The Strong Relationship Between Justice And Peace, By Imam Murtadha Gusau

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

All thanks and praises are due to Allah, we seek His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil within ourselves and the consequences of our evil deeds. Whoever Allah guides will never be led astray, and whoever Allah leads astray will never find guidance.

I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, He is alone without any partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and His Messenger.

“O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims in submission to Him.” [Quran, 3:102]

“O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women. And fear Allah, through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Verily, Allah is ever watching over you.” [Quran, 4:1]

“O you who have believed, fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice. He will then amend for you your deeds and forgive your sins, and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained a great attainment.” [Quran, 33:70-71]

Verily, the most truthful speech is the Book of Allah, the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad, and the worst affairs are newly invented matters (in the religion of Allah). Every newly invented matter is a religious innovation, and every religious innovation is misguidance, and every misguidance is in the Hellfire.

Dear Brothers and Sisters! Know that, in the atmosphere of distrust around the world, the mankind could not stand with clash. During  world wars humanity witnessed a lot of bloodshed, massacre and  distrust. Cold war brought the war of ideologies (Capitalism-Communism) and  in  Post-cold  war  world,  the  consistent  use  of the terms ?”Terrorism” and ?”Extremism” at the political level and  the backlash it faced in the name of ?”War  against  terror” or  ?”Operation  desert  fox” or some other operations has put a big question mark on the peace process at the global level. The adherents of one ideology are scared of some different ideology.  The man of one thought is not in a position to believe the man of  different thought. Finally, the man of one faith or a religion gets  irritated with a man possessing a different faith.  At  the  end  of  the  day we can say that human beings are becoming ?”Intolerant.” The  process of intolerance has been growing  in each and every community of human beings. We all know about our intolerance,  but unfortunately we could not recognize the faults in one‘s own  community. To blame  “other” community is very easy because we have chosen ?”other” as our enemy. This is a sad slogan of the new  era ?”Other  is our enemy.” This  sort  of  mental outlook of the  people of new era is well  expressed  by  Samuel P. Huntington  while interpreting a paragraph of the Michael Dibdin‘s novel, Dead  Lagoon, as:

“There can be no true friends without true enemies. Unless we hate  what we are not we cannot love what we are. These are old truths  we are painfully rediscovering after a century….Those  who  deny  them deny their family, their heritage, their culture, their birthright,  and their very selves! They will not lightly be forgiven.” [See Clash of civilisations and remaking of the world order, by Samuel P. Huntington, page 20]

Are these truths truly reinvented by our statesmen and scholars? Can we identify ourselves only through knowing our enemies? Are  enemies essential in this new era of global politics? Does religion  helps us to identify ?”other”?

These are some of the important questions discovered in today’s politics.

For seeking identity and reinventing ethnicity, enemies are essential  and the potentially most dangerous hatred and animosity can be  found within the men possessing different religion, ethnicity, culture  or civilisation.

People who possess different ideologies and unfortunately share a  border have the maximum chances of creating a Fault Line. Most  of  these fault lines are said to exist  between Muslims and non-Muslims. Hence the biggest enemies to each other are Muslims  and non-Muslims. In this way scholars, politicians and academicians who carry such a view point, unite the  whole  world  against  Islam. If we put it straight, this is biased study towards the  knowledge  of  a civilisation. There are people who loath upon others  religion and civilisation with a vested interest.

Dear Brothers and Sisters! Today, the Fulani herdsman has become the proxy unit for aggression and the expression of hate against Northern Muslims in Nigeria. And this is part of the strategy to contain, clip, cull and further weaken Muslims within the Nigerian community.

The onslaught is from all angles. Particularly noticeable is the glee with which some Igbos have found the opportunity to turn the tables against what they consider humiliating repression of the recent Kanu/IPOB uprising. This is matched and partnered by some Northern Christians political ebullience to reassert itself, against the background of recent marginalisation by the Buhari Government. These two are powerfully aided and abetted by some South Western ethnic politicians, with their powerful press – both traditional and social media. Powerful elements outside power, especially those under threat of corruption charges, provide some of the financial muscle and energy.

In all of this, religion is the main lever of manipulation. With history clearly being rewritten and Nigeria being misrepresented. An often told lie can begin to look like the truth, after all, especially to the vulnerable young, who know little or no history.

Today, the agenda has been set, of a Christian Nigeria, more than half the population in their claims, fighting a murderous and insidious “Islamist and Muslim design” to conquer Christians and deprive them of their ancestral lands. This is the false and insidious narrative, everywhere. And that this government is using state apparatus to aid this purported Fulani Islamic jihad. Foreign countries, especially in the West, are inundated with this false and dangerous propaganda.

They also disingenuously claim that this jihad is a continuation of the 1804 Shehu Usman Danfodio Jihad, which, itself, has now thoroughly been misrepresented by all sorts of ignorant opinion writers and speakers.

Respected Servants of Allah!  What is actually facing us today is a political rivalry whereby some powerful Christian politicians have chosen religion as their main weapon of fighting not only the Buhari regime, which we all knows, witnessed and agreed has its many mistakes, shortcomings, failings and failures, but to, majorly fight Northern Muslims for political power. And the Fulani herdsman has unfortunately become the proxy for this hate and enmity, and for this fight against Northern Muslims. This strategy to leverage religion to force political advantage, and to possibly wrest political control, has been made inevitable by the complete ineffectiveness of political parties today.

The danger is that this creates more violence in a country already severely challenged and weakened by terrorism, insurgency and violence everywhere.

Respected Servants of Allah! We are living in a world where there could obviously be more peace. As Muslims, we realize this fact more than most people, as the peace of many of our brothers and sisters in various parts of the globe has been tragically disrupted: Nigeria, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Libya and other locales. Similarly, we are living in a world where there could be more justice. We read almost daily of killing and assassinations in various parts of the world where terrorist groups, militias, military forces, or intelligence services, oftentimes in summary fashion, declare victims guilty and then proceed to execute them. Unfortunately, such unprincipled political behaviour has become increasingly common in both the foreign and domestic policies of many countries, causing untold damage to their image and credibility abroad.

Respected Brothers and Sisters! These two issues, peace and justice, are joined in the slogans we hear from many activists, in the world and especially here in Nigeria, “No Justice, No Peace!” This linkage is logical, as justice must be considered one of the indispensable prerequisites of any lasting peace. This article intends to briefly look at the ideas of peace and justice in Islam and explore their deeper significance in the life of a Muslim and his neighbour.

My Respected people! In the Arabic language, the word peace is derived from the radicals S-L-M. The scholars of language mention four closely related terms that can be derived from this origin: Salam, Salamah, Silm, and Salm. Imam Raghib al-Isfahani says in his lexicon of Qur’anic terms:

“As-Salm and as-Salamah mean freedom from any external or internal ruination.”

Based on that, he mentions that true peace will only exist in Paradise, for only there will there be perpetuity with no end, complete satisfaction with no need, perfect honour with no humiliation, and perfect health with no disease. In this regard, Allah is known as As-Salam, because He alone is described as being totally free from any defects or flaws. This understanding of true peace being a reality associated with a transformed world is also understood in both Jewish and Christian theology.

At the level of interstate relations, if we ponder the above definition, we can consider peaceful relations between nations as a condition where violence, a state inevitably involving both internal and external ruination, is absent. In this sense, war can be viewed as an aberrational state. The aberrational nature of war is made clearer if we consider that murder, the ultimate consequence of war, is considered an innovation that destroyed the peace formerly existing among the human family. It is stated in a Prophetic Hadith that:

“No soul is killed unjustly, except that the elder son of Adam (Cain) shares in the stain of the crime. That is because he was the first to innovate murder [in the human family].”

At the individual level, peace can be viewed as an absence of the ruinations of the heart. One free from such ruinations will succeed, Allah-willing, when he/she meets his/her Lord. Therefore, he/she will enter safely into the Abode of Peace (Dar as-Salam). Allah says in that regard:

“[On] the day no amount of wealth or children will be of any benefit. [The only one benefited] will be one who comes before Allah with a sound (salim) heart.” [Quran, 26:89]

If one reflects on these meanings, it should be clear that the wars that Muslims have been involved in throughout our long history do not nullify the validity of the statement:

“Islam is the religion of peace.”

What is meant by that expression, and Allah knows best, is that Islam provides a path for the human being to enter Paradise (Dar as-Salam), and there he/she will know true peace.

Respected Servants of Allah! Peace has meanings wider than those mentioned above. One of the loftier objectives of our religion is to introduce into the world an ethos that facilitates the spreading of peace at every level. Our personal relations with our fellow Muslims should begin with the implementation of the Prophetic order:

“Spread peace between you all.”

This order is so pressing that the Beloved Prophet – advised its indiscriminate implementation. He said at the end of a Hadith in which he described one of the best forms of Islam:

“Extend the greeting of peace, to those you know and those you know not.”

This is a very weighty matter that calls for our deeper reflection. Its weightiness is illustrated by the fact that it is mentioned as being one of the things that completes our faith. The Prophet said in that regard:

“You will not enter Paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I indicate to you something that will surely lead to your mutual love? Spread the greeting and spirit of peace between yourselves.”

Our relations with our spouses should also be characterized by peace. Allah admonishes us concerning those relations:

“And peace is best.” [Quran, 4:128]

Similarly, in our relations with other warring nations, Allah commands us:

“If they (the enemy) incline towards peace, then you should similarly incline, and place your trust in Allah.” [Quran, 8:61]

As mentioned above, peace is the original state that prevailed in relations between individuals and societies. This opinion is based, among other narrations, on the saying of the Prophet that Jesus:

“Will return the world to a state of peace” (Yurji’ as-Salim) after his appearance at the end of time.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters! Our lexicographers define justice, variously, as:

“To rule and to judge based on that contained in the Book of Allah and the tradition (Sunnah) of His Messenger and refraining from ruling and judging based on empty opinion.”

It is also defined as:

“Extending inherent rights [to their possessors] equitably.”

This latter definition emphasizes the importance of equity as an essential aspect of distributive justice.

The concept of justice is one of the essential pillars in the maintenance of both the natural and social orders. Allah, be He Exalted, has said:

“He has established the scale, therefore, do not transgress in the scale [of justice]. Undertake the measuring with justice and do not cheat concerning the scale.” [Quran, 55:7-8]

Justice, as many of our scholars point out, is one of the underpinnings of the order that has been established by Allah. This reality is also a foundation of a healthy social order. Allah says in that regard:

“O You who believe! Be upright for Allah, witnesses to justice; and do not let your hatred of a people move you to a position where you are unjust. Be just, that is closer to piety. Be mindful of Allah! Verily Allah is well informed concerning all that you do.” [Quran, 4:135]

This social aspect of justice has been beautifully summarized by Imam al-Qurtubi. He says, discussing the relationship between two words that are usually translated as justice (al-Adl), and distributive justice (al-Qist):

“Justice is the basis of all human relations and a foundation of Islamic rule.”

This saying is illustrative of the meaning conveyed by the saying of Allah:

“Verily, we have sent Our Messengers with clear proofs, and we have revealed unto them the Scripture and the Balance in order that they lead people with justice…” [Quran, 57:25]

Imam al-Mawardi has summarized the social implications of distributive justice in the following way:

“One of the things that reforms worldly affairs is the principle of distributive justice. It facilitates amicable relations between people, engenders obedience to the Divine Law, and brings about the prosperity, progress and development of countries. It is the basis of a thriving economy, strong families, and stable government. Nothing devastates the land nor corrupts the mind as quickly as tyranny. That is because there are no acceptable limits [to regulate tyranny].” [Ahkam al-Sultaniyyah of Imam al-Mawardi]

For this reason, Imam Ibn Taymiyya sees the responsibilities of Islamic government emanating from a single verse in the Qur’an:

“Allah enjoins that you deliver the Trusts to their rightful possessors. And when you rule over [or judge between] people, that you do so with justice…” [Quran, 4:58]

The Noble Prophet has said in this context:

“Surely the most beloved of people with Allah and the closest to Him on the Day of Resurrection will be a just leader. And the most hated of people and the furthest removed from Him will be a tyrannical leader.”

Clearing himself from even an inadvertent association with oppressive, unjust acts, our beloved Prophet is reported to have said:

“You bring your disputes to me for adjudication; perhaps one of you is less eloquent than another, and I rule against the wronged party on the basis of what I have heard. Therefore, if I inadvertently grant one of you something owed to his brother do not take it, for I am granting him something that constitutes a piece of Hellfire.”

Our impeccably just Khalifa Umar bin al-Khattab uttered the following penetrating words:

“Verily, Allah sets forth parables for you, and He directs admonition towards you in order that hearts will be quickened. Surely, the hearts are dead until Allah quickens them. Justice has signs and portents. As for its signs, they are shyness, generosity, humility, and gentleness. As for its portents, they are embodied in mercy. He has [likewise] made for every affair a gate, and He has made that gate accessible by providing a key. The gate of justice is a deep consideration of consequences, and its key is otherworldliness. Consideration of consequences ultimately involves remembering death and preparing for it by freely parting from one’s wealth. Otherworldliness involves dealing justly with everyone and being satisfied with what suffices. If one is not satisfied with what suffices him, no abundance will ever enrich him.”

Much of this discussion has focused on distributive justice. However, the Qur’an also places great emphasis on commutative justice. Allah commands us:

“Do not be moved by partiality to discriminate in meting out divinely legislated punishments.” [Quran, 24:2]

The Prophet Muhammad mentioned that one of the reasons behind the ruination of a nation is a lack of commutative justice. In this context, he mentioned that even if his very daughter were to steal, he would not hesitate to punish her to the full extent of the law.

In summary, this brief discussion should make it clear to any Muslim and non Muslim that peace and justice are comprehensive concepts with deep implications and we have to be people committed to peace and justice. We must clearly illustrate to the world that our religions are indeed the religions of peace. However, our striving for peace must never allow us to be unjust, nor should it allow us to passively accept injustices. We must take a stand for justice, as we are ordered in the Qur’an:

“Be you upright supporters of justice…” [Quran, 4:135]

However, that stand must go far beyond slogans, such as the one mentioned at the beginning of this article, and move into the realm of positive action; action inspired by the Qur’an and the words and deeds of our illustrious Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Respected Brothers and Sisters! Allah is our witness, we warned those state governments who want to ban the cattle rearing in their states, that the law will plunge their states into a war, but they refused to listen to us and went ahead to ban it. We also warned that the Fulani’s patience and silence over recent killings of their kinsmen in Adamawa, Taraba etc, should not be misconstrued for fear or weakness. We also called for thorough investigation into the recent killings in four Numan villages. We also warned about the massacre of the dozens of women and children of fulanis in Shaforon, Kikem and Kodemti villages. We warned that government and other relevant security authorities should thoroughly investigate those involved and bring the perpetrators to book for fear of reprisal attacks and for peace to reign.

Dear Brothers and Sisters! For Allah’s sake What happened to Fulanis in Mambilla, Sardauna, in Taraba State? What happened to them in Numan?  And what is happening to them of killing, raping their wives and children, and stealing their cows in many states and many places in Nigeria? Why if the fulani man have been killed in Nigeria nobody will say anything? Why denying them freedom and justice in their own country? Why all this hate, hatred and enmity towards the fulanis? Are they not Nigerians? Are they strangers? Are they not human being like all of us? Why, why, why please? Haba! Let us fear Allah!! You see, at many points in our history, we make mistakes of confusing patience for fear or weakness. I hope, we would not make that mistake this time; what happened in Adamawa, Taraba, etc, to fulanis, would not go unpunished, let us be just, because in the absence of justice there must be a problem.

Respected Brothers and Sisters! We must come together and rise above ethnicities and religious bigotry for us to live peacefully with one another, and to know that Allah created us in different so that we may know and understand one another. Attacking, Killing, maiming and destroying each other or our property does not make us better than one another. We all are guilty and must repent and learn to live with one another as provided by our Constitution. We, as Muslims and Christians are a prayerful people, so please we should continue praying and resolving our differences in a civilised ways. May Almighty Allah help us in this direction. Ameen Ya Rabb!

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. May the peace, blessings and salutations of Allah be upon our Noble Messenger, Muhammad, and upon his family, his Companions and his true followers.

May the peace, blessings and mercy of Allah be upon you all.

Your Brother:

Imam Murtadha Muhammad Gusau, from Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria. He can be reached through: or +2348038289761.

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2019: Governor Yahaya Bello, An Affliction That Must Not Rise The 2nd Time, By Sheyi Babaeko

According to Jean- Jacques Rousseau, “When something an affliction happens to you, you either let it defeat You, or you defeat it”
Dear Kogites, the unpopular, accidental and garrulous administration of Gov. Yahaya Bello will be two years in few days time. The two years of GYB’s leadership in the state has not only brought pains, anguishes, tribulations and hardship but also pestilence and untimely deaths of some Kogi State peoples who could not survive his draconian rule and unresponsive attitudes to the challenges and plights of the people of the state.
As a desideratum, we must collectively rise to send Gov. Bello back to his sender especially now that President Buhari’s ears are apparently too busy to hear our yearnings and outcries. At the same time, our Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo’s hands are too tied to save us from the tyrannical, despotic, and low-minded governor of the state.
If Governor Yahaya Bello were to vacate office today, he would be leaving the Lugard’s House worst than he met it.
It is an irrefragable fact that this present administration has brought nothing better than darkness, affliction, jeopardy and discomfort to the state.
The good people of Kogi State should as a matter of urgency begins to shop for a replacement for GYB and his retinue of jackleg subjects and unschooled figures whose knowledge about good governance is unsophisticated, antediluvian and primitive.
We cannot afford another four more years of tragedy. How can I explain a Governor who has been in power for two years without a single meaningful project to be commissioned in any of the 21 Local Governments of Kogi State? What a shame!
Our people must stop their lamentations and begin to think of a way forward ahead of 2019 when they would have another opportunity to make a decision that would either make them GYB’s animals or true sons and daughters of Kogi State. It is obvious that GYB can never make us feel like a true son or daughter of our lovely state if he continued to remain in office.
The delay in seeking a replacement of him will spell doom for us as a people.
We must resist any further form of  misrule. We actually thought we had seen the worst under the thieving political elites of the People’s Democratic Party until we witnessed and saw hell under the white devil who claims to be our governor.
Our debt has doubled without nothing to show, the insecurity and violence crime is beyond control and might likely get out of hand especially with the election around the corner. The school enrollment and the education of an average Kogites is threatened because of the abject poverty that has now taking over Kogi state which is caused by the ineffective and inefficient governor of the state who has mismanage our resources despite the fact that we have all it takes to succeed as a state with ample opportunity to also be an example to other States in Nigeria.
Only a visionary leader can redirect the ship of this state to the utopian State that we all desire.
It is in view of this worrisome and pathetic situation in Kogi state that I am calling on Kogites at home and in the diaspora to reject the  leadership of GYB and APC  (a party of retrogressive political elements) for bringing us to this present state of quagmire and dystopia.
GYB’s second term ambition must not be made to see the light of the day if we must succeed as a state.
I remain faithfully yours sincerely in struggle.
Sheyi Babaeko, the candid candidate for the Kogi State House of Assembly, Kabba Bunu constituency under the Unity Party of Nigeria,
Sheyi is a Social Commentator, Policy Analyst and counter-terrorists strategist.
He Writes from the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.
God bless Kabba Bunu constituency!
God bless The Confluence State!!
God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!
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2019: President Buhari Is Best Option For Nigeria, Says Yahaya Bello

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has reiterated his support for a second term for President Muhammadu Buhari, saying he remains the best option for a “stable and united Nigeria”.
Bello, who made this known in Lokoja through his spokesman, Kingsley Fanwo, said the President has “unfinished business with Nigeria”.
“Nigeria has witnessed tremendous development under President Muhammadu Buhari. We are moving away from the crazy search for white collar jobs, to have created over six million blue collar jobs less than three years into the first term of the Buhari administration. Our mining policies are now opening new vistas for prosperity and Nigeria is becoming more united than ever.
“The Federal Government is embarking on massive road construction and rehabilitation projects, rural electrification is also receiving a boost.
“When you see the progress we have made and still making in rail transport, you will agree with the Pro-Buhari agitators that the President needs to continue his good work beyond 2019”.
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Kogi State Retires 8 Permanent Secretaries, Dismisses 1,774 Workers

Kogi Government has confirmed the compulsory retirement of eight permanent secretaries, some directors and dismissal of 1, 774 others from the state civil service.

The affected staff were served their letters last December.

The letters were signed by the state Head of Service, Mrs Deborah Ogunmola and the Chairman of the state Civil Service Commission, Mr Ado Shaibu.

A copy of the retirement letter addressed to one of the affected permanent secretaries indicated that the retirement was “in the interest of the public.”

Some of the affected permanent secretaries have said that they were contemplating legal action.

However, Mrs Petra Akinti-Onyegbule, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Yahaya Bello, defended the action, saying it was part of ongoing reforms in the civil service.

According to her, the retirement affected only permanent secretaries that have served for four years and above.

“The retired permanent secretaries have been paid their consolidated benefits that accrued to them.

“Also affected are civil servants who have attained the special salary grade level 17,” she said.

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Kogi Gov Denies Buying Cars For Masquerades

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello has dismissed reports that he gave masquerades in Okene N2 million and vehicle each.

Speaking to state house correspondents after he observed the Ju’maat prayer at the Aso Rock mosque, Bello there was nothing of that nature at all.

“I think I’m just hearing that for the first time. But let me just tell you that in Kogi State, first we promote culture, two we don’t give millions to masquerades.

“In our culture Masquerades are ancestors, I don’t know how a masquerade will go and spend money? Is it in the grave?

“They are supposed to be spirits and I don’t know how masquerades will spend money. There is nothing of that nature at all,’’ he said.

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Judge Handling Case Of Attempted Assassination On Dino Melaye Dies

Kogi State High Court Judge, Justice Aromeh Benson Akogu, handling the case of attempted assassination of Senator Dino Melaye is dead.

The judge died in Anyigba on New Year’s Eve at about 11:40pm during a cross-over service to 2018.

His wife, Mrs Vicky Akogu, who confirmed the death, said the late judge and one-time Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) in the state, was hale and hearty before his sudden death.

She said that she watched her husband’s death like a movie and could hardly believe herself.

Commenting on the incident from Akogu family house in Idah, Chief Registrar of the State High Court, Yahaya Ademu, said the body had been deposited at the Grimmard Hospital Mortuary, Anyigba.


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Adavi Constituency: Shehu Yahaya Visits Hometown, Receive Blessings For His Ambition

An aspirant for the legislative seat in the Kogi State House of Assembly, Hon. Shehu Otuoze Yahaya visited his home town on boxing day in continuation of his consultation with his people over his ambition to represent them in the House in 2019.

Yahaya, who is aspiring to represent the people of Adavi constituency in the House Lashek paid an impromptu visit to his family house at Ipaku in Adavi local Govt Area, where he met with his uncle who happens to be the eldest in the family and also a father to him for his blessings towards his political ambition.

Lashek as he is popularly called had earlier visited the people of Ipaku, Osisi and Inoziomi ward around early October this year, where he got the support of the people.

His visit to the family house was well received as prayers for his success were offered by the eldest in the family.

Soon after the prayers ended, Lashek proceeded to hold a meeting with members of his community led by the woman and leader leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ipaku, Osisi and Inoziomi wards.

During the meeting, Lashek discussed his manifesto and his strategic plans to actualize his political ambition in. The 2019 general election.

In his speech. the honourable sought the optimum support of all the youths present as he prepares to lead the people of Adavi constituency to the next-level in Kogi State House of Assembly if elected.

As the youths and the women celebrates the emergence of an icon, a true and focus leader, intelligent and vibrant son of the soil who sees leadership as an opportunity to serve the people, in person of Hon. Shehu Yahaya, the women and the youths who were on ground all voiced out their unquestionable support in favour of Hon. Shehu who has just been appointed as the state coordinator of Nigeria consolidation ambassadors network (NCAN), a President Muhammadu Buhari campaign organization in Kogi State.

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INEC Indicts Kogi Gov Yahaya Bello Over Double Registration

The Independent National electoral Commission (INEC) has indicted Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya bello, over double registration in its on-going Continuous Voter Registration (CVR).

Following this revelation, three staff members involved in the irregularities have been dismissed by the commission.

In a statement by its National Commissioner & Member, Information and Voter Education Committee, Mrs. May Agbmuche-Mbu, the electoral agency said: “Following reports of alleged double registration by the governor of Kogi state, in the on-going CVR, the Commission set up a panel of investigation into the involvement of staff in the matter.

“The initial report submitted by the panel was referred to the Appointment, Promotion and Disciplinary Committee, which made recommendations to the Commission.

“While the governor of Kogi state currently enjoys immunity from prosecution, the Commission took the following decisions in respect of its own staff: Summary dismissal of two staff for acts of gross misconduct. Immediate and compulsory retirement of an Electoral Officer, for acts of gross misconduct.”

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Money Lost To Workers With Fake Certificates Enough To Provide Water In Every Ward – Kogi Govt

The Kogi State Government has expressed its determination to midwife the ongoing reforms in its civil service to a logical conclusion.
Addressing reporters in Lokoja, Monday, the Director General on Media and Publicity to the Governor, Kingsley Fanwo said government cannot afford to continue “funding fraud” in the service.
“After The Staff Verification Exercise, Government decided to test the veracity of the certificates presented by the civil servants. The brain behind the certificate verification exercise was to ascertain if the civil servants are actually qualified for the jobs they do or claim to do.
“In the course of the Staff Verification Exercise, mind boggling revelations were made. Some head teachers in primary schools couldn’t communicate in English. These are the people teaching our pupils.
“The Civil Service Reforms is not all about blocking waste, but ensuring efficiency in the service. There are excellent hands in the Kogi State Civil Service but the odd ones may need to be brought to the level of efficiency and effectiveness.
“Recent discoveries of forged certificates in the service has vindicated government. We have wasted over 5 billion naira paying people who forged certificates to defraud the state and deprive the Kogi people of potable water, good roads, good hospitals and good schools. What we have used to pay workers with fake certificates was enough to provide water in every ward in Kogi State.
Fanwo said government was making efforts to offset salary arrears of some categories of workers who are being owed a few months salaries, assuring them of celebrating Christmas and New Year with joy.
“Even before the President’s advice to the Governors to pay salaries before the Yuletide, the Government of Kogi State had put in place machineries to clear salary arrears owed some categories of civil servants and pensioners.
“It is true that government is owing workers who were initially found to have violated the Public Service Rules but later pardoned by the Governor and returned to the payrolls.
“Government appreciates the patience of our patriotic workers even as we seek their understanding in finding a permanent solution to the challenge posed by the issue of salary payments across the nation in the face of dwindling resources and competing demands for the meager resources available.
“We cannot continue to pretend that a foam is as strong as a brick wall. States must begin to build business friendly environments to make people see alternatives to government jobs. We must also encourage blue-collar jobs to create wealth and promote entrepreneurship.”
He said the issue of salaries call for a concerted reasoning rather than turning it to a “political item by opportunistic politicians”, insisting that the Governor Yahaya Bello administration will continue to accord the civil service its “deserved respect.”
He said, “Governments all over the nation are torn between raising funds for infrastructural development, social security and salaries. We want to assure the people of the State that the days ahead are quite promising.
“The Empowerment of the Kogi State Road Maintenance Agency with quality professionals and state of the art equipment was aimed at beating down the cost of road construction and maintenance. Today, the wisdom behind the initiative has translated into better roads across the state.
“In 2018, KOGROMA will fix many rural roads in the state and match our agricultural ambition of massive production and massive marketing.”
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Four Ex-Kogi Commissioners In ICPC Custody For Allegedly Diverting N11.3bn

Four former commissioners in Kogi State under the administration of Captain Idris Wada, have been arrested and detained by operatives of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) for alleged misappropriation of N11.3 billion.

According to the ICPC, the four ex-commissioners allegedly connived with the former governor of the state to divert the huge sum of money that was meant for the provision of public services at the state and local government levels, thereby depriving the state and its people value for money.

The anti-graft agency gave the names of the suspects currently being held at its facility as Kayode Olowomoran, who was in charge of Culture and Tourism; Abdulrahman Wuya, who was in charge of Works, Onama Godwin, who oversaw the Transport Ministry and Ali Ajuh, who was commissioner for Budget and Planning.

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Security: Gov. Yahaya Bello Is Doing Very Well, Says Nigerian Army

Enamoured of the exploits of Governor Yahaya Bello in the areas of security and youth empowerment, the Nigeria Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji, is understudying ways the Governor has been able to achieve this.
The Course 40 of the Command is carrying out the study as part of events lined up to celebrate the 2018 Nigerian Armed Forces Remembrance Day.
The Secretary to the Government of Kogi State, Dr Mrs Ayoade Folashade Arike with the Chief of Staff to His Excellency, Hon Edward Onoja; the Head of Service, Deaconess Deborah Ogunmola; the Security Adviser to His Excellency, Cdr, Jerry Omodara (Rtd), and other  members of the New Direction team joined the Governor of Kogi State as he received the team led by Brigader General Olu Irefin on a courtesy visit to His Excellency at Government House, Lokoja today.
Alhaji Yahaya Bello who commended the team for for making the State one of their ports of call assured them of the full cooperation of the New Direction team towards achieving the aim and objectives of the tour.
The team on Nigeria Study Tour to Kogi State expressed appreciation to the State Government for the warm reception they were given.
The Study Tour is themed ‘National Security and Youth Empowerment’.
The Governor in a speech he delivered at the occasion expressed gladness that security organizations and institutions have made it a habit of regularly coming to understudy the programme and progress of his administration in the area of security.
“This means there is something we are doing right that is attracting all the agencies to come and understudy us. As I have said, I am more concerned about the welfare of the people of the state than the politics,” Bello said.
He recalled the recent awards he has received from the nation’s security forces, stating that they have encouraged him to do more for the purpose of ensuring the safety of lives and property of the people of the state.
Bello reiterated his pronouncement that he is not in government to play politics, but to serve his people, adding that the security forces have assisted him in no small measure towards providing tranquillity for the people.
“All the studies that have been conducted so far and the reports we have gotten, are more or less like scorecards of the records of our government. I am so glad to receive you in Kogi state,” he said.
The Governor, who commended citizens of the state serving in the Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies for making the state proud for their gallantry, called on other members of the security services to emulate them.
Team Leader, Brig. Gen. Irefin had earlier thanked Governor Bello for creating the enabling environment for them since their arrival in the state, and thanked the people for their hospitality.
He said what attracted them to the state was the fact that Governor Bello has been doing excellently in creating empowerment for youths in the state and enhancing the security of lives and property of the people.
“We know Kogi was a hotbed and confluence of criminality in the past. We want to know how you have achieved so much mileage in security in such a short period. We are here to learn how you did it,” he said.
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Friendship, And Not Money Built Okpo Central Mosque, Says Edward Onoja As He Commissions Building

“Man Cannot Build a house for God, but God can give a mortal man the privileged to build where other men can worship” Edward Onoja said, while delivering his opening address during the opening ceremony of the Okpo central mosque, at the Olamaboro LGA of Kogi state, completed by him and friends.

He said that the success of the Mosque construction is a result of what friendship can accomplish when there is a willing mind to harness available resources.
The Okpo central Mosque has remained in a state of total neglect over the decades, leaving the worshiper to the hard realities of natural elements.
The Chief of staff to the Kogi State governor, who while delivery his address broke down in tears said, the mosques has remained under construction as long as he can remember.
“I crisscross the road in front of it as a teenager, at some point, construction even stopped totally”.
Not too long ago, the mosque became an object of discuss between him and a couple of friends,  to be specific Hon. Gabriel  Yinusa Olofu and Hon Ahmed Mohammed representing Ankpa 1 at the state House of assembly, on why such a laudable projects was abandoned.
He said it was at that point, “I started thinking there must be something I could do to help. And being the Chief of Staff, “I felt God has put me in position to do something”
Onoja while speaking said, “I discussed with His Excellency who gave his full the go ahead and his personal support”
As at the period of conceiving the idea, “ I had no such money” but His Excellency,  thought me how to use the goodwill of my office for the public good, rather than for my private ends, that the reward would always be higher and more fulfilling” that lesson taught to raise the needed resources to complete the mosque.
The Plan
The plan was simple, to call on my friends within and outside Kogi state to join hands with me to deliver the course.  Spending hours on phone, calling friends for support, many responded generously and eagerly.
Edwad Onoja said no doubts, “My position as Chief of Staff made this happen”. He thanked His Excellency, Governor of Kogi state, profusely for the privilege to serve in that capacity to touch lives.
He stated that the mosque won’t be the last of his contribution to his people; in fact a few more are nearing completion. He intimated the public about 8 boreholes that would be commissioned at Ogugu, his home town in about 2 week’s time.
The boreholes he said were sunk by himself and some political appointees from Ogugu from their personal purse.
He also said that, he is undertaking to raise resources to transform the dilapidated Ogugu Community Secondary school to a modern centre for learning for the benefit of Ogugu children, partnering with different groups and Ogugu sons, the Agada brothers.
He said that, while they were working on the Okpo mosque, Governor Yahaya Bello, a Muslim motivated them to also renovate, the United Evangelical Church Okpo with the governor being a major contributor. Work is in advanced state and plans to commission the church in December are in top gear. A display of equity, fairness and justice, the
watchword of the New Direction government.
Finally I want it to be known to our friends far and wide that, friendship rather than money built this mosque. Nigerians and not just Edward Onoja and his friends built this mosque.
He recognized his friends who made the completion of the mosque possible. They are His Excellency, Engr Makoju of Dangote group, Rotimi Bolufemi, Barrister Igho Charles Anomie and Mr Ogems Aalomi of the Talevera group, Alhaji Jibrin Isah Echocho, Hon Ahmed Ahmed, Segun Olorunde, Mr Patrick Idoko, Mr Josiha, Hon Gebriel Olofu, Chief Festus of Ferotex and Mr Francis Ahmedo .
Not forgetting all the New Direction members who have given him total support.
“It is my prayers that. as people worship in this mosque that friendship built, they would also be motivated to become bridge builders for peace among our people and religion,” Edward Onoja said.
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