PDP Crisis Deepens as Fani-Kayode Calls NWC Members Cowards, Traitors

The crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday took a new dimension as the Director of Media and Publicity of the party’s presidential campaign organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode,  described some members of the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party as traitors, ingrate and cowards not deserving of their offices.

Fani-Kayode  dismissed the allegations of hate campaigns allegedly orchestrated by the campaign directorate as one of the reasons why President Goodluck Jonathan lost the presidential election and indeed PDP losing the general election.

He called on the NWC members to resign if they have any modicum of dignity as some Labour leaders did after losing elections in the United Kingdom.
Fani-Kayode also accused the NWC of using hate campaigns  against the All Progressives Congress (APC) as it described APC as a ‘Janjaweed’ and Taliban party.

The National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh, had last week said President Jonathan lost the presidential election because of the hate campaigns introduced by the presidential campaign organisation of the party.

But reacting yesterday, Fani-Kayode dismissed the allegation, saying: “The truth is that their allegations are not only baseless but it is also unadulterated rubbish and those who made them are nothing but ingrates, cowards and traitors who know nothing about politics, political campaigns, intellectual discourse or political engagement.

“They are simply trying to revise and re-write history in order to cover up their treachery, weaknesses and inadequacies. They are fuelled by hate and envy and worse of all, right from the start, they had no interest in fighting for our leader and presidential candidate, President Jonathan, or in ensuring that he won the election.”

According the PDP presidential campaign spokesman, the NWC of the party were  envious of the campaign council, saying: “From day one, all they did was sulk about the fact that a presidential campaign organisation had been set up and that they would not be able to have control of the campaign themselves or have access to the resources that we were given. At every point, they tried to undermine our efforts and sabotage us but we ignored them and remained focused on doing our job despite their provocations.

“From day one, all they were interested in was controlling others and telling them what to do. They were not in the fray, they refused to enter the heat of battle and all they did was moan and bicker from the side walk like little children.

“What we were doing and attempting to do was lost on them because they had never taken anything seriously and they found it hard to comprehend the logic and style of those of us who did it.

“Their arrogance was insufferable, they were an unmitigated disaster and their leadership style was abysmal. It still is. If any group of people were responsible for our loss, it was them. They were envious of the PDP presidential campaign organisation and its high profile and they are nothing but a bunch of bitter and treacherous ingrates who have no business leading a political party.”

However, he exonerated some of the NWC members, explaining that: “It is important to note that not all of them were bad. Some of them like Uche Secondus, Kema Chikwe, Jalo, Wale Oladipo, the National Youth Leader and a few others did very best and supported the president as best as they could but the majority of them were terrible.”

According to Fani-Kayode, “What they need to understand and appreciate is that we will not sit by idly and allow them re-write history or make us the fall guys. The only reason we have not opened up on them is out of respect for President Jonathan and because we want to ensure that our party remains united. That does not however mean that we are fools or that we will allow ourselves to be turned into sitting ducks or someone’s punching bag.

“That does not mean that we will allow them to treat us as soft targets or that we are incapable of hitting back. The lies, falsehood, innuendos and terrible stories that they are bandying around about us are just despicable and if they do not stop, they will divide the party and utterly destroy it. That is the sad and bitter truth. In playing this game blame and pointing fingers at others, they are biting off far more than they can chew.

“The fact is that the presidential campaign organisation not only did an excellent job but we also fought a damn good fight. We fought a better fight than any other organ of the party had fought over the last two or three years against a relentless, well-funded, well-motivated and well-organised opposition. Before the presidential campaign orgaisation came into being, the PDP had virtually lost its voice and those who do not recognise this have obviously lost touch with reality. Those that attack us and cast aspersion on our character and blame us for the failure of our party and our president to win the election are not seeing things clearly.

“They are hopelessly confused and they have no idea how political campaigns are conducted in the civilised world. Their accusations are not only baseless, but they are also self serving,” he said.

Fani-Kayode said: “Again looking inwards, was it the presidential campaign organisation that first coined the phrase Janjaweed and Taliban party and labelled the APC as the Janjaweed and Taliban party? No, it was not. It was nobody in our campaign organisation rather it was somebody in the NWC of the PDP. Is that not what you call a campaign of hatred? “

He accused the NWC members of doing underhand deal with the aspirants in the primary elections.

“Instead of leading the party these few individuals in the NWC were busy doing deals with the APC secretly. We in the Campaign Organisation  were not like others that were collecting monies from all the various PDP aspirants in the states and promising them the party’s nomination and ticket.

“This led to a lot of problems within the party because in the end they did not give those aspirants what they asked for and what they promised. Consequently many of those aspirants rebelled and worked against us during the elections,” Fani-Kayode said

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Buhari Allegedly Calls Okorocha A Criminal After Seeing His N1 Billion Spibath Mansion

President-Elect, General Mohammadu Buhari was reportedly shocked when he visited Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorcha at his Spibath N1 Billion Presidential Mansion in Umuodu Mbieri in Mbaitoli Local Government of Imo State recently, Pointblanknews.com gathered.

General Buhari had shortly after the Presidential elections on March 28, paid a visit to Gov. Okorocha in Imo State as part of his “Thank You” tour.

Sources told Pointblanknews.com that Okorocha who personally received the President-elect at the Owerri Airport alongside members of his cabinet and chieftains of the APC on April 7, drove General Buhari to his Umuodu Mbieri, his hometown.

On arrival at Umuodu Mbieri where his palatial mansion is located, a shocked General Buhari was said to have asked his host “is this the Government House”?

An excited Okorocha, beaming with smiles, according to a source who was on the entourage, was said to have responded, “no, this is my house.”

Okorocha’s response according to the source who does not want to be named, immediately brought a mean smile from the retired General who said, “kai, you are a criminal.”

The President-Elects response elicited laughter but the source told Pointblanknews.com that General Buhari would not want to be associated with such opulence in his administration.

“This is something GMB does not want. He has openly and secretly told some APC members that he will personally deal with any member of the Party who lives above his means and he is serious about it.”

Governor Okorocha who allegedly boasts to visitors and members of his cabinet that his mansion is finer than Aso Rock Presidential Villa, was reported to have completed the Presidential Mansion which has a Ranch, a big estate and multiple buildings within three years.

Source: Point Blank News

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PDP Chieftain Chief Kenneth Gbagi Calls For Looters To Be Apprehended By The Govt Of Buhari

A Chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Nigeria’s former Minister of Education Mr. Kenneth Gbagi, said yesterday that President-elect Gen Muhammadu Buhari cannot leave those that have looted the Nation’s treasury to go free based on his promises from pre-election to deal with Corruption amongst others.

Gbagi believes not doing that will make Buhari regime not to last more than six months as Nigerians will rise up against his none commitment to his promises and pledges for election into office and affect his credibility rating.

Mr Gbagi, who spoke in a chat in London, said the present ruling party did what could better the nation but kept their eyes off the negative actions by senior executives and ministers in the country, whom took such for granted and stole funds belonging to Nigerians for their self-aggrandisement.

He said: “General Buhari is known as a man of principles, integrity and dedication to his words. This is the time to show that a Nigerian can do and keep promises because they have a legacy and integrity to keep. “If the President-Elect does not take those fingered to face the law, that I’m afraid will pushed his government out within six months with the electorates that voted him in”. “Any political party that does not do what they promised the voters, will surely kissed the dust. Nigerians are wiser and cleverer which each day”.

Mr Kenneth Gbagi urged Gen. Buhari to “use all the full force of the laws and spare no strength or effort to recover all the looted accounted for especially with the latest news on money and fund utilised in the country. He went on further to say, “there are some high profile ministers and leaders well known and pointed, that have mismanaged the economy and fund in their ministries”. All monies identified home and in the international community must be returned.

He added the issues on education and of the power sector need immediate overhauls and strategic innovations, “These sectors amongst others are very fundamental to the revival of youths which will reduces the level of unemployments and strategic indices to the positive changes expected by the people”.

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Kaduna Polls: Gov Yero Calls to Congratulate Elrufai

Governor of Kaduna State, Ramalan Yero has called Mallam Nasir Elrufai to concede defeay and congratulate him on his victory in the Kaduna gubernatorial race.

The call was received by Nasir Al-Rufai at 3pm in Nigeria, and occurred before INEC offically called the gubernatorial contest.

Elrufai defeated Yero in the April 11 governorship contest by a wide margin ti emerge the governor-elect of the state.

That Governor Mukhtar Yero called now Governor-Elect Nasir Al-Rufai ahead of the INEC announcement stands in contrast to President Jonathan’s concession to Buhari, which dragged on for several days before INEC declared Buhari the victor.

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APC Boycotts Akwa-Ibom Gov Election, Calls For Its Cancellation

By Punch
The All Progressives Congress in Akwa Ibom State has announced the boycott of the governorship and state House of Assembly elections in the state.
The decision by th party to call for the boycott and cancellation of the elections followed a reported widespread hijack of electoral materials by thugs and armed fake policemen, suspected to be sponsored by the Peoples Democratic Party.
Our correspondents, who went round Uyo, Etinan, Onna, Eket, Nsit Ubium, the five local government areas of Oro, Uruan, Ibiono, Nsit Ibom, Oruknam, among others, report that ballot box diversion, thump printing of ballot papers, characterised the April 11 elections in Akwa Ibom State.
It was also learnt that many centres were denied electoral materials.  And in the areas, where they were provided, the figures would not tally with the number of accredited voters.
The APC governorship candidate in the state, Mr. Umana Umana, said out of 1,571 registered voters, only 450 ballot papers were sent to his polling unit.
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Lies! Abiola’s Widow Denies Stepping Down For Jimi Agbaje; Calls Fasheun An Unworthy Man

This is to call the attention of the general public and the good people of Lagos to a false claim being peddled by Dr Fredrick Fasheun that the gubernatorial candidate of UPN, Chief (Mrs) Dupe Onitiri Abiola has stepped down for PDP gubernatorial candidate, Mr Jimi Agbaje.

We aknowledge this false claim by Dr Fasheun as misleading and unworthy of an elder state man. We hereby call on the good people of Lagos state to ignore the false claim by this man who has lost his integrity and being pushed by millions of naira he allegedly collected from the PDP.

Chief (Mrs) Dupe Onitiri Abiola who is a widow of Late MKO Abiola call on Lagosians to come out on the 11th of April and vote for UPN for a true and better life for Lagosians.

Signed: Mr Kunle Babarinde,
Special Adviser to Chief Dupe Onitiri Abiola on media.

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APC Calls for Cancellation of Results In Akwa Ibom, Asks for REC’s Redeployment

The Akwa Ibom state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has called for the cancellation of the presidential and national assembly elections in the state.

The party is also calling for the redeployment of the Independent Election Commissioner, INEC, Resident Commissioner for the state, Mr Austin Okojie.

The party claimed that Okojie has been instrumental to the sham Presidential and National Assembly elections conducted in the state yesterday.

Addressing a press conference in Uyo, the State APC Chairman, Dr. Amadu Atai demanded that aside from re-deploying the Resident Commissioner, the election conducted in the state should be out-rightly cancelled.

Dr. Amadu said his party after a review of the field reports on the elections across the state, came to the conclusion that the elections should be cancelled because they were not conducted in line with the guidelines issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission for the conduct of elections.

Recalling some of the irregularities the marred the election, he said: “At virtually every polling unit in Uyo Senatorial District (USD), result sheets were not available. The result sheet is one of the sensitive materials that must be used for the conduct of elections, according to INEC guidelines. Some of the polling units in USD which insisted that there would be no voting without result sheets were later supplied with fake result sheets, which obviously lacked the barcode that the original result sheet has”.

Dr Amadu added that the experience in USD was replicated in most polling units in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District and Eket Senatorial District.

“Most of the polling units did not have result sheets. In the few units where result sheets were provided they were found to be fake. Copies attached. Also, the results were not announced and pasted in the various units as required by the electoral law”.

Giving other instances of the irregularities that mar the election, Dr Amadu said “The elections were marred by other forms of irregularities. In Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area, the Commissioner for local government and chieftaincy affairs in the administration of Godswill Akpabio, Prince Uwem Ita Etuk, went around with policemen and thugs beating up and maiming people while carting away voting materials at almost every polling unit in the area. Uwem Ita Etuk’s conduct during the elections is consistent with his threat of violence during in the lead-up to the elections.

“There were also widespread violence and other irregularities in polling units in Ukanafun, Ibiono Ibom, Nsit Atai, Uyo, Etinan, Obot Akara, Oruk Anam, Itu and other Local Government Areas across the state. In most parts of Ukanafun, INEC staff took sides and refused to be an umpire in the elections. In Unit 2 of Ward 10 in Ukanafun, INEC officials refused to record votes for the presidential candidate of the APC.

“Throughout Saturday night and up to 1 pm today (Sunday 29 March,1 pm), thumb printing of ballot papers and collation of results are ongoing in the houses of the following government officials: Aniekan Umana, commissioner for information, in Abak; Governor Akpabio’s country home in Ukana; Don Etim, Commissioner for Works in Ikot Ekpene; Emmanuel Enoidom, commissioner for special duties in Etim Ekpo; Enobong Uwah, commissioner for environment in Uyo; Senator Effiong Bob in Nsit Ubium, and Eno Akpan, Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning in Ukanafun, just to mention a few”.

Also speaking at the press conference, APC Governorship candidate in the state, Obong Umana Umana said that official complaints has already been forwarded to INEC over the incident.

He said that the entire election in the state was a total fraud as INEC officials had already colluded with Peoples Democratic Party, PDP members to rig the election.

Umana showed journalists at the event, include TheNEWs Correspondent, several ballot papers uncovered by security agents where PDP candidates slots had already been thump printed.

Speaking on the party’s next line of action, Umana said the party will wait for the outcome of INEC reaction on the complaints before taking further steps.

Meanwhile results from several local government area in the state are already been sent to the INEC office in Uyo.

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