Muslim Group Urges Govt To Bring Killers Of Fulanis To Book

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has urged the government to ensure that the killers of about sixty Fulanis including women and children, who were allegedly massacred six days ago in Shaforon, Kikem and Kodemti villages in Numan, Taraba State, are brought to book.

The group, in a press statement signed by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, condemned the gruesome murder and described the killing as “horrendous, heartless and barbaric.”

According to the group, over 130 Fulani people have been killed in June 2017, while hundreds of Fulani villages on the Mambilla Plateau were raided by members of the Mambilla tribe allegedly on the orders of the chairman of Sardauna Local Government Area, Mr. John Yep.

“We are deeply disturbed by the rate at which ethnic violence is erupting in Nigeria. We are equally constrained to blame the recent attack on authors of hate speech, particularly those motivated by anti-Fulani, anti-North and anti-Muslim sentiments.

“We contend that these primordial emotions are inter-connected and cannot be separated with microscopic accuracy. Those who whip up anti-Fulani sentiments do so because of their hatred for Muslims and their inability to tolerate Islam. Those who speak evil of Fulanis are fully aware that more than 95% of the Fulani population is Muslim,” the statement read.

“The same people incite Nigerians against herdsmen. They have forgotten that every profession has inherent values and every Nigerian worker renders one service or another to the nation. Instead of appreciating hard-working itinerant herdsmen, tribal and religious sentiment blind authors of hate speech. We contend that all the anti-Fulani imbroglio would melt like ice cream in the hot sun today if the Fulani population revert to Christianity en masse.

“While we commiserate with the Taraba people on these brutal killings, we charge the Nigerian security agencies to bring the culprits to book. We call on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to investigate these atrocities. We also urge the United Nations to set up an international judicial commission of inquiry into this horrible crime against humanity.

“MURIC invites authors of hate speech to change their mindset. Perception has the capacity to becloud minds and rob humanity of fair assessment. Ethnic jingoism limits human interaction, blocks opportunities and debilitates understanding while acrobatic religiousity deprives humanity of that thin veneer of civilization and erodes its infinitesimally small atom of sagacity,” the statement read further.

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Muslim Group Hails Amosun For Allocating 23% To Education

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has applauded Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun, for allocating N79.246 billion to education in the 2018 Appropriation Bill presented to the State’s House of Assembly on Tuesday.

The allocation represents 22.9 percent of the total N345.42 billion 2018 Appropriation Bill.

The group, in a press statement signed by its President, Professor Ishaq Akintola, described Governor Amosun’s huge step forward in the path of education as “bold, visionary and progressive.”

“Governor Amosun’s budget has taken cognizance of the reality facing the education sector. He has realized that education is taking a nose dive and he is taking steps to bring the sector back soaring in the sky once again. The mass failure of candidates who sat for the May/June 2017 WAEC/GCE examination whose result was released yesterday speaks volumes. 
“Compared to the Federal Government’s (FG) paltry 7% which was allocated to education in its 2018 budget, Amosun’s 22.9% is a saving grace. Its closeness to the 26% recommended by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) gives every citizen of Ogun State a good reason to stand tall. Amosun is immortalizing the legacy of the great sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.
“Ogun State’s 2018 education budget is an eye opener for FG. It shows that it is possible to give education its prime of place if a government is determined to lift the sector to its appropriate pedestal. FG must therefore develop the political will to rescue the education sector from the doldrums.
“As we round up, we charge other states to lift the fate of education in their domains by increasing government spending on the sector. Education is like a computer machine. What you put in is what you retrieve. It is garbage in, garbage out. There is no abracadabra in it. What you sow is what you reap,” the statement read.


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‘CAN Leaders Display Lack Of Readiness To Coexist With Nigerian Muslims’, Says Muslim Group

A group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has accused the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), of displaying attitudes that disagree with the coexistence of Nigerian muslims in the country.

In a press statement signed by its President, Professor Ishaq Akintola, the group alleged that the leadership of CAN want the country for themselves only.

“They have refused to listen to the voice of reason. The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, himself a pastor, told CAN that the allegation of Islamisation is an illusion. CAN refused to listen. Femi Falana asked CAN to Christianise Nigeria instead of alleging Islamisation everyday but CAN will not listen,” the statement read.

Reacting to CAN’s latest demand that National Assembly should compile a list of all organizations that Nigeria belongs to and all the treaties signed with a view to dropping the religious ones, MURIC describes it as “hallucinating. It is laughable, untenable, kindergarten and quixotic.” 

According to the group, “CAN is manifesting symptoms of orubebemantis.”

MURIC however warned the National Assembly to ignore CAN’s call for its intervention.

“Nonetheless, should the NASS show any interest in CAN’s demand, it should beam its floodlight on all Western oriented international organizations like the United Nations (UN) as they have always been used as tools in the hands of Western crusaders while their religious bias is always hidden,” MURIC said.


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#Budget2018: Muslim Group Slams FG For Allocating 7% To Education

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Rights Concern (MURIC), has condemned the federal government for allocating 7% of the 2018 N8.6 trillion budget to education.

The group, in a press statement signed by its President, Professor Ishaq Akintola, described the allocation as “naïve, perversive and retrogressive.”

The statement reads:

“Like its predecessors, the current Federal Government (FG) has simply demonstrated that it is yet to come to terms with the monstrous challenges facing the education sector. With more than 70% of candidates who applied for admission into tertiary institutions unable to gain admission in the 2017/18 admission exercise, Nigeria should expect an army of idle youths roaming the streets. The security implications are serious and this is what the nation faces year after year. It simply means Nigeria needs more universities, more polytechnics and more colleges of education. Can this tight-fisted allocation take care of the problem?

“FG recently admitted that 75million Nigerians are illiterate. The woeful performance of secondary school leavers in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is didactic enough concerning the tragedy which we are likely to face in the next ten years unless something is done urgently. Nigeria is most likely to produce half-baked graduates in the next ten years at the best or, worse still, educated illiterates.

“For example, the May/June WAEC examination results have been revealing mass failure in core subjects like English and mathematics for some years now. Only 38.81% passed in 2012, 36.57% passed in 2013, 31.28% of the candidates passed in 2014 while 39% made it in 2015. Although more than 50% passed in 2016, this should be treated as an isolated case.

“This mass failure is a reflection of the failure of successive governments at both federal and state levels to invest properly in education. Whereas the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) recommends the allocation of 26% of total budget to education, Nigerian governments have been consistently underfunding the sector and strangulating it almost to the point of death.

“No government of this country has deemed it fit to raise the allocation to 26% as recommended. Although the Second National Development Plan (1970 – 74) raised the allocation to 13.5%, it fell to 7.5% in the Third National Development Plan (1975 – 1980). Although it rose again to 17.3% in the Fourth National Development Plan (1981 – 85), it has not been higher than 13.5% since 1990 except in 1997 when education was given 17.5%.  

“Although it is higher than the 6% allocated to it in the previous budget (2017), MURIC is constrained to reject the infinitesimally small percentage (7%) allocated to education in the 2018 budget because it still cannot scratch the surface, talk less of reaching deep down to make the necessary impact where it matters.

“How can we attain technological breakthrough without qualitative education? Pupils in primary schools sit on bare floor. Secondary school students learn under the tree. Roofs are leaking and students are soaked whenever it rains. Was this how our leaders were educated? Are their children in Nigerian schools?

“It is a national embarrassment that 57 years after independence, only one Nigerian university is ranked among the world’s top 800 tertiary institutions and that university came 601st! The rating was done by the authoritative Times Higher Education World University Rankings for 2015/16. University of Cape Town, South Africa, came 120th while Makerere University, Uganda, took number 401 beating Nigeria to it by 200 points.

“As we round up, MURIC is asking FG to tell us who did this to Nigeria? Who is responsible for the colossal tragedy and monumental calamity in the education sector? We charge FG to do a quick, sincere and radical inward search. An emergency must be declared in the education sector. Government officials must be banned from sending their children abroad for education and this should include anyone voted into any position in the country.”


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Group Urges President Buhari To Weed Out PDP Moles In Govt

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has expressed concern over the continuous stay of alleged members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government.

The group, in a press statement signed by its Executive Director, Professor Ishaq Aintola, noted that the powerful moles are doing a lot of havoc, and in particular, have been largely responsible for depriving Nigerians of the dividends of democracy as promised by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Recall that head of Nigerian Customs, Colonel Hameed Ali (rtd) was quoted two days ago as saying that President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is 50% controlled by the PDP.

“A glaring example is the power sector where a former minister confessed recently that PDP sold the DISCOs to its members. This explains why the efforts of Babatunde Fashola, the current Minister of Power, has not yielded the desired result. Fashola had promised to turn the power sector around in six months but sabotage cannot be ruled out with the DISCOs in the hands of the opposition.

“There must be more to this than meets the eyes when the DISCOs’ story is juxtaposed with the ‘coup d’etat’ which occurred in the National Assembly (NASS) at the very beginning of the Buhari administration. It was this ‘coup d’etat’ or political betrayal which facilitated the rebellious and uncooperative stance of the current NASS culminating in its ability to weaken the Federal Government (FG), retard legislative progress and constitute itself into a major headache for the anti-corruption fight.

“If the former ruling party regards this as politics, we see it as lack of patriotism coupled with acute poverty of chivalry, modesty and magnanimity,” the statement read.

“Nigerians must open their eyes to see through the opposition’s wicked tricks. Why must we be made to suffer in darkness and heat just because they want to stage a comeback in 2019? We warn Nigerians not to allow people who do not believe that stealing is corruption to control their affairs again. Nigerians should not allow hardened kleptomaniacs to stage a comeback.

“Among the wicked tricks being used by these enemies of the Nigerian people is using the humongous money stolen while still in power to launch massive anti-Buhari propaganda, including hiring crowds to attend public programmes, paying sympathizer activists in strategic places on social media platforms to rubbish the achievements of the Buhari regime and to deceive gullible Nigerians into believing that the Federal Government (FG) is doing nothing.

“We charge President Muhammadu Buhari not to wait for the iron to get hot before striking but to make the iron hot by striking. He must weed out the moles in his government because their lukewarm attitude, sabotage and ill-will are affecting Nigerians at the grassroots level. It is giving the wrong impression (and a negative one for that matter) about government. For instance, government officials who have publicly renounced Mr. President have no business being where they are. They should be shoved outside.”

The group also commend President Buhari over the sack of Abdul Rasheed Maina, Babachir Lawal and Ayo Oke who were indicted after investigations.

“This singular action has injected a large dose of confidence in Buhari’s anti-graft war. We therefore reiterate and reinforce our full confidence in the person of President Muhammadu Buhari. He remains a great asset for Nigeria and a treasure of immense measure come 2019,” the group stated.



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2019: Muslim Group Urges Nigerians To Vote Out Corruption

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has urged Nigerians, most especially young people to ensure that they get their voters’ cards and vote out every element of corruption in the forthcoming 2019 general elections.

In a press statement signed by its President, Professor Ishaq Akintola, he expressed deep concern over the lackadaisical attitude of Nigerian youths during election period.

According to him, Nigerian youths who are most likely to feel the impact of bad governance more than any other segment in society are often lackadaisical about voting.

His words: “…there is no other globally recognized way of changing a bad system or entrenching a good one besides going through the ballot box.”

The statement partly reads:

“MURIC reminds Nigerians that corruption has been the major barrier that stands between them and higher living standards. Although the present administration is tackling this social cankerworm headlong, some corrupt politicians occupying sensitive positions have been blocking its efforts. The only way to ease out these corrupt politicians is to become active participants in the electoral process. We therefore urge all Nigerians to get their voters cards in order to vote out corruption in 2019.

“Nigerian youths must exercise their franchise and refuse to be used as thugs who will unleash violence on innocent Nigerians. We charge parents, particularly women, to counsel their children properly and to ensure that they are not hoodwinked by political charlatans.

“In addition, we invite the electorate to avoid self-disenfranchisement. This is likely to happen if they sell their voters’ cards. Whoever sells his voters’ card has sold his destiny for a pot of porridge. Nigerians must beware of ‘stomach infrastructure’ politicians who will come to them with a plate of rice. Why should we mortgage the next four years (2019 – 2023) for a paltry N500 or a plate of fufu? Nigerians must beware of stomach infrastructure offered only during election time. It will only prolong suffering for another four years. We must vote for credible candidates in order to banish suffering permanently.

“According to Martin Luther King Jnr, “Those who love peace must learn to plan effectively as those who love war.” Nigerian security agencies and other stakeholders must work hard to make 2019 general elections violence-free. Kidnapping of candidates, snatching of ballot boxes, launching physical attacks on voters, etc are acts capable of marring elections. Only a free and fair election can lead to good governance and lift Nigeria to the club of democratically mature nations.

“As we round up, we remind Nigerians of the wise words of George Orwell that, “People that elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims … but accomplices”. We therefore plead with Nigerians to be fully prepared to send corrupt and selfish politicians packing. The only way to do this is to ensure that we do not only register for the 2019 general elections but we also jealously protect our voters’ cards and put them to effective use at the right time. Corrupt politicians become presidents, governors, senators, etc because good Nigerians fail to vote.”

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MURIC Mourns Chief Imam Of Lagos

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), on Monday, commiserated with the governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, the Deputy President-General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) and Saraki Adinni of Lagos, Alhaji (Chief) S. O. Babalola, the Baba Adinni of Lagos, Shaykh Hafeez Abu and the entire Muslim Ummah of Lagos State on the death of the Lagos Chief Imam, Shaykh Ibrahim Garba Akinola.

Shaykh Akinola died on Sunday, at the age of 80.

In a statement circulated by the group’s President, Professor Ishaq Akintola, he described the late Imam as “a great scholar, pious and widely travelled.”

His words: “We pray that Almighty Allah overlooks his trespasses and reposes his soul in A-Jannah firdaus.”

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CAN’s Position On SUKUK, Petty And Overbearing, Says Group

A Muslim Group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has described the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) statement on  SUKUK, as  “infantile, petty and overbearing but also spiteful and egocentric.”

In a press statement signed by its President, Prof, Ishaq Aintola, the group noted that there is nothing the Muslims are demanding now that the Christians don’t have already on a platter of gold.

Recall that CAN had in a press statement, condemned the Federal Government’s first ever SUKUK (noninterest lease assets facilities), alleging it as a plot by the Buhari-led government to islamize Nigeria.

However, MURIC, in a swift response, stated that the Christians do not need the things that the Muslims are asking for.

“Why should somebody keep blocking his brother from getting his own share when he already has his own?” the group queried.

The statement reads in part:

“Our position is based on the fact that CAN has all it needs in Nigeria today because the whole system is Christo-Western: education, the judicial system, the economy, everything. Muslims who were deprived of all their Islamic landmarks and ways of life by the colonialists are constrained to start the struggle all over again by demanding Shari’ah, use of hijab in schools, Islamic banks, sukuk, etc. It must be made clear ab initio that Nigerian Muslims had all these before the advent of the British colonialists who changed everything in favour of Christianity.
“The fable of the dog in the manger is quite didactic in this regard. A British dog in the 13th century was fed with meat until its belly was full. Then the owner took hay (dry grass which only the horse needed and it is useless to the dog) and gave it to the horse. The dog had eaten and it was now the horse’s turn. Surprisingly, the dog started barking. It jumped on the hay and kept the horse at bay.
‘Dog in the manger’ has since become an English idiom. We must now ask CAN why it is playing dog in the manger. Shari‘ah is not for them but CAN screamed until the roofs nearly came down. OIC does not hurt any Christian but CAN shouted to high heavens. Hijab is for female Muslims alone but violent envy pushed CAN to shout itself hoarse. Islamic bank is for Muslims alone but CAN labeled it Islamisation of Nigeria. Can CAN give us a list of those who have been Islamised since Islamic banking started in the country? CAN leadership has become a professional false alarmist, a dog in the manger.
To reject the existence of sukuk pari passu with Islamic banking is like demanding that the agricultural sector should operate without bringing harvests to the markets or that hospitals should exist without pharmacies and laboratories. Having fought rigorously and bitterly against the establishment of the Islamic bank in Nigeria without success, our Christian neighbours seek to strangulate Islamic banks in the country.
 We are constrained to ask, “How Christian is the Christian Association of Nigeria?” Every good Christian wants to be like Jesus and he turns this idea of emulating Jesus to a song. We have no doubt that CAN leaders also sing the song. But how sincere are they about emulating Jesus? Jesus says, “Love your neighbour according to thy self” (Mark 12:31) but CAN leaders do the exact opposite.
“There are lots of good Christians in Nigeria and we interact very well but why must the petty ones always lead them? They are a belligerent lot, warlike and aggressive. Have they ever seen Muslims opposing a benefit going to Christians? We did not protest when you started going to Jerusalem even though we know that it is not mandatory for Christians. You enjoy Western banking system, Western education, common law, etc without any protest from us. Why is it that CAN always cries foul each time we seek parity?
“CAN’s claim that sukuk is unconstitutional is false, baseless and misleading. How can laws made by the Federal Government be ultra vires? CAN is misleading Nigerian Christians. CAN should know what to do if it is unconstitutional. We challenge CAN to go to court today. It should not wait till tomorrow.
“This was how CAN deceived Nigerians in 1999 when it said Shariah was unconstitutional and MURIC challenged it to go to court. They went to court of course but they beat a quick retreat. They withdrew the case when they found out the truth. But why heat up the polity all the time when you have the means of finding out the true status of sukuk? CAN likes making noise and we are enjoying our garrulous neighbour.
“CAN calls sukuk a sectional religious financial policy but it forgets that the stock exchange has hitherto been monopolized by Christian-oriented bonds for decades and the Muslims did not complain for once. CAN loves to permanently marginalize Nigerian Muslims yet it is CAN that shouts ‘Islamisation’.
If it is true that sukuk implies Islamisation, then the stock exchange is imperialistic Christianisation. But almost the whole of Europe has embraced the sukuk industry. This includes France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxemburg and Britain. Paris EUROPLACE established sukuk as far back as 2007 and France has since established the Islamic Finance Commission. Germany issued its first sukuk in 2004. That was 13 years ago.
“Ireland’s sukuk assets amounted to 180 trillion euros by 2010. Luxemburg started using sukuk in 2002. Britain has been using Islamic banking since the 1990s and the Sanctuary Building Sukuk was launched in 2005. The United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recognized the ijarah and mubarahah more than 30 years ago! But has America been Islamised? According to Bloomberg LP, KFH Research, the global sukuk issuance as at 31st December 2013 was $135 billion but grew rapidly to $2.004 trillion by 2016.
“These are verifiable facts if CAN would eschew its armchair leadership style. Even Google alone is enough but CAN leadership will not search. They are just interested in rabble-rousing and cantankerous razz-mataz.   CAN should seek education. The Bible says “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). CAN should stop misleading Nigerians and inciting Christians against their Muslim neighbours.
“MURIC calls on Nigerian Christians to either ignore CAN or find out the truth by themselves each time CAN cries wolf. Afterall the Bible asks Christians to “Investigate everything but hold onto that which is the truth” (I Thessalonians 5:21). Don’t allow anybody to push you into violent behavior. Don’t allow anyone to make you hate your Muslim neighbour.
“Let us eschew primordial sentiments. Sukuk is purely business. We advise Christians to take their destiny in their own hands instead of allowing warlike leaders to lead them into unnecessary confrontation with Muslims every time. We invite CAN leaders to eschew bitterness. We should be partners in lending the voice of reason to the national debate instead of constituting clerical nuisance to the Nigerian nation.
“Before we round up, we advise CAN leadership to desist from giving religion a bad name. The word ‘religion’ is from the Latin word ‘religio’ meaning ‘to link’, ‘to tie’ or ‘to bind’. Therefore religion is about linking people together in love and sharing. It is not about dividing them. Religion is about love, forgiveness, tolerance, giving and taking. Let us be good examples for the young generation.
“Our constant bickering has led to too many religious crises. It has pushed our followers to the precipice of war and instigated them against one another. Why must we live together like two envious wives of the same husband when we should see ourselves as two sons of the same father? This is the etymological essence of religion.”
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Group Charges FG To Extend SUKUK Deadline Till Dec. 31

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has urged the Nigerian government to extend its first non-interest lease assets facilities, SUKUK till  December 31st, 2017 to enable more Nigerians to benefit from it.

In a press statement signed by its President, Professor Ishaq, Akintola, lamented the short notice given to banks and lack of media awareness on the service.

Recall that the federal government issued its first sukuk (noninterest lease assets facilities) on Thursday 14th September, 2011, and will expire Wednesday 20th September.

The statement partly reads:

“Although it was advertised in one or two newspapers, FG needs to do better than that. A massive media publicity involving all media houses (print and electronic) is necessary for this first outing. CBN also needs to involve all banks. There is no sign at all that the banks are aware or that they are cooperating. With its battalion of experts, CBN should have known better. Or is the sukukdeliberately designed to fail? Is there an anti-Muslim sentiment behind this?
CBN should not only be made to keep the investment window open for at least 6 weeks, all agency banks should be directed to publicise the product throughout all their branches. In addition, CBN and the Federal Ministry of Information should be directed to give maximum possible publicity to the new facility. Nigeria needs this financial instrument as a new initiative to complement its efforts at emerging from the present economic quagmire.   
“The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) urges Nigerian banks to avail themselves of this window. Sukuk is growing speedily in Western banks. Conventional banks are now scrambling to set up Shari’a-compliant operations in the Europe and America; a flurry of all-Islamic start-ups, from full-service investment banks to specialist advisory firms and their products have moved beyond lending, insurance and investment funds to include sukuk.
MURIC charges FG to extend the sukuk’s deadline to the end of December 31st, 2017. We suggest that a robust publicity should be embarked upon between now and the proposed December 31st ultimatum. No serious nation plays with its economic survival and diversification of investments is one of the best means for achieving this.” 
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IPOB Crisis: Group Urges Northerners To Refrain From Retaliatory Attack

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has appealed to Nigerians particularly Northerners to refrain from retaliatory attacks on non-indigenes in their midst.

This was contained in a press statement signed by its President, Professor Ishaq Akintola.

“We strongly suspect that some unpatriotic elements are bent on destroying the good work of the Buhari administration. Having discovered that their sophisticated plot to eliminate the president failed woefully, they have decided to create tension and escalate violence to a level where there is chaos everywhere. Their Mephistophelean desire is to necessitate a forceful change of government. We must not fall into their trap. Let us stoop to conquer,” the statement stated.

The statement further reads: “Instead of attacking non-indigenes among us, let us form a ring around them. Let us assure them of full protection by our communities. Let us also create a solid police-community relationship for special protection for non-indigenes in all states.

“Traditional rulers are implored to follow the example of the Sultan of Sokoto who boldly told Northerners to attack him first before attacking Igbos. The Emir of Katsina has also displayed exemplary leadership and rare patriotism by assuring non-indigenes of their safety. We expect no less from traditional rulers in the South East and South South.

“We must chart the course of peace if we do not want to see Nigerians between the ages of fourteen and forty five carrying guns. We must sue for peace if we do not want our daughters and wives raped in our presence. Peace is the only choice before us if we do not want our children orphaned, 10% of them killed and a large majority of vulnerable people exposed to famine.

“We all saw how Rwanda children and women became refugees. Sierra Leone has not fully recovered from the ravages of war. Liberia is a shadow of its old self. We will create the world’s worst refugee crisis if we allow this violence to escalate. No African country can help Nigeria because we are the big brother and the rest of the world will only laugh at us for messing up the golden opportunity which the Buhari administration gave us.

“The Glorious Qur’an warns against vengeance and assures us that former enemies can become our best friends. It therefore urges us to ignore those who perpetrate evil by being kind to them (Qur’an 41:34). In the same vein, the Bible implores believers to forgive and makes forgiveness a proviso for receiving God’s own forgiveness (Mathew 6:14).

“Both Christians and Muslims in this country must not allow the rest of the world to mock us. The world will ask, “Why are there so many churches and so many mosques in their country if they cannot follow the teachings of love, tolerance and forgiveness in their scriptures?” The world will call us hypocrites and they will be right. We must not allow this to happen.

“Finally, we call on governors, traditional rulers and community leaders to speak up against retaliation, violence and hate speech. The time to do that is now. Let us remember Haile Selassie’s warning, “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”


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Muslim Group Lauds Northern Youths Withdrawal Of Quit Notice To Igbos

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has lauded the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) for vacating its withrawal notice issued to igbo indigenes residing in the North.

A press statement signed by its President, Professor Ishaq Akintola, reads:

“We see an urgent need for tension to be doused in order to allow peace to reign. Nigeria is not the only country populated by various ethnic groups. Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as other African countries have their own shares of ethnic enclaves but they are being civilized, accommodating and generous with it. Again, apart from Biafra which is seeking to secede, there are many other groups on the African continent demanding separation.

“Examples are Bubi from Equatorial Guinea, Lunda-Tchokwe from Angola, Mombassa from Kenya, Ambazonia from Cameroon and Western Sahara from Morocco. We must not allow anger and bitterness to set in here when others are adopting diplomacy and maturity to resolve their differences.

“While the Nigerian authorities must not allow the nation to degenerate into the Hobbesian state of nature, we contend that the idea of a totally egalitarian society as pontificated by certain pressure groups is Utopian. We therefore caution against extreme positions on both sides in the interest of peace. Perceived imbalance can only be addressed gradually and methodically and not in a fire-brigade manner otherwise it will be counter-productive.

“On a last note, we appeal to the various separatist groups to eschew hate speech and abuses. Qur’an 49:11 warns against the use of mockery, sarcasm and outright abuse by one tribe against another. Again, Qur’an 49:13 affirms that no single tribe or group of people is better than the other while Muhammad (SAW) the Prophet of Peace posited that mankind is all one. “You are all from Adam and Adam was created from dust. Therefore you are all equal”, Prophet Muhammad maintained.”

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Group Condemns Anambra Massacre

A Muslim group, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has condemned the killing of worshipers at St Philip’s Catholic Church, Amakwa Ozubulu in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra state.

In a statement issued by its President, Professor Ishaq Akintola, he described the attack as “heartless, ungodly, and barbaric.”

The statement reads in part:

“In particular, we condemn the attack on the Catholic church because places of worship do not belong to the builders. They belong to God. Any attack on a place of worship is therefore an affront against God. No homo sapien has the right to extend hostilities to the house of God.
“The speculation that the attack was an extension of a drug war is therefore not acceptable as an excuse for this most criminal and inhuman attack. What of the lives of several worshippers that were wasted? What was their own offence? The invaders allegedly came with the intention of squaring up with Chief Aloysius Ikegwuonu, a notable businessman from Amakwa who built and donated the church to Nnewi Diocese. They killed their target’s father, Pa Ikegwuonu, and shot his mother in the arm.
“MURIC charges Nigerian security agencies to unveil the killers with lightning speed. We urge people in the neighbouring communities to supply useful information on this tragic incident to the security agencies. We also advise Nigerians to be security conscious at all times because insecurity is a constant threat to economic growth and prosperity.”
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