Kogi Governor Grants Scholarship To 25 KSU Medical Students

Kogi state Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has offered to foot the bills of 25 medical students of the Ptince Abubarkar Audu University, Anyigba, who would be proceeding to complete their studies in three selected universities across the country.
The decision to farm out the students, whose studies have been stagnated in the last two years due to the lack of accreditation of university’s School of Health Sciences, was to enable government find lasting solution to the challenges of the institution.
Governor Bello, who announced to the elation of the students the award of scholarships, enjoined them to do the state proud by ensuring excellent outing in their studies, assuring that his administration is committed to safeguarding the future of the youths and children of the state.
The Governor stated this  today, at the Government House, Lokoja when he received the students and members of the university’s management, who came on a courtesy visit before departing for clinical studies in their adopted institutions.
He disclosed that this would be the last time medical students from the state university would be transfered to other  institutions so as to enable them complete their studies, assuring that plans are on towards ensuring that the school achieve successful accreditation.
While assuring of his administration’s vision to transform  the state to its full potentials, he noted  that, “This administration is vigorously pursuing the rebirth of the state. I pray that God opens the eyes of our detractors to appreciate how we are taking bold steps to right the wrongs of the past.”
In an address, the Vice Chancellor of the state University, Professor Muhammed Abdulkadir, explained that the school was compelled to take the step in order not to ruin the dreams and hopes of the students, who he said have had their studies stalled in the last two years.
According to him, the 25 students would be re-admitted into the following institutions;  University of Ilorin, Uthman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto, and Ebonyi State University. He lauded the support the school has enjoyed from the state government in ensuring the success of the partnership.
Visibly excited that their dreams of becoming medical doctors would not end as mere illusion, one of the students, Olugbemiro Bolarinwa, described the gesture by the Governor as an indelible impression that they would  continue to treasure for the rest of their lives.
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Kogi: Operation Lion Roars A Resounding Success, 30 Arrested, Curfew Relaxed

Some suspected criminals numbering up to 30 have been arrested during a joint task force operation code named OPERATION LION ROARS, which necessitated the imposition of a 2-day full curfew on the Central Senatorial District of Kogi State made up of Adavi, Ajaokuta, Ogori/Magongo, Okehi and Okene LGAs.
“Operation Lion Roars” is a joint task security force which was made up of the Military, Mobile Police office, State Security Service and the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corp.
Those arrested had fled the District after committing a series of crimes, then decided to come back for another hit but were apprehended by security agents following a tip off, which was made easier by the total lockdown in  Kogi Central.
Governor Yahaya Bello appreciates the cooperation and sacrifice of the good people of Kogi Central Senatorial District, which made Operation Lion Roars a resounding success. To this end, the curfew has been relaxed to be observed from 6 PM to 8 AM daily until further notice.
The Governor enjoins everyone to go about their legitimate businesses and report suspicious activities to security agencies.
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We Told Dino To Stay Away From Kabba Day – Royal Fathers, Community Leaders

The last may not have been heard of the Kabba Day drama as Royal Fathers and Community Leaders of the ancient town insisted Sen. Dino Melaye was told to stay away from the event.
Speaking during a courtesy call on Governor Yahaya Bello in Lokoja, Thursday, the President General of the Kabba Development Union, Engr. Emmanuel Ajibero hailed the Governor for his “wisdom and statesmanship”, insisting that the Governor’s decision to tow the path of peace shows he is a “peace loving leader”.
The President thanked the Governor for donating 20 million naira towards the completion of the Kabba Civic Center.
Also speaking at the event, a community leader, Chief Olowodola said Kabba Community will remain “eternally grateful” to the Governor for his “uncommon leadership”, saying he thought Sen. Dino would use the opportunity to iron out his differences with the Governor.
Olowodola said Hon. Abiodun Faleke displayed “utmost respect” for the Kabba people by avoiding any confrontation with the Governor, urging the people of Kogi State to give maximum support for the success of the Governor.
On his part, the Obadofin of Oweland, HRH Oba Michael Yusuf thanked the Governor for honoring the Kabba people as well as embracing peace. He narrated how the Community prevailed on Sen. Dino Melaye to stay off the event.
He said, “We sent some Royal Fathers and Chiefs to him to stay away when we heard he was coming to disrupt the event. He promised us he won’t come only to sneak into Kabba and caused the havoc that happened that day.
“We have learnt our lessons and we now know better. The event also afforded us the opportunity to know how peace-loving the Governor is”.
The Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon. Edward Onoja called on the Governor to continue to see the Okun people as responsible despite what happened at the Kabba Day.
According to him, “Okun land is made up of responsible and great people. The sin of one should not be visited on all.
“Since the creation of Kogi State, Kogi has never been this favored in terms of appointment into strategic and high placed positions. Okun must prove to the Governor and the current administration that they appreciate their new found relevance in the the politics and governance of Kogi State.
“The Kabba Day incident has helped the Governor to shine. People were expecting to see an arrogant Governor as misconceived by the media only to find out the real Yahaya Bello who is prepared to sacrifice anything to safeguard the lives of his people.
“There is no Administration in this state in which the Okun people have the positions of a Speaker, Secretary to the State Government and State Security Adviser all at the same time. It has been made possible by this administration. We know where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going”.
Responding, the Governor, Alh Yahaya Bello thanked the Members of the delegation for their visit.
Bello said he bears no grudge against anyone and that he will continue to respect the position of Kabba as the headquarters of the old Kabba Province.
“I do not bear grudge against anyone. What happened belongs to the past. I cannot waste the lives of my people on the platter of ego. We thank God for making the day a success.
“Let me also thank my supporters for showing the character of their leader by refusing to take laws into their hands. The security agencies also did great by providing adequate security to forestall breakdown of law and order.
“Kogi State is one big family and my administration shall continue to promote peace and unity across the state”.
The Governor urged the Kabba people to continue to support his administration in his bid to continue to serve the people of the state.
In his words, “Politicians should stop testing God by thinking of 2019. I was made Governor by God and only him knows where I will be in 2019.
“I will continue to give my best to this great state of great people. My ego is not worth any life. We shall continue to put Kogi on the right path”.
In his vote of thanks, the Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt Hon. Matthew Kolawole thanked the Governor for his love for Kabba. He said the people will always reciprocate his good gestures.
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Dino Escapes Mob Attack At Kabba Day Celebration

Senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye, on Saturday, escaped from a mob that had pelted him with stones and other dangerous objects at the Kabba Day celebration.

Melaye was pelted with stones and other dangerous objects at the township stadium venue of the celebration.

The senator, who arrived the venue at about 11 ‘o’clock in the morning, was announced a donation of N3m cash.

While heading for his car, some suspected thugs allegedly started throwing stones and other objects at him as he made for his G-Wagon.

The security men had to use tear gas to bring the situation under control.

Meanwhile, when the news of Dino’s attack reached Governor Yahaya Bello, he decided to boycott the event and, instead, sent his donation of N20m on behalf of the state government.


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[Friday Sermon] The Continuous Killing Of Innocent Souls In Ebiraland, By Imam Murtadha Gusau

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

All thanks and praise is due to Allah, we seek His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil within ourselves and the consequences of our evil deeds.

Whoever Allah guides will never be led astray, and whoever Allah leads astray will never find guidance. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, He is alone without any partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger.

“O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims in submission to Him.” [Quran, 3:102]

“O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women. And fear Allah, through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Verily, Allah is ever watching over you.” [Quran, 4:1]

“O you who have believed, fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice. He will then amend for you your deeds and forgive your sins, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained a great attainment.” [Quran, 33:70-71]

Verily, the most truthful speech is the Book of Allah, the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad, and the worst affairs are newly invented matters (in the religion). Every newly invented matter is a religious innovation, and every religious innovation is misguidance, and every misguidance is in the Hellfire.

To proceed:

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raaji’uun! Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Raaji’uun!! Inna Lillahi wa inna Ilaihi Raaji’uun!!!

Brothers and Sisters! I was shocked to receive the sad news of the sudden death of Brother Mallam Abdulmu’min Yakubu Ozuwaya, the Ansarul Islam shura committee chairman and Brother Mallam Ibrahim Muhammad Otaru of Mallam Mustapha Jama’ah old Zango, who were attacked and killed by unknown gunmen.

They were killed at Ozuwaya area in front of Mallam Abdulmu’min house by unknown gunmen on Wednesday while discussing some important community issues.

May Allah forgive their sins, shortcomings, failings and have mercy on them. May He console their family, friends and associates.

I pray Ya Allah!  Expose the killers and put an end to this scourging evil perpetrating in Kogi Central. Ameen.

Also another family man, a father was gunned down while leading his family in Prayer at Nagazi. His wife and two of his children were shot, the man died instantly, but his wife and two children have been taken to the hospital. And in the same day evening another brother was shot dead in front of his house, in Okene.

I pray Allah Almighty to grant all of them Jannatul Firdaws and give their family, friends and associates the fortitude to bear the irreparable and irreplaceable lose ameen.

Brothers and Sisters! It may seem monotonous to explain and apologize every time murder of innocent people is done by those who use religion, in this case Islam, to carry out their crimes. These days, it happens almost on a daily basis; some more callous than others. The killing of Mallam Abdulmu’min Yakubu and Mallam Ibrahim Muhammad Otaru in Okene Local Government, Kogi State this week Wednesday is blatantly wrong and cannot be justified.

But for how long will we send condolences, make apologies and issue statements? It is time we address the issue of killing innocent people from the very sources that extremists take their cue to carry out their heinous crimes. We must always stand up for justice!

Allah warns in Surah al-Ma’idah:

“O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.” [Quran, 5:8]

They just cannot do it in our names or in the name of Islam any longer. It is simply wrong! We should also point out that killing in the name of religion is not only a problem that Muslims face today. People of various religions around the world also have followers who are extremists, who commit violent crimes and then use religion to justify their actions. Like other mainstream religious authorities, Muslims do condemn vociferously acts of aggression done in the name of Islam. But somehow their voices are not heard by the masses.

We do not mention this here as a smokescreen for what is done in the name of Islam. Whosoever does crime against humanity in the name of any religion whether they are individuals, groups, or nation-states, should be condemned in no uncertain terms. In addition, the public should not be confused by the official and doctrinal teachings of any religion, which oppose acts of terrorism, violence and injustice no matter how often they occurs.

Sevants of Allah! Islam prohibits the killing of women, children, monks, rabbis, the elderly, or any other noncombatant innocent person even in a state of war and hostility. Similarly, it prohibits the torture of prisoners of war; the mutilation of the dead; rape, molestation, or any kind of sexual violence during combat; the killing of diplomats, the wanton destruction of property, and the demolition of religious institutions some of which have eventually been incorporated into the modern international laws of war.

Brothers and Sisters! There are several proofs from the Quran, the guidance of Rasulullah, (Peace be upon him), the teachings of early generations (Salaf) and the fuqaha, the jurists, that condemn such acts. Let me examine a few:

Allah the Most High, in Surah al-Hajj, talks about the prohibition to deface, disturb or destroy places of worship:

“And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.” [Quran, 22:40]

In Surah al-Baqarah, Allah restricts fighting to only those who fight you and not to transgress limits. Hence to kill someone while he’s praying, or about to pray, or helping the poor and needy, diplomats, journalists is not allowed.

“And fight in the Way of Allah those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allah likes not the transgressors.” [Quran, 2:190]

Also Ibn Mas’ud, a Companion of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said:

“The Sunnah continues that emissaries are never killed.”

What is meant by emissaries here, are people who are sent from one group of people to another to perform a noble task such as reconciliation or the delivery of a message. Aid workers are also emissaries of mercy and kindness and should not be killed. Unfortunately extremists have openly slaughtered them in the name of Islam. One needs to ask them whose Islam? It is certainly not the Islam of Prophet Muhammad, (Peace be upon him), nor the Islam of the early or later generations (Salaf), nor of mainstream Muslims. Then whose Islam are they practicing?

The prohibition to kill women and children is understood from an incident when Prophet Muhammad, (Peace be upon him), found a woman killed in battle. He reprimanded that this should never have happened and immediately he prohibited the killing of women and children. It is agreed that if they actively participate in battles and get killed in the process, then it is not a crime. But to kill women and children and non-combatants is not allowed.

Servants of Allah! From the following Hadith I deduce also from it the prohibition of killing a Mu’ahad, a non-Muslim living in an Islamic State or Muslim towns. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) says:

“Whoever kills a Mu’ahad will not smell Paradise.” [An-Nasa’i]

Also Allah prohibits the killing of innocent people. He says:

“And do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden, except by right.” The phrase “by right” refers to crimes someone commits against individual or society which requires due process in an established reputable court of law; not this nonsense wanton killing that is done in the name of Islam.” [Quran, 17:33]

We learn from the instruction of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, (RA), – may Allah be pleased with him, the first Caliph, that it is prohibited to kill Monks and Rabbis, old people and anyone found praying in a place of worship.

When Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, (RA), prepared an army and sent it to the Sham/Levant, he said:

“You will find people who have devoted themselves to monasteries, leave them to their devotions… do not kill the old and feeble, women or children; do not destroy buildings; do not cut down trees or harm livestock; do not burn or drown palms; do not be treacherous; do not mutilate; do not be cowardly; and do not loot.”

I would like to add here again that the killing of Mallam Abdulmu’min Yakub and Mallam Ibrahim Muhammad Otaru is repulsive. In Islam, anyone who says, “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”, is a Muslim and cannot be declared a non-Muslim. Allah says:

“O you who believe, when you are going forth in the way of Allah, be discriminating and do not say to him who offers you peace: “You are not a believer”, – desiring the transient goods of the life of this world. With Allah are abundant spoils. So were you formerly, but Allah has been gracious to you. So be discriminating. Surely Allah is ever Aware of what you do.” [Quran, 4: 94]

My respected people! I must address the reasons for these intensified violent crimes. Why are they happening now more than ever before? Why do we hear of crimes against innocent people almost every day? Why are criminals hiding behind the curtains of faith?

I can go into a long discussion about why, what and who. But unless prejudice, aggression, hatred and injustice are ceased from being glorified and are dealt with for what they are, peace and harmony will be so far in the future that we may not see it in our lifetime.

Justice is at the core of human society and forms the basis of peace and security. Only when we, as humans, look within ourselves and acknowledge injustices can we truly heal and become true human beings, capable of living with peace, love and harmony. This is when we will be true to our faiths.

As Muslims we do not accept violence as a means or solution to eradicate injustice, for indeed violence in itself is another manifestation of injustice. Allah warns:

“O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do.” [Quran, 5:8]

My people! There are ways and means to strive for justice and as Muslims we know that whatever justice is denied in this world it will certainly be given in the next. Once again, I send my condolences to all the families who have lost their loved ones and we hope and pray that all humans can see each other as the creation of One Allah and not through the lens of colour, tribe, region, religion, caste, race or creed.

Lastly, I urge the Federal Government of Nigeria, Kogi State and Okene, Adavi, Okehi, Ajaokuta and Ogori Mogongo Local Governments to put more efforts in tackling the insecurity (Kidnapping, armed robbery and terrorism) bedeviling the Kogi central.

I ask Allah to assist us in living by the Quran and Sunnah. I pray He lets us recognise the truth for what it is and helps us to follow it, and that He lets us see falsehood for what it is and helps us to avoid it.

O Allah! Guide us and protect us from the causes of ignorance and destruction! Save us from the defects of ourselves! Cause the last of our deeds to be the best and most righteous! And forgive all of us. Ameen Ya Rabb!

My respected people! Anything good I have said in my today’s Khutbah (Sermon) is from Allah the Almighty, and any mistakes are my own and we seek refuge in Allah from giving wrong advice and from all forms of calamities and fitnah. And I ask Allah’s forgiveness if I stepped beyond bounds in anything I said or I do.

May Allah be praised; and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His Messenger Muhammad and upon his family and Companions.

With this I conclude my Khutbah (Sermon) and ask Allah, the Almighty and the Sublime, to forgive all of our sins. So seek his forgiveness, He is all forgiving and Most Merciful.

This Jumu’ah Khutbah (Friday Sermon) was prepared for delivery today, Friday, Safar 13, 1439 AH (November 3, 2017), by Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, the Chief Imam of Nagazi-Uvete Jumu’ah and late Alhaji Abdurrahman Okene’s Mosques, Okene Kogi State, Nigeria. He can be reached via: +2348038289761.

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Kogi Will Always Be The Home of Peace – Govt

The Government of Kogi State has reiterated its commitment to the peaceful coexistence of its populace and its determination to develop the state on the tripod of fairness, justice and equity.
The Secretary to the Kogi State Government, Mrs. Ayoade Folashade Arike PhD., said this during the inauguration of the Implementation Committee on the Report of Iyano Crisis in Ibaji Local Government Area on Tuesday, October 31, 2017at the Government House, Lokoja.
“His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, believes that Kogi State belongs to all of us,” she said. “He believes in peaceful coexistence and that everyone living here has a right to Kogi state. He abhors injustice and he believes every life is valuable.
We inherited the Iyano Crisis but when we came in as a government, the Governor put it upon himself that the crisis must come to a total end and all rightful residents be accorded all the rights due to them. To achive this, he set up a committee tolook at the issues and made me the Chiariperson, with members from every relevant stakeholder group, including NGOs, security agencies, members of the communities involved. Memorandums were called for and submitted to the committee and people came to give testimonies. Traditional leaders of the communities were interviewed and we have it all on tape.
”After the committee concluded its work and put together its report, the governor said it must not stop there. He asked that Kogites from other parts of the state with requisite experience be brought in to implement the recommendations of the committee to the letter. We are here toensure there is sustainable and lasting peace in the Ibaji community.”
The Iyano community is made up of three villages, namely: Alauja, Iru and Itale. Echule Abujaga is a neighboring village whose inhabitants came to settle with the Aluaja people in the late 18 century. There has been dispute over land and fish ponds between Aluaja the host village and Echule Abujaga settlers since 1958. This dispute was taken to various courts including High Court in Idah where judgment was delivered in favour of Aluaja in 1983. However,the crisis has lingered since then. In 2015, violence erupted in the area and many lives and property were lost.
Earlier, while welcoming the attendees to the event, the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Hon. Edward Onoja, said the Governor was perplexed that people who had lived together for centuries would suddenly take up arms against each other and that was why he set up the committee.
“Each community must begin to preach tolerance, respect, understanding, feelings for each other, and no other there is no resources that is more valuable than human lives. I challenge anyone that can put every barrel of oil on the earth into creating a human being and succeed. No human being should take any life for anything that is of lesser value.
His Excellency expects this committee to do nothing else but ensure that the three principles that he selflessly serves Kogi State with–justice, fairness and equity- are abided by the committee.”
Speaking on behalf of the committee members, the Chairman, Barrister Muazu Adinoyi Abbass, thanked the government for finding he and others worthy to serve on the committee and promised that the vision of the Governor to ensure peace in the committee will be achieved.
“I thank the Government of Kogi State for the opportunity and will ensure that we carry out our activities according to law and with the expectation of the government. We will ensure that justice is done to each and every member of that community and to that extent that the state is peaceful and in a habitable condition for human existence.”
Members of the Implementation Committee on the Report of Iyano Crisis in Ibaji Local Government Area
1. Barrister Muazu Adinoyi Abbass – Okene Chairman
2. Timothy Ojoma – Ibaji
3. Barrister Enejo Aruwa –Idah
4. Mathias Abah – Ankpa
5. Felicity E.Ohiani – Adavi
6. Mallam Ayuba Adamu – Kogi
7. Barrister Ola Odana – Kabba-Bunu
8. Victor O.Oshamo – SSG’s Office – Secretary
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The Looted N2 Billion MSME Fund; A Step Backward On The Kogi Project, By Hon. Mukadam Idris

For the umpteenth time, it’s exclusively necessary to state that the KOGI PROJECT – where there would be collective development and individual happiness of her people – has been utterly compromised, thus heading for total collapse by the previous uninspiring leaders that held sway before the incumbent.

Here is it, the 2billion Naira meant for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises development in Kogi state – converted to an elephant shared -constitutes one of the major wounds being nursed by the Governor Yahaya Bello administration.

Let me douse your curiosity… the immediate past governor, Captain Idris Wada (retired), accessed a whooping sum of Two Billion Naira from the Central Bank of Nigeria for the specific purpose of developing MSME and, by extension, youth development in Kogi state. In other words, it was a loan collected for the singular reason of developing the youths through entrepreneurship initiatives. Alas!

The said fund was collected in raw cash and heartlessly converted to an electioneering largesse by Captain Wada and the then PDP members at the expense of developing and building potential business tycoons that comes with immense positive ripple effect on the state security and economic status.

Afterwards, they tried to contrive the antics of branding the fund as a grant, whichever way still does not justify the unfortunate misapplication of the developmental loan, as the lofty dreams, plans and future of so many young Kogites had hit the brick wall by such height of greed and tactless larceny by Wada and his cohorts.

Now, beyond the numerous youths rendered unemployed and idle, is the accompanying social vices the idleness must have attracted, leading to horrible insecurity in the state, which the GYB government is battling with head-on. Also,the long term adverse effect on the state treasury is the continuous deduction from the state coffers by CBN for a fund that added no value to the state.

They are the same set of people fighting the New Direction Administration as led by Governor Bello because it is no longer business as usual as all their conduit pipe of looting has been blocked.

To further boggle your minds, let us practically carry out the arithmetic on the large number of youths the stolen #2,000,000,000 loan would have liberalised from the unemployment net and the soaring economic effect in the state if the fund is aptly applied. For example, at #1million each will amount to 2,000 Kogi youth been lifted; at #500,000 each will amount to 4,000 kogi youths been developed; at #200,000 each will amount to 10,000 Kogi youths singing a new song and so on. Crystal clear, why Kogi state became the haven of crime and criminality, comatose economy and non-thriving MSME’s in the recent past. Truly, the Kogi debacle is a resultant bandwagon effect of years of maladministration by egoistic leaders.

If not for the swift, purposeful and negotiating prowess of GYB and his sound finance team that bargained on a monthly deduction of #26,530,550.11 for a spread of 7 years by the CBN, the hitherto plan by the issuing institution after the regrettable misuse by past government was to draw it with the interest TWICE from the state resources, which would have been catastrophic on the state meeting vital developmental demands. Despite the tactful deduction agreement reached, it is still a clog in the wheel of the state’s progress. The state is now likened to an innocent soul suffering from the consequence of sin not committed. It’s pathetic!

Let’s imagine the number of internal roads, cottage hospitals, farm equipment, school laboratory equipment, school rehabilitations and public utilities the monthly deduction would have provided, but rather is at the mercy of CBN as a result of leaders of ignoble character and thievery posture. It’s now easier to know enemies of Kogi state than knowing the state is in the North-Central of Nigeria.

Apparently, the state has been denied access to the loan before now but because of the incredible reforms and sound policies engendered by the New Direction agenda, which culminated to good governance, has paved way for the state access to such robust opportunity again. This time, it shall be utilised for what it was meant and repaid by the potentials and entrepreneurship spirit in our youths when the fund is available. The multiplier effect cum economic contribution of MSMEs, given a conducive atmosphere, cannot be undermined. This is what the GYB administration is poised to explore.

Conclusively, the reckless act of inhumanity to Kogites, especially the youths, by the supposed leaders entrusted with our mandate is before the anti-corruption agency- EFCC and competent court of jurisdiction. We hope this will bring succour and hope to the already deprived people of the state.

Never again shall we return to Egypt,as GYB has demonstrated that the KOGI PROJECT is possible where justice,equity and fairness reign supreme.

We are now on the New Direction train heading towards a greater Kogi state, where the resources are rightly used for ALL Kogites and corruption becomes and remains a taboo.

In the foregoing, the GYB administration will stop at nothing in exposing and subsequently prosecuting all corrupt cases of public office holders both past and present, in his determined quest to lift Kogi state out of the doldrums of under-development instigated by long age misgovernance.

It’s a New Direction, the path way to greater Kogi State.

By Hon. Mukadam Asiwaju A. Idris

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A Must Read: The Facts To Ponder Before Criticizing Gov Bello, By Abdulkareem Onyekehi Suleiman

First and foremost, I would like to conduct a serious intellectual analysis  on the crisis of governance that  Governor Yahaya Bello actually inherited in Kogi state.
To avoid some putatively mistaken implications, it is sufficiently strong to represent these facts using a historicist model.
Salary of Civil Servants and Pensioners:
Salary issues in Kogi state has been a recurring decimal since 1999. The 1st executive Governor of the state, Prince Abubakar Audu, left some debts for the state and the successive administrations of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and Idris Wada, complicated the situation thereby leaving a huge salary debts profile for the state.
 When Governor Yahaya Bello assumed office in  January 27 2016, his administration inherited a huge debts of non-payment of salary. The overbloated wage bill of over 80,000 civil servants (state and LG) was unimaginable as the cost of paying the burden of salary was far above the entire allocation to the state.
The high rate of corruption in pension board of Kogi State is mind boggling which called for thorough screening and massive reforms by the government of Yahaya Bello. The enormous corruption in the system had largely contributed to the hard times.
In addition, it is only an irresponsible government would employ workers above her personnel budget. This atrocity was committed by the past regimes through reckless appointments into Local Government areas and the State without careful and proper plan for their remuneration. The administration of Governor Yahaya Bello inherited this crisis of governance and he immediately inaugurated a  screening committee with the sole aim of weeding and flushing out the ghost workers and pensioners from the overbloated payroll of the state.
However, by this demonstration, it is pertinent to note that government would be placing onerous task on its shoulder and thus degenerated into  challenges of governance and civil servants who are the drivers of government are seriously partaking this challenges of reform.
It is also important to commend the government for making huge payment through the support of bailout and Paris club refunds as published on the national dailies and government’s website. By this critical analysis, the pending salary for regular civil servants is August and September as maintained by Kogi state Head of Service, and other pending issues are balance of salaries arrears, arrears of those on clemency (pardon), recently cleared staffs, supplementary list of cleared staffs and those on additional clemency list which was granted by His Excellency, Alh Yahaya Bello, and not because those less offences deserves pardon but because Governor Yahaya Bello is humane to reduce poverty and cushion the plight of the civil servants in the state. The said arrears  are computed are ready for payment to clear the backlogs.
It is worthy of note, to quickly add that Kogi is just one out of 26 states in Nigeria that is battling with salary payments.
Security Situation;
Before the emergence of Governor Yahaya Bello, Kogi was an enclave of armed robbers, Kidnappers, rituals, political thuggery, communal crises, clannish crises among others. Today, Gov Bello has technically defeated all these criminals activities and social ills bedeviling the State. Even the travelers who used to be terrified by Kidnappers and armed robbers on Kogi roads are now testifying the efforts of Governor Yahaya Bello demonstrated towards securing a peaceful atmosphere free of criminals and guaranteeing the protection of lives and property of the citizens.
Poor Infrastructural development was at its lowest ebb with many abandoned projects across the 21 local government areas and the state capital before the emergence of Governor Bello. It may surprise my readers to know, that GYB met a state capital of a pervasive darkness as there was no single street light on the major township roads, bad roads and stinky refuse dumps littered everywhere on the streets of lokoja including some dilapidated structures and government house was not excepted. But today, Lokoja the state capital has been electrified with solar powered street lights, rehabilitation of township roads, cleaner and beautified environment, building of new state-of-the-art structures and renovation of  government house which are products of the present administration of Governor Yahaya Bello.
Similarly, the government is doing all within its powers to fulfil its promise on capital projects such as roads, rural electrification, portable water for the rural communities, quality healthcare centers, free medical outreach, GYB model school projects and series of projects which are completed and some are ongoing. The communities in Dekina and Omala Local Governments where the two ex Governors hails from never had electricity until Governor Yahaya Bello came to their rescue to provide electricity to those communities.
Equity and Fairness; the present government is anchored on the basic principle of Equity and Fairness. The past regime was seriously entangled into political marginalization and ethnic sentiments were  featured thus some senatorial districts were grossly marginalised.
In fact, the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello has broken the jinx of ethnic divides in Kogi State thus appointing his Chief of Staff from Kogi East and capital projects are equitably and fairly distributed across the three senatorial districts.
Also on Job Creation and Youth Engagement;
Governor Yahaya Bello has empowered 2,500 youths on various skills acquisition and vocational training programme, 100 Youths trained on ICT, 460 gainfully employed in Revenue board, 1600 presently undergoing recruitment into health sector, 1600 Vigilantes are gainfully employed, 100 forest guards are also employed, 500 recruitment of fresh teachers is ongoing and  mega tourism development is already in pipeline and all these achievements recorded within the last 21months can necessitate the potential industrialisation of Kogi state.
 Other areas of strategic development efforts of the present government include; Agricultural Programmes such as Omi Rice, Ibaji Rice,  Osara Green Farms and proposed industrial park.
Social Welfare; Kogi State Social investment program has empowered over 50,000 of Youths and women on Npower and  Government Enterprises and Empowerment Program (GEEP). GYB administration is first of its kind in terms of welfare of the people and its policies are targeting people in the rural communities and they have felt the impact of GYB’s  government more than any past governments of Kogi State, inspite of hard times as occasioned by the recently exited economic recession. The new direction administration is more committed to provide the immediate needs of the people in the rural communities.
Evidences are on ground for those who care to know. As a government built on transparency, the doors are open for facts finding by investigative journalists or concerned individuals.
Before you Criticise Governor Yahaya Bello, ponder on his above achievements so far.
The media propaganda against Kogi State government on salary is obviously orchestrated by Dino Melaye and Co who left their constituents in untold hardship, abject poverty and lack of basic amenities in their constituency but chose to desperately, restlessly and irresponsibly attacking Yahaya Bello and peddling lies to abuse the minds of the people riding on the basis of salary for cheap popularity. Governor Yahaya Bello is too refined to subject himself under Dino’s godfather is he is bargaining for and as a result of Governor Yahaya Bello’s refusal to allow them share Kogi “elephant” (public treasury) into their private pockets.
Therefore, search for the truth in Kogi. Make comparative analysis of Kogi before and Kogi Now in all sectors of the economy.
Thank you for reading.
Abdulkareem Onyekehi Suleiman is the Special Adviser to the Governor of Kogi State on Job Creation and SMEs Development.
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Gov Bello Is A Blessing To Kogi – Smart Adeyemi

Convinced that if past administration’s in the state had not engaged in mindless looting and mismanagement of the resources that accrued to the state in their time, Kogi would have been a pride to its citizens as well as envy to others.

He glowingly described the state Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello as a blessing to the state, stressing that whether critics agree or not, Kogi is fast regaining its lost fortunes and glory under the present administration.

Senator Adeyemi said this yesterday during the inauguration of the newly constituted, Kogi elders advisory committee, at the Government House, Lokoja.

He bemoaned the level of underdevelopment and corruption that prevailed in the state before the coming of present administration, alleging that past administrations in the state deliberately institutionalised corruption, where they milked the state dry.

“We must thank God for giving us a Governor who is so passionate about the development and unity of the state. If we have had a Governor like this before now, Kogi would have become an envy of all eyes”, he said.

While commending the development strides of the present administration, especially in the area of massive infrastructural turn around, he disclosed that what the government need at the moment is the support and patience of the people.

He said issues of salary is a national challenge, not peculiar to Kogi, saying that the state government has shown enough commitment to overcome it.

Of particular interest to him, he pointed out, is the ongoing agricultural revolution in the state, revealing that the investment in rice production at Omi Dam, would not only place the state on the map of rice producing states in the country, it would also change the fortunes of its people.

He appealed to government to urgently address complaints of salaries payment, saying that the genuine workers should not be allowed to suffer unjustly with unintended beneficiaries.

He, however, lauded the courage and political will of government in pursuing the reform of the civil service, revealing that, the civil service was used in the past as ‘conduit pipe’, to drain the resources of the state.

Senator Adeyemi who is a member of the state elders advisory committee,urged the people of the state to jettison their ethnic, religious or ideological differences and support the government to succeed in its determination to place the state on the path of sustainable socio- economic development.


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‘My Daughter Didn’t Die Because of Money, I Was Paid,’ Says Kogi Civil Servant

A Kogi State Civil Servant who recently lost his daughter to the cold hands of death, Emmanuel Omeiza Adubazi has pleaded with the members of the public to desist from attributing his loss to non-payment of salaries in the state.
Adubazi who worked with Okene Local Government Education Authority and retired about two weeks ago, gave the warning in an interview with newsmen on Friday, in response to stories making the rounds on social media which linked the death of his 19 year old daughter to lack of money caused by non-payment of salaries.
“My late daughter, Judith Ize Adubazi was a sickle cell patient before she died on Wednesday, and I made sure she had all the care money could buy,” he said.
He added that Late Judith was overwhelmed by the disease, and admitted in the hospital where they spent over two months before she passed on.
“Before my retirement on the 7th October 2017, my salary was up to date, and the last I got was July. My daughter did not die because I was in lack. I know I’m not buoyant, but I did my best with my family to treat my daughter. So, I think I deserve the respect of whoever is spreading false stories about my family,” he said.
Also speaking, the brother to the deceased, Paul Adubazi who said his attention was drawn to the story being circulated on social media, warned the public to stop using his family’s grief to score cheap political points.
“She died three days ago, and it is a trial moment for us in the family. It is shocking that even my friends on social media are also in this business of falsehood, and on my part, this must have to stop,” he said.
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Governor Bello Will Continue To Give His Best To Kogi – Fanwo

The Director General on Media and Publicity to the Kogi State Governor, Kingsley Fanwo has assured the people of the state that the Governor will continue to serve their best interest.
Addressing journalists in Lokoja on Thursday, he said the true situation of salary payment has been made public by government.
“We appreciate the concern of people who were misinformed by the orchestrated campaign against the state by those opposed to the governorship of Alh. Yahaya Bello.
“The State Government never admitted to owing 7 months salary arrears. The case of the deceased is an eye opener to the reason some civil servants were not paid.
“The late Mr. Soje had issues with his age declaration. Altered age declaration as well as multiple declarations were discovered. That accounted for the reason he was not paid between January and July 2017.
“He was later granted clemency and scheduled for payment before his unfortunate demise. Government is sad about the Soje story and will do everything possible to cater for his family.
“The true situation of things in Kogi State is that government has paid the bulk of the cleared staff up to July 2017 and details of payment have been published on the official website of government and in the newspapers to clear the doubts of those who need to know the facts.”
Fanwo said the screening exercise, which led to delay of salary payment at some points, was necessary to save the state from the “corrupt cabal that had been siphoning the resources of the state.”
“We know some people are bent on painting the State irresponsible for political reasons. But government will not shirk its responsibility of providing leadership and accountability in dealing with the good people of Kogi State.
“As a people, our pride is important to us. We are owing two months salary arrears and we know states in worse conditions. Government will continue to do its best to make Kogites proud.”
He called on the people not to be dismayed by current political happenings in the state, saying the day of reckoning is at hand.

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FERMA Assures Kogi Residents Of Zero Potholes On Federal Roads

The Public Relations Officer of Federal Roads Maintenance Agency (FERMA), Mr Segun Aluko, has assured the people of Kogi of zero potholes on federal roads in the state before the Christmas.

Aluko gave the assurance in an interview in Lokoja on Friday.

He also noted that FERMA was making arrangements to begin patching and rehabilitating of all federal roads within the state.

He said the repair became imperative due to the heavy vehicular movements during the period of Christmas.

“We do not want anything that would make motorists miserable during the Christmas,” he said.

While stating that there would be zero potholes during the Christmas, he urged communities involved to cooperate with the agency during the cause of repair.

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