Dele Momodu And The Commercialisation Of A Journalist’s Conscience, By Thompson Udenwa

No Nigerian should be surprised to see Alison-Madueke back on the news as a motivational preacher. Even after the notorious media fraud, Dele Momodu attempted to repackage her as a sick cancer patient who deserved our pity and forgiveness, and not our request to pay back the funds she stole.

By that singular faux pas, Dele Momodu, cheaply took sides with thieves against Nigeria.

He claims to be a journalist. But he is better described as a publicist-for-hire. A man whose conscience has been commercialised. 

When he first put out the sorrowful pictures of Mrs Alison-Madueke, one of Nigeria’s most notorious thieves, everyone knew he had been paid handsomely for the hatchet-job to brand the criminal as saint. No journalist who has a moral compass would have taken that dirty job — a businessman who thinks in profit terms may have. Dele did.

But this should not come as a surprise to any one: what does Dele Momodu bring to the universe of the media and journalism? All he has done his entire life is produce a Magazine that offers a suspicious elite and parvenus the platform they crave to showcase obscenity and vainglorious wealth; he is anything but a journalist. 

Mr Momodu cannot sit in a room of media veterans and be graded on their level. He would be at best the servant-boy fetching the drinks to be served at such a gathering. 

On Social Media, the man Dele Momodu is always quick to draw pictures from his pool of photo-ops, seeking to paint a picture of a man with access to the who-is-who around. But that does not qualify him as a man with any substance, neither can he draw from the integrity and good-character of those he photo-ops with.

If Mr Dele Momodu must redeem his soiled and disgraced image, he must decide to stand firmly with honour going forward. He must decisively and overtly refuse the shiny temptations from such dirty Diezani-like publicity stunts next time. 

Though, this may be hard for him. He has mad both his name, influence and money from these kinds of jobs. A leopard cannot change its spots. Nigerians don’t expect Mr Momodu to turn a green-leaf anytime soon. No one is sure he has a pint of integrity left, in fact. 

Dr Thompson Udenwa

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Group Cautions Dele Momodu On Dirty Jobs For Diezani Madueke

he video of the former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison-Madueke, who is undergoing multiple investigations for fleecing the nation, committing reckless and unimaginable acts of corruption, where she speaks on “yahoo-yahoo” boys is not just an unfortunate paradox, but a sad indictment on the cheap publicity stunt carried out by Dele Momodu on her behalf, the Initiative to Save Democracy (ISD) has said.

In a statement signed by Mr Akinloye James the group’s Chairman, ISJ recalled how Dele Momodu, the Publisher of Ovation Magazine had floated a platform called Boss Magazine, to usher in an interview he had with Mrs Allison-Madueke; “in it, he tried to sell to the world, with sad-looking-pictures and woeful commentary, a sickly cancer patient who needed all the pity in the world.”

Describing Dele Momodu’s publicity stunt as a tragedy to journalism, the group questioned the ethical consideration he made before offering himself as a tool to make a known face of looting and financial criminality look good.

“Mr Momodu, a seasoned publisher, should have looked the other side when the charming-temptation of Diezani’s publicity offer was broached to him – that would have offered him, today, some air of pride and respect.

“Unfortunately, not only has he desecrated the ethics of the profession, but he has postured himself as an embarrassment to journalism. One who we must carefully assess his words if we are to take them seriously.

“That hatchet job was spiteful to the fight against corruption. It was a bold attempt to white-wash Mrs Allison-Madueke, who was on the run, hiding away from answering questions bordering on her alleged misappropriation, scandalous management of the nation’s resources and unbridled looting of our commonwealth.

“While the whole world, especially President Muhammadu Buhari, was championing that there must be a consensus in the world, among its leaders, and among the everyday people, that corruption must be dealt with and not permitted any breathing space, it was most unfortunate that Mr Momodu decided to side with the antagonists of this matter.”

ISJ stated that the journalism profession is for people with a high sense of integrity who must not trade their platforms to be on the side of the fleecers of the country, like Mrs Allison-Madueke, a corruption-suspect turned motivational speaker.

“The media must take a decisive and unflinching stand against corruption. It must not just expose the corrupt, it must not give them room to launder their image.

“No Nigerian should ever take sides with the corrupt for cheap pound sterlings. No amount of money can pay for the integrity at stake”, the statement added.

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Dele Momodu Lied In His Representation Of Facts – US Newswire

Facts from US based Empowered Newswire Management has revealed that the founder of Ovation Magazine, Mr. Dele Momodu lied in his Op-Ed titled, ‘An Open Letter To Pastor Laolu Akande’.

The newswire formed by Mr. Akande in 2004 said it was aware of what transpired between Mr. Momodu and Mr. Akande in 2010, stressing that, the Ovation Magazine founder deliberately misrepresented facts from their encounter.

“In paragraph two of his Op-Ed, Mr. Momodu said he called Mr. Akande, it was not Mr Akande that called him,” the newswire said.

“Mr. Momodu initiated whatever happened, he called because he needed help after Temisan Aduayi, his US reporter left Ovation to start his own magazine called Trendy Africa. At this point, Mr. Momodu was afraid that he would lose all his US market to Mr. Aduayi and so therefore sought a bigger name in the US.

“He called Mr. Akande that he was attending the Nigerian Reunion Meet in Maryland but Mr. Akande told him he could not leave New York for Maryland, so he asked that they met in New Jersey which is closer to New York.

“At the time, he desperately needed Mr. Akande’s name and reputation in the US and the former Guardian North America Bureau chief obliged him.

“As a matter of fact after Mr. Akande agreed to help him stabilise his US work, he played it big in the next edition of the Magazine celebrating Mr. Akande to high heavens because he and the paper truly needed that kind of person at that time.

“Mr. Akande never asked for a job with Ovation. That is not his kind of publication anyway.

The newswire also stated that because Mr. Akande never saw his time at Ovation Magazine as a job, he never included it in his Résumé. “Mr. Akande never put Ovation Magazine in his CV because he saw it as a favour to Mr. Momodu. He never considered it a job opportunity.”

The newswire then said Mr. Momodu told outright lies when he said Mr. Akande expressed difficulties. “Mr. Akande had taught in two US colleges for 15 straight years before his current job. At the time, he was the only and still the only Nigerian journalist to ever interview a US President in the White House.

“He worked with Philadelphia Inquirer, the 7th largest US newspaper, then with Newsday of New York.

“Then with the UN as Communication Consultant, then started his own news wire called Empowered Newswire and then became a Pastor in high brow Long Island New York, then became Executive Director of Christian Association of Nigerian Americans CANAN,” how could he have expressed difficulties?, the newswire quizzed. “The truth is Ovation Magazine was struggling for relevance after the US Bureau chief acrimoniously left. Mr. Momodu sought a bigger name to fill the post in the interim and that’s why he reached out to Mr. Akande,” Empowered Newswire Management said.

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Aftermath Of Akande’s Right Of Reply: Nigerians Mock Dele Momodu For Blocking People On Twitter

It is hypocrisy at its peak.

Dele Momodu has been mocked by many Nigerians for blocking them on Twitter after calling him out for fake news and lies that he peddles regularly.

It appeared that some Nigerians had had enough of the veteran journalist and were not going to allow him to continue to deceive people on social media anymore.

On Sunday Momodu, who has often been criticized and corrected for spreading fake news said he would block those who called him out for peddling lies against Mr. Laolu Akande, spokesperson to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

“My main tweet of the day… why do trolls get angry when you block them; they come on your TL, like mannerless people, rain insults at you, and expect you to say “thank you for abusing me…” Jokers!!!” he tweeted before going on a blocking spree.

Reacting to Mr. Momodu blocking him, Tracy Chels wrote, “Dele Momodu is PDP 100%. This is one of the characteristics of PDP members, blocking anyone who speaks the truth.”

Kemisola Adekunle tried to make Mr. Momodu see reasons why blocking people is not the most idealistic thing to do. “How would you get feed backs on your posts when you block people that don’t support your views? I’m sure those ones you block are those who don’t submit to your views.”

Ibn Hanbal says Mr. Momodu should act more upright. “It is so sad Dele that you block people. With your civility and education, I expect you to correct him.

“Perhaps he may live in future to be a version of you. Give people opportunity to learn from you. Don’t block them because you famous. Fame is a gift,” he said.

David Olatunde posed a question to Mr. Momodu. “How many people would he block? He doesn’t need to block anyone.”

There were others who blasted Mr. Momodu because he built his career on criticizing people and he was not blocked.

“The man is a joke, he should not be taken seriously at all. He has insulted a lot of respectable people in the past and was never blocked. He has lost any integrity he had left.”

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Right Of Reply To Pendulum Open Letter To The VP, By Laolu Akande

My dear Bob Dee!

One could have easily made up his mind not to read or respond to anything you wrote after seeing the rather unprincipled queuing up behind Senator Bukola Saraki and then abandoning him, moving on to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, and then deserting him as well. 

But I felt one should respond to your attempts to create a false narrative from the very hollow lamentation of the recent elections as the “worst in our history”.

In my view, those like your good self, veteran journalists, who have built a formidable platform in the public arena must strive always to use the platform for the larger public good. There have been several interventions from you that reflect such true public spirit, but some of us stridently disagree with what at times could be perceived as a self-serving journalistic conduct. Many would seem to agree that this was obvious in your recent open letter to the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN.

But first, let me thank you for your gracious words of congratulations to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Vice President, and your admiration for the VP’s commendable performance in office. I am certain that your quest for public accountability derives from that admiration.

It is important to state that a citizen’s open letter to public figures or government authority is always welcome here and not necessarily a matter of right or exclusive access. For us, such matters of access for the people to their elected leaders is of normal cause and ought not to be a matter of exclusivity nor should we make a play of it as so special.

As is typical of your propaganda machinery, it begins with an outrageous lie by the principal then the operatives like yourself repeat it ad naseum. It appears you were not in this country when foreign and local observers accepted the results. Independent Foreign Observers commended the transparency and credibility of the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

Also, the Independent ElectionMonitor group, supported by the French Embassy, concluded that “based on the analysis carried out in this document as well as the actual observations of the election activities across the country, it is Election Monitor’s considered opinion that the 2019 Presidential Election results are consistent with the will of the majority of voters who took part in the elections notwithstanding the various infractions which also occurred as they were not on a scale significant enough to affect the overall outcome of the election.(ElectionMonitorNG)

YIAGA Africa’s Parrallel Voting Tabulation, relied on by international agencies, embassies and funders also said its  “findings show that for the presidential election the All Progressive Congress (APC) should receive between 50.0 per cent and 55.8 per cent of the vote.” And that “the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) should receive between 41.2 per cent and 47.0 per cent of the vote; these figures are consistent with the official results as just announced by INEC.

“For both APC and PDP, the official results fall within the PVT estimated ranges.” That YIAGA AFRICA results statement was based on reports from 1,491 polling units which are 98.4 per cent of sampled polling units. YIAGA AFRICA’s projections were reportedly also consistent with the officially announced vote shares for the other 71 parties who contested in the presidential election. It is also believed that the group’s projections were based on the results announced in the polling units and would have detected any significant manipulation occurring during collation at the ward, local government area, State and national levels. Also, “INEC’s official results for turnout and rejected ballots were also generally consistent with YIAGA AFRICA WTV estimates.” (Vanguard)

These are empirical facts, my dear Bob Dee, especially if you put your analysis through any rigorous tests. Propaganda and falsehood only need a willing sponsor.

Yes, observers mentioned pockets of violence and some malpractices, but none felt that these were sufficient to affect the credibility of the elections or its results. Frequently cited is Ago Palace in Lagos. One unit in a city of 20 million! In any event, the real question is, how did the violence in the comparatively few places where it happened favour the President? And how come the strong allegations of foul play by the likes of Godswill Akpabio in Akwa Ibom, George Akume in Benue and Ndoma-Egba in Cross River State (all APC Senatorial aspirants!) escaped your eagle eyes?

It is sometimes forgotten, and Bob Dee , you chose to forget, that for the previous 16 years before 2015, the PDP governments had conducted elections. Everyone is familiar with the incredible excesses of the elections and the election-observer reports so poignantly describe some.

In the 2003 elections which gave Atiku Abubakar and his boss a second term, Wikipedia observes that “Millions of people voted several times. The police in Lagos uncovered an electoral fraud, finding five million false ballots.”

But the 2007 elections got even worse reviews: “Following the presidential election, groups monitoring the election gave it a dismal assessment. Chief European Union observer Max van den Berg reported that the handling of the polls had “fallen far short” of basic international standards, and that “the process cannot be considered to be credible”, citing “poor election organisation, lack of transparency, significant evidence of fraud, voter disenfranchisement, violence and bias.” 

They described the election as “the worst they had ever seen anywhere in the world”, with “rampant vote rigging, violence, theft of ballot boxes and intimidation”). One group of observers said that at one polling station in Yenagoa, in the oil-rich South-South, where 500 people were registered to vote, more than 2,000 votes were counted.”

Your choice of words such as “theatre of war” to describe the presidential polls is not only inaccurate and questionable by and large, but also surprising considering the recent history of past presidential polls. And you have to tell us who described the elections as “the most dreadful and desperate”?

Besides these facts that you carefully chose to ignore, the contents of your letter read in part like a brief for the opposition, and, at other times, a judgment of an electoral tribunal in favour of the opposition. And such bias undermines the credibility of the author such as yourself.

It could even render the write-up confusing rather than informing the readers. For good measure, Bob Dee, maybe we should just remind our readers that not only are you an active member of the opposition, you have also benefited from significant business relationships with some in the opposition circles. And this is entirely within your right.

But that certainly discounts your assessment about the direction of our administration. It also devalues your criticism of the narratives that hold those who raped this country in the past responsible for the consequences of their corrupt activities while in government.

One also wonders whether it is your well-known personal relationship with the opposition that has beclouded you so much that you seek to assail the anti-corruption efforts which ordinary and well-meaning Nigerians have embraced.

Let me make it clear that the facts show that while some old members of the opposition have joined APC, that has not shielded those responsible for corruption and graft. In any case, even if old PDP members are now APC members, the current leadership of the country under the APC stands out as it is made up of two gentlemen with impeccable integrity. 

Old PDP members and all Nigerians are welcome just like sinners are embraced in the church, In fact, the church was opened for sinners to be converted. And what is skewed about the anti-corruption campaign when the two governors who have now been convicted for corruption are both APC?

Having said that, be rest assured that the APC as a party will articulate its defences to any allegations. For the records, it is an obvious fact and this must be reiterated that the Buhari administration has a commendable record of respecting the independence of INEC, a clear departure from what occurred under previous administrations. This government also ensures that it provides all the support INEC requires, as well as respects the independence of the judiciary and has ensured that security forces act within the ambits of law. Even international observers have made their comments accordingly and positively. 

As the Buhari administration always noted, every single loss of life is sad and lamentable. And previous elections have regrettably caused even far more losses. We must achieve an electoral system that doesn’t result in any such loss of life. However, the record of improvement from the past is clear as it were.

To characterize the will of the people as Pyrrhic victory represents what exactly needs to change in and about our nation. Indeed, our privilege as elites imposes the responsibility of trustees of power, wealth, values and direction of and for a nation in the interest of the people upon us. To narrow this interest or substitute our amplified voices as the vocal minority for the silent majority is not only taking liberties a little too far, but also losing tune and touch with our national realities. As leaders, we must reflect introspectively on how we have prioritized the people, and how we must continue to do so going forward.

This is what President Muhammadu Buhari is known for and it is what played out in the elections. It is the voices of the few and the devices of the privileged that the Opposition regarded and expected to hold up. That did not happen.

We respect the right to disagree and exercise that right through the established mechanisms, but we reject any denigration and the diminishing of the electoral outcome which is the true voice and expression of the people of this country.

As you noted, the whole concept of sin in the worldly context is a violation of the law of the land, and in the spiritual context, a violation against God. That you judge either as a matter of law, or ecclesiastically when you by yourself determine that this administration is “committing sin” is a departure from what your letter identifies as its objective. Victory in an election is a nation speaking up, while the victor is the symbol of that nation’s victory.

Both life, by its temporal nature, and the Constitution, by its term limitations and periodic elections, already ensure that we all know that everything but eternity is transient, and the example of that in our nation today is the rejection of the old order four years ago, and the most recent confirmation of that rejection by preferring the new and current order, and the Next Level of our national restoration and growth. 

Finally, thank you for declaring your belief that the APC “would have won” a handsome victory because that was exactly what happened! It is your equivocation about Atiku’s loss expressed in the same letter where you said you expected an APC “handsome victory” that left me and other readers confounded. What are we to believe?

Again, thank you for your open letter. Be rest assured that the Vice President and the President would continue working for the good of all Nigerians in the Next Level.

Laolu Akande is Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Office of the Vice President

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