Jail Time Or Death: Pregnant Women In Nigeria Face Unlikely Sentence In Their Hospitals

Mrs Audu, 33, had just given birth to her first child at the Asokoro General Hospital. She was ecstatic and could not wait to take her newborn home but her joy was short-lived.

“We’ve been asked to stay here until we can pay”, looking at her newborn, she said, feigning indifference.

“I need Nigerians to help me out”, she said into the voice recorder and looked resigned again. Audu is a low-grade civil servant in the nation’s capital.

Mrs Audu is one of many new mothers under detention in Nigerian hospitals as a result of inability to settle their medical bills. Her case was quite serious. She suffered postpartum hemorrhage and had received two pints of blood shortly after giving birth.

Up the aisle to the maternity ward of the Asokoro Hospital, a stretch of pregnant women are seen groaning under labour pains and awaiting available beds for delivery.  “All the beds have been occupied in this hospital, the women queue until there’s a bed space available”, a matron who asked to remain anonymous told me.

“As soon as you birth your baby, you are discharged to go home, we need space for others”, the matron added.

The non-implementation of the 2014 National Health Act is a major drawback and reason for the collapse of health facilities, which have turned into trauma centers for most pregnant women. The Act mandates a 1% contribution by the Federal Government from the Consolidated Revenue Fund that will help guarantee a basic minimum health package, which includes free health coverage for pregnant women and children less than 5 years.

A coalition of about 30 civil society organisations and the ONE Campaign, in an open letter to Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari called for more investment in the healthcare sector in Nigeria.

“There is an urgent need to make a quantum leap investment into the health sector in the 2018 budget to at least 7.5% of the national budget and demonstrate good faith in implementing the 1% Consolidated Revenue Fund towards the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF), as stipulated by the National Health Act 2014.”

Nana Aisha, 34, would be spending her third night at Asher hospital, where she was delivered of twin babies. The hospital, which was situated in Kubwa Abuja, the largest satellite town in Nigeria, and under Bwari Area Council in Abuja has an emergency ward, a maternity ward and a small pharmacy unit.

She is being held against her will due to her inability to pay after a cesarean section arising from complications. She has been abandoned, and yet to hear from her husband ever since he pledged to return to make payments.

Nana Aisha eventually got bailed through the contributions of a female empowerment group, called Ejilogwu women association, she has ceased to become a member of, for about four months before the incident. This was due to her inability to keep up with the required monthly contributions.

Hajiya Jummai who runs the women empowerment group bailed Nana through a micro-finance model where women contribute on a monthly basis to help each other finance their individual businesses or problems.

“We see a lot of this type of situations, that is why we organized ourselves to help each other. We raise money for naming ceremonies, burials and other problems that women face”

The hospital was charging her for the equipment used during her treatment such as bandages, bed-space, hand-gloves and gown. The total amount reached N16,000 (less than $50). The doctor had instructed the gateman and the night nurse on duty not to let her out of the hospital. Nana realized this when she tried to escape.

“We heard that she was detained and her husband had run away because he could not pay the four-thousand-naira hospital bill after her delivery, so we gathered money that afternoon and went to bail her.”

At the Gwagwalada specialist hospital, a government owned facility, I spoke to Ifeanyi Anih, a medical intern who told me that the hospital management has created a deferral scheme.

“We handle all female genital tract issues, and there are a lot of cases where women come in pregnant and require surgery. We have a system that allows them do it on credit to enable them pay afterwards, but the more prevalent case is that they don’t return so we turn it into a bad debt. The finance department actually raises some money as a provision for this.”

This is not the same for private hospitals. Folake Animashaun (real name withheld) who works at one of the private clinics tells me that sometimes they gauge the patient before treatment.

“When we give the patient the cost of the treatment, and we realize the patient cannot pay, we don’t treat them. Sometimes you can tell by their body language, the way they begin to look at each other or complain. In cases like this, we just refer them to a general hospital. Sometimes it’s a critical emergency, we pad the patient, give them pain-killers and wait for them to leave. It’s easier to bear a cost of roughly N2,000 free medications than to conduct a N150,000 surgery and not get the money back.”

Ifeanyi explained to me that the most prevalent cases are pregnant women with complications who have been turned away by the privately owned health centers.
“The largest cases we face here are mostly obstructions during pregnancy. Like when the baby is in the wrong position. We asked them if they can pay for it and they started looking at themselves. The challenge here is that you really can’t treat them for free. There is a framework that comes from the Ministry of health which serves as a guideline for billing patients, and a surgery like that costs about N85,000. Private hospitals collect almost three times that rate.
“The private clinics don’t handle patients who cannot pay. In one case we faced here, they went as far as padding the bleeding woman, gave her one pint of blood and waited for her to leave. She still came here, and yet had no money.”

Nigeria has one of the worst health coverage indicators in the world with less than four percent of the population insured. A far cry from countries like Rwanda where only about 4% are not insured.

Currently, health insurance covers a number of government workers and big private sector organisations. Hospitals charge the people in this category only 10% of the cost of treatment, but the larger population of Nigeria are denied this benefit.

On a daily, Nigerian mothers are detained all over the country; the situation poses a grave threat to the country’s ambitions to achieve universal health coverage (UCH) by 2030, a key aspect of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

According to the terms of UCH, access to safe, quality and essential, affordable health-care services including medicines and vaccines should be available for all.

While Nigeria’s President Buhari enjoys medical treatment abroad, Nigerian government hospitals remain detention facilities for new mothers across the country. The irony is that it has become common to see high-ranking public officials bail out detained mothers in what is pitched to the public as an act of compassion.

As the class divide deepens, public hospitals have become exclusive preserve of the Nigerian middle class while the rich turn to medical facilities abroad. The poor have nowhere to run. The inability of government to provide free maternal services contribute to the grave maternal mortality indicators in Nigeria as pregnant women seek unorthodox medical options or stay at home leading to major complications and death when they eventually make it to the hospitals.
Audu and Aisha consider themselves lucky to be alive in debt as other women in similar situations are never admitted. Most of them die from complications trying to birth their babies.

This article was written as part of the 2017 BudgIT Media Fellowship

Mercy Abang is a Freelance Journalist, focusing on development Journalism – She doubles as a media fixer with Sunday Times of London, BBC, Aljazeera and a former Stringer with the Associated Press – She tweets at @abangmercy.. She is the 2017 United Nations Journalism Fellow and budgIT Media fellow for 2017

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Nigerian Turkish Nizamiye Hospital Performs First Open Heart Surgery In Abuja

The Nizamiye Hospital has successfully carried out an open heart surgery in Abuja. This was contained in a statement released by the management of the hospital.

According to the statement, “the Nizamiye Hospital successfully performed an outer coronary bypass surgery on its first patient in Abuja”

The statement further added: “Dr Mustafa Kirman the lead surgeon led a team of seven specialists that included Turkish and Nigerian professionals to carry out the procedure.”

“The procedure lasted three hours and we thank God that it was a huge success and the patient responded well and has been discharged from the hospital after a seven day observation period” it further added.

In his reaction on the success of the surgery, the Deputy Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Atilla Emiroglu stated that “the hospital is excited about this feat, especially with the fact that the team of medical personnel that carried out the procedure are resident doctors and specialists”

“The team of doctors are resident in Nigeria and are staff of the hospital. We opted for this option to ensure that our patients get the best care and are assured that doctors are always available at short notice.” He further added that “with what we have in ground at the hospital in terms of personnel and equipment, there is absolutely no need for Nigerians to travel abroad for open heart surgery”

The statement also stated that the hospital has four other patients on its waiting list for open heart surgery. It would be recalled that The Nigerian Turkish Nizamiye Hospital was established by Turkish investors under the First Surat Group of companies. The hospital is estimated to have cost $20 million and was commissioned on February 20, 2014 by former President Goodluck Jonathan in an event that brought together former ministers of health and other very important policy makers in the country.

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Alleged N42bn Fraud: Ex-Custom Boss, Dikko Hospitalised After Surrendering To EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is watching over a former Comptroller-General of Nigerian Customs Service(NCS), Abdullahi Inde  Dikko in a hospital in Abuja.

Dikko, who is being investigated over alleged N42billion fraud, has been in hospital since he surrendered to the EFCC for interrogation  last  Thursday.

A top source in the anti- graft commission, who spoke in confidence, said: “When Dikko reported at the EFCC, he was looking pale. It was obvious that his health was in bad shape.

“We interacted with him and relocated him to a hospital for treatment. From the first day, we allowed him to stay in hospital. Our operatives are only watching over him at the hospital.

“We need to set the records straight. He was never at any time detained in EFCC’s custody because of his frail health. But we are monitoring him in a hospital.”

Out of the total fraud sum Dikko is being grilled on the sources of funds with which he acquired a N2billion mansion at 1, Audu Ogbe Street, Jabi Abuja.

The anti-graft agency had been on the trail of Dikko since January 8 when its operatives stormed the posh residence of the ex-Customs boss.

Following search pressure, Dikko gave himself up on Thursday by responding to the outstanding invitation of the EFCC.

Looking pale, Dikko arrived at the EFCC’s headquarters at about 10am for interrogation which lasted about eight hours.

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Video: Tee Billz Was At The Hotel With Another Woman While I Was Bleeding At The Hospital – Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage has been the subject of public ridicule since husband Tee Billz went public with allegations of her infidelity as well as having multiple sexual partners before marriage.

Tiwa has now responded with her own side of the story, highlighted by her claim that she discovered that her husband was “getting knocked off” at a hotel by another woman while she was hospitalised an bleeding profusely.

See video interview with Pulse below:

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Nizamiye Hospital: Expanding the Frontiers of Healthcare in Nigeria By Yahaya Etila

There are perhaps no private individuals doing more to strengthen bilateral relations between Nigeria and Turkey than the owners of the First Surat Group of Companies who have continued to invest in the Nigerian economy over many years. They have made a mark in the education sector through the establishment of the prestigious Nigerian Turkish International Colleges and the Nigerian Turkish Nile University. Having succeeded in that sector, the Turkish investors decided to extend its activity to the Nigerian healthcare sector, which frankly, is begging for attention. Their effort has resulted in the founding, in 2014, of the Nigerian Turkish Nizamiye Hospital.

The hospital is a magnificent 5-storey building on a 12.000 m2 plot, in Life Camp, Abuja. Estimated to have cost $20 million, a visit to the health facility will proof that it is money well spent. Its  premises is fitted with over 50 CCTV surveillance cameras, online UPS system, standby generators, fire extinguishing system with smoke detectors and sprinklers, centralised air conditioning system, centralised medical gas system, and centralised nursing call system in the wards.

Nizamiye Hospital is as well-equipped as it is imposing. It boasts state-of-the-art medical technologies in its various sections, including a full emergency service, intensive care unit, radiology unit, and first rate laboratories and pharmacy. With its 4D ultrasound facility, expecting mothers can view their unborn babies, and the PACS system it uses allows the scans to be saved. The radiology clinic is also equipped with a 4D ultrasonography machine which lets a patient watch inside his/her body in 3D view.

Its cardiology clinic uses the ECHO, ECG and Treadmill to diagnose cardiovascular diseases, while urology clinic uses transurethral resection technique for prostrate operations and kidney stones extraction, all without making any cuts in the process. For cancer diagnosis, it uses microscopic bone marrow analysis and to diagnose digestive system diseases, it uses colonoscopy tools.

Nizamiye Hospital has put in place all these facilities to bring efficient and affordable healthcare to Nigerians. It is a fact that at present, medical tourism constitutes a large percentage travels out of the country. Whatever kind of treatment sought abroad can now be obtained locally. The hospital was conceived as a first class medical centre, with a vision of being the ‘first hospital coming to mind to the question of: “Where can I get trusted medical service?”’

Enumerating the disadvantages of travelling abroad for treatment at a press briefing in 2014, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital Dr. Ahsen said, “When you are travelling, you get sicker. There a lot of instances where people die before they could arrive overseas for treatment…Not to mention the cost incurred besides treatment, fare, accommodation, and feeding.

“Here (at Nizamiye),” he added, “You only concern yourself with fees for treatment…So we are here to save that money and that life.”

At a different forum, he said that Nizamiye Hospital will always try its best possible to provide Nigerians with quality health service using modern technology.

“Our hospital is an epitome of humanitarian values combined with quality and advanced technology to promote health. We aim to be a role model in protecting the core human values of love, trust and compassion as we embark on the journey a healthier Nigeria,” he said on the hospital website.

Nizamiye Hospital places a premium on proper diagnosis, which, obviously, is the first step to efficient treatment. With advanced technology, it carries out screening in microbiology, haematology, and pathology biochemical.

When it comes to surgery, it has it covered with its general surgery department, urology, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), orthopaedic and traumatology, obstetrics and gynaecology, ophthalmology, anaesthesiology and algology, and neurology / neurosurgery departments. In addition, its theatre complex has four fully equipped suites to ensure maximum care during surgery.

As there are no general wards at Nizamiye Hospital, every patient is treated like royalty. At the most, it admits only two patients in a ward. This arrangement enables the staff to give patients the attention they require, having at the back of their minds, an urgency to “discharge the sickness”, as it says in its policy statement,  and help the patient recover health, both physically, emotionally and psychologically. At the moment, the hospital has in its register well over 14,000 patients, a feat buoyed by its penchant for qualitative care at all levels.

Nizamiye Hospital has adequate qualified medical practitioners to man its facilities and meet the demands of ill health in its varied manifestations. It has a mix of Nigerian and Turkish doctors, nurses, lab scientists, dentist, and administrative staff. It is not uncommon to find former patients returning to appreciate the staff for the care they have received while on admission at the hospital.

Their testimonies are proof that the hospital is indeed living up to its mission of providing transparent and reliable medical service to all kinds of people, regardless of their back

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Ibom Multi Specialist Hospital Appoints Media Consultant

The management of the 20th anniversary hospital, the Ibom Multi Specialist Hospital, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, yesterday, appointed Mr. Godwin Akpan as its media consultant.

The executive director Mr. Gregory John Viyani, who made the pronouncement in his office, said the appointment takes effect immediately.

The newly appointed Media Consultant who is the Producer/Presenter of a popular political programme FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA on Atlantic 104.5, Nigerian Television Authority-NTA and Akwa Ibom Broadcasting corporation – AKBC, described the appointment as simply an act of God, who considered him worthy of the position.

“This is simply God at work. It’s not by my efforts nor by my intelligence, this is the grace of God who decided to favour me at a time like this.

“Remember, this is not just an hospital, but an hospital that is described by many as the very best in Sub Sahara Africa. This is an hospital that can be compared to some of the best anywhere in the world. So to be appointed to manage the media of ISH is the grace of God.

“When I was officially announced as the Media Consultant by the Executive Director, Mr. Gregory John alongside the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Paul Robin, I told them they have given me a huge challenge and by God’s grace we will succeed together.

Earlier, Mr. John has described Mr. Godwin Akpan as a true professional, whose patriotism has been displayed through his TV and Radio platform, promoting development in Nigeria for Nigerians. He said the appointment takes effect immediately.

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Ibom Multi Specialist Hospital Built With A Vision 50years Ahead Of Its Time – Dr. Koshy

Godwin Akpan

“If we must get the best in life, we must spiritually, physically, mentally, technically, technologically, politically, socially, financially, economically and orally encourage people to do what they can do best; so long as what they can do best is to the glory of God and benefit of humanity”.

These were the exact words of Dr. Eapen Koshy, the world renowned Plastic/Cosmetic surgeon at the Ibom Multi Specialist Hospital ISH, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, when he was responding to questions from Godwin Akpan, Presenter, FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA, recently, following another successful surgery recorded at the hospital described as the best in Sub-Sahara Africa.

With an emotional tone, Dr. Koshy described the vision behind the ISH as a vision 50years ahead of its time, while noting that the greatest impact that could be created by anyone on planet, is providing medical succor to humanity, and according to him: “Godswill Akpabio has made tremendous impact on his generation with the establishment of ISH in Nigeria. This hospital has positioned Nigeria as a destination for Medical tourism, not only to the African continent but other continents of the world”.

In less than 14days, Dr. Koshy has restored hope to several families who hitherto were hopeless as a result of their medical conditions through his superior medical prowess. Their testimonies are endless.

Seventy-six year old clergyman, Pastor Ekerette Frank, who’s major activities has been in Europe and America, described the man behind the ISH as God’s gift to the people of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria and Africa, following a successful major operation he had.

Ekerette had multiple hernias and large abdomen. He had had four unsuccessful surgeries in London. He had doubted the possibility of ISH providing solutions to his aged-long ailment. “If prominent hospitals in London could not provide permanent solution to this problem, is it the hospitals in Nigeria that can do it?” He questioned!

He said he was encouraged to proceed with the operation when he went through the credentials of Dr. Koshy, and was satisfied with the modern facilities that are available at the hospital. “I was encouraged by the facilities here which of a truth, are superior to some of the hospitals I have visited in Europe. Of course, I also needed to know more about Dr. Koshy. His records in the medical world is quite outstanding. He is among the five best surgeons in the world. And to have such a man here in AKS where I come from is a thing of joy to me. I am sure in a short period of time, this hospital won’t contain people. With my medical problems now over, I can now engage my children and grandchildren in soccer whenever they come visiting”.

Professor Nicholas Dousis who hails from Athens, Greece, was full of excitement few hours after undergoing a major surgical operation. Dousis suffered from severe back and chest pains as a result of his over-hanging abdomen resulting from obesity. He was obsessed and when he lost plenty of weight, his muscle could not function anymore, thereby resulting to a fallen abdomen.

He described the surgery performed at ISH as the best he has had. “This is the fourth surgery in my life, and I can tell you that this is the best. I have never experienced medical wonders like this before. I had three operations before, all in Europe; none of the operation could be compared to the operation conducted by Dr.Koshy here in Nigeria.

“When I heard of ISH and was told that the surgeon here is Dr. Koshy, I decided to visit the hospital. I was amazed at the facilities when I was conducted round the hospital. I can tell you without doubt that this hospital is the best anywhere in Africa and can be compared to some of the very best anywhere in the world.

“Yes Dr. Koshy that I know has a great reputation in the medical field, but I wouldn’t risk my life if the facilities here were not world class. I could have done this operation in my country, Greece, but I decided to do it here because of the state-of-the-art facilities here and the medical team here are excellent professionals with great reputation. Nigerians and Africans should be thankful to Mr. Godswill Akpabio”.

The testimony of Uwem Johnson Akpan, a Port Harcourt based Akwa Ibom born was not different, as sadness and sorrow, which has always been his constant companion, has been completely replaced with joy and happiness following his encounter with the Indian ‘magician’, Eapen Koshy.

Speaking with FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA, Uwem described Dr. Koshy as a ‘magician’ sent by God to serve humanity.

Uwem was billed to be flown to India for his surgical operation, but was constrained by finances. His marriage plans were postponed because according to him “I was ashamed of the embarrassing skin growth known as Large Bilateral Keloid. We had made plans to fly to India for the operation but my brother, no money. Money was my major setback. We were advised to visit the ISH since operations were ongoing. I was booked for operation and the operation was very successful. Look at me now, I am a brand-new man. We have fixed our wedding for February 2016. May God bless Sen. Akpabio for this gift to the people of Nigeria”.

It would be recalled that Dr. Eapen Koshy had given back life to a certain Mohamed Omar who is from Zanzibar during his time at the MIOT international hospital, India. Omar, who had represented his country at various football tournaments across Africa, was a victim of acid attack, and all hope of living was lost. The situation got worse after developing infections on the affected areas notably, his head and face.

Omar’s condition defiled all medical assistant provided in his local hospital until he was flown to India where he met with Dr. Koshy. He had a second chance to live when he had an encounter with this renowned Surgeon.

“My situation was getting hopeless each passing day, and all hope to live was diminishing. I spent almost all the fortunes I made playing football for my country, but no positive result was achieved. I was flown to India to meet with Dr. Koshy and that single encounter changed my stories. I will always be grateful to God for giving me a second chance to live through Eapen Koshy”.

Dr. Eapen Koshy reckoned that he has handled so many complicated cases in the past in his many years of practice. He ascribed his expertise to gift from God and God alone.

“I have done so many major complicated cases before. It’s a divine gift from God. Having practiced in India, Europe and America, I wanted a change of environment – I wanted to practice in Africa.

“I discovered the former governor, Mr. Godswill Akpabio was very serious about his vision of putting up the best facilities here in ISH. This was quite encouraging, and of course, without the quality of facilities we have here, all the successes we have recorded since we started full operations wouldn’t have been possible. We have so far succeeded as a team because everyone is committed to giving the best and nothing but the best”.

The Ibom Multi-Specialist Hospital has some of the best manpower deployed to run proceedings both in the medical and administrative setup.

Dr. Yemi Johnson is the hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Eapen Koshy is the Chief Plastic surgeon,

Mr. Gregory John Viyani is the Executive Director while Mr. Paul Robin is the Chief Operating Officer ISH.

The ISH has over 150 medical experts who are readily available to handle any medical issue.

Visit ISH on: www.ibommultispecialtyhospital.com

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Behold The Wonders At Ibom Specialist Hospital, Uyo

Godwin Akpan
The presenter of the programme FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA, on Akwa Ibom State Broadcasting Corporation,(AKBC)whose main focus is highlighting all round development in the country for Nigerians, beamed its search light to the 20th Anniversary Hospital, located in Itam LGA, Akwa Ibom State.
The Ibom Multi-specialist Hospital has some of the world best manpower, deployed to run both administrative and medical proceedings.
The managing director is the renowned medical expert, Dr. Yemi Johnson, a Nigerian. Others are:
Dr. EAPEN KOSHY, the Chief Plastic Surgeon, whose medical practice spanned India, USA, UK Saudi Arabia and now, Nigeria. Dr. Koshy was trained in India and the UK. Dr. Koshy has 22 Original Publications in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery-BJP, and authored a book: Beyond Modern Medicine. Dr. Koshy is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He is from South India and has 30years of Medical practice.
GREGORY JOHN VIYANI is the Executive Director, ISH. A Chartered Accountant by profession. has been involved in Hospital management for  over 20years.
Viyani has managed hospitals in India, UAE, Abu Dhabi and now Nigeria. He is from South India.
PAUL ROBIN is the Chief Operating Officer ISH. Robin is from South India and was in charge of the biggest hospital in Chennai, India. He has over 20years experience in hospital management.
Now the big deal:
Professor Nicholas Dousis is from Athens, Greece. He is a renowned academic and has businesses in various parts of Europe. Prof. Dousis was in Nigeria for a business trip in Lagos. He decided to visit the ISP upon hearing that the renowned Surgeon, Dr. KOSHY is now at the ISP. When he saw the state-of-the-art facilities in the hospital, Prof. DOUSIS decided his Ober Hanger (fallen belly), as a result of Obesity should be operated forthwith. And on the 13 of January at exactly 10.30 am, Prof. DOUSIS was successfully operated. His operation lasted for 55minutes. 48hours later, here is Prof. DOUSIS and Dr. KOSHY having an interview with GODWIN AKPAN, Presenter, FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA.
According to Prof. “This is the best Surgery I have had in my life. I have done three surgeries before in Europe, but let me tell you Godwin, this is the best I have had. This country has been positioned as the best medical tourist destination for Africa and the world. If I had the slightest of doubt in the facilities here and the manpower, I wouldn’t have risked my life trying to carry out the surgery here. Nigerians and Africa should thanks Mr. GODSWILL AKPABIO for his vision.
Earlier, Mr. UWEM AKPAN JOHNSON, a Port Harcourt based Akwa Ibom born, had his medical issues resolved at the ISH. Uwen was billed to be flown to India for his surgical operations, but was constrained by finance. His marriage plans were postponed because according to him “he was ashamed of the embarrassing skin growth known as Large Bilateral Keloid.
We had made plans to fly to India for the operation,but my brother, money was the major setback. We were advised to try the Ibom Multi-specialist Hospital. When we got there, we discovered that it was possible to have my operations there. I was booked for operation and it was successfully carried out. Look at me today, I am a brand-new man. We have fixed our wedding date for February second week”.
The Executive Director, Gregory John Viyani, said 50% discount has been set aside for all Akwa Ibom State indigenes.
Watch out as we bring you the full interview before and after the operations on the programme FOR THE LOVE OF NIGERIA on Tuesday January 19th, by 11 am on AKBC. With your host, Godwin Akpan.
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Niger Health Commissioner, Mustapha Jibril Visits Kontagora General Hospital on Familiarization Tour

The Niger State, Honourable Commissioner for Health and Health Services, Dr. Mustapha Muhammed Jibril in company of the Health Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Dr. Ibrahim Umar Tiffi, and other top medical heavy weights in the State have on Tuesday visited the Kontagora General Hospital on a familiarization tour of the facility with an aim to review, rehabilitate and upgrade the facility and all other health facilities in the State to global standards to also serve as reference point for quality, accessible and affordable health care delivery in Nigeria.

Dr. Mustapha in his usual humility and respect for elders paid a royal homage to the highly respected father of Kontagora Emirate, His Royal Highness, the Sarkin Sudan of Kontagora, Alhaji Sa’idu Namaska CON to receive his blessings and fatherly advice. In his words “Your Royal Highness, I feel very honoured and privileged to stand before you, to seek your blessings and fatherly advice before I commence my official assignment in this much respected emirate. I also wish to thank the people of this great emirate and Zone for their collective resolve to vote in our great party the APC while supporting and voting the candidature of our very humble and amiable Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello. Your highness, I also want to use this medium to say a BIG THANK YOU, for your unconditional passion and Commitment for health activities in Kontagora Emirate, Zone C and Niger State at large. I am saying a big thank you, for the land donated and a block of 4 classroom you built at the ongoing site of the Kontagora College of Nursing Sciences which will go a long way in producing Nurses for our dear State” the Commissioner said.

His royal highness, Alhaji Sa’idu Namaska commended Governor Abubakar Sani Bello’s zeal and readiness to improve the living standards of Nigerlites from all sectors while urging Dr. Mustapha Jibril, other members of Niger State Executive Council and all stake holders to give their very best in discharging their duties. The Mai Sudan also called on Nigerlites especially the Youth to be law abiding citizens as well as render their collective maximum cooperation to constituted authorities in other to drive Niger State to the promise land.

The Honourable Commissioner then proceeded to the Kontagora Local Government Secretariat where he was received by the Secretary of Kontagora Caretaker Committee, Muhammed Isyaku who stood in for the Caretaker Chairman, Muhammadu Lawal Nuhu who is on an official assignment. Dr. Mustapha used the medium to call and urge Kontagorians and Nigerlites to come out en mass to vote for the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the forth coming Local Government Council elections in the State, as he describes the Council elections as the last lap to repositioning Niger State in line with the APC’s manifesto and also to enable Governor Abubakar Sani Bello fulfill his campaign promises and constitutional obligations to Nigerlites.

The Commissioner’s next stop was the famous and unique first class Sani Bello Foundation with a Vision “to transform our nation into a productive economic environment where high tech entrepreneurs are groomed thus driving the economy to rapid development”. The foundation with a motto “for youth development and social welfare” has over the years serves as a tool for entrepreneurship acquisition and basic training opportunities’ to improve on the lives of our youth while transforming them into contributing individuals of our respective communities. Dr. Mustapha Jibril’s visit to the Sani Bello’s Foundation was also to register his heartfelt appreciation to the Chairman of the Foundation, Col. Sani Bello (rtd) who for over 20 years has been on humanitarian crusade to Nigerlites and Nigerians at large. The Commissioner was quoted saying “It is no longer a news concerning the resolve of our humble father, Col. Sani Bello and his amazing Foundation for the incredible humanitarian crusade in Niger State and Nigeria at large , which for me, is the greatest love for all. Our Father, no doubt understood clearly that the Government alone cannot do it all, which is why his giant strides and compassion for the less privileged is indeed commendable. I also wish to acknowledge our father’s priceless contributions concerning health matters in Niger State over the Years. With this, I pray to ALLAH SWT to continue to bless him with healthy fruitful years of service to humanity” he noted.

The Honourable Commissioner was then received by the staff of Kontagora General Hospital led by the Chief Medical Director, Dr. Bello Tukur who said “In the last 5years, this is the first time Kontagora General Hospital is receiving a Commissioner of Health in Niger State which is why the Commissioner’s visit is historic” why also describing it as “sign of good things to come” for all sectors in Niger State. Dr. Tukur thanked Almighty Allah for choosing a vibrant, young and committed medical practitioner through his Excellency, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello to serve as the Commissioner for Health and Health services in Niger State. He prayed for the success of Governor Bello’s led Change Crusade while expressing their readiness to contribute their collective quotas in translating the aspirations of his Excellency to reality for the betterment of Nigerlites and Niger State in general.

Dr. Mustapha thanked the team of Dr. Bello Tukur and enjoined them not to relent from giving their very best especially in ensuring that patients are treated with humility and utmost care while informing them of Governor Bello’s realistic attempt to revamp the health sector without neglecting other sectors. In his words “His Excellency, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello is on the verge of collaborating with the Kuwait Government in order to establish a teaching hospital in Niger State. He also has another one with Bill Gate Foundation aiming to have a standard Primary Health Care Centre in all wards of Niger State that will be running 24/7 service delivery to Nigerlites” he disclosed.

In Dr. Mustapha Jibril’s usual compassion, love and care for all, he took the bill responsibility of Fatima Musa that was involved in a gasly car accident along Salka and was admitted in the Pediatric Ward of Kontagora General Hospital. Fatima who is barely 10years is fathered by Mallam Musa Adamu from Sokoto State but lives with her Grand Mother who is a resident of Salka in Niger North Senatorial District of Niger State. Responding to the kind gesture of Dr. Mustapha, Mallam Musa Adamu said “May Almighty Allah SWT continues to bless your every step and that of the Governor who sent you to Kontagora Hospital. Words cannot express the joy you have brought upon my family, but I will continue to pray for your success, the Governor and Niger State in general” Mallam Musa said. The Commissioner after an extensive tour of the Kontagora General Hospital immediately proceeded to the ongoing construction site of the proposed College of Nursing Sciences to access the status quo.

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Take Dasuki To A Hospital In Sambisa By Peregrino Brimah

For several days the Nigerian government and it’s Office of National Security headed by Sambo Dasuki, refused to admit that 234 pure girls from Chibok had been kidnapped. While the Civilian-JTF had risked all, trailing the terrorists to the edges of Sambisa as exclusively reported then, Nigeria’s security agencies and army in spite of having hours of prior warning, not only failed to ward off the kidnap but did nothing to rescue the girls.

The Nigerian government during the horrific Dasuki era in attempting to mislead the public on the kidnapped girls put out a reckless and insanely wicked and heartless message, further jeopardizing the safety of the girls, that all but eight of the girls had been freed. This lie lasted a few hours till a parent of an abducted girl loudly denounced it.

Thanks to a series of brutal failures of the Dasuki administration that has been accused of being so embroiled in corruption, using the cover of the Boko Harma terror war to loot billions of dollars meant for kitting the army, the Chibok girls are no where to be found today; some are said to have died, some have been forcefully married with many having had kids from that and also out of wedlock, some sold and all other types of sad fates have befallen the rest.

The Chibok girls have been attended to in hospitals in Sambisa forest if at all. This is where Dasuki should be sent for his medical therapy. He should be treated with those drug sachets we see on the jungle floors in pictures of raided camps.

Dasuki has been a part of Nigeria’s governments for at least 20 years added up. His step brother, Gusau has been a part of governments for as long or longer. These are the people who make up 30 years of Nigeria’s pain via PDP godfathers (14 years of military misrule-IBB et al) and also have been part of PDP sons’ (the past 16 years of PDP democratic misrule-GEJ/OBJ) administrations. These are the people who have ensured that there are no standard hospitals in Nigeria this 2015. These are the people who have deprived us of security, progress and the luxury of reasonable comfort and hope in Nigeria.

How many of us can afford to travel abroad when our health ails? How many of us can afford to eat three square meals in the wrecked nation that Dasuki and co have left us? Truth is, everyone from Jonathan’s administration or who supported him and his party is guilty until proven innocent.

It is unbelievable and a big shame that Dasuki has the effrontery to request leave to travel abroad to be treated. What nonsense! Where is it in Nigeria’s constitution that a suspect, charged with treason should be allowed to travel abroad for health purposes? Does he know what treason is?

Dasuki is a national security threat. He can or should only be allowed abroad if it is to go and receive his capital sentencing for wrecking Nigeria’s capacity to defend its territory and allowing over 100,000 Nigerians to be killed in the hands of Boko Haram, over 2 million to be displaced and the Chibok girls to be so destroyed for the only “crime” of going to school.

I pray the Department of State Security realizes the violation of allowing an individual charged with being a national security threat and risk, and of treason, to travel abroad. Dasuki should be the last Nigerian allowed to travel abroad for “health” purposes.

As it is for the poor, so it must be for the rich, else the wrath of God will continue to be on Nigeria and we will continue to see deadly chaos from north to south and west to east.

Crying like a baby, “eyaa eyaaa eyaaa, I want to go abroad to see white doctor… eyaa eyaa eyaa!”

Onye’ala like yourself!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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APC To Establish Eye Hospital For Wike’s Witnesses Who Claimed Eye Defects During Tribunal Sitting

Following what came to light today at the Rivers State Governorship Election Petition Tribunal where all 7 Defence Witnesses of Governor Nyesom Wike complained bitterly of sight challenges and could not read their own statements, the All Progressives Congress, APC, has urged the Governorship Candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside to establish a specialist eye hospital in the state to tackle the menace of visual challenges as soon as he is sworn in to office.

The APC in a statement signed and issued to The Press in Port Harcourt today believes that if all 7 witnesses from Tai [3], Khana[3] and Andoni[1] LGAs who testified were coached by Nyesom Wike’s legal team to feign blindness in order to escape re-affirming their statements and taking questions from Counsel to the Petitioner on cross examination thereby helping Wike to escape with the stolen mandate of the peoples, that strategy failed woefully.

The APC said it is curious that witnesses some in their 30s all claiming to be serving or retired civil servants who deposed to statements suddenly became blind when asked to read their statements.

“Some claimed they could not read their personal data information on their PVCs. This was to enable them dodge cross examination by the Lead Counsel to Dr. Dakuku Peterside [Petitioner]. Eventually, the judge ruled that witnesses must read documents as may be requested by the Tribunal or Counsels”.

The cross examinations by Chief Akin Olujimi [Counsel to Petitioner – Dr. Dakuku Peterside] exposed a lot of inconsistencies in the assertions and statements of the Defence Witnesses. For example, when asked his age, one of the Defence Witnesses said he was 53 and has been voting from 1979. A simple calculation showed that he was not a witness of truth as he could not have been up to the voting age of 18 years by 1979.

The APC noted that no amount of theatricals and coaching by Wike’s lawyers will save the caretaker governor from being chased away from Government House, Port Harcourt by the time the Tribunal hands down its verdict.

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Equipment Shown During Commissioning Of Uyo “World Class” Hospital Rented – Former Commisioner

FORMER Akwa Ibom State health commissioner Dr Emem Bassey has dismissed suggestions that the state has a modern functioning hospital claiming that the facilities shown to the media by ex-governor Godswill Akpabio were hired for the day.

Governor Akpabio is currently receiving treatment in a private London hospital after being involved in a car accident in Abuja. However, his being flown abroad has attracted a lot of criticism as the governor was supposed to have built a world class hospital in Uyo equipped with modern medical facilities.

During the opening of the hospital, Governor Akpabio said the idea behind it was to arrest capital flight and prevent Nigerians going abroad for medical treatment. Commonly referred to as medical tourism, thousands of Nigeria’s elite fly to Europe, India and the Americas for medical treatment, costing millions of dollars.

However, Dr Bassey said the hospital Governor Akpabio built in Uyo was nowhere near ready and the equipment paraded in television during its commissioning was rented for the day. He added that he does not know the whereabouts of the over N101bn budgeted by the Akpabio-led administration for the procurement of open-heart surgery and other high-tech equipment for the hospital.

READ: FLASHBACK: What Akpabio Said While Commissioning Akwa-Ibom “World Class” Hospital in Uyo

Dr Bassey said the clarification became necessary in view of the erroneous report being circulated by some people meant to smear his reputation that he was the one who advised the government against buying equipment. Christened the 21st Anniversary Hospital, the Uyo medical facility was portrayed as one that would employ specialists in several areas and offer treatment currently not available in Nigeria.

“For the avoidance of doubt, that equipment that was paraded on the day of the commissioning was actually rented by the government that I was a part of. However, whoever sponsored the publication like I have read in some national dailies that I was the sole person that advised my former boss, His Excellency Chief Godswill Akpabio from making the actual purchase of the equipment, is a huge liar.

“I want you to hear me and hear me loud and clear that at no point did I make such a recommendation. The actual procurement for the surgical equipment and other hospital deliverables was meant to be handled directly by the ministry of special duties, which was headed at that time by my brother and colleague-in-service, Barrister Emmanuel Enoidem,” Dr Bassey added.

He conceded that he was part of the team that went to Germany, Cuba, India and other countries with the consultants drafted in by the government to take stock of the latest equipment that would be needed in the hospital. However, according to Dr Bassey, in the wake of the electioneering, Governor Akpabio ordered that they put the preparation for the trip to procure the equipment on hold.

Nigerian Watch

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