EFCC Arrests Female High Court Registrar Notorious For Matching Senior Lawyers With Corrupt Judges

By SaharaReporters

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) last Thursday arrested Helen Ogunleye, a registrar at the Federal High Court in Lagos with a record of pairing up senior lawyers with corrupt judges to pervert justice.

Our sources said she was detained overnight before being granted bail on Friday.

SaharaReporters further learned that forensic investigations of some of the high-profile lawyers undergoing prosecution by the agency show that Mrs. Ogunleye has also been a conduit for transferring cash from the lawyers to some of the corrupt judges.

Some of our sources gave the example of an analysis of telephone calls from Joe Nwobike, a senior lawyer recently arrested by the EFCC, which showed that Mrs. Ogunleye had previously helped pair him with a federal high court judge who is now serving in the Jos Division.

Several text messages between her and some judges also show that she had perfected a way to funnel bribes to them.

Mrs. Ogunleye is said to be cooperating with EFCC investigators.

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As The Nyakos And Fintiri Appear Before Abuja Federal High Courts By Babayola Toungo

The former governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako, and his son, Abdul-aziz, are currently facing trial at a Federal High Court in Abuja for different cases of alleged corruption.

The Nyakos and others are standing trial in a 37-count charge bordering on criminal conspiracy, stealing, abuse of office and money laundering to the tune of N29 billion preferred against them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as they are alleged to have at various times between 2011 and 2013, used five companies – Blue Opal Nigeria limited, Sebore Farms & Extension Limited, Pagoda Fortunes Limited, Towers Assets Management Limited and Crust Energy Limited to commit the alleged fraud.

As their trial continued, former acting governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri was also arraigned before an Abuja High Court on similar but different charges.

Mr. Fintiri was last month arraigned by the EFCC on a five-count charge bordering on money laundering.

He was said to have defrauded the Adamawa government to the tune of N970 million and 4.8 million dollars when he was the governor of the state for three months.

As is to be expected, each of the cases has been unique in hearing and other processes that will lead to the determination of the case.

In the case involving Abdulaziz Nyako, the court last month, ordered the EFCC to pay the sum of N12.5 million being exemplary damages in favour of the senator for unlawful freezing of his account and illegal detention.

This is because the judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole, held while delivering judgment in the fundamental rights enforcement suit, that Senator Nyako, was detained in the custody of the commission in excess of the period prescribed by law.

The court in the same judgment also held that declaring the younger Nyako ‘wanted’ without evidence of crime is tantamount to a breach of his fundamental human rights by the EFCC.

Justice Evoh Chukwu of the Federal High Court Abuja in a similar vein blamed the EFCC for delaying judgment on former governor Nyako’s case.

This was after the counsel to Nyako, Yakubu Maikyau said they needed to study a document tendered by the EFCC counsel because it was voluminous before going on with the cross-examination which justice Chukwu sustained explaining that the document should have been served to Nyako’s counsel, Maikyau long before now, adding that the fresh document amounts to delay of judgment.

But before the conclusion of the case, Justice Chukwu who was handling the trial of the former Adamawa State governor and his two children as well as other major cases like the trial of former officials of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF), Sani Lulu, Taiwo Ogunjobi and others died.

The Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Ibrahim Auta, then re-assigned the case to Justice Okon Abang following the death of Chukwu in June.

The case was initially scheduled to commence afresh by way of re-arraignment on July 7. However, the court could not sit due to the extension of the Eid-el-Fitri holiday announced by the Federal Government on July 5, further delaying the case as the EFCC will now have to re-arraign the former governor and his son before Justice Okon Abang on September 12, 2016.

Even as the matter has dragged due to no fault of the accused persons, it is pertinent to point out that the delay in dispensing with the case, which the late judge complained about is set to further aggravate with the processes, as the new judge handling the case needs time to appraise himself with the facts of the matter.

But of serious concern is another coincidence, having to do with the fact that the wife of the former governor, who is a step mother to the other accused person, who are both being arraigned, is also a judge in a federal High Court in Abuja.

Previous cases that are similar in nature have raised concerns in the past and it will not be out of place to ask certain questions if only to ensure a fulfillment of a vital requirement in the dispensation of justice, which is seeing that justice is not only done but seemed to be done.

Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the last governorship election in Rivers State, Dr. Dakuku Peterside, not long ago raised an issue out of a similar coincidence when the wife of a former governor of the state, Justice Mary Odili, who is believed to be close to Governor Nyesom Wike, a party in a matter that went to the Supreme Court, was serving as a judge when the apex court delivered its judgment.

Peterside said “credible information” confirmed that Wike had met with the Supreme Court justices that sat on the matter at different places before the judgment was delivered stressing that Wike himself confirmed during his thanksgiving service that former governor of the state, Dr. Peter Odili, and his wife, Mary (a justice of the Supreme Court), were his advisers.

He said, “Despite my acceptance and temperate public comments on the verdict of the Supreme Court on January 27, 2016, Wike, by his unguarded utterance last Sunday, seems to give credence to the pervading doubt being expressed on the judgment in public space especially in the media”.

“For the record, in his speech at the church service, Wike probably forgot that he was on live telecast when he stated: ‘Let me thank our former governor, Dr. Peter Odili (husband of Supreme Court Justice, Mary Odili). He will call me midnight to tell me what to do….he will say go so so place.” I took all his advice, and here we are today.”

Though Wike reacted by saying Peterside was crying wolf and trying to incite President Muhammadu Buhari and the military against the governor and the people of the state, the point made by Peterside cannot be waved aside.

Parties usually feel uncomfortable if they notice any development that would erode their confidence in the impartiality of the courts and the court, when such issues are raised usually obliges in order to give a sense of justice to all.

It is to avoid such accusations and doubts in the judicial system that it becomes imperative to point out that having both Nyako and his son, tried before an Abuja Federal High Court when a member of their family is a judge within the same precinct should call for concern.

Not only that, but there is also the need to draw attention to the case of the former acting governor, Fintiri, coming in an Abuja Federal High Court for the same reason.

Fintiri it was who played a major role as speaker of the Adamawa State House of Assembly that led to the impeachment of Nyako in 2014.

If the coincidence in the case of Nyako and his son can be ignored on the basis that the facts of the case would speak for itself, that of Fintiri should bother any unbiased mind due to the no love lost relationship between him and members of the Nyako family.

It would therefore not be out of place to allay the fears of those who for good reasons harbor such concerns in order to deepen the faith of the citizenry in the judiciary.
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President Buhari Maintains High Approval Rating, Among Nigerians In The UK – APC UK

The majority of guests that attended a TV Town Hall meeting anchored by Barrister Jenny Okafor in London to mark 365 days of President Muhammadu Buhari’s time in office think he is doing a great job. 

In the 2015 elections, Nigerians who campaigned for change believed President Buhari GCFR was the best person to tackle the issue of security and corruption.

At the meeting which took place on Saturday (3rd June) and would be aired on BEN TV on Thursday (7th June), Nigeria’s 14th head of state received high scores on how he had dealt with the crucial challenges faced by Nigerians. 

The guest all acknowledged that the President who is to arrive in London today for a 10 day visit, had done well in fighting the deadly Boko Haram sect and was also doing a good job fighting corruption. 

Victoria Obaze applauded the President for raising awareness of corruption, to the jeering of many. 

Another guest, Comrade Bunmi Ogunleye who completed a walk 7km to celebrate Muhammadu Buhari’s victory at the polls said the President has not disappointed him. In an interview with APC UK, last year, the East Londoner had expressed confidence in President Buhari’s ability to fight corruption.

Mr Ade Omole acknowledged the diverse nature of the audience.  He said it was good to see that the President had gained the confidence of those “that are not APC party members.”  

APC UK remains impressed with the Presidents determination to bring change to the country.  We salute you sir.  We are right behind you.  Well done, PMB.  Keep doing it! 

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High Inflation As Product Of Past Choices, By Nasiru Suwaid

In all my adult life, when I began to acquire knowledge and education, there is one English expression which I find highly discriminatory, to a field of study which had helped us to understand; wealth creation, employment and general pecuniary upliftment, the expression being; to be economical with the truth. Unfortunately for me, it is only last week at the Platform’s economics summit in Abuja, where I was able to comprehend why it had to be ‘economics’, which tempers with the truth, when Dr. Obiageli Oby Ezekwesili glowingly admonished, the person and government of President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB), to embrace the discipline of the market forces and discipline of the principles of the market environment, as the only model that works in modern economic governance.

A proper advice need I say, but if you tune to the nearest satellite television channel and got lucky to witness the United States of America election programming, my bet is you would have seen how a Democratic Party candidate in the person of Senator Bernie Sanders, whose ideas had became so popular, because he has proclaimed the Wall Street as an ill-disciplined sector of the economy, that must be reformed with more regulation, to guard the entrepreneurial spirit as well as the requisite social responsibility in the American business system.

It is worth noting, as of today, his fame has reached the zenith of a proportion, that his sworn political enemy and opponent in former Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton, had to also announce the introduction of more legislations and enacted regulations to check the undisciplined American financial markets, were she to be elected into the Oval office.

In fact, the leading candidate and presumptive GOP nominee of the Republican Party, Mr. Donald Trump, has been issuing threats of further government regulations and need I say, interference into the private sector governance in the manufacturing industries, to claw back American jobs that have been lost to China and Mexico, in the event he became the president of the country.

Indeed, for the outgoing President Barack Obama of the United States of America (USA), who came into power during the time of economic recession in the year 2008 and was generally acknowledged, by all and sundry, for helping to revive the America economy into positive growth, the only charge against him for breaking a promise, was his inability to fulfill the electoral vow he made to introduce more market regulatory reforms to tame the excesses of the financial markets, be they commodity, bond, stock or currency exchanges.

In other words, it is just not a mark of a responsible and credible leadership, to assume a market run for pure profit motive and operated by atypical human beings, whose intrinsic character is usually motivated by selfish personal gains, could have any discipline, without effective government regulations and the law making guidance of the legislature. As such, it just seems no politician is willing to trust the discipline of the market forces in that bastion of free market economics, because, when economic crisis occurs or the traders conspire to create one because of pure greed, it is the vast majority of the poor citizenry that gets hurt, mostly through market meltdown, job losses, government bailouts, wrong valuation of the national currency and the loss of revenue for the government.

Perhaps, it is within that context of personal economics of interest being a deceit, I was not surprised, when a few months back, as the inflationary trend started to go higher, a friend of mine told me of an encounter he had with a sugar cane seller, whom he queried for raising the price of his product and even daring to connect it with the rise in price of the American dollar, the illiterate sugar cane seller responded that although, the article he sells is not imported but the tray he carries his products is from overseas.

It is within this premise of being economical with the truth. Recently, you would hear many an economic analyst, attributing the rise in Consumer Price Index (CPI) to the inactions of the present government, for refusing to devalue the naira, as an all encompassing panacea to the ailment bedeviling the Nigerian economy. However, the real truth is that what is happening today, inflationary wise, it is because of the bad choices we have made in past as a nation, refusing to refine our own crude oil, rather than importing it, because of the false safety of high oil earnings, despite the fact, availability and cost of fuel is a major cost factor in the pricing of goods and services in the Nigerian economy.

The privatization of the power sector, was done in such a way and haphazard manner that it is as confusing as it is motivated by pecuniary gains of corruption, in that model, generating companies seemed ill-motivated to generate, distribution companies looked incompetent to distribute, while the transmission company remained in the hands of the same individuals that ran National Electrical Power Authority (NEPA) aground. Yet, electricity remains the most significant cost factor of production for every Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), thus, determines how they arrive at the cost of what they produce.

And this other thing:


Last week at the Platform Abuja, an interactive economic summit sponsored by the inter-denominational Christian Covenant Centre, Dr. Obiageli Oby Ezekwesili, a former World Bank vice president, launched a blistering but unprovoked attack on the economic policies of the President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) administration, dismissing it as a command and control economics of the past, which had failed Nigeria before and presently, it is the reason for the current economic challenges bedeviling the polity.

However, if I am to do an honest and dispassionate analysis of the inappropriate criticism, it is important to examine the past tenure of Oby as an economic manager or even as an economic policy initiator, more so, as she claimed and took credit for the economic innovations of the last sixteen years. Dr. Ezekwesili joined the Olusegun Obasanjo administration from the Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit, an office popularly known as the ‘due process office’, yet, by the end of the first tenure of the administration in 2003, the House of Representatives under Speaker Ghali Umar Na’abba, was threatening President Olusegun Obasanjo with an impeachment, principally, for non budget implementation.

In fact, this conundrum was exacerbated into most of the early part of the second tenure of the Obasanjo administration, when the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was embarrassingly forced into admitting, that the government’s budget implementation and performance was below average or less than forty percent, year in year out. Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing under Chief Anthony Anenih was being accused of having awarded road contracts, worth hundreds of billions of naira without due process.

Perhaps, it is for this reason or it could be due to explanations unrelated to performance, but in the middle of the year 2005, Obasanjo sent out Oby from the unit into the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals and in exactly a year later, she was up to the education ministry.

It is most noteworthy that, although she was credited with the setting up of Nigerian Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI) in the country, the core mandate of any solid minerals minister anywhere in the world, economically, it is about turning the sector into a viable and commercial avenue for national revenue and on that, she spectacularly failed. The question here is, if President Olusegun Obasanjo who brought Oby into governance, never trusted her with the economy, why should President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) ever listen to her on the economy.

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Kebbi State Govt Constitute High Powered Committee To Unravel Cause Of Market Fire

The Kebbi State Government has setup a high powered committee comprising of commissioners, eminent politicians, civil servants, traditional rulers, business communities, security agents, fire-service and market officials to ascertain the cause of the recent fire outbreak which gutted the new central market in Birnin-Kebbi, the state capital.

The committee has been empowered to recommend how best to re-open the market for commercial activities.

A statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor; Abubakar Mu’azu Dakingari says the governor, Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu announced this after inspecting the market when he visited to sympathise with the traders.

Gov. Bagudu directed members of the committee to chart possible ways to assist the affected persons and immediate relocation of traders to a temporary site.

The Governor said the state government would provide relief measures to all the victims to cushion the losses incurred from the inferno. He advised the traders to take solace in Allah as a pre-destined divine act.

Earlier, the commissioner of Lands and Housing, Alhaji Abubakar Chika Ladan (AC) told the governor that two thousand one hundred and seventy (2,170) temporary stalls and three hundred and twenty four permanent shops (324) were burnt based on an interim report. He said the fire started as a result of suspected gas explosion in one of the shops because there was no electricity in market.

The commissioner gave the assurance that security has been beefed up at the market for maximum protection.

Earlier, the divisional police officer, DPO, Birnin Kebbi division; Idris Mohammed told the governor that all necessary measured have been provided to guard against looting at the market.

Property worth hundreds of millions of naira were lost as a result of the outbreak which started at midnight this Friday and raged for several hours into the next day.

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Buhari Approves Appointment Of 30 New Federal High Court Judges

President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the appointment of 30  new federal high court judges across Nigeria. According to a press statement by Soji Oye, Acting Director of Information of the Nigeria Judicial Council, President Buhari endorsed the recommendation o of the NJC in appointing the judges. The new judges will be sworn in at 10 am  on December 2nd, 2015 by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mahmud Mohammed.

See full list of newly appointed judges below:


Name of Candidate                     State Of Origin

Hon. Justice Yellin S. Bogoro        –    Bauchi State;

Rosemary O. Dugbo Oghoghorie        –    Delta State;

Taiwo Obayomi Taiwo            –    Ogun State;

Ibrahim Watila                    –    Borno State;

Mallong Peter Hoommuk            –    Plateau State;

Isa Hamma Adama Dashen            –   Adamawa  State;

Hassan Dikko                    –    Kebbi State;

Jude Kanyioh Dagat                –      Kaduna State;

Olayinka Olusegun Tokode            –    Osun State;

Simon Akpah Amobeda,            –    Kogi State;

Jane Egienanwan Inyang            –    Cross River State;

Daniel Emeka Osiagor            –    Rivers State;

Prof. Chuka Austine Obiozor        –    Anambra State;

Iniekenimi Nicholas Oweib            –    Bayelsa State;

Hassan Muslim Sule                –    Zamfara State;

Hadiza Rabiu Shagari                –     Sokoto State;

Saleh Kogo Idrissa                –    Yobe State;

Joyce Obehi Abdulmalik            –    Edo State;

Hillary Ide Osho Oshomah            –    Edo State;

Fadima Murtala Aminu            –  Adamawa State;

Toyin Bolaji Adegoke                –    Kwara State;

James Kolawole Omotosho            –    Ogun State;

Nehizena Idemudia Ekunwe        –    Edo State;

Stephen Daylop Pam                –    Plateau State;

Akintayo Aluko                    –    Ekiti State;

Dr. Nnamdi O. Dimgba            –    Abia State;

Emeka Nwite                    –    Ebonyi State;

Abdulazeez M.Z. Anka            –    Zamfara State;

Abdu Dogo                    –    FCT; and

Adamu Turaki Muhammed            –    Jigawa State.

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Stanbic-IBTC Financial Report: High Court Stops FRCN From Sanctioning KPMG

Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court in Lagos has restrained the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN) and its executive secretary and CEO, Mr. Jim Osayande Obazee, from taking any action, sanction or measure against KPMG Professional Services and Mr. Ayodele Othihiwa, a Partner in the firm, pending the hearing and determination of the suit filed by the applicants.

The interim order of the court granted Friday  was sequel to an application argued before the court by Barrister Chuka Ikwuazo from the law firm of Aluko and Oyebode, urging the court to restrain the respondents from taking any sanction and also order an accelerated hearing of the suit, now fixed for 12 November, when the respondents must have been served all the ‘originating processes’ in the matter.

The interim order was the second granted by the court against the FRC, within 48 hours. On 4th of November, Justice Buba also ordered the FRC to maintain the status quo in a related case filed by StanbicIBTC. The case is now pending before the court.

KPMG and its Partner had filed an application for the enforcement of their fundamental rights following the FRC letter of 26 October 2015, which it called a final notice and its ‘regulatory decision’ conveyed in another letter of 30 October, on the financial statements of StanbicIBTC Holdings Plc for 2013 and 2014.

The FRC in one of its regulatory decisions had suspended Othihiwa  “until the investigation as to the extent of the negligence of KPMG Professional Services is ascertained”.

KPMG and Othihiwa contend that the FRC decision was published and issued without informing or notifying them of the nature of the allegations made against them and inviting them to respond to the allegations.

FRC decision, KPMG and Othihiwa claimed not only violated their constitutional right to fair hearing but also Section 62(2) of the Financial Reporting Act, which spells out the procedure to be adopted by the FRC in investigating a professional body for any  ‘complaint or dishonest practice, negligence, professional Misconduct or malpractice’.

The section states that FRC shall “ notify the professional whose conduct, act or omission is under investigation of the nature of the complaint and it shall summon or hear the professional”.
The applicants contended that FRC and Mr. Obazee, did not only breach this section, but they also breached Section 15(2) b of the FRC Act, which states that a Technical and Oversight Committee shall review “ sanctions to be meted out to any professional accountant, professional or public interest entity”.

KPMG and Othihiwa further claimed that even where the Technical and Oversight Committee had ratified the decision of the FRC, the FRC had failed to exhaust the provisions of its own law, by allowing them to exercise their right of appeal to the Technical Committee and by subjecting its decision to the approval of the FRC board. 

The FRC at the moment has no board. It was dissolved on 16 July 2015.

“In effect the respondents purported to make and they seek to enforce the aforesaid ‘regulatory decision’ at a time when the statutory means of recourse stipulated under the Act does not exist”, KPMG and Othihiwa stated in their application.

KPMG and Othihiwa in asking the court for accelerated hearing averred that they have been greatly affected and have the potential of suffering greater loss of business opportunities and turnover of business, as a result of the action of the FRC, which they consider unfair, ultra vires and a breach of their fundamental rights to a fair hearing

Justice Buba has adjourned till 12th November, 2015.for the hearing of the motion for interlocutory injunction. 

The court case marked the second reaction of KPMG Professional Services to the decisions of Financial Reporting Council.
Last week, the chief operating officer, Mr. Yomi Sanni faulted the decisions. He said his firm complies with the requirements of all regulations, acts and policies that govern its business and still stands by its audit opinions on Stanbic IBTC Holdings.
“We wish to state categorically that KPMG does not agree with the decision taken by the FRC, as it does not reflect the true position in this matter. Our position is that the decision of the FRC is erroneous on its merits and the process that led to it, is significantly flawed and not in compliance with the requirements of the FRC Act,” Sanni said.
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Buhari’s Govt Caused Alamaeyiesiegha’s Death – Ijaw Group

A United States-based group, the Ijaw Heritage and Cultural Club, IHCC, has asserted that the federal government should be held responsible for the death of a former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Dieprieye Alamaeyiesiegha over its alleged role in instigating the British authorities to issue an extradition notice.

The group, in a statement signed on its behalf by Prof. Julius Eteli stressed that the recent extradition notice purportedly issued by Britain on the former governor aggravated his health condition that resulted in his eventual death.

While expressing shock by news of the sudden death of Alamaeyesiegha and regretting the circumstances surrounding it, the group noted that Alamayiesiegha’s death was curious, considering that he regularly received medical treatment abroad.

IHCC revealed that the former Governor General of the Ijaw nation had actually returned from such medical trips in Dubai believed to have been facilitated by the Bayelsa State Government.

The statement reads in part, “From available reports, the Bayelsa State Government has always been of assistance to him, taking care of his medical bills and upkeep. The question is, how can a man who had just returned from Dubai having been attended to by experts die so suddenly?

“Clearly, it must have been the report of his extradition to the UK that must have triggered his health condition for the worse and the sudden death,” Eteli said.

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Sapele Leaders Scores Okowa, Igbuya High …Call For Unity Among Citizens

Support for the Delta State Governor, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa mounted on Saturday   as prominent Sapele political leaders lauded his leadership qualities, saying he is running a government based on honesty and fairness.

The leaders also praised the Delta State House of Assembly Speaker, Rt. Hon Ovwigho Igbuya for his contributions to the development of Sapele.

“The contributions of Rt. Honourable Ovwigho Igbuya to the development of Sapele are impossible to estimate. He has the interests of all in mind” the leaders said.

Seeing Governor Okowa and Rt. Hon Igbuya in a positive light, the leaders in a statement issued by the spokesperson of Sapele Political Forum (SPF), Mr. Michael Ohwoworode said “the PDP government is providing basic infrastructure with a view to stimulating growth and development in the state, particularly Sapele”.

Calling the Rt. Hon Speaker a leader with character, courage and conviction, the leaders said “In Delta State, we have seen hopes maturing to reality. The government has put smiles on the faces of the people by executing programmes that have direct impact in the lives of the people”.

The leaders who described Okowa’s performance as encouraging commended him for creating opportunities for the people   and providing meaningful developmental projects across   the state as well as ensuring equity and fairness in appointment to political offices.

“Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa appointed Sapele people into key positions of his administration. He is renovating Sapele Technical College. He is desirous of completing the Sapele Market,  Sapele Township Stadium and Adeola Road. He is also eager  dualize the Sapele – Warri Road and Sapele-Benin Road. Okowa wants to make Delta State stable and prosperous. He is moving with great zeal and vigour to make the difference” they said.

“We have a governor with a listening ear. We have a governor that is committed to the development of the state. We have a governor that is providing responsible, accountable and transparent leadership to the people. He is providing the economic and political leadership that we need” the leaders said.

They further urged Deltans irrespective of tribe, religion or political difference to give full support to Okowa’s administration.

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The Canadian High Commission And Swiss Embassy Host The Future Awards Africa Courtesy Team–Call For Nominations Officially Open

As part of its the launch of the 2015 season of The Future Awards Africa (TFAA), The Future Project (TFP) paid courtesy calls to the Canadian High Commissioner, Mr Perry John Calderwood and Swiss Deputy Head of Mission, Mr Daniel Cavegn in Abuja on  23 and 25 June, 2015. The courtesy team will also be visiting Senegal, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana throughout July 2015 in order to introduce TFAA and its goals. 

The courtesy team included Mfon Ekpo, Executive Director, The Future Project, Bukonla Adebakin, Team Lead, The Future Project, Jake Okechukwu, Winner, The Future Awards Africa Prize in Community Action 2014, Debbie Magnut, External Relations Director at RED, and Ikechukwu Akagba, Lead, The Future Project Volunteer, Abuja.

The courtesy visits also announced the commencement of nominations for the 10th annual TFAA, and the awards are seeking nominations from the public, for people between the ages of 18 and 31 who have been able to create incredible impact and well documented accomplishments within their community and/or globally in the last year. These achievements should revolve around their results, potential for growth plus the ability to inspire other young people in Africans.

The theme for this 10th anniversary is Imagine Africa!, chosen to highlight young Africans fulfilling the promise of the continent. TFAA is proud to demonstrate the richness and variety of positive change catalysed by these young ideas.

“Locally and globally, young Africans continue to reshape and redefine the narrative of just what it means to be a young individual in a developing country,” said Mfon Ekpo, Executive Director, The Future Project Africa. “They are demonstrating incredible resilience and resourcefulness, and in doing so are reshaping a continent and helping to create brighter futures for a continent of over one billion people. It really is an exciting time for us as we highlight the incredible things occurring.”

Nominations are opened to young Africans between ages 18 – 31.

The award categories for 2015 are:

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize in Education

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize in Agriculture

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize in Advocacy

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize in Technology

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize in Public Service

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize in Community Action

o          The Tony O. Elumelu Prize in Business

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize in Entertainment

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize in Enterprise Support

o          The Future Awards Africa Prize for African Young Person of the Year

For more information and to nominate a candidate, visit www.thefutureafrica.com/awards, send an email to nominations@thefutureafrica.com, or send an SMS to +2348022226712. Nominations close 11 September, 2015.

The Future Awards Africa is supported by Ford Foundation, Microsoft, the US Consulate, the Canadian High Commission and the Tony Elumelu Foundation. Official Media Partners are EbonyLife TV, AfricaMagic, Ventures Africa, and Y! Africa. Official Online Partners are BellaNaija and 360nobs.

The official bloggers for 2015 Olorisupergal, Ameyaw.com and NigeriaNewsDesk. Country partners are Information Nigeria and Pulse.ng.

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Britain/Nigeria Ties: Nigeria Deserves The Best, Says Saraki As He Receives British High Commissioner

The President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki today eulogized the continued bilateral relationship between Nigerian and the United Kingdom, UK, while assuring that the present administration is determined to fulfill its obligations to the betterment of the nation.

The Senate President while hosting the visiting British High Commissioner, Dr. Andrew Pocook in his office today commended his guest for reinvigorating the mutual understanding that exist between the two countries.

He stressed that Nigeria will always look forward to Britain in areas of infrastructural development and socio-security, “I am very delighted to receive Your Excellency in my office barely 48 hours to my resumption to office. This shows the level of commitment the British government has towards the course of Nigeria.

“We look forward for a very good working relationship in order to move our dear country forward. Nigerians deserve the best of governance.” Saraki said.

The President of the Senate was quick to remind his guest of the task ahead of the new administration in the country assuring that with the collaboration from the United Kingdom those challenges are surmountable.

IMG_2129Earlier, the British High Commissioner, Dr. Pocook congratulated the President of the Senate on the success of his election adding that the United Kingdom will always walk closely with Nigeria government in ensuring good governance at all levels.

Senators in attendance included Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu Senator Abdullahi Ibrahim of Sokoto state, Senator Abdulrahman Abubakar of Kogi State, Senator Misau Isah Hamma of Niger State, Senator Dino Melaye -Kogi State, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim of Kwara Stat.

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