money extravagantly till a red flag was raised over him, on the expiration of his visa he couldn’t renew and he was deported back to Nigeria only to be arrested on arrival.

The house help told the authorities he was not a thief, “Do”  was then arrested too.

It was when they got to Diezani to write her statement and the source of the money that she recanted and denied knowledge of any missing money. That was how the sum of $ 100 million was carted away without trace from her.

That amount is just a pittance when compared to the total $ 20 billion  that is alleged to be have stolen, that is the picture, it tells the sorry situation Nigeria found herself under the Jonathan presidency. Not just Diezani but a lot of even  core change agents where part of the criminal Gang that raped Nigeria, one of such cases is that of Rotimi Ameachi who is been hounded by the Rivers state government for alleged pilferage of over #1 trillion, in Niger state, the case of #2.9 billion Is still fresh and not done with yet, Kano is still under scrutiny with reports of massive looting too! Sule Lamido has just been granted bail, El-Rufa’i still smells from the report of “# 90 billion Naira asset declaration”. The Halliburton $ 182 million bribery scandal is still there with name of several persons who today call themselves progressives, Atiku, Obasanjo, et al. Sambo Dasuki and co are under close watch for the trillions of Naira unaccounted security budget, the over $500 million dollars Boko Haram amnesty deal.

The subsidy crooks are still free and planing to perpetrate new schemes of stealing.

The NIMASA DG’s taking of over 1.2 billion for frivolities when his staff were been owed 4 months salary, which prompted dissolution of all boards by the president. The list I endless and the names are just too much.

It then becomes not surprising when  news report surfaced of 33 out of the 36 nominees for ministerial position failed the corruption screening, the looting of Nigeria carried out by people irrespective of tribe, party and or region or religion.

The only person Nigerians seem to have confidence in now is Buhari, and they are absolutely right.

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The Miracle Performing President Buhari That Impatient Nigerians Pine To See By Mu’awiyah Yusuf Muye

I can still recall distinctly Before, during and after elections, how most Buhari supporters were so apologetic for Buhari on why Nigerians need to be patient and understanding with PMB because apparently they realised the huge task ahead won’t be glossy at all. Fast forward to a month after hand over and some of these same people are already chastising him.

It is conceivable that Nigerians are avidly looking forward to the Change they fought for, for so long to come into fruition overnight, I personally would have loved to see this changes in his first week in office but then, they say “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a step”.

It’s so depressing to see Nigerians even the ones that were fervently apologetic for PMB Before election do a 360 and start castigating Him and writing him off already that he is incapable of handling the issue of the dreaded Boko Haram sect.

First and foremost let’s relax and ponder upon these questions

  • Does PMB care about North east and the rest of Nigeria?
  • is he capable of governing Nigeria as a nation, If not then who is?
  • is anybody capable of ending BH menace within a month? etc

The answers to these simple questions are obvious. PMB do care about Nigeria. Probably More than every single one of us.

Ofcourse he is capable of governing Nigeria, that was why we fought for him for so long to get there. He is what Nigeria needs.

Now the final and most important question I will leave to you the readers to answer by yourselves.

I want us all to meditate on the few questions above and arrive at our individual conclusions on why it will only be fair to be patient and understanding with PMB.

The new phrase in town now is “PMB is too slow”. People have suddenly forgotten how the outgoing government frustrated the transition committee by concealing documents and even refused to fully cooperate with them. Is any one of you surprised that they could desperately frustrate them in their quest to know the true state of the nation Before taking over? Will any guilty person hand over documents that can incriminate them due to their dirty dealings to the people they know will prosecute them?

It’s Nigerians prerogative to demand accountability, governance and security of lives and properties from their government but expecting it to happen in the blink of an eye? We should have elected Pastor TB Joshua as our president if we were expecting miracles to happen.

PMB never promised us he will end BH overnight. He made it clear to us Before he took over that we would have to be patient with him because things weren’t going to be facile.

We all feel the pain of the victims of this BH menace and we ourselves are walking victims in this country of ours, but do we have any other choice? It wasn’t like we had a better choice than PMB during the elections. We toiled day and night to arrive at the choice of PMB who was our best bet and we voted him against all odds to become our president, Do we honestly think those odds will let go easily without a fight?

Voting PMB as our commander in chief was the first step in this journey for change. The real journey has just begun. Nobody ever promised us it was going to be easy.

If at this point we feel he has failed or is failing us then we might as well bring back GEJ to continue with his job.

We are acting like the putrefaction and damage is in only one section of the system.

Every single part of the system is rotten. Security, economy, civil service, military, police, pension, aviation sector, judiciary, legislator, executive. To name a few. And the only cancer undermining these sectors is corruption, and it’s been eating it up for years and we expect everything to come to a standstill in a month?

Seems we have forgotten just yesterday when soldiers were complaining of how poorly equipped they were to face BH who are using the most sophisticated weapons available today, And some of them have to even go to the extent of helplessly abandoning their duty post due to that.

May be we want PMB to send them to face BH without weapons just like his predecessor GEJ did. In which case we will be weakening and undermining our military even more and then we will start rebuking him again of how he sent soldiers to the battlefield without proper weaponry. Seems some one can just never win with Nigerians.

Criticism is acceptable in every aspect of our lives. Constructive criticism that is. PMB’s government wouldn’t and shouldn’t be an exception, but it seems many of you are just in the business of who is first to criticize. Trying to outdo one another in finding fault where there is none and also Trying so hard to be seen as being distinguished from Jonathanians who never saw anything wrong in their hero but in that process making yourselves look silly.

People have even succeeded in categorizing themselves into different kind of critics

  • You have the ones that had to support PMB against their will to feel among during election but are now praying for him to fail so they can tell us “I told you so” i.e the fencists (The hypocrites)
  • You have the ” I most criticize so that people don’t see us as the same as Jonathanians ” set of people. ( The Intellecshuals )
  • You have the actual Jonathanians who by the way were expected to act this way. It’s no surprise at all. Those ones are actually praying day and night for PMB to fail for their satisfaction. ( The Naive, misguided and mischievous ones )

And finally we have the

  • Constructive Critics who criticize constructively without any evil motive behind it and put pressure on the government to act and sometimes recommend possible ways to help in their own little way ( The common sense revolutionaries )

The problem with most of us is we are just social media warriors who seat in the comfort of our homes to criticize everything and every decision our government make. We all can help one way or the other. If you are not in a position to help directly. Pray for those saddled with the task of reviving this comatose country.

And I say that because we have already entrusted our mandates to the best people available to us, it’s only right we give them time to clean up the mess their predecessors have been creating for the past 16 years, if not more.

We have also forgotten that the whole BH issue whether we like it or not have split into different forms. We have

The Real Boko Haram whose ideology comes from savages and cowards who hide behind Islam to perpetuate their satanic agendas.

The economic Boko haram who use the real Boko Haram as their means of business and makes billions of naira through it. Mind you, these kind of BH will never want the menace to end and will do everything possible to sabotage the effort of the government.

Not forgetting the conspiracy theories on the issue of boko haram which believe it or not is looking too real to be discarded.

Not forgetting saboteurs who will want to disrupt this government and see it fail in order to justify their previous incompetence.

I do know to some of you, some one like this writer might come off as having a double standard view since we raised our voices against the past government but keeping mum on the current one. But after one month in office, it is rather too early to start castigating this government. It’s not fun at all trying to defend this government and I don’t mean to sound like Jonathanians, but we need to give them more time and pray even more for our nation considering the level of damage done to the system .

We trusted PMB and my hope in him haven’t flickered. He wil come around soon.

It’s as if we are expecting every intelligent move made to curtail the activities of Boko Haram to be made public to us. Won’t that be amounting to taking one step forward and three steps backward? And I also know the presidential media team haven’t come around much but if we can think PMB is also not coming around, then we can also cut them some slack by understanding their present predicament. Ofcourse that’s not suggesting we shouldn’t criticize them.  We can keep the pressure on them to let them know we are not happy with the recent turn of events. But that doesn’t mean we should write them off this early.

Since 1999, no dispensation has witnessed crisis at take off like this administration, yet we have never been this hard on them like we are currently being to this government.

Do we take moments to ponder on how bad things have gotten? It’s so absurd for people to be concluding already like PMB doesn’t know what he is doing, that will be ridiculing our own efforts and judgement because obviously we elected them and we are already writing them off. That’s a a failure on our own part too.

I know security wise, things haven’t been glossy and security of lives and properties is the number one agenda on his plate right now but let’s look at what PMB has done in other aspects since his assumption of office and judge generally.

The president’s first duty was to move the military command centre to the north east and ordered the military chiefs to follow suit.

EFCC are suddenly awake from their coma.

The state governments are cutting cost and getting civil servant’s salary bailout from the FG.

Our refineries will soon be productive after so many years inactive.

We are gradually getting our respect back as the most important and respected country in africa.

Corrupt politicians and civil servants are having sleepless nights because they know a new sheriff is in town. Etc

Don’t let the naysayers mislead you into believing there haven’t been change since the new government took over mantle of leadership. I know we are used to our leaders failing us so much we are now allergy to failure but There have been tremendous improvement since this government took over.

It’s left for Nigerians to be patient enough to allow this change to gradually take its form.

In as much as we expect them to bring us the needed reforms, they also expect us to have a duty of being patient and understanding with them. Criticise all you want but do so with your senses not with your emotions.

God bless Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Mu’awiyah Yusuf Muye

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Fani-Kayode Denies Saying Nigerians Deserve Boko Haram, But What Does His Facebook Page Says? [Read]

Former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has refuted claims by an online magazine that he said Nigerians deserved the frequent attacks by Boko Haram insurgents.

Fani-Kayode in a statement by his Special Assistant, Jude Ndukwe, said that it is mischievous and malicious to attribute such statement to him, stressing that in the last few years, he has been one of the loudest and most strident voices against Boko Haram in the country.

Read full statement below:

”It has been brought to our attention that a popular Nigerian online magazine, has alleged that Chief Femi Fani-Kayode wrote the following words on his Facebook page- ”For rejecting Jonathan, Nigerians deserve Boko Haram”. This is false and, needless to say, Chief Fani-Kayode has never and would never say such a thing or harbor such a horrendous and heartless view.

For the last few years Chief Fani-Kayode has been one of the loudest and most strident voices against Boko Haram in Nigeria and he has continously and courageously condemned them. He has also continously expressed his grave concerns about the barbarity and sheer evil that they have unleashed on the Nigerian people and he has constantly expressed his condolences to and support for the families whose loved ones have been murdered by them over the years.
For the online magazine or anyone else to allege that Chief Fani-Kayode wrote that the Nigerian people ”deserve Boko Haram” under any circumstances is not just mischievous but it is also irresponsible and malicious. It is a wicked lie which is designed to endanger the life and reputation of Chief Fani-Kayode and to subject him to public odium, ridicule, outrage and opprobium.
We challenge anyone that doubts the veracity of our contention to go and read Chief Fani-Kayode’s write-up on his Facebook wall because it is still there. They should point out where President Jonathan’s name was mentioned and they should also point out where he wrote that ”Nigerians deserve Boko Haram”.

We urge our friends in the media to please check their sources properly before going to press and to quote people accurately. They should also treat such matters in a thoroughly honest and professional manner and with the greatest sensitivity. Since yesterday night we have been inundated with calls from concerned Nigerians about this fake headline and we have had to go to great lengths to set the record straight.
We appreciate the fact that the overwhelming majority of Nigerian media practitioners always adhere to the highest standards of ethics and practice but when things go wrong, for the sake of posterity, it is important to set the record straight. Thank you”

Meanwhile, this is a snap shot of what Fani-Kayode said in his facebook page.

The Facebook post in question

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Nigerians Deserve B’Haram Bombings For Rejecting Jonathan And Voting Buhari – Fani-Kayode

A former Aviation Minister, and spokesperson of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation in the 2015 general elections, Femi Fani-Kayode, has said that Nigerians deserves the recent in Buhari Haram attacks in the country.

Fani Kayode, who made the post on his facebook page, said Nigerians asked for the bombings by refusing to vote president Goodluck Jonathan for a second term, but instead voted in Muhammadu Buhari as president.

The remark was posted first on Monday, but was deleted before being re-posted on Tuesday.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said Mr. Buhari had always been sympathetic to Boko Haram.

According to him, “Anyone that honestly believed that a man who secretly shares the same vision and core principles of Boko Haram and who spent many years defending them can do anything but give them a free hand when he comes to power is living in cuckoo land.”

Nigeria has in the last two weeks witnessed an escalation of Boko Haram’s bloody campaign, with several suicide bomb and gun attacks targeting places of worship, communities and public places, killing hundreds of people.

The latest attack occurred early Tuesday at a local government office in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Twenty five people were killed when a suspected suicide bomber detonated an explosive where civil servants had gathered for data verification in the Sabon Gari area of Zaria.

About 400 Nigerians are estimated to have been killed by the sect in the last five weeks.

Mr. Fani-Kayode, who recently changed his name to Femi Olukayode, in celebration of his court victory in a corruption case, said he was not surprised with the recent bombings and killings.

“I am not surprised by the resurgence of Boko Haram and their new-found barbarity, courage and zeal,” he said.

He also said the cause of the Boko Haram sect may have been aided by the removal of military checkpoints in towns and along highways.

He said the Nigerian government is also transferring Boko Haram suspects to Prisons in the eastern part of the country in order to ”spread the word” adding that no less than 182 Boko Haram suspects were released on the president’s orders just a few days ago.

“Is all this just a coincidence or is something that is dark and sinister now afoot in our country? “

“Whatever each of us may or may not believe, one thing is clear- that Boko Haram now have powerful friends and secret allies right at the epicentre of power and those friends and allies are running the affairs of the country,” he said.

Mr. Fani-Kayode said there is a much wider picture unfolding which the Nigerian people have yet to see and which they find difficult to accept, understand or comprehend.

“There is a hideous and frightful hidden agenda which is slowly manifesting before our very eyes. Though we warned them, the Nigerian people wanted ‘change’ so they must live with the consequences of their choice,” he said.

He also said one of those consequences is the new-found “audacity, courage, growing power and rising strength of Boko Haram”, while another is the “resurgence of a clearly ethnic agenda which is designed to leave no-one in doubt about who really owns Nigeria and who the slaves are”.

He said, yet another is the destruction and demystification of a national leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu, and his “Yoruba loyalists by his erstwhile northern allies in the APC”.

“Only a fool did not see that one coming and I am rather surprised that Tinubu’s followers are now crying foul and alleging that there is a northern conspiracy. Didn’t they know that before? Were they not warned over and over again?

“There are many other grave consequences which the Nigerian people will witness, in a most harrowing and frightful manner, in the next few months and years.

“May God deliver our people and our nation and may we learn to make the right choices,” he said.

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Nigerians React To Buhari’s Approval Of Fund To Bail Out States

Nigerians have begun to react to the approval by President Muhammadu Buhari to enable states owing salaries running into billions of naira to pay their workers.

The three-pronged relief package including sharing of fresh allocations, granting of soft loans and restructuring of states’ debt-servicing payments was reviewed and approved the package in his bid to intervene and alleviate the sufferings of workers, some of whom have not been paid for over 10 months.

Speaking on the development, legal luminary, Professor Sagay, described the bail out as a welcome development, saying: “Since they are owing salaries and all states have a share in the excess crude oil account and because they are in a desperate situation, I think it is a welcome decision.”

The legal icon, however, dismissed the notion that the bailout is a sign of weakness on the part of the President.

“People believe in extremism but to be strong does not mean that you have to be extreme. It does not mean that you have to lack any feelings for people. He (Buhari) must be thinking of thousands of workers, who have not been paid for six months.”

On his part, Professor Pat Utomi said the bailout for states is imperative for the economic survival of the country. His words:

“It is important to recognize that without such bailout, the economy will be in danger as there will be no spending going on while those offering services will be unable to offer anything. The bailout is very important for the economy.”

Besides, he said “this development should now make government impose conditionality that will stop mismanagement and unnecessary spendings”.

Also the Labour Party, which accused the state governors of allegedly mismanaging resources meant to run the states, advised that the bailout funds must be judiciously spent.

LP National Secretary, Dr Kayode Ajulo,  said: “Priority needs to be set right on the granting and usage of the bail out. It is unfortunate that governors, most of whom operate flamboyantly and mismanaged their states’ resources are  begging for bailout. Salaries have to be paid, therefore the bailout must come with a condition that the money must be used to offset the unpaid salaries.”

The LP scribe noted that “I say this knowing the antics of some of our governors as we should not be surprised that some of them may commit the money to another white elephant project or buy private jets which is the latest vogue among them.  Greek was given conditions when she asked for bail out from the European Union and I see nothing wrong in setting a condition for the bail out as there must be an end to the prevalence of financial indiscipline  among our state executive.”

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Give Buhari Time, Ben Bruce Urges Nigerians

The senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district, Ben Bruce, said on Sunday that Nigerians should give President Muhammadu Buhari time to meet their expectations.

Mr. Bruce stated this in a series of tweets on his tweeter handle, @benmurraybruce.

“Again, I repeat that nations grow over time not overnight. Give President @MBuhari time. Nigerians elected a man not a magician,” the senator said.

Mr. Bruce, who before his election as senator, was the chairman of Sliverbird television, said though he belonged to a different political party as the president, he did not consider himself an opposition.

“My idea of opposition isn’t to attack Buhari\APC.Opposition to me is proffering alternative solutions/ideas for the betterment of Nigeria,” he said.

“Even the term ‘Opposition’ is a misnomers borrowed from other political climes. I prefer ‘alternative.’ I’m an alternative not an opposition,” he said.

The Bayelsa politician also cautioned elected officials against attacking their predecessors.

“The more you attack your predecessor the more the bar is set for you. Know how slippery a road is before knocking those who slipped on it,” he said.

“Nigeria is broke because we spend on consumption rather than on productive activities, on salaries instead of projects. We must flip,” he said.

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