Politics Of Absolutism: To Love Or Hate Buhari? By Isa Mubarak

It is no secret that I love President Muhammadu Buhari. I am not unaware of his many weaknesses and flaws. And because of this fact, I’m able to employ an objective mind in my critique of his politics and policies. I love him without glorifying him, something that is difficult for many to grasp in this highly toxic political milieu that is characterised by politics of absolutism. Politics of absolutism dictate that a leader is either absolutely right or absolutely wrong. This absolutism has blinded us greatly in our judgement, we either praise everything done by a leader or criticize everything done by a leader. We either totally love or totally hate a leader. The Buhari situation has proved that, loved by many and hated by many. I am strongly against Politics of Absolutism!
Leaders are humans, and we must critique them with this fundamental understanding. This is what I find troubling among our social media ‘political analysts’. Their absolutist views and short term memory loss. There was a time that we have to be frisked with metal detectors before we were allowed into our places of worship. There was a time 2000 people were massacred in a single town (Baga). There was a time we wake up to news of Bomb blasts every single morning.
There was a time massive looting, corruption and oil theft was at it’s peak. But unfortunately all have been forgotten, we now call Buhari ‘incompetence?’ – I guess ‘incompetence’ is now subject to interpretation – forgive me for loving the man who changed all that. Indeed, short term memory is an actual thing. I must also accept that there are new challenges in his government (herdsmen and co) but I am confident that since he defeated the aforementioned, he will defeat anything.
We all voted for Buhari for different reasons, you may have voted for him to make 1$ = N1. Some may have voted for him simply because they were fed up with GEJ. Some may have voted for him because they want Jobs. But most of us voted for him because of his stance against corruption, his integrity and clean slate. Fight against corruption may be very difficult, but, we belong to the school of thought that strongly believes that once corruption is defeated every other thing will surely fall in place. And we still firmly believe that.
According to NPC, Nigeria population now stands at 197million, there is no point insulting Buhari and Buharist. I am not going to vote for a young man simply because he is young, or vote for a woman simply because she is a woman. I vote my conscience. Pick a candidate of your choice, infact, you can choose to run all by yourself or vote any one you believe in. But don’t try to impose your political leanings on people who don’t share your sentiment or insult them. That is the height of political immaturity. The beauty of democracy is the ability for us to have different political choices.
Elections are not won on the internet, get your PVCs and stop being bitter about Buhari exercising his rights as a citizen. Next year, feel free to vote against him if you wish. Again, leaders are human, and we must critique them with this fundamental understanding. This is Buhari – flawed and problematic; courageous and visionary; wise and mature; fearless and vulnerable. He inspires and provokes. He’s messy. He’s a mess. But he is fully human and inspite of it all, he’s too amazing.
©. Isa Eneye Mubarak
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Libya’s Slave Trade: Africa, A Society And That Refused To Learn From History, By Isa Mubarak

Many Africans in 2011 supported the invasion of Libya both consciously and unconsciously, as such we are in no moral position to shy away from what that country has turned out to be today. We shall all bear the consequences. And so today, it is not surprising that a Libya that once housed Black people peacefully under Gadaffi has suddenly turned out to become the slaves-cages of some dirty Arabs.
West African migrants are being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets in Libya. A trade in Libya with PEOPLE being SOLD for as little as $400, and still not enough outrage worldwide, perhaps the black lives are indeed inferior.
Sometimes I feel like we as Africans just keep going backwards as a human race. Libya has been beset by chaos since NATO-backed forces overthrew long-serving ruler Col. Moammar Gadhafi in October 2011. And who was behind that overthrow? None other than then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration.
As expected, Africans, both young and old, celebrated the death of Gaddafi and his supposes dictatorship. Libya, before Clinton got involved, was comparatively stable and no strategic threat to the United States or its allies. Now it’s a shambles, with people literally being sold in slave markets.
Events like these reminded many of us of the jubilation of some Ghanaians in 1966 when the legitimate government of Kwame Nkrumah was toppled by the West. It also reminded us of Congo in 1961 following the murder of Lumumba. How can we also forget the assassination of Sankara in 1987 by some oblivious, moronic, mindless elements in Burkina Faso. All these were backed, supported or influenced by the West.
When burkinabes realized their mistake, the mass of the people marched the streets of Ouagadougou in 2015 in regret over the loss of the “upright man,” Thomas Sankara. So because history repeats itself in a society like ours, we have all sorts of elements who have been condemning the ongoing enslavement of Black people in Libya for some days now.
The point is simple, a society that do not prioritize the knowledge of history will forever be a victim of Alzheimers. That kind of society will always be in discord with reality and as such be a frequent repeater of the mistakes of the past.
I am pointing this out for our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe to be ready for what is to come in the coming period. They should expect the influx of the capitalist vampires, inguise of investors. They should expect a Zimbabwe of a once revolutionary ground making a remarkable land reform and giving back lands to black people as the rightful owners turning into a dumping ground for the West like most African countries appears to be today because they failed to learn from history.
The Emmerson Mnangagwa government will enjoy a shortime prosperity but that would certainly not last long and surely all the sanctions against Zimbabwe will be lifted for a government who has proven itself to be pro-West. The economy immediately will be privatized and the hitherto nationalized and land reform projects will be hijacked and thrown into the trash can of history by the new government. By then, the already hoodwinked Zimbabweans will have themselves to be blamed for being tricked like the Libyans today.
Without mincing words, these generation of Africans will go down in history as the most unaccomplished, half-cooked, half-baked, inadequate, and ungifted generation the Black race has ever produced because of our ignorance and weakeness.
Isa Eneye Mubarak
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The End Of Men, Rise Of Women? By Isa Mubarak

Stumbled on a book written by Hanna Rosin, “THE END OF MEN; and the rise of women” and the whole “men are not necessary” debate.

She and her likes were trying to prove that end of men is near, that men will go extinct in the nearest future, become obsolete, no function whatsoever to human race and women will dominate and take over. She said women are emerging as the more successful sex of the species.
They claim that with the expanding reproductive choices, they expect to see more women choose to reproduce without men entirely. Fortunately, the data for children raised by only females is encouraging. Hence, only women are necessary and sufficient for reproduction.
Rosin cited that women now dominate rising college graduation rates, steady employment, and an increased presence in male-dominated fields such as politics and business. That they’re gradually shifting gender roles, perhaps, that one day men will not longer be needed.
Rosin however admits:
“For one thing, we haven’t figured out how to harvest their sperm without, you know, keeping them alive”. They then concluded that If all the men on earth died tonight, the species could continue on frozen sperm.
With human cloning technology just around the corner and there is enough frozen sperm in the world to already populate many generations. As for sexual pleasures, lesbianism is on the rise, so they won’t need men anymore.
Meanwhile women live longer, are healthier and are far less likely to commit a violent offence. And women already have the population advantage.
Can this ever become a reality??
By: Isa Eneye Mubarak
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