The Nigerian Army and the routing of Boko Haram By Louis Okoroma

In spite of current economic difficulties which is making millions of Nigerians worried and unhappy, an important development is unfolding which in the long run, would lay the foundation of prosperity and national development in Nigeria.

This development is no other than the speedy and steady progress being made by the gallant men and women of our Armed Forces in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgency that has held the country hostage for a long time. The Army has made such progress that at the last count, it announced that it had set up a rehabilitation camp to reform and de- radicalize repentant Boko Haram militants.

For the Nigerian Army to be talking of setting up a center to house and rehabilitate repentant and surrendered terrorists of the Boko Haram can best be captured by the popular saying “ wonders shall never end” and how time changes everything! It’s being a long journey and a significant transformation, from the days when the nation’s Army was on the run and could not confront the militants. That time, the Boko Haram, gleefully and arrogantly talked of establishing a Caliphate in those areas of North east Nigeria where it held sway, and those areas were quite a chunk of territory. In fact the group took over many towns and settlements notably in the northern part of Borno State and parts of Southern Adamawa State where it erased all semblance of Nigeria’s authority, hoisted its flag and installed its Emir, preparatory to the proclamation of its Caliphate!

The above was possible because the agenda of the then PDP Federal government, was anything but good governance and national security. In the midst of the onslaught and gradual dismemberment of the nation by the terrorists, the former government of the PDP was concerned more with how to win the 2015 polls and continue presiding over the future collapse of the nation.

Before the advent of Muhammadu Buhari, the concern of government was massive looting of the treasury for the purpose of the well- being of the ruling political party and its members while officers and men of the Army fighting Boko Haram were left either to commit suicide fighting with little or sub- standard arms and ammunitions or abandon the war altogether.

The problem that befell our national security establishment was what most Nigerians now refer to as Dasukigate. It was the shameful situation where funds in billions meant for military procurement and welfare of soldiers were being diverted by the then National Security Adviser (NSA), with the approval or so it seemed of a lackluster and shallow President Goodluck Jonathan! The looting spree and neglect of the needs of national security occurred in the other arms of the national security establishment as well as in all facets of national life under the supervision of the leadership of the then People’s Democratic Party (PDP). It is important that Nigerians should never forget this narrative so that we will not repeat it at the expense of the nation.

All Nigerians deserve commendation for the situation we have today where our Armed Forces is re- discovering itself, and returning to winning ways. Without the current good news from the Army, there is no way, any government policy or programme can succeed let alone be implemented. Peace is necessary for development and good governance. Nigerian voters and those who voted with prayers deserve commendation for the defeat of the erstwhile ruling party, which at the time it lost the March 28th2015 elections, was clearly fatigued and incapable of effective governance.

It is a year since the All Progressive Congress (APC), came to power and barring other shortcomings of governance, clear and verifiable progress has been made in the area of national security. In this area, the APC government of President Muhammadu Buhari has incontrovertibly scored a high mark. Nigeria’s security is no longer uncertain, or the subject of endless meetings and summits with foreign leaders who continued to make pledges while terrorists had their way. Through clear commitment to national security, President Buhari was able to imbue the Armed Forces with new confidence, ethics and professionalism which has manifested in the latter’s transformation into an Army to whom terrorists surrender to and flee from, and whose reputation and pride has been largely restored. The officers and men of the Armed Forces deserve commendation and those who fell and all who served in the war against Boko Haram deserve honour and tangible gifts from a grateful nation.

National security is one of the three cardinal agenda on the plate of President Muhammadu Buhari and his APC party and on which they won the 2015 elections. The other issues are fight against corruption, and economic revival and employment generation. It is clear however to everyone that without security and peace, neither anti- corruption nor economic revival can take place. PMB has made a lot of progress in the area of anti- corruption, by giving the nation an insight into some of the men and women who cheated and stole from the country, the places and avenues through which the stealing took place. He is working hard to stop or reduce the possibility of such monumental theft in the future. Though stealing of public funds will never stop unless those named and caught are convicted, jailed and stripped of their places of honour!

The routing of the Boko Haram by the Armed Forces is yet the greatest impetus to the planned economic revival of the nation. This revival and creation of employment opportunities involves re- integration of the economy of the war- ravaged North- east region with that of other parts of the country. The North- east is being now prepared for massive reconstruction and rehabilitation effort for which the World Bank has set aside the princely sum of $800 million while other donor agencies like the European Union, the African Development Bank and the Nigerian government have set aside various sums for the international reconstruction effort.

Already, in many parts of the North- east region, the irritating bombing activities of the Boko Haram have all but stopped. Inter- State and federal roads hitherto closed to traffic has re- opened while security personnel and emergency aid workers are being deployed in numbers to enhance security and free movement of people engaged in life- sustaining activities.

In the past two months, more than 11,500 persons abducted and detained in miserable conditions in the three ravaged States of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa has been rescued and freed by different units of active Nigerian Army soldiers in the region. While we appreciate the effort of the Nigerian Armed Forces, it should be noted that Nigeria owes much gratitude for the security situation in the North- east today also to the international community that has rendered help to the country all the way. Notably, Nigeria’s neighbours in the Lake Chad region- Cameroun, Chad, Niger and Benin as well as the leadership of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and the African Union.

The spectacular successes of the Armed Forces against the once- dreaded Boko Haram and its impact on national security and peace, gives hope that most things being equal and with patience and cooperation of all Nigerians, the administration of President Buhari will yet garner achievements that will make the rather lengthy period of waiting, worthwhile.

Louis Okoroma( writes from Abuja.

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Troops Uncover Largest Single Arms Stockpile Of Boko Haram Insurgents

The military says it discovered the largest single cache of arms and ammunition dump in the north-east at Alagarno forest in Borno state.

Lucky Irabor, theatre commander, ‘Operation Lafiya Dole’, disclosed this at a news conference in Biu on Sunday.

He said the arms and ammunition were hidden in bunkers which Boko Haram militants made in the forest.

“Following a tip off, troops of `Operation Lafiya Dole’, supported by some Civilian JTF today went on a clearance patrol to Borgozo-Alargano general area in which they discovered large cache of arms and ammunitions at Gursum village,” he said.

“The patrol team also cleared remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists that were dislodged from the Alagarno forest and were hibernating at Kadari, Camp Abu Fatima, and Gursum.

“The troops discovered a large cache of arms and ammunitions that include 36 boxes of .51mm calibre, 5 x 20 Lyra beefcake mixture of 7.62mm (NATO) ammunition, large quantity of 7.62mm (special), ammunition, and one 81mm mortar tube.

“In addition, the troops recovered one Toyota Hilux, one generator and several motorcycles. It will be correct to assert that this is, so far, the largest single cache of arms and ammunition to be discovered in the north-east.”

Irabor said the arms and ammunition found were enough to dislodge a sizeable number of any enemy’s force.

He said the discovery confirms the military’s earlier assertion that the Boko Haram group operates several underground logistic bases in the region.

He said troops operating in other locations in the north-east have cleared more hideouts of Boko Haram members in the past three days.

Irabor acknowledged the support of the Nigerian air force in the operations.

He said ground troops had enjoyed tremendous support from the air force’s aerial surveillance and bombardments.

Irabor appealed to Nigerians particularly residents of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe to remain vigilant and to report suspicious movements to security agencies for prompt action.

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“We Are Well, Come Get Us”, Chibok Girls In New Boko Haram Video Begs Government

At least 15 of the 219 Chibok schoolgirls stolen by Boko Haram militants exactly two years ago are alive.

That was the message conveyed by a video released by the terrorist group in December last year and sent to the Borno State government.

In it, the girls – all dressed in full length, black robes – state their names, their school and where they are from.

They show no visible signs of injury or maltreatment and do not look starved.

The video was screened on Tuesday in Maiduguri to the mothers of several of the missing girls. It has also been screened on CNN.
At least 15 of the 219 Chibok schoolgirls stolen by Boko Haram militants exactly two years ago are alive.

That was the message conveyed by a video released by the terrorist group in December last year and sent to the Borno State government.

In it, the girls – all dressed in full length, black robes – state their names, their school and where they are from.

They show no visible signs of injury or maltreatment and do not look starved.
The video clip – until now only seen by Nigerian Government officials and hostage negotiators – ends with one of the girls, Naomi Zakaria, making a scripted appeal begging for the country’s authorities to help get the group back to their families.

She said: ‘I am speaking on 25 December 2015, on behalf of the all the Chibok girls and we are all well.’

Three out of the mothers of the 219 girls were invited to the viewing by the chairman of Chibok local government area, Bana Lawan.

Mothers Rifkatu Ayuba and Mary Ishaya said they recognised their daughters, Saratu and Hauwa, in the video, while a third mother, Yana Galang, identified five of the missing girls. Local officials said more identifications were needed.

“The girls were looking very, very well,” Galang said

The kidnapping of the girls has become a political issue in Nigeria with the government and military criticised for their handling of the incident and failing to track down the girls.

“They were definitely our daughters … all we want is for the government to bring back our girls,” said Galang.

– TheNews

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Chibok Parents Identify Some Of The Missing Girls In New Boko Haram Video – Report

Reuters is reporting that three mothers of the over 200 girls abducted from the? school premises in Chibok, Borno State exactly two years ago said the have identified their daughters in a new video released by the Boko Haram insurgents group.

If the claim by the parents is true as reported, it will be the first sighting of the girls since their kidnap? in April 2014 with 57 students managing to escape but 219 still missing?.

In the latest video released of the sect reportedly released to local officials on Tuesday, 15 girls featured claiming to be the kidnapped girls from Government Secondary School, Chibok and pleading with the Nigerian government to cooperate with Boko Haram on their release.

The girls were filmed saying they were being treated well but wanted to go home and be with their familie?s.

Tow of the ?mothers, Rifkatu Ayuba and Mary Ishaya said they recognised their daughters, Saratu and Hauwa, in the video, while a third mother, Yana Galang, identified five of the missing girls. Local officials said more identifications were needed.

“The girls were looking very, very well,” Galang said in a telephone interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation after viewing the video at a screening organised by local officials in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state in northeast Nigeria.

The three mothers were invited to the viewing by the chairman of Chibok local government area, Bana Lawan, who confirmed that he had paid their travel costs to Maiduguri, the state capital.

“They were definitely our daughters … all we want is for the government to bring back our girls,” said Galang, adding all the girls were wearing hijabs in the video.

No member of Boko Haram was visible in the video and local officials were not immediately available to give details on how they received the video.

“We only heard a man’s voice and saw his finger pointing at the girls one after the other,” Galang said.

She said the girls in the video spoke in Hausa, a language widely spoken in Nigeria, and Kibaku, the local Chibok language.

Galang said one mother, Ayuba, was relieved to see her daughter as she had heard a rumour shortly after the kidnapping that her daughter had been killed by Boko Haram.

“She was very happy to see her in the video … her daughter is alive,” Galang said.

About 2,000 girls and boys have been abducted by the Boko Haram since 2014, with many used as sex slaves, fighters and even suicide bombers, according to Amnesty International.

This week a report from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said Boko Haram child suicide bombings have surged 11-fold in West Africa over the last year, with children as young as 8, mostly girls, used to bomb schools and markets.

UNICEF said there were 44 child suicide bombings in West Africa in 2015, up from four in 2014, mostly in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Boko Haram’s six-year campaign to set up an Islamic emirate in northeastern Nigeria has killed some 15,000 people, according to the U.S. military.

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DSS Arrests Another ‘Top Boko Haram Terrorist’

Nigeria’s secret police, the State Security Service on Wednesday said it arrested one Bello Danhajiya, who it described as an associate of Khalid Al-Barnawi, an alleged terrorist kingpin reportedly captured last week.

The SSS said Mr. Danhajiya was Mr. Al-Barnawi second-in-command.

Below is the full press release by the SSS.

DSS Arrests Albarnawi’s Deputy and Impersonators of Public Officers

You may recall that last week, this Service informed the public of the arrest of Khalid AL-BARNAWI, known for his leadership and notoriety in terrorism activities in Nigeria. Nigerians were also informed of his talent-spotting and recruitment of young people into the Ansaru/Boko Haram terrorist groups. With the arrest of AL-BARNAWI, the Department of State Services (DSS) has made an uncommon success in the decimation of these groups and their leadership. Similarly, the Service wish to inform that it has further arrested Bello DANHAJIYA, a close associate and presumed second in command to AL-BARNAWI.

2. DANHAJIYA is a Fulani from Zamfara State and a strategic accomplice of AL-BARNAWI. Preliminary investigations have disclosed his involvement in gun-running, cattle rustling and other nefarious criminal activities principally on the directives of his commander, AL-BARNAWI. So far, efforts are being made to conclude the investigations and commence prosecution in line with the law.

3. In another development, this Service, worried by the spate of impersonation of government officials and the increasing rate of defrauding of unsuspecting members of the public by some unscrupulous elements, launched detailed investigations aimed at checking the situation. The Service therefore wish to inform the public about the outcome of these successful operations which have led to the apprehension of the following suspects:

i. Aminu ADO (aka Yusha’u Muhammed Yerima ADAM);

ii. David Ali MICHIKA;

iii. Umar HAMZA;

iv. James Malu AKUNE; and

v. Kazeem Kayode USMAN.

4. Aminu ADO: ADO was arrested on 24th March, 2016 at Keffi Nasarawa State. He confessed to defrauding T.Y. DANJUMA (Lt. Gen/Rtd) of N1m in 2015 and wife of Akwa Ibom State Governor of three Hundred thousand Naira in collaboration with one Hajia AISHA (FNU), who impersonated the wife of former Gombe State Governor, Danjuma GOJE. In addition, he confessed to defrauding members of the public by claiming to be the Chief Security Officer (CSO) to the President. Further investigation revealed that ADO had the mobile phone numbers of all the Federal Executive Council (FEC) members, some State Governors, their wives and Aides as well as that of prominent Nigerians and Military/Police Officers.

5. David Ali MICHIKA: Subject is a 43-year old from Jimeta, Adamawa State but resides at Ungogo LGA of Kano State. He once lived in Riyad, Saudi Arabia for ten years as an illegal immigrant until he was deported in 2008. He was arrested in Kano for impersonating the Secretary to the Government of The Federation (SGF). MICHIKA had called several high ranking Government officials soliciting for funds to settle spiritualists (Mallams) for prayers rendered for the success of the APC in the 2015 general election and for peace in the nation.

6. Umar HAMZA: HAMZA is a 39-year old school teacher from Tarauni LGA of Kano State. He was recruited by MICHIKA to act as the spiritualist based in Niger Republic to be paid for the service rendered. He received calls from the victims while pretending to be the spiritualist.

7. James Malu AKUNE: AKUNE is a 40-year old male from Tarka LGA of Benue State. He claims to be a contractor with business interests in China and USA. He paraded himself as the brother to the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs and defrauded people on false promises of contracts. He equally arranged to get contract for companies from the victim Support Committee for the North-East, headed by T.Y. DANJUMA. Before his arrest, AKUNE called Contractors and promised them appointment with the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs.

8. Kazeem Kayode USMAN: USMAN was arrested in Lagos on April 12th, 2016. He has been on the trail of security agencies for the impersonation of Abba KYARI, Chief of Staff to the President.

9. It is instructive to note that these suspects opened and operated bank accounts through which they collected various sums of money from their victims. A major revelation to this effect is the haste with which banks opened accounts for prospective customers without ascertaining their genuine personal details. Another noticeable trend is the spread of impersonators who adopt different illegal means to defraud their victims. The public is to take note of this trend and report such suspicion persons to appropriate security agencies.

10. This Service wish to re-emphasize its commitment to the safety of all law abiding citizens and residents and will continue to decisively deal with those who have chosen to be on the wrong side of the law.


For: Tony OPUIYO

Department of State Services,


13th April, 2016

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We’ll Deal With You Like Boko Haram, President Buhari Warns Pipeline Vandals

President Muhammadu BuhariWednesday in Beijing warned vandals and saboteurs blowing up oil and gas installations in Nigeria to desist immediately or face the same drastic action being taken against Boko Haram by the Armed Forces.

Speaking at a meeting with members of the Nigerian Community in China, President Buhari also reaffirmed his total commitment to winning the war against corruption, saying that corruption was an arch-enemy of the nation which has destroyed the lives of many Nigerians.

“I ask for your support to make our vision of stamping out corruption a reality in the shortest possible time. Whoever is caught will not be spared.

“The government is still being dared, but those who are sensible should have learnt a lesson. Those who are mad, let them continue in their madness.

“I am aware that in the last two weeks, the national grid collapsed a number of times. I hope this message will reach the vandals and saboteurs who are blowing up pipelines and installations.

“We will deal with them the way we dealt with Boko Haram,” the President declared.

President Buhari assured the Nigerian Community that the Federal Government was working very hard to overcome current national challenges and deliver on its promise of a better Nigeria.

“Clearly, our vision of a diversified and inclusive economy will not be achieved overnight. It will be a long, and in some cases, painful journey. I am very confident we will get there. But we must start that journey now.

“We hear proposals for short cuts or quick wins. However, all we need to do is look at our history to know that there are no quick wins or short cuts in fixing Nigeria. The many decades of damage and destruction cannot be repaired overnight.

“The reform program we are implementing is not because oil prices are below $45 per barrel today. It is because when oil prices were over $100 per barrel, majority of Nigerians were still suffering. They were simply forgotten and left behind. So, our reforms are to ensure that the majority of Nigerians are not left behind,” the President told the gathering.

President Buhari also assured the Nigerian community that his administration was fulfilling its promise to improve security across the country.

“When we came into office in 2015, Boko Haram insurgents occupied 14 Local Government Areas. Today, I am pleased to say the insurgents have been routed out of these local governments and their capacity to fight as a force has been significantly degraded.

“We will continue working hard to ensure that the group is eliminated. This is achievable. And we will not settle for anything less,” he said.

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Troops Capture Three Top Boko Haram Commanders, Kill 20 Members

Troops of the Nigerian Army and their Camerounian counterparts have arrested three top Boko a Haram Commanders of ‘Ameer’ class in a joint operation.

The Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Usman, gave the names of the arrested terrorist commanders as ‘Lawal Abba, Mallam Hisna and Mallam Gana.

Usman said in a statement on Tuesday that the troops of the 152 and 155 Battalions and the counterparts from the Multinational Joint Task Force from Cameroon who carried out the joint operation also killed 20 members of the deadly sect.

The Acting Army Spokesman said that the troops also destroyed 10 of the camps of the insurgents and released some of the people held hostage by them during the joint action.

According to him, a total of 1,275 hostages were rescued from the insurgents during the operation.

He said that the troops of the 152 Battalion were screening the rescued hostages in preparation for their movement to Internally Displaced Person camps.

He said that the troops also cleared the insurgents from areas erstwhile occupied by them such as Nbaga, Bula, Dabube, Ybiri, Greya and Suduwa towns and other adjoining settlements.

Also, the Nigerian Air Force has said that its fighter pilots have destroyed a logistic base of the Boko Haram in Borno State.

The Director of Information of the NAF, Group Capt. Ayodele Famuyiwa, said in a statement on Tuesday, that the NAF pilots destroyed the Boko Haram’s logistics base at Kangarawa, Borno State on Monday.

Famuyiwa said that the scale of the explosion and the inferno from footage of the air strike indicated that the base must have been a fuel or ammunition dump for the insurgents.

He described the strike as “another major setback for the insurgents, while providing tangible evidence of many of the recent successes recorded by the air component of Operation LAFIYA DOLE”.

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Boko Haram Terrorists flee Sambisa Forest Hideouts – Army

The Nigerian Army has said that the members of the Boko Haram Sect are fleeing from their Sambisa Forest hideout in large numbers.

The Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Usman, said in a statement on Tuesday that the insurgents were leaving the Sambisa Forest in droves to escape being killed in the intensified aerial and ground offensive by the military.

Usman said the insurgents were fleeing Sambisa for various parts of the country.

He urged the members of the public to be more security conscious and report all suspicious movements to security agencies to prevent them from mingling members of the society.

“This is to inform the public that due to aerial bombardment and concerted efforts of the ground troops, and facing imminent annihilation, Boko Haram terrorists have been deserting Sambisa forest in droves trying to disperse to various parts of the country.

“The cowards are running away from their well noted enclave in the Sambisa forest for their lives. Consequently it becomes necessary to inform the public, especially well meaning Nigerians, to be more vigilant and security conscious.

“The public are requested to be observant and report any suspicious person or group of persons to the military or any of the security agencies to enable timely detection and apprehension of the fleeing insurgents before they mingle with the society and commit havoc.

“We would like to reassure the public of the confidentiality of the information provided and reiterate our commitment to the clearance of the remnants of Boko Haram terrorists,” The statement read.

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Boko Haram Wants $50m To Free Chibok Girls – Report

The terror sect, Boko Haram, is asking for a ransom of nearly $50million  from the Federal Government  for the release of the 219 Chibok schoolgirls who were kidnapped by the insurgents two years ago, according to The Sunday Telegraph of London.

The paper said it gathered from sources close to the sect that the demand was made “during secret contacts with the government of President Muhammadu Buhari, who has said he is willing to negotiate for the girls’ freedom.”

The group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, had previously demanded the release of jailed comrades in exchange for the girls.

A top security source said last night that there was no deal in place between government and the sect on the Chibok girls who were abducted on April 14, 2014.

The Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) group which has been campaigning for the rescue of the girls has expressed frustration about government’s continued “rhetoric of lack of intelligence and other excuses” on their fate.

It said in a statement ahead of the second anniversary of the abduction that it expects more action than the rhetoric.

The Sunday Telegraph said in its report that Boko Haram made the ransom demand in a message to the Federal Government about three months ago.

It offered to exchange the girls for a ransom of N10b, the equivalent of around £36m.

The paper said, “The ransom demand has split the government,” said the source. “Some think it would be worth it just to resolve the Chibok situation, but others say it will simply allow Boko Haram to hire yet more insurgent recruits.”

It also said that a month after the ransom demand, Boko Haram secretly passed the government a new video tape showing 15 of the kidnapped girls.

It added:”The girls are asked what their Christian names are and what their new Muslim names are,” he said, referring to the “conversion” that Boko Haram forces Christian prisoners to undergo. “They are also asked if they have been raped or mistreated, but they say no – they look relaxed.”

It also said that an Australian clergyman and former Nigerian government advisor who spent four months in Nigeria in 2014 attempting to negotiate the girls’ freedom, Dr Stephen Davies claimed that during his visits to Nigeria in 2014, a Boko Haram commander gave him a grisly video showing what purported to be the human remains of some of the Chibok girls.

However, he had never passed it on because there was no proof that it was definitely them.

“There was nothing identifiable in the video, and without any proof that it was the girls, there was no way I was prepared to pass it to anguished relatives,” he said. “On the other hand, I can’t think of any other reason why the commander would have passed it to me.”

Contacted on the Telegraph story last night, a top security source said: “There is no ongoing deal with Boko Haram at any level. That claim by the sect or any other person is incorrect.

“President Muhammadu will not engage in any backdoor deal with the insurgents. The report was talking of the last three months in which Boko Haram had been severely decimated by the military.”

The  Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, who was also contacted responded from Addis Ababa on his way to China, saying : “I will find out from the appropriate security chiefs and get back to you.”

Meanwhile, the BBOG group wondered “how much longer must we wait” before the girls are brought back home.

Although, it acknowledged the heightened effort of the military to crush Boko Haram it said, quoting President Buhari: “We cannot claim to have defeated Boko Haram without rescuing the Chibok girls and all other innocent persons held hostage by the insurgents.”

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Boko Haram Threatens To Attack Aso Villa In New Video, Says Buhari Is An Infidel

The group said it could be forced to attack Aso Rock Villa. The insurgents also spoke of their continued oath of allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS).

The leader of the terrorists started his speech by reading from a prepared sheet. He said: “Verily, the enemies of God have organised meetings to seek for solutions to what they found themselves in despair and dejection.

“They are trying to free themselves, their representatives and leaders from the hardship. They gathered all their forces with a pledge using media, radio and internet that they would finish the soldiers of monotheism. The enemies of God are being punished through loss of their lives, properties and ammunitions.

“This is in Nigeria, Cameroun, Niger republic’s border or in Chad, their allied forces became afraid when they saw our fighters even after their alliance. Even though they support themselves and the followers who committed apostasy and the Shiites, that did not benefit them. While we, the monotheists reaffirmed that victory is really from God. And this alliance has made us continue in this path of cleansing this land off unbelievers and those who turn their back on Islam. It is a tradition of unbelievers at any time and any generation when they lose hope from stopping the truth. They run to organise their plans and spread lies to Mujahid fighters so they can stop people from following the path of God.

“If you do not believe this, as those who fought us in the towns of Gudunbali and Geidam. We warned them against any joint alliance with either Chad or Niger republic. The government is threading the path of the infidels. God is the greatest of all planners. They all planned, but God is the best of all planners.

“We will fight the whole of Africa, because they are all unbelievers. With our consensus, they are all unbelievers. Their forces will all gather to harm us, but they will fail, because they will not see us. Even if they block all the entrances, we will still get in. Consequently, we will continue with our efforts until the religion of Islam takes over. And if they refuse or are stubborn, we will attack them. In Africa, our role model is Sheikh Abu Muhammad Abubakar (May God protect him).

“Our brothers who are fighting like us are in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and other places. By God’s grace, we will continue to move on. There won’t peace. There won’t be security. There won’t peace of mind, until all the unbelievers return to God. All of you will not know any happiness, unless the unbelievers among you have faith in God and accept His way.

“We are saying President Muhammadu Buhari is an infidel (unbeliever). Christians don’t have any importance at all. We don’t have anything to do with them at all. They will still blame themselves. And a time will come, whereby their complaint will not be useful again.

“Buhari, in your house, called Aso Rock Villa, we believe you are watching us right now. Be careful of us. At this place we are standing, we are speaking with one voice on behalf of all the Muslims.

“You believers, if a bad person comes to you to inform you about something, be careful of such a person. Therefore, all radio houses, the internet, and all media of news dissemination, are all following the path of the infidels.

“We are saying that the soldier of Muslim is Abu Bakr Baghdadi. We are telling our followers to be patient and rely on God. Because, a time is coming when we will give thanks to God on our achievements.”

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Boko Haram Releases Another Video, Pledges Allegiance To ISIS

The Boko Haram terrorist organization has released another video pledging its support to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which emerged yesterday on social media sites.

The video is reportedly titled “Investigate” and was first released on March 31st, 2016.

The latest video depicting Boko Haram comes about two weeks after another video emerged on March 24th, reportedly of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau speaking about Islam. However, analysts questioned the authenticity and timing of the video and cautioned the public from overstating its importance.

The latest video can be viewed below:

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Top Boko Haram Commanders Arrested, Others Surrender, Says Army

Apart from the recent arrest of Khalid al-Barnawi, the leader of Ansaru terrorist group in Lokoja, Kogi State, the Nigerian military has confirmed that more terrorists have been arrested while other Boko Haram members have also surrendered to the security agencies.

The Director Defence information, Brigadier Rabe Abubakar who confirmed this development to PRNigeria, disclosed that: “With ongoing aggressive military operations in the North-East, some Boko Haram terrorists have surrendered to the Nigerian troops just as some top commanders were arrested while fleeing from the theatre of war.

“The improved synergy and inter-agency collaborations have enhanced the various operations towards the massive arrest of members of the terrorists’ groups.

“We are conducting series of investigation including background checks on some of those arrested and those that surrendered to the security agencies for proper identifications…. So far most of the operations are going on smoothly.

“Our concern is for Nigerians to support the military and other security agencies with useful information especially now that most of the Boko Haram camps have been destroyed; while the stubborn members may be fleeing to new locations.

“We urge Nigerians to report any strange movement and people, including suspicious objects in their localities to ensure that suspects do not have new haven to hide where they may later disrupt such communities.”

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