Leo Ogor Runs A Ring Of Corrupt Cabal In The House Of Reps, Says Jibrin

Former Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation, Abdulmumin Jibrin on Monday ?dubbed the Minority Leader, Leo Ogor as a grossly corrupt lawmaker.

Reacting to report in a national daily quoting Leo Ogor as saying that psychiatric tests should be conducted on him, Jibrin also said Ogor runs a ring of corrupt cabal.

He therefore, challenged him to tell Nigerians how much he received so far as illegal allowance.

The former Appropriation chairman had alleged that 10 Principal Officers of the House collected over N10 billion illegal allowance and himself N650 million.

In series of tweets on Monday, Jibrin lambasted Ogor, saying “Minority Leader, Leo Ogor a known bully who has had 13 wasteful years in the House, he cannot believe someone is finally standing up against them!

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“?Ogor, epitomized corruption! He’s the one not me that should visit the hospital and get his big belly filled up with fraud and bribes deflated.

“Ogor, runs a ring of corrupt cabal in the House who specializes in hijacking committees and investigative hearing for fraudulent purposes

Ogor threatens with violence and treats his colleagues like school boys and has remained a curse and part of the dark history of the House.

“Rather than Ogor to simply tell Nigerians what he has received if he disputes my figures, he has resorted to personal attacks on my person

“Leo Ogar is a master of corruption and will never forgive me for the selfless and onerous role I played at ensuring he did not emerged Deputy Speaker!”

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Jibrin: How Dogara And His Cabal Hijacked 2016 Budget Screening, I Regret Working To Make Him Speaker

Former Chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations, Abdulmumin Jibrin, has reiterated that allegations of budget padding levied by him against the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, and other principal members should not be taken as an attack on the House as an institution.
In a personal statement by the lawmaker released to the media, Jibrin gave details of how the process of screening the 2016 budget by the appropriations committee was hijacked by Dogara and a cabal within the House. According to him, the relationship between him and Dogara turned sour long before the budget padding issue came to the fore.
I am compelled again for the purpose of emphasis to state categorically clear that my allegations are against the quartet of Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Deputy Speaker Yusuf Lasun, House Whip Alhassan Doguwa and Minority Leader Leo Ogor not the Honourable House as an institution nor other members of the body of principal officers. The other members of the body of principal officers were to the best of my knowledge completely excluded from decisions on the 2016 budget and the budget inputs inserted on their names were exclusively carried out by these QUARTET. 

I have to state this very clearly because these QUARTET have resorted to desperate moves to drag the entire House of Representatives into the case of gross abuse of office I have levelled against them as individual Presiding and Principal officers of the House. This is clearly a mischievous move to set me on collision with the entire house. They have also recruited four from the VERY FEW members of their cabal to use some elements of the Nigeria police to kidnap, harass, blackmail and intimidate me into silence.
Until yesterday, the police were laying siege by my house blocking the entrance and exit shouting that they want budget documents. They embarrassed my entire family with a nursing mother and a seven-month old baby that cried all night. The game plan was to arrest me and dump me in police net while a heavy media propaganda will be carried out to mislead the world that I have been sacked and police have picked me up as a culprit in 2016 budget. Whenever I am released, an irreparable damage would have been done to my person and that will stick for life. 
As God Almighty will have it, I had travelled out of town before they could execute their evil plan. God is always with the innocent. The members in the thick of this plot are Hon Jagaba Adams, Hon Jika both chairmen interior and police affairs respectively, Hon Muhammed Bago, Hon Muhammed Zakari and the last one I need not to introduce him to Nigerians, you know him better and know what he is best remembered for. He is the one who threatened my life and the police are yet to take a single action on him. He is now the Leader of the Dogara cabal. He calls the shots in the House. He makes all the decisions of Mr Speaker. He talks down on members and gets away with it. He has SUDDENLY began living such an expensive life style. Lately, a former influential principal officer of the House complained bitterly that it is only Dogara that will hand such a committee to a person like Hon Herma Hembe of this world, chairman FCT. They have been running from pillar to post looking for evidence in their wild dream to nail me. I made a huge sacrifice to leave, shouldn’t they just leave me alone? 
I therefore urge my Hon. colleagues and the general public to call on Speaker Yakubu Dogara and the 3 other principal officers to stop their desperate attempt to drag the entire House of Representatives into this matter. They should also stop using the House Spokesman Hon Namdas to issue statements in respect to these allegations because it is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public into believing that they have the backing of the entire House on this matter.  They should come out and defend themselves and prepare for the investigation that will be instituted by the House on this matter. At least the Minority Leader and Whip have attempted some response which are at best lame! The House of Representatives as an institution must live above board and will continue to survive beyond people who abuse public trust like Mr Speaker and his 3 cohorts. 

Let me make further revelations in addition to the ones I have already made which are in public glare.
ONE: During the budget period, when they discovered that I was not the kind of a person they could use to perpetrate their illegality, Mr Speaker and the 3 other principal officers took away the entire Appropriation Committee Secretariat to a secret location where all sort of insertions were made into the budget. The blackmail has always been – “Abdul people will laugh at you if anything goes wrong between you and Dogara because of the lead role you played and the many toes you stepped on to get him elected”. It’s been a painful experience.
Again the secretariat was taken away from me on Speaker Dogara’s instruction for the second time to a location I don’t know and all sort of insertions into the budgets were made and returned to me for signature. I said over my dead body! It was a massive crisis behind the scene until the early morning of the Friday that Mr President assented the budget. It was Sen Danjuma Goje that brokered a compromise that since the Deputy Speaker leads the harmonization committee, he should also sign such that the harmonization committee will share responsibility with us. Senator Goje pleaded with me so hard all night and later shouted heavily on me reminding me that he is not talking to me as a Senator but as a father. I cried heavily all night. 
TWO: When the budget harmonization committee headed by Deputy Speaker Yusuf Lasun gave out 80% concession across board to the executive demands during the harmonization negotiation, it was agreed that the remaining 20% should go to the entire NASS. The Deputy Speaker excused himself that he wanted to go and consult with Mr Speaker. He came back after few hours and in an unprecedented display of greed presented to me a hand written note distributing the remaining 20% to only principal officers. 70% of the 20% was reserved for Mr Speaker and himself while the remaining 30% of the 20% goes to other principal officers. I am sure he will recognize the hand writing when he sees it. My colleagues didn’t know all of these.
THREE:  Mr Speaker also directed me to create what I advised him will be a controversial line item under service wide vote to introduce about N20 billion project using the name of NASS. He directed me to see a highly placed PDP politician which I did and collected the documents. I advised him repeatedly against it but he kept pressuring me until I bluntly told him I will not!
FOUR: When the Appropriation Committee received all the budget reports from standing committees, an analysis was conducted. We discovered that about 10 only out of the 96 Standing Committees of the House introduced about 2,000 (two thousand) projects without the knowledge of their committee members amounting to about N284, 000, 000, 000 (Two hundred and eighty-four billion naira). I was alarmed. But I was cautious because at our pre budget meeting with the committee chairmen, I was clearly warned not to touch their budgets. I reported the matter to the speaker. He did nothing about it obviously because he was working behind the scene with the committee chairmen. That was the beginning of the whole budget problem from the side of House and the whole exercise had to go through several versions before it was passed.
So, is it Abdul that introduced 2000 projects into budget worth N284billion? But I quietly bore the pain and abuses from all over the country and continued to defend the committee inputs as a show of loyalty to the institution I represent which I so much love and still have many great minds in there. Apart from Chairman Agriculture Hon Mongunu who owned up and explained his inputs at the only executive session I was allowed to attend, the other few chairmen who loaded the budget kept quiet and watched me bashed from every angle by angry Nigerians.
People have asked why did I wait this long to open up, so much was happening behind the scene. I fought the battle of my life to raise these issues internally and get Mr Speaker to address them to no avail. I pushed so hard that I got frustrated and depressed. All my attempts met brick walls. That was why some members were always raising their voice against me because they do not have the facts. I later on realized that the Speaker enjoyed that so much and colluded with his cabal to dump everything on me. I am sure not too long some members that knew what I went through will come out and testify. I also have evidence to show my internal struggles.
In any case, under circumstances like this, and for young people like us that are lucky to have accelerated career growth, the system scares you from becoming a whistle blower. They will tell you that if you do such, nobody will trust you or have confidence in you again. They will scare you that it is not good for your image and it will affect your career progression. Many young people in different sectors are faced with such frustrating situation. Even at the moment, if I take the advice of some people, I will get deeply scared and just keep quiet, so that I can grow career wise?  My usual response to them is that, isn’t that selfish? Your only luck will be if a trigger occurs then you open up. This is one such trigger! In any case, I would have opened up anyway. I have written so much about these issues and more on NASS. I posted over a month ago on my Facebook page that I will release the piece as part of my 40th birthday in September. Well, I never knew it will come much earlier.
Some people are also saying I kept quiet while it was good and now I am talking because things have gone sour. Many members of the House and Nigerians will be shocked to know that there has NEVER been good times between myself and Speaker Dogara. It took few weeks after his election as Speaker for me to realize I never really knew him well. I was hasty to judge him by his innocent looking personality. We practically disagree on everything. From when he started conducting himself like a lord, wanting everybody around him to just say yes sir and go, shutting and looking down at his colleagues,  playing double game between the executive and legislature, drafting of a new house rule, senseless splitting of committees which raised the numbers of committees to 96, appointment of committee chairmen, Chairmanship of NILS, issues of bills and allotment of sponsors, chairmanship of budget consultative committee, budget process and house inputs, the PIB, his divide and rule approach, his frequent dealings with heads of MDA’s as if he is a committee chairman and so many other issues. In all of these issues, there is none that has not remained controversial till date. 
All these forced me to stay away from him except on official assignment. I can count how times I have been to his office or home. I stayed away completely. It was such a frustrating and depressing period for me. Who will I complain to? How do I face the world and say I got it wrong after playing such a lead role in his emergence? When you see a house you sacrificed everything to build is falling apart and the driver believes he is firmly in charge because he has 8 votes advantage, you are left with no choice than to tie your seat belt for obvious eventuality.
I must admit I made an error of judgement. I don’t know to whom and from where I will start apologising for not heeding to wise counsel. There is nothing I am saying now that I have not discussed or warned speaker Dogara on the few occasions that I sorted and got private audience with him. But he has been hijacked and surrounded himself with a small cabal of sycophants, corrupt, mediocre, money hungry, vindictive, envious, self-serving small minds who have already done an irreparable damage to his person and office.

Speaker Dogara has completely derailed, remains clueless, keeps on with an unmatched ego and surely leading the House to the biggest scandal it may ever experience. He has failed to live above the fog in public duty and private thinking, a direct opposite of what my favourite American Poet Josiah Gilbet Holland prayed Lord to grant us in leaders.
All I am asking for is my right to be heard by my colleagues which they denied me. I am calling on my colleagues to plead with Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Deputy Lasun, Whip Doguwa and Minority leader Ogor to stop obstructing justice and allow me my right to be heard by the House. It is the House that will institute a special investigation on this matter to allow me testify and provide evidence before any other external action.

I will make a more detailed statement in due course.
Abdulmumin Jibrin
24th August 2016
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NFF Ruined By Cabal? By Bello Ahmadu Alkammawa

On 26 August 2014 elections were conducted in Abuja into the Board of the Nigeria Football
Federation (NFF) wherein the Ambassador Chris Giwa-led board emerged victorious.? This Board was duly sworn-in and assumed duties at the NFF secretariat.

However, on 30 September 2014 another purported election was conducted in Warri into the Board of the same NFF whereby the controversial board led by Amaju Pinnick purportedly emerged.

The above resulted in the dispute which has engulfed the NFF.

The primary instruments which regulate the conduct of NFF elections
(I) The NFF Statutes 2010 (ii) The Guidelines for the NFF Executive
Committee Elections 2014

(iii) The NFF Electoral Code
An electoral committee chaired by Amoni Biambo was empanelled by the NFF Congress in Warri on 28th November 2013 to conduct elections into the Board of the NFF on 26th August 2014.

This electoral committee conducted the elections of 26 August 2014 in Abuja in which the Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board of the NFF emerged. This electoral committee upon the conclusion of elections submitted a report on the success of the electoral process.

The relevant instruments which regulates the conduct of the NFF elections provide? for an Appeals Committee to determine grievances arising from the conduct of? any elections; there was not a single Appeal filed against the conduct of the 26 August 2014 elections. The tenure and lifespan of the Board of the NFF is
four years.

Upon discovery of a clandestine plan by the defunct board of the NFF led by Alhaji Aminu Maigari to subvert its mandate by conducting another election into the board of the NFF, the Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board of the NFF, approached the Federal High Court sitting in Jos in suit No. FHC/F/CS/77/2014 and
secured an order which restrained the conduct of another election into the Board of the NFF. This order of injunction was granted on the 19 September 2014.

In flagrant disobedience to the order of injunction the Alhaji Aminu Maigari led Board of
the NFF which had become defunct by effluxion of time proceeded to conduct another election into the Board of the NFF in Warri on 30th September 2014 wherein the purported Board led by Amaju Pinnick emerged.

The court accordingly nullified the election.

Article 1.1 of FIFA Statute and Article 1.1 of NFF Statute are very clear. Both organizations admitted to subservience to national laws of nations. In FIFA’s case, they agreed to be subservient to Swiss laws and the NFF to
Nigerian laws. Article 1.1 of Fifa Statute states: The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is an association registered in the Commercial Register in accordance with Article 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code.

Article 1.1 of the NFF statute states: Nigeria Football Federation is a private organization of an associative nature in compliance with the laws of Nigeria. It is formed for an unlimited period. There are several cases where
civil issues in the management of football have gone to courts. The most recent is that of Egypt and Argentina where a court sacked the FA which has been obeyed in both nations.

COURT OF ARBITRATION IN SPORTS: The Board of the NFF went to the Court of Arbitration in Sports in Lausanne, Switzerland against FIFA. A careful study of the judgments of this court remains a legal classicus.

We challenged Fifa’s letter of 29th August 2014 before the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) in case number

In its arbitral awards, CAS rightly noted indeed, “NFF election as such and all NFF related NFF deeds have never been challenged before CAS. And surely, the CAS has no direct jurisdiction to review such NFF elections.”

What this means is that the election of 26thAugust 2014 was never challenged before CAS. CAS had earlier held that, “conversely, the panel may not assess the validity of the various NFF elections on the basis of the NFF rules or of
Nigerian law because such appraisal falls outside of the scope of FIFA’s authority under Article 17 of its statute and thus, falls outside of the panel’s scope of review.”

As a matter of fact, CAS pointedly put it in the following words: “the panel does not rule that the election of 26th August 2014 was invalid under its proper law because this finding would fall outside the scope of this panel’s review. Furthermore, the point must also be made that, in its arbitral award, CAS found out that Fifa could not be said to have given recognition
to the purported election of 30th September 2014 in which Amaju Pinnick et al emerged.”

“The purpose of the second challenged letter which states in its relevant part was not (and could not have been) to recognize the election of 30th September 2014 as alleged by the Appellants because under its own rules FIFA does not have the authority to positively recognize the election of its member associations.”

Since CAS did not rule that our election of 26th August 2014 was invalid, and also that Fifa could not be said to have recognized the purported election of 30th September 2014 in which Amaju Pinnick emerged, our election being the first
in time subsists and takes precedence over the Warri election.

Arising from the instruments which regulate the conduct of elections into the Board of the NFF and the material facts narrated above, the issues which call for determination in this dispute are as follows:

1. Whether the elections into the Board of the NFF conducted on 26 August 2014 which produced the Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board having not been challenged before the NFF Appeals Committee is valid and subsists;

2. The tenure of the Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board having not been exhausted nor the Board impeached or dissolved, whether another elections into the Board of the NFF can be conducted;

3. Whether the Alhaji Aminu Maigari-led Board of the NFF having exhausted its tenure of office on 25 August 2014 was competent to convene an Extra-ordinary General Assembly of the NFF on 20th September 2014 for the purpose of setting up an NFF electoral committee or at all.

4. Whether the purported NFF electoral committee set upon 20th September 2014 could validly conduct an election into the Board of the NFF on 30 September 2014 or at all.

5. Whether the purported elections into the Board of the NFF conducted on 30 September 2014 where Amaju Pinnick et al emerged was valid.

In line with the provision of Article 4(1) and (3) of the NFF electoral Code, the Electoral committee chaired by Amoni Biambo which conducted the NFF elections of 26 August 2014 which produced the Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board was elected and constituted on 28 November 2013, a period of nine (9) months before the conduct of the election. The lifespan of the
electoral committee is four years. Thus, its tenure was to expire on 27 November 2017.

This electoral committee conducted the election into the Board of the NFF on 26 August in which the Ambassador Chris Giwa led Board emerged. The Board was duly sworn-in and the committee submitted its report.

Articles 12 of the NFF electoral code and Article 18 of the electoral guidelines 2014 provide the mechanism for ventilating grievances arising from the conduct of any election. Grievances could be ventilated only by way of an appeal to the NFF appeals committee which must be filed within a period of 14 days from the decision of the electoral committee.

It is elementary principle of law that where a statute, law or Guidelines provides a way for the doing of a thing that thing can be done by no other way; In the case instant, the election of 26 August 2014, which produced the Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board could only be challenged by way of an appeal to the NFF Appeals Committee.

Article 18.2 dispels any doubt when it provides as follows: …All Appeals against the committee’s decision must be lodged ONLY with the election Appeals Committee of the NFF to the exclusion of the possibility of appealing the said decision before any other body…

The Amoni Biambo led electoral committee having conducted the election of 26 August 2014 and produced a report have made a
decision which can be challenged or set aside ONLY through an appeal process. There was, however, not a single appeal filed against
the election of 26 August 2014 which produced the Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board. The principle of law is that any decision not appealed
against is deemed as valid and subsisting.

The Amaju Pinnick-led Board had argued that the agenda on the 26 August 2014 was to chart a new course for an election and that this was
a directive from FIFA. It is submitted that the decision to hold election on 26 August 2014 was taken by Congress in November 2013.

Assuming without conceding that FIFA could give such a directive, the Congress voted to proceed with the election. All the 44 delegates of
Congress signed the attendance register and are deemed present at all the proceedings of 26 August 2014. The Amaju Pinnick-led Board also
argued that after signing the attendance register, some delegates at Congress moved out to look for Alhaji Aminu Maigari and Musa Amadu who were not at the venue of the Congress. If a delegate at Congress signed the attendance and thereafter chose to move out, he cannot complain that a decision was taken in his absence. Besides, all 44 members of the NFF signed the attendance and participated at the elections.

The Amaju Pinnick-led Board also argued that delegates who were dissatisfied with the proceedings of 26 August 2014 at Chida Hotel venue of the Congress moved to Bentley Hotel set aside and also dissolved the Amoni Biambo-led electoral committee. As earlier stated, the meeting at Bentley Hotel cannot amount to a Congress. It was not convened in compliance with Article 27(2) or Article 29(3) of the NFF Statutes. It was thus, a mere meeting. The decisions of such gathering could not supercede the decisions of a properly convened congress which took place at Chida Hotel.

Assuming, but without conceding that the meeting at Bentley Hotel was a properly convened congress, the NFF having set up an Appeals panel which is an instrumental framework to settle electoral dispute in line with Article 4(3) lacked the power to usurp the functions of the Appeals panel. That meeting could not be the complainant and the judge all at the same time assuming but without conceding.

Furthermore, that meeting could not prevent the Amoni Biambo-led electoral committee from conducting elections into the Board of the NFF
because the electoral committee had already conducted the election; it is elementary principle of law that a completed act cannot be restrained. The purported dissolution of the Amoni Biambo-led electoral committee was an after thought as it came too late.

The Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board having been elected and sworn-in on 26 August 2014 would vacate office on the 25 August 2018. This
thus means that as of 30 September 2014 when another election was purportedly conducted into the Board of the NFF which produced the
Amaju Pinnick-led Board, the tenure of office of the Ambassador Chris Giwa Board was not exhausted. There could therefore not be another election into the Board of the NFF. Any such purported elections ought to be pronounced illegal. It is axiomatic that there cannot be two captains in the same boat as this will be a recipe for anarchy, as exemplified by the case instant.

The Ambassador Chris Giwa-led Board of the NFF believes strongly in the Rule of Law. This is exemplified by its exercise of restraint and
recourse to the instrumentality of the law when the functions of its office were usurped by Amaju Pinnick et al. It is this strong believe in the Rule
of Law and obedience to Constitutional authority that made it submit to the immediate past President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when he sought intervention to resolve the dispute. Unfortunately, he took no steps thereafter to resolve the dispute.

It is this same strong believe in the Rule of Law and deference to Constituted authority that makes us hope that justice will be done by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration. A selfish cabal should not be allowed to ruin our footbal industry. A stich in time, it is said, saves nine!

Alkammawa writes from Sultan Muhammadu Bello Road, Kaduna, Nigeria

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No Cabal In My Govt, Buhari Replies Saraki

President Muhammadu Buhari has dismissed the allegation by Senate President Bukola Saraki that a cabal had hijacked the government.

In a strongly worded statement by Mr Femi Adesina, special adviser on media and publicity, President Buhari said the allegation was a mere invention of Saraki and “is not even worth the paper on which it was written, as anybody can wake from a troubled sleep, and say anything”.

“This claim by Senator Saraki would have been more worth the while, if it had been backed with more information. If he had proceeded to identify those who constitute the “government within the government,” it would have taken the issue beyond the realm of fiction and mere conjecture.

“But as it stands, the allegation is not even worth the paper on which it was written, as anybody can wake from a troubled sleep, and say anything.

“The Attorney-General of the Federation is the Chief Law Officer of the state. It is within his constitutional powers to determine who has infringed upon the law, and who has not.

“Pretending to carry an imaginary cross is mere obfuscation, if, indeed, a criminal act has been committed. But we leave the courts to judge.

“To claim that President Muhammadu Buhari is anybody’s stooge is not only ridiculous, but also preposterous. It is not in the character of our President”.

Saraki spoke today after he was charged before a Federal High Court in Abuja, with forging the Senate rules used for his election and that of Senator Ike Ekweremadu last year June 9.

Charged with them were the outgoing Clerk to the National Assembly, Alhaji Salisu Maikasuwa and the Deputy Clerk, Ben Efeturi.

Saraki, who boasted that he was ready to go to jail, said what is going on right now portends danger for Nigeria’s democracy, because in his view, the independence of Legislature has been jettisoned with the alleged forgery trial.

”Over the past year the Senate has worked to foster good relations with the Executive Branch. It is in all of our collective interests to put aside divisions and get on with the nation’s business. We risk alienating and losing the support of the very people who have? entrusted their national leaders to seek new and creative ways to promote a secure and prosperous Nigeria. As leaders and patriots, it is time to rise above partisanship and to move forward together.

“However, what has become clear is that there is now a government within the government of President Buhari who have seized the apparatus of Executive powers to pursue their nefarious agenda.

“This latest onslaught on the Legislature represents a clear and present danger to the democracy Nigerians fought hard to win and preserve. The suit filed on behalf of the Federal government suggests that perhaps some forces in the Federal Republic have not fully embraced the fact that the Senate’s rules and procedures govern how the legislative body adjudicates and resolves its own disputes.

“Let it be abundantly clear, both as a citizen and as a foremost Legislator, I will continue to rise above all the persecution and distraction that have been visited on me. In the words of Martin Luther King Junior, “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at a time of challenge and controversy.

“I will remain true and committed to the responsibilities that my citizenship and my office impose on me. Without doubt, the highest of those responsibilities is the steadfast refusal to surrender to the subversion of our democracy and the desecration of the Senate. This is a cross I am prepared to carry. If yielding to the nefarious agenda of a few individuals who are bent in undermining our democracy and destabilising the Federal government to satisfy their selfish interests is the alternative to losing my personal freedom, let the doors of jails be thrown open and I shall be a happy guest.”

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Social Media Turn Cabal By Shomoye Abiodun

Back in in 2012, a friend of mine Bamgbade Ayobami by name forcefully dragged me to create an account on twitter for the soul purpose of experiencing the best of social networking. Not that I was new to social network, Facebook was just my preferred platform. On activating my account on twitter, I was filled with the euphoria of simplicity in networking socially, flabbergasted by the easy way to link discussion worldwide with a simple hash tag. “This is what have been looking for” said my mind. The story with twitter Nigeria is now in opposite of what I experienced earlier when I joined. Probably what I saw back then depleted faster than Ozone layer resulting to the new twitter Nigeria’s atmosphere.

For those who became a member of twitter recently because they were told they can throw jabs at people old enough to be their father without any repercussion, let me quickly remind you what social media entails

“Social media (SM) is a platform that allow people or company to create, share, exchange information, career interest, ideas e.t.c”

But what do we have in Nigeria

“SM is a platform where worshippers of personality ( Buharists, Sarakists, Gejites e.t.c) come to attack each other base on difference in personality supported”.

It is embarrassing that the latter definition is what we have limited a progressive tool like twitter to, we now sees it as an avenue for thuggery, display of anti-cultural behaviors and vices of the form. We have forgotten that access to twitter Nigeria is not restricted to Nigerians alone, we are internationally advertising our shame but we don’t care, overloads are giving us what to retweet.

Reports even says one of the twitter overloads is being threatened by another chapter of Personality Supporters Association of Nigeria (PSAN)  because he is perceived to have large followership on the same twitter o, what can we term this? Is this our level of maturity? Anyways let me digress back to my scope before I deviate to elaborately discuss the gullibility of some of our people on twitter.

Twitter as an independent platform that should have been a safe atmosphere to discuss political issues and economic policies as they affects our life style and living in general has now metamorphosed to a shrine to worship overloads. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! All I can still say is Wow! Overloads create trend, minions joins, trends becomes popular, and our numerous national problems become ostracized. Sorry o, who are we doing (In Yoruba style)?

Every day on twitter still looks like campaign season but this time in a different version, a particular section of PSAN vehemently defends their small god when campaign promises are being denied and if you attempt to criticize such, you will get your portion of QWERTY punishment in wholesale quantity. The other section of PSAN will unabashedly come on twitter to celebrate a governor and his limited achievement as if the next presidential election is August 2016. There are topics that arose each section of PSAN to unleash their power on you; on mentioning the generally believed bad economic policy of this present administration- You are a wailer, just don’t talk about the technical defeat of Boko-Haram- You are a liar. The twitter cabals are ready to attack you immediately you crossed their line, they will so praise you with lots of retweets if you navigates their direction. One question am begging to get answer to is; is there no cabal that discusses national issues with fairness? If there is and you know one, please feel free to copy me @MrShomoye.

Should I say we vociferously went against direct gagging of social media and silently settled for indirect gagging with overloads as the intermediary? I won’t be wrong to assert such, as overloads who vehemently propagated political twitter have also successfully debased us to discuss inane issues about political personalities. They are now interested in throwing vulgar words at Senator Ben Murray Bruce, they finds it joyous to call the Vice President a ghost worker and so many immature topics. The days of coming online to see #SayNoToSubsidy is gone, even when electricity tariff was increased by 45% with no single increase in delivery and availability, we chose to mute and found it more necessary to generate trends to mock others. We have limited our social networking tool to a formidable social abuse group (FSBG), are we not abashed? In the lights of many salient national issues to be discussed, what caught our attention includes; #PDPHouseOfHunger, #TwitterOrubebe and the likes whereas this same country has a looting proposal or more like debt repayment plan as BUDGET but that is not mighty enough to discuss I guess.

It is disheartening to conclude on this note but the point to be made is the reality. It seems the upper class who are callously sucking our national glory have found their route to social media. The freedom to discuss salient national issues is no more there, the days of discussing national issues without being tagged pro-government or anti-government has become history for the unborn children. Those that controls TV and radio station are also controlling social media, days of seeing instant pictures from scenes of incidents are over, especially if it will embarrass the government. To the minions who believes their opinion is useless if it does not align to one overload’s own needs to wake up from their slumber. No overload is an authority, in fact overloads are using you to beg for government’s recognition. Be free to say it as you wish, deliver yourself from overload’s bondage.




Twitter: @MrShomoye

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Italian Cabal Nicknamed Former President Jonathan “Fortunato” In $1.1 million Malabu Racket

A cable available to Southwark Crown Court, UK has revealed how a former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, was code-named “Fortunato” by Italian accomplices in the $1.1 million Malabu deal.

Italian authorities investigating the mega deal had provided evidence to the court indicating the involvement of the former president.

The court, presided by Justice Edis, said based on the evidence presented before it, “Fortunato”, meaning “the lucky one” in Italian, was implicated in the deal.

“The suggestion from the wiretaps is that “Fortunato” was implicated and I am told that this was a reference in code (not subtle) to the former President of Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan,” the judge said.

By this revelation, “Fortunato”, is added to the long list of names Nigerians call the former president.

The court however refused to release the remaining balance of $85 million (N17 billion) to Malabu for the sell of Africa’s richest oil bloc, OPL 245 to oil giants Shell and ENi.

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Buhari Rejects Trailer Of Rams From Katsina Cabal

A prominent Katsina chief who sent a trailer of rams as Sallah gift to Aso rock today got an unexpected response when president Muhammadu Buhari rejected the gift.

President Buhari who also hails from Katsina is reported to have strongly and unhesitantly directed that the trailer be turned back and returned to sender.

The chief who sent the rams is known to be part of establishment cabal and though a long time friend/associate of president Buhari clearly did not expect to have his gift rejected.

Nigeria’s anti-corruption president praised by WashingtonPost as the least corrupt president in Africa is said to have effected strict policies even against close members of his family and the family of his wife.

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Why Bishop Kukah Is Against Probing Grandeur Theft By The Jonathan Cabal – CUPS [Photos]

There is massive corruption in Nigeria, and it is everywhere. It is a cancer that has been killing Nigeria and Nigerians. It is not just Boko Haram military generals, politicians, and high ranking government officials that are manifestly corrupt, even our so called clerics, both Muslims and Christians, are badly corrupt!

Following the outrageous statements recently made by the renown cleric, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, in which he sought to condemn probing the grandeur thefts committed by the Goodluck Jonathan cabal, the CUPS organisation can exclusively reveal that Bishop Kukah himself may be complicit in deep corruption!

SEE: VIDEO: Nigerians Should Appreciate Jonathan Even If He Stole All The Money — Bishop Kukah

READ: Buhari Is Sluggish, Jonathan An Hero – Bishop Kukah

Bishop Matthew Kukah is the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, and spokesperson of the controversial National Peace Committee, headed by the former head of state, Lieutenant General Abdulsalam Abubakar (Rtd).

Unknown to the Catholic Church and millions of Nigerians, we can reveal that Bishop Kukah is currently building two new mansions in a large compound at Bodinga Road, Behind Usman Danfodio University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto. The property is also adjacent to Sidi Mamman farm, just behind the General Post Office. The CUPS organisation has obtained exclusive photos of the double mansions being built. Our investigators discovered that the mansions are hurriedly being built within a span of just three months, and are very near to completion. It is estimated that the total cost of the land and building the two mansions is well over 1 billion Naira.2

Because of the remote location of the double mansions, special overhead power supply cables were used to extend power to the properties from a junction that is 2 kilometers away. Meanwhile each of the two mansions enjoys arrays of solar panels that have the capacity to generate enough electricity to power its power needs. The solar panels are mounted on the rear side of the roofs, not visible from the front.

According to our investigators, it is the need for the solar panels that forced the architects to design the roofs so unusually steep.

The old African adage that “there is no smoke without fire” is very pertinent here. Bishop Kukah’s recent consistent attacks on probing corruption may be connected with his own personal circumstance.

For the avoidance of doubt, we painstakingly scoured through the Internet and various news media sites to compile some of the unguarded disparaging comments made by the cleric in support of former President Goodluck Jonathan, and in agitating President Muhammadu Buhari to stop probing corruption. Some of these comments are outlined below:1

1. “I will advise that rather than chasing the ‘thieves’, the president-elect should address the issues of the misery and squalor that have become Nigeria’s lot, as development will raise the best army to fight corruption.”

2. “There is no such thing as probe in a democratic setting like ours. What obtains is investigation, and once people lead and things are not right, investigation becomes necessary. However, in doing that we must never be distracted from the spectacular actions undertaken by former President Jonathan. He is an individual. I think this whole thing about probe can be ascertained once investigations are concluded. But we are saying that a lot of talk and speculation about this probe are distractions nobody needs. So the most important thing is that we need a stable country first before we can talk about these things. And they will have happened down the line…”

3. “His (President Muhammadu Buhari) challenge lies in how he responds to the perceived interpretations of his victory, especially within the various institutions, networks and interest groups, especially in the northern part of the country…”

4. “I think what we are concerned about is the process. It is no longer a military regime and under our existing laws, everybody is innocent until proven guilty.”

5. “Again, our commitment is not to intimidate or fight anybody, the former President’s commitment and what he did still remains spectacular, and I think that President Buhari himself appreciates that. So our effort really is to make sure that the right thing is done.”

6. “President Buhari has to start governing and leave his anti-graft war on the back burner.”

7. “If Buhari insists on his probes, who is to say he wont be the victim of a probe himself when he leaves office? When will the cycle of probes end and that of governance begin?”

CUPS investigation shows that neither proceeds from businesses run by the Bishop, nor contributions from the local Catholic Diocese could buy such auspicious land and build these 2 mansions. Similarly, his annual income is nothing to write home about. The money for this grand project must have come from sources that are at best questionable. It is highly regrettable, and deeply unfortunate that a so called man of God has allowed his greed for material consideration to undermine his conscience, tarnish his reputation as a prudent champion of the masses, and soil the highly esteemed office of the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto state.

Some naive people may want to argue why CUPS chose to expose Bishop Kukah, while there are other Nigerian clerics who have billions stashed away in local and foreign bank accounts, and even fret about using private jets. Well the answer is a simple one. No cleric in Nigeria, either Muslim or Christian has come out so boldly, and unashamedly, to cover up for the grandeur pillage caused by Jonathan and his cabal. Worse still, no cleric in Nigeria has dared to challenge the ongoing tsunami-like crusade against corruption, as did Bishop Kukah in the past few days.

For the first time in our history, Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, who worship the same Almighty God (Allah), albeit in two distict styles, put aside their petty artificial differences, and genuinely voted for change.3

A change that is underpinned by a ferocious determination to kill off corruption once and for all. Bishop Kukah therefore deliberately put himself up against an unstoppable force that has the capacity to consume anyone who dares to challenge it.

It is important to mention that Bishop Kukah is a 63 years old highly articulate and intelligent man. He graduated with Bachelor of Divinity from the Urban University of Rome. He has a Master’s degree in Peace Studies, which he obtained from University of Bradford, UK. He also has PhD from University of London School of Oriental and African Studies. It is unfortunate that his intellect and impeccable academic portfolio has deserted him on this occasion.

On behalf of the 180 million Nigerians who are embarrassed and perplexed by this sordid affair, we ask Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah to come clean and explain where he got the money to build these two mansions. If he can’t, we recommend that he resigns from his position as the Bishop. This position has become untenable. Like all other Nigerians, we at CUPS immensely respect the Office of the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese.

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.
Dr. Idris Ahmed.

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Cabal Tony Elumelu, Others Frightened At VP Osinbajo’s Tough Address At Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program

Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo surprised the crowd with a very unusual, pungent address he delivered at the commencement of the TEEP (Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program) at Covenant University Saturday in Ogun State.

TEEP is a $100 million entrepreneurship project by a foremost Nigerian Cabal, Tony Elumelu. The program seeks to train 1000 select Africans in skills to make them “better entrepreneurs” and possibly part of a illuminate network.

In attendance were the Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai, Tony Elumelu, Prime minister of Benin, Covenant University CEO, Pastor Oyedepo and others.

Keeping Nigeria In Darkness

The speech by Vice President Osinbajo however created an uncomfortable silence in the venue. There were tapered words of praise for Tony Elumelu whose foundation had committed the millions for the project. Rather, representing President Muhammadu Buhari at the event Osinbajo’s carefully selected words were clear cut and direct: Without character and integrity we are nothing! Without character, your endeavors are worthless!

Without integrity we gain nothing, there is no advantage to human kind from entrepreneurs who have no integrity.

Indeed if one looks at the United States in spite of the technological development there has been a recession and the 99% protesting disenfranchisement from greed and corruption of the 1%.


“This is an avenue for African youths to come together to unite, learn and also network.

“Enterprise, commerce and society cannot survive without character, so the key word here is character and integrity, which also include respect for rule of law, prompt tax remissions, etc.

“It is a known fact that credit is the live wire of commerce and it behooves every entrepreneur to showcase integrity which reflects in the repayment of loans and keeping the promises of quality.

Tony Elumelu represents the finest of Nigeria’s cabal. The chairman of Transcorp he was a major benefactor from Nigeria’s losses during the corrupt Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan PDP administrations.


It can be recollected that in 2013, Goodluck Jonathan gifted 2.6 trillion Naira to Elumelu’s Transcorp in the corrupt sale of Nigeria’s power assets. The assets were refurbished and maintained for N3.2 trillion and gifted to Elumelu and other cabal at only N400 billion. It can be recollected that at the time Forbes reported how Elumelu made $123 million over night from the pockets of Nigerians. See: How Tony Elumelu Made $123 million In 3 weeks From The “Cheap” Purchase Of Nigeria’s PHCN.

Today PHCN and its privatization is one of the worse stories out Nigeria. With power supply diminishing to an all time low and Nigerians paying higher tariffs for little to no power delivered, PHCN owned by Elumelu and other cabal like him is one of the major hindrances to development and national security as the nation struggles dangerously in darkness.

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Refineries: My Buhari Delivers Death To The Cabal, Change To Nigeria – Peregrino Brimah

It was a simple mathematical equation. I hedged my bets on it and Buhari has proven I won. Nigeria’s privatization was always a scam. They made it seem as if it was impossible for government to keep things working and to fix them when they spoil. The simple minded believed them. Petty economists argued and wrote epistles explaining how this was the colonial master’s capitalist Holy Grail. I argued that if indeed the government could not run anything, it must first privatize itself, as by their own submission, it lacked the capacity to ‘privatize,’ as a process run. I labelled it for what it really was- Cabalization, and waged my bet against them. The only way to prove I was right was for a Buhari to win. We kicked out Jonathan. He won. I won.

What is Cabalization? I described it in detail in my article of February 8th, 2014: “Cabalization of PHCN Leads to Exorbitant Electricity Bills For Nigerians.” Here is how it works: 1. Allow the cabal to disrupt processes of repair and utility of public assets. 2. Make it appear impossible to run and maintain public assets. 3. Overhaul them at a stupendous price paid by tax payer/ national income. 4. Offer them for sale in a shoddy process to your cabal partners in whose companies you have stock. 5. Sell them at one tenth the amount you used to overhaul them – effectively looting billions in an instant. 6. Allow unregulated exorbitant rates for the utilities the now privatized assets provide. 7. Enforce an oligopoly for the utilities, barring natural competition. 8. Relax and enjoy your looted state wealth and reap crazy dividends in quarterly returns from your shares in the cabalized companies.

Yes, today we know that our refineries can work. Four will be working by this July, God willing. They were never broken, just kept out of commission by workers of Lucifer. They kept them off simply to make fuel subsidy bread, to pave the path for cabalization and to raise the stock of Dangote’s refinery. The vultures. Their eyes were on these refineries. Obasanjo dashed them to them earlier, along with Transcorp Hilton and other things, but thankfully Yar’Adua seized them back for us.

President Buhari is delivering the change we voted him into power for. In spite of his ineffective media team and his imperfections, like his failure to remove the innocent’s blood-soaked NSA and Security chiefs, he has defied the typical odds and shamed the Stockholm syndromed. Perhaps he will overturn many of the past privatizations as did late Yar’Adua before they poisoned him as alleged.

I call the past Babangida’s PDP governments, jackals and the cabal, vultures. In a partnership of death.

One thing is certain: the cabal will fight back! Oh yes they will. Therefore, I call on all Nigerians to fight on the side of posterity. To defend change. Our revolution that got rid of Babangida was hijacked again immediately by his adopted brother, Abdulsalami as they installed their ‘PDP’ party. We must never allow this revolution to be likewise hijacked. The hijack has already started in the senate. Actually it started before Buhari was even sworn in, with the bill amendments. This war against the 30-year strong and long Babangida and his PDP-sons who sold Nigeria to themselves, will not be possible or easy for Buhari by himself especially with that covetous National Assembly who did their best to put a man of the cabal at the head of the senate. Buhari cannot do it without us. Defend your revolution. Defend Change. Death to the cabal. Sai Buhari!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah, http://ENDS.ng[Every Nigerian Do Something] Email:drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter:@EveryNigerian?

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Nigeria’s Treasury Emptied, Oil Cabal Owed N450bn, Mass Retrenchment Looms

A disaffected insider within President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration as well as several banking executives have said that Nigeria faces a deep economic crisis and massive social gloom after the 2015 general elections. Speaking from differently, the sources said President Jonathan had virtually vacuumed the Nigerian treasury to serve his re-election campaign, leaving Nigerian banks in dire straits and many states on the verge of failing to pay salaries this month.

“The truth is that Mr. President has almost emptied the treasury, and some of us close to him are even beginning to get worried about what will happen after the election,” said the political insider.

The bankers echoed the sentiment. “The reason the Naira has taken such a dramatic plunge over the last three or so months is that politicians moped up the hard currency for elections,” said one banker. “I have never seen anything on this scale, where politicians snatch up every hard currency in sight, whether dollar, Euro or pound sterling,” he added.

Asked who is responsible for the situation, the banker said he would not engage in partisanship. “All I know is that this country is now in a frightening economic position — and all these politicians running up and down to retain or take power have created the situation,” he asserted.But another banker was not shy in pointing a finger at Mr. Jonathan. “The president has been indifferent to the economic crisis caused by the ongoing campaigns. And the reason he is indifferent is that he is the major culprit,” said the executive. He added that the distribution of largesse by Mr. Jonathan had now become “one of the few lucrative businesses in Nigeria.”The bankers said massive layoffs were inevitable in the banking and other sectors of the Nigerian economy. They said numerous companies that depended on imported machinery or other components sourced from abroad were bleeding cash. “Many Nigerian companies are experiencing severe cash flow problems. Many of them are defaulting on long and short-term loan repayments. So the banks are suffering heavily as well,” one banker told SaharaReporters.

Two of the bankers disclosed that the banking industry would have laid off thousands of workers, but that officials of the Jonathan administration pressured them to wait until after the elections. “It will take a long time before banks recover from the current shocks in the system. There’s no bank strong enough not to retrench staff,” one said.

The stress in the banking sector, with the prospective job losses, will be compounded by massive retrenchment in the civil service at the Federal and state levels, one source predicted. Our source inside the Presidency revealed that Mr. Jonathan plans to follow former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s style by removing fuel subsidies as one of his first economic acts. “The truth is that it’s a must that fuel subsidy has to go because the money is not there to continue [paying for] them,” he said.

As part of an arrangement to receive slush funds from oil marketers, Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Alison-Madueke allowed numerous marketers to make fraudulent claims and get paid for importation they never made. That criminal collusion has put Nigeria in a situation where the oil marketers are being owed N450 billion. “Nigeria will have to deal with this and other debts from fraudulently inflated invoices once the elections are over,” one banker said.

The scam also helped create a recent fuel scarcity in the country. As the fuel situation threatened to become a politically costly crisis, Mr. Jonathan asked the oil marketers to offload fuel they had been “round-tripping” in order to collect unearned subsidy payments.

Bankers agreed that the government would find it extremely difficult to pay that debt after the election without rolling back or eliminating subsidies altogether. In recent months, oil marketers as well as operators of the privatized power sector received massive financial handouts from the Jonathan administration. In turn, they donated billions of naira to Mr. Jonathan’s re-election campaign.

President Jonathan has gone on a dollar-spraying spree since the general elections were postponed by six weeks. Our sources disclosed that the president had doled out more than $200 million, using generous cash gifts to entice various traditional rulers, politicians and activists, especially those in the southwest and parts of the north, to endorse him.

Several sources said much of the president’s campaign cash is from shady oil deals brokered by Petroleum Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke. The massive theft of Nigeria’s crude oil remains an open scandal, and one of the richest sources of funds for the campaigns. Last September, Al Jazeera reported that the theft of Nigeria’s crude oil was at its highest rate in years, adding that several hundred thousand barrels of crude are stolen each day.

The continuing crisis of crude oil thefts has persisted despite the Jonathan administration’s security contract to Global West Specialist Agency, a company owned by Government Ekpemukpolo (popularly called Tompolo). The contract to Mr. Tompolo’s company was for the supply of 20 patrol vessels to enable Nigeria’s military authorities to better secure the coastline and stem oil theft. Mr. Tompolo’s firm was also engaged as a consultant to prevent crude oil heists.

The latest rating firm of Standard & Poors said that the Nigerian economy faced a clear and present danger. Nigeria’s external reserves have been significantly depleted in the past year, said a banker, adding that many state governments were already looking for loans to pay workers’ salaries.


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My Letter to the Cabal: Game Up By Peregrino Brimah

Dear Cabal,

It is time for you to give up. It is time for you to abandon ship. Dear unscrupulous cabal, enough has surely been enough. We have had it with you… your time and grip of treasury is done; your choking of this nation is over. This letter is addressed to you. You know you are a cabal if you have cut up a slice of the paupers’ loaf that you fondly and atrociously call the ‘national cake.’ Yes that is you. You lazy godawful, who earned what you did not work for and made us suffer. You thief.

According to the latest report by the EFCC you cabal have from 1960 to 2005 looted $20 trillion dollars. 20 Trillion Dollars! That is over 100 yearly budgets put together! And in the last ten years with Nigeria earning more than ever before, you have looted no less than another 7 trillion dollars. That is final. This election you see here is a coated revolution. We are compiling a list of your names and all your benefactor family and friends. None of you will ever again near the corridors of power. It is our time. It is time for the Nigerian masses. APC cabal sef who helped this revolution will not near power. We promise you this. We thank you but it is time you retire. It is time all you cabal retire. Nigeria is about to experience a new day where our oil yield, 100%$ of it is for the masses; where our land is owned by the people and not cabal; where we farm natural seeds and not cabal GMO’s, where the masses decided and achieve in totality; where hooligans are no longer paid and political or military brute, brainless thugs no longer hold sway.

Some of us sat back and watched you puerile thieves steal for decades, but when your thieving lost total control and we could no longer simply live in our poverty in peace; with your Boko in the north, MEND in the south and Ombatse in the Middle we decided that it was enough. You have looted and now you are bombers and assassins of the masses, the only causality of terror sponsored by your nefarious reckless idiocy. Dear cabal. You are now late. Disappear for the masses are coming. We will not stop.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: drbrimah@ends.ng Twitter: @EveryNigerian

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