Easter Promo: Ecobankpay Offers Special Discount To Shoppers

Ecobank Nigeria Limited has announced special discount for shoppers using the EcobankPay option to pay for their goods and services during the Easter holidays and will run to the end of April 2019.

EcobankPay is a digital QR code/ Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) that enables payments using the mobile phone, without the need for a debit/credit card. “When you sign up, your EcobankPay QR is emailed to you, which you can print and post/stick it anywhere your customers can see it to easily scan and pay. When paid, you receive notifications and transactions can be viewed in merchant app or online and most especially  your account is credited immediately . Your customers can now pay you from anywhere in Nigeria and around the world, anytime.  Your customers can use the Ecobank Mobile App or other bank’s mobile app to pay with MCash, MVisa and Masterpass.” 

Announcing the Easter promotion in Lagos, Carol Oyedeji, Executive Director Commercial Banking said shoppers are to get special discounts in shops in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Warri, Aba and other cities across the country where the EcobankPay QR code is on display. Explaining the accessibility of the EcobankPay QR code, she  noted that it accepts all three payment platforms available, be it MasterPass, MVisa and MCash.

“Also, the discounts are available at all EcobankPay zones. If the person that wishes to buy goods from you is coming from a bank that has MVisa and decides to pay, the same QRcode would accept MVisa payment and vice versa. This creates synergy between us and the other banks and convenience for the merchants. And as you know, the QR code is much cheaper than having a point of sale (POS)  and your account is credited immediately,” she stated.

For the merchants she said “the beauty of the EcobankPay, is in the cost of set up, as the shop owner simply print the QR code on a paper and can stick it anywhere and do not face any risk. It is convenient and the mobile app allows the ubiquity. It allows you 24/7 access. We cannot over emphasis the instant credit”

Ecobank has recently launched several EcobankPay zones in various markets across the country. The EcobankPay Zones are digital payment hubs  enabling businesses within a location adopt Ecobank’s wide range of digital products for ease of payments for goods and services. It provides the opportunity for both buyers and sellers to increase their sales in an enhanced and secured way.

The EcobankPay digital hub/markets  makes it easy for the seller to be paid instantly while buyers pay with ease and also have peace of mind associated with doing business without carrying cash around. Also available at the payment zones is the Xpresspoint which allows customers do their banking transactions within their neighbourhood and non-customer open accounts on the go in as much as they have their phones.

The initiative of the Ecobankpay zone is to deepen financial inclusion in the communities and specifically aid business transactions between merchants and clients.

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EcobankPay Zone Berths In Ikorodu

As part of plans to create ease of payment and boost economic activities in major market clusters across the country, Ecobank Nigeria has taken its innovative digital payment solution, EcobankPay to the ancient town of Ikorodu, a Lagos suburb. 

 This, the bank said is in its plan to create ease of payment and boost economic activities in major market clusters across the country. The bank designated the popular Bale market, Ikorodu as an EcobankPay zone

Speaking at the launch, Executive Director, Commercial Banking, Carol Oyedeji restated the determination of the bank to ensure Nigerians get quality banking transactions and good business dealings, stressing that the digital payment zone will further boost easy and convenient transactions in the market place.

The initiative, according to her, would deepen financial inclusion in the community and specifically aid business transactions between merchants and clients. She reiterated that  the EcobankPay’s unique offering is that anyone from any bank in Nigeria can pay with MasterPass, mVISA and mCASH with any phone by scanning QR code or using USSD.

She called on the traders and other people living around the market to embrace the innovative pay zone. She explained that customers and non-customers of the bank who patronize the market will now have quick access to the bank’s digital payment offerings, as it would remove the stress and boredom associated with delays in paying for goods in the market.

“Today, we bring good news to traders in this popular market and others that live in this vicinity. EcobankPay will make transaction simple and easy. It will create payment convenience for good and services and growing various businesses across the country. You do not need to be a customer of Ecobank. If the person that wishes to buy goods is coming from a bank that has mVisa and wishes to pay, the same QR Code would accept mVisa payment and vice versa. That creates convenience for the merchants. The QR Code is much cheaper than having a point of sale (PoS).” she noted.

 In her comment, the head of the Market Women, (Iya oja, Bale market), Alhaja Kehinde Abiola appreciated the bank for keeping its promise to bring easy banking to the market.  In her words “this is part of market development we crave for; this will reduce the large quantity of cash in our market, meaning more secured way to do our business. We encourage all traders to adopt the products introduced by Ecobank for ease of business for us all and our future generation”.

In their testimonials, Ecobank Xpresspoint agents and EcobankPay merchants alluded to the benefits of the services, urging traders in the market and people living in the community to embrace the EcobankPay zone and other products of the bank. Specifically, an agent, Odufuwa Olusegun, commended Ecobank for bringing banking services closer to the people. According to him, “Life has become easy for the people in my local community since I started the Xpress point services. Customers daily troop to my shop to do small financial transactions without any stress and whenever, there is hitch, the bank gives us quick attention.”

EcobankPay is free to set up as the shop owner only needs his/her QR code and phone for notifications to start receiving quick and easy payments. EcobankPay, a special merchant QR Code product of the Pan African Bank, enables customers make seamless payment for goods and services across the three major payment platforms without the use of plastic cards.”

For the merchants, the beauty of the EcobankPay is in the cost of setting up, as the shop owner simply prints the QR Code on a paper and can stick it anywhere and do not run any risks.

It would be recalled that the Bank had launched similar pay zones in Alaba International market and Amu market, Mushin.

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EcobankPay Eases Loan Access For SMEs – Ecobank MD

Managing Director Ecobank Nigeria, Patrick Akinwuntan, has stated that SMEs who embrace the EcobankPay app stand a good chance of easily accessing business loans from the bank. Akinwuntan made this known during the launch of EcobankPay Zone at Amu Market in the Mushin area of Lagos on Tuesday.

Speaking at the event with market traders, Akinwuntan explained that transaction activities on the EcobankPay can be easily monitored by the bank. This he said can also make the bank approach some performing SMEs with loan offer.

The MD who addressed the traders in Yoruba language said, “As a small business owner who uses EcobankPay, if you need loan to expand your business, we don’t need to ask you for your business or transaction records. We can see it from your everyday transactions. It makes it easier for us to grant such loans. And we can even be the one to approach you with the loan offer because we can see that your business is performing and you need to expand to make more profit.”

The event was interactive, as the traders asked questions and advised the bank on how it can serve them better. On security for Ecobank’s Xpress Point agents, Akinwuntan explained that “ that the situation at Xpress Points is cash in cash out. As you come to deposit your money, someone else come for cash withdrawal. You can’t find much cash with the agents. We also ensure that we provide necessary support for these agents. We currently have 6,000 Xpress Point agents across the country.  And we are very strategic with the agents’ location.”

He further explained that apps in the EcobankPay Zone are developed to cater for the needs of SMEs. “Small businesses thrive on instant cash. When a customer comes to pay with the POS, it takes 24 hours for the money to reflect in your account. But with EcobankPay QR Code, you get value instantly. At our Xpress Points, you can easily make cash transactions, be it withdrawal or deposit without you visiting the bank. It’s fast, safe and secure. We have decided to come to the market and show you how this works. We are bringing banking to you right in your market and at your doorsteps. You don’t need to come to us, we come to you,” he said.

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Ecobank Storm Markets With “Easy Payment” Products

It was an exciting weekend as Ecobank staff stormed markets across the country to bring easy and convenient banking services to Nigerians, especially businesses, and more possibilities for growth. 

EcobankPay and Xpress Point were stars of the storm, which form a critical part of our digital offering, aimed at boosting Nigeria and Africa’s digital economy.  

“We will not rest until we serve you better. #EcobankPay and #XpressPoint buzzing in Alaba, Badore, Victoria Island, Abuja, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Kano, Ibadan, Osun, Kwara, Akwa-Ibom joining 32 other countries in Africa. We are determined to support the building of a better Africa.  #EcobankOn for a #CashlessNigeria”  said Ecobank Nigeria Managing Director, Patrick Akinwuntan on twitter this past Saturday https://twitter.com/PAkinwuntan/status/1086617122598457349

Leading product for the storm was EcobankPay, which allows businesses/individuals to receive instant payment into their accounts when Ecobank and non-Ecobank customers scan their QR Code or use their terminal ID on USSD for goods and services.   

All that is needed is a phone for both the customer and the merchant, allowing them to receive payments anytime, anywhere unlike POS or cash, therefore making doing business easier and more convenient.  EcobankPay is the only product in the market allowing merchants to receive mCash, mVISA and MasterPass payments thus simplifying business for merchant, who no longer need to manage accounts across financial institutions for various payment channels as interoperability lowers cost and QR code removes need of having a point of sale (PoS).  

Xpress Point was also part of the drive, which allows customers to digitize or liquidate their cash by depositing and withdrawing cash closer to home using their phone anywhere they see Ecobank Xpress Point sign.  

By offering EcobankPay and XpressPoint services, Nigerian businesses save time and money spent in collecting, counting, securing and banking cash bringing cost savings to their business, and more importantly, in the near future their cashflow shall allow them access to other financial services such as loans, insurance and more to grow their business.  We hope more businesses can join the #CashlessNigeria initiative by offering their customers simpler payments and digitization of cash.  

“We will relentlessly work to bring our digital to every household and make money management moreeasy, reliable and fast.  Ecobank offers a wide range of digital financial services for businesses – from straight-forward cash management to payment tools that capture their turnover securely, which come with e-Alerts of debits and credits on your account sent by push notiffications, SMS and email,” said Ayo Olaiya, Head of Transaction Services Group, Ecobank Nigeria.

Ecobank Market storm continues across the country every Tuesday and Saturday, we look forward to seeing and bringing you on this journey.

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Ecobank Nigeria Upgrade Core Banking Application; Assures Customers Of Improved Services

The Managing Director of Ecobank Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Akinwuntan has announced that the bank has upgraded its core banking application being part of the bank’s commitment to ensuring customers receive the best service possible.

“Our upgraded system has superior functionalities which will help us deliver our brand promise as the Bank of choice for convenient, reliable and affordable services to our customers. The new platform also promises improved performance of our digital channels as well as top range security as you carry out your transactions”, Mr Akinwuntan stated.

The Ecobank Nigeria Managing Director also apologized to customers over disruptions that they experienced during the period of the upgrade. The bank MD in a letter to Ecobank customers in Nigeria and made available to the media expressed excitement for the support during the time of the upgrade.
According to Mr Akinwuntan “during the period our ATMs, Cards, and Mobile App were
available for use, however, we experienced some post migration issues which affected transfers in and out of the bank and have now been mostly resolved. I apologise for any service hitches experienced during the upgrade and appreciate our customers’ commitment and partnership with Ecobank. We value their relationship greatly and are committed to ensuring they receive the best service possible”.

He appealed to customers of Ecobank to contact their dedicated Relationship Managers or call the Bank’s Contact Centre, should they have any feedback, enquiries or insight they wish to share about their experience with the system upgrade.

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Ecobank Nigeria Launches RapidTransfer Mobile Remittance App

In line with its tradition of leadership in digital banking in Africa, Ecobank has introduced a dedicated mobile remittance app Rapidtransfer.

Rapidtransfer app was unveiled by the Managing Director, Ecobank Nigeria, Mr. Patrick Akinwuntan at a commemorative dinner to thank and celebrate outgoing members of the Ecobank Nigeria Board and to welcome its newly appointed directors.

According to Akinwuntan, Rapidtransfer will enable Nigerians in diaspora to send funds home at a reduced cost.

Mr Akinwuntansaid: “Historically the cost for Nigerians in the diaspora to send funds home has been far too high, while the process itself has long been inefficient and burdensome. Customers often have to physically visit an agent and yet are left with little or no clarity as to when the funds will actually reach the intended recipient. Rapidtransfer removes all of these issues and its standout affordability will be a gamechanger in the way that Nigerians can send money to their loved ones.”

At the dinner, Mr Patrick Akinwuntan, who was officially welcomed into his new role as Managing Director and Regional Executive of Ecobank Nigeria, and on to the Ecobank Nigeria Board of Directors said. “Many Nigerians work elsewhere in Africa, or further a field, and financially support their relatives back home,” he commented. “Rapidtransfer is a safe and secure low-cost remittance solution, which ultimately will put more money into the hands of the recipient. This will have a multiplier effect on the Nigerian economy by boosting demand and driving business growth.”

As well as being intuitive, easy to navigate and multi-lingual with English, French, Spanish and Portuguese variants, the app provides simple and secure digital onboarding. Users can choose how and when funds are delivered to the intended beneficiary, with transparent foreign exchange rates prior to each transaction. Charges range from 0% to 3% depending on the options the customer selects. The Rapidtransfer mobile app will enable Nigerians anywhere to easily and instantly send money to bank accounts, mobile wallets and cash collection in – and across – 33 African countries and globally.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest recipient of international remittance inflows and is also the fifth largest remittance recipient globally. It received US$22 billion in 2017[1], which accounted for 5.6% of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In 2015[2] remittances received included $5.59 billion from the United States, $3.7 billion from the United Kingdom and $2.29 billion from Cameroon.

In the first quarter of 2018, the average cost of sending US$200 globally was 7.1%, and remittance services in Sub-Saharan Africa were the costliest in the world at an average cost of 9.4%. The International Sustainable Development Goal aims to reduce the average transaction cost of remittances to less than 3% of the remittance amount by 2030[4].

In a rousing speech during the proceedings, Mr Akinwuntan also took the opportunity to outline his vision for driving Ecobank Nigeria forward and assure his fellow Board members of his ambitions for growth. “Ecobank Nigeria must be the jewel in the Ecobank crown and the affiliate that sets the roadmap for others to follow,” he said. “We will do this by providing customer service excellence and a suite of innovative and convenient banking services that makes banking easy for retail and corporate customers alike.

“Nigeria has a vibrant population of 180 million and I want a large share of these to be served by Ecobank. Therefore, I am setting an audacious customer growth target against the group goal to serve 100 million customers by 2020. We currently have 9 million customers in Nigeria and I want to grow this to 40 million customers within two and a half years. This may be a huge challenge but I resolutely believe that it is one that can be achieved.”

The Ecobank Rapidtransfer mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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Honeywell Group Vs Ecobank: Bank Insists Debt Must Be Paid

Ecobank Nigeria Limited says it would continue to strongly resist any attempt to use a frivolous N72 billion claim to derail it from continuing to pursue the recovery of monies owed and overdue for payment by Honeywell Group.

The bank, in a statement signed by Management of the Bank, it said contrary to the picture being painted by Honeywell Group,  it is unhindered by the continued attempts to coerce the public into believing  that the Honeywell Group has fully paid its overdue debt.

The statement reads: “Ecobank’s attention has been drawn to several media reports stating that the Honeywell Group has filed a suit claiming damages against Ecobank in the sum of N72billion.

“We wish to state that Ecobank is unhindered by the continued attempts to coerce the public into believing that the Honeywell Group has fully paid its overdue indebtedness.

“It is noteworthy that Honeywell’s recent claim for damages was published and serialised in the news media even before the bank was served with the court papers, which clearly elicits the ‘motive’ of a party owing huge sums of money.  Indeed the purport of the matter is most curious especially as there are other pending matters in court which remain undecided.

“Ecobank is the Pan African bank with representation across 36 countries. The Ecobank Group supports various businesses in all the countries in which it operates while holding customer deposits in safe trust. In the same vein, Ecobank is resolute that the businesses it supports should also honour their obligations when due. This is the crux of the demand on the Honeywell Group to pay their debts in full.

“While the matters are in court, being a responsible corporate citizen, the bank reiterated its commitment in allowing due process to prevail in court rather than use the news media.

“Our resolve is to fight to ensure that debtors fully honour their obligations after benefiting from credit facilities which helped to grow their businesses.”

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Ecobank Supports Ikoyi Club Golf Tournament; Offers All Expense Paid Trip To 10 Lucky Winners

Ecobank Nigeria is offering an all-expense paid trip to Achimota Golf Club in Ghana to 10 lucky winners in a week long promo as part of the 2018 edition of ‘The Nigeria Cup’ Golf Tournament.

The week-long annual golf tourney which kicked off on September 22 is organized by the Ikoyi Club 1938 to commemorate Nigeria’s Independence anniversary. The 2018 edition is set to be even bigger as it marks the 21st anniversary of the Tournament.

Group Head, Personal Banking, Ecobank Nigeria, Ms. Ayodele Osolake who announced this mouthwatering offer said Ecobank is partnering with Ikoyi Club to make the 21st Anniversary edition of “The Nigeria Cup” more fun and even more interesting for golfers. “It is based on this that we have introduced the Promo into this year’s edition. Participants (including members and spectators) are expected to open an Ecobank current account in the course of this tournament with a minimum balance of N50,000 and maintain same in their account for at least three months; 10 lucky winners stand a chance to win an all-expenses paid golfing trip to Ghana’s prestigious Achimota Golf Club.

As part of the promo participants whose accounts have gone dormant can reactivate it with the sum of N50,000 to qualify for the promotion. Multiple deposits of N50,000.00 are encouraged as each deposit of N50,000 represents one entry in the draws which will hold during the Club’s Christmas golf tournament, later this year” she noted.

According to Ayodele “Ecobank recognizes that the impact of sports on individuals, communities and the wider society. As a bank, we believe in leveraging the passion points of our customers and golf happens to be a keen favourite of our clients. We believe that facilitating the opportunity for them to enjoy their favorite sport will further enhance our relationship. For a more exciting competition we have introduced this promo that will see ten (10) lucky winners getting an all-expenses paid trip to the esteemed Achimota Golf Club Achimota, Ghana where they will participate in a Golf Tournament.

Earlier, Vice-Captain of the golf section and Chairman 2018 Nigeria Cup Organizing Committee, Mr. Babatunde Johnson, commended Ecobank for their contribution in facilitating one of the most prestigious titles in Nigeria’s  golfing calendar disclosing that this year’s theme, ‘Who the Cap Fits’ is aimed at celebrating Nigeria’s culture and national heritage.

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Ecobank Announce Winners Of 2018 Fintech Challenge

Winners of the 2018 Ecobank Fintech Challenge have been announced at a ceremony held at Ecobank’s  headquarters in Lome, Togo last week.

Nala, from Tanzania, beat the ten other finalists to emerge as the overall winner of the competition. Virtual Identity from South Africa and Wallet.ng from Nigeria were the first and second runners up. They won cash prizes worth US$10,0000, $7,000 and US$5,000 respectively.

Nala, based in Tanzania, is a mobile money application that works offline, without an internet connection. Nala provides a unified user experience in which multiple financial services can be connected on one application. It can host multiple SIMs, enabing users to manage their spending and take control of their finances.

Second placed Virtual Identity is an innovative platform designed to disrupt traditional customer onboarding for banks. The process is fully digital, creating a virtual video conferencing link between the agent and the customer. Its easy to use web-based solution allows the client to complete tedious KYC processes from anywhere, making it both convenient and time saving.

The third placed prize winner, Wallet.ng, is a start-up providing an alternative bank for a growing generation of digital natives. Its core strength is building a banking platform that is as native to customers’ devices as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Ade Ayeyemi, Ecobank Group CEO praised the finalists for their innovative solutions and welcomed them to the Fellowship: “We are proud of the impressive start-ups that made it to our 2018 final. They are shining examples of the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity that will propel our continent’s global competitiveness in the commercial services markets, and I sincerely expect some, if not all, of them to be the business titans of tomorrow. They have my congratulations and we look forward to working closely with all eleven Fellows over the next year to deliver innovative banking services at better price-points that will improve the lives of Africans.”

This year’s Fintech Challenge was keenly contested with applications from over 412 innovative fintech entrepreneurs from across Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

All eleven (11) finalists were inducted into the Ecobank Fintech Fellowship, a one-year business program where they can explore opportunities for commercial partnerships with the Ecobank Group, to launch and scale products across Ecobank’s 33 country markets in the continent.

Launched in 2017, the second year of the Ecobank Fintech Challenge brought together fintech start-ups and innovators, policy makers, investors and development organisations from across the world to network, witness the 2018 finalists’ exhibitions, and celebrate the induction of the finalists into the 2018 Ecobank Fintech Fellowship.

Also present at the finals was the Honourable Alhaji Dr. Ibrahim Awal Mohammed, Minister of Business Development of Ghana, who commended Ecobank for this initiative and urged more support for young African entrepreneurs to improve job creation on the continent.

The Ecobank Fintech Challenge and Fellowship is designed and managed by the advisory firm Konfidants and supported by FMO, Microsoft4Afrika, Accion Venture Labs, Cellulant and FinConecta. More information on the fellows, their innovations and the Innovation Fellowship can be found on the programme website at www.EcobankFinTech.com.

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Ecobank Nigeria Appoints Patrick Akinwuntan Managing Director

Lagos, Nigeria: July 19, 2018 -The Board of Directors of Ecobank Nigeria Limited is pleased to announce, the appointment of Patrick Akinwuntan as the Managing Director designate of Ecobank Nigeria, subject to the approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Prior to this appointment, Patrick was the Group Executive, Consumer Banking responsible for leading the Consumer Banking business across Ecobank’s global network of 40 countries, 36 of which are in Africa. As a seasoned banker with over 20 years of senior and executive management experience, Patrick has held several strategic positions for the Ecobank Group in Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria. He had previously been a Group Executive Director on the Board of ETI and earlier, Executive Director in Ecobank Nigeria.

Patrick started his career with Ecobank in 1996 as Head of Commercial Bank and Regional Head in Ecobank Nigeria and since then he has held various senior and executive positions in Nigeria and within the Ecobank Group, including Executive Director, Retail Bank, Ecobank Nigeria, Group Chief Finance Officer, ETI, Group Executive Director, Operations & Technology, amongst others.

Prior to joining Ecobank, Patrick was a General Manager, Springfountain Management Consultants, Lagos from 1993 – 1996; Deputy Manager – Corporate Finance, Credit and Marketing, Manufacturers Merchant Bank Plc, Lagos from 1991 – 1993, and; was a Supervisor in Ernst & Young International (Chartered Accountants), Lagos from 1987 – 1991. A fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (FCA), Patrick also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

He is an alumnus of the senior executive program (SEP) of the Harvard Business school, a honorary senior member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria and an associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. In line with our leadership and business continuity procedures, the outgoing Managing Director, Charles Kie, will continue to manage Ecobank Nigeria throughout the transition period and ensure a smooth handover to Mr Akinwuntan. John Aboh, Chairman of the Board of Ecobank Nigeria has congratulated Patrick on his new appointment.

He said “We warmly welcome Patrick back to Ecobank Nigeria and look forward to providing him with full support from the Board. I must, once again, extend our most sincere gratitude to Charles for his tremendous contributions to Ecobank Nigeria’s development and wish him every success in his future endeavors.”

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Ecobank Partners Total Nigeria to Bring Banking Services Closer to the Public

Ecobank Nigeria has announced a strategic partnership with Total Nigeria Limited to offer agency banking services at Total filling stations across Nigeria. We will kick off with 100 stations carefully selected to ensure members of the public can carry out their financial transactions such as deposits, withdrawals and account opening at the outlets known as Ecobank Xpress Points. In addition, transfers to Ecobank and other banks, bill payments, airtime top up with ease in the selected locations.


Announcing the partnership in Lagos, Carol Oyedeji, Executive Director, Consumer Banking, Ecobank Nigeria said the deployment of Ecobank Xpress Points via Total Nigeria locations is an extension of the bank’s distribution and financial inclusion strategy to take banking service to the doorstep of every Nigerian and African.

She stated that the outlets will offer convenient and accessible financial services in a cost effective and secure manner. She reiterated that Ecobank is determined to extend the reach of its banking services to customers in remote and rural locations with its agency banking initiative. “To deliver our strategy of reaching 100 million customers by 2020, we have created innovative platforms, products and services, which are already serving a much larger customer base,” explained Carol Oyedeji.


She further stated that “these agent locations will support some of the innovative services we have introduced to the market such as Xpress Cash  which allows customers to withdraw cash at ATMs without their cards, transfers within and across 33 countries via the Ecobank Mobile App and our proprietary money transfer service, Rapid Transfer,  among others”.


Commenting on the partnership, Total Nigeria Plc’s General Manager Sales and Marketing, Adesua Adewole, explained that “At Total, the team develops our network of service stations everywhere in Nigeria daily, to bring Total closer to its 200,000 daily customers. Becoming real one-stop shops, our 570 stations offer quality products and services tailored to their needs. She stated that the partnership with Ecobank is an illustration of one of Total’s strategies that will strengthen the cashless initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).


Some of Ecobank’s agency banking partners already offering this service in Lagos include Buymore Supermarket chain, Kenzo Retail Supermarket chain and Save-a-Lot Supermarket.

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‘Macron’s Artist’ Kareem Waris Shows Gratitude to Ecobank

Kareem Waris Olamilekan, the 11-year-old hyperrealist artist who sketched a portrait of French President, Emmanuel Macron during his visit to the New Afrika Shrine on Tuesday has profusely thanked the Managing Director of Ecobank Mr. Charles Kie for giving him the opportunity of a lifetime to showcase his talent before president Macron and Nigeria’s finest audience that comprised of the political class, musicians, Nollywood artists and a host of others.


Olamilekan who spoke during a thank you visit to the Managing Director of  Ecobank in Lagos said :“I thought it was a joke when a staff of Ecobank called to say they want me to sketch a portrait of the French President which the Bank will present to him during his visit to the Africa Shrine. I was and am still happy for this opportunity. In fact my friends and people I do not know have since been calling me to congratulate me. Even my parents are not left out. It is a family dream come true I must say”.

The pencil artist, painter and prosthetic makeup artist began drawing at six, starting with cartoon and comics and by eight he started drawing professionally. He was identified by Ecobank as a talented young artist, some time ago and was given the opportunity to paint and present a portrait of Emmanuel Macron for the bank to present to the French President during the “Celebration of African Culture” event’ at the New Afrika Shrine.

Responding, Managing Director, Ecobank Nigeria, Charles Kie, said the Bank is glad that it is helping the Artist to realize his dream.  He said the Bank recognized the abundant talents inherent in the artist and decided to empower him to sketch Macron’s portrait, adding that it was in line with the Bank’s policy of recognizing and developing talents across the Africa continent.

In his words, “As a pan African financial institution, we are glad to have empowered Olamilekan to achieve his dream. This is what we stand for. We will monitor his progress and support him to realize his potentials,” he said.


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