The Advice I Gave Buhari That Would Have Saved Nigeria From Its Current Dilemma By Peregrino Brimah

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Nigeria’s Asset Sale ‘Choice’ And Dangote’s $15 Billion Magic Number By Perry Brimah

It is either there are two countries or a single country owned. The country you and I think we know appears to be quite different from what we are made to see. I’ll explain.

When was the first day you heard or read about Nigeria supposedly needing a magic number of $15 billion to get out of the recession?

When was the first day you heard that the federal government of Nigeria wished to sell its assets to get that “$15 billion magic number?”

As Lord Dangote Dictated

If you are like me, the first time you heard that Nigeria supposedly needed $15 billion to buy itself out of the economic recession was in a CNBC interview aired on September 16 this year. In the interview, Africa’s notorious richest man, Aliko Dangote, categorically, in an apparently teleprompter or ear-plug, slowly-delivered interview, gave a magical figure needed, “$15 billion.” Dangote also quizzically ticked-off a script of what should be sold and how it should be sold. “NLNG,” should go, he said, Nigeria should sell “100 percent” of its ownership in it. Also choosing that “African Finance Cooperation,” should also be sold for $800 million.

Suddenly, like me, you noticed that the federal government of Nigeria was on this “sell-to-survive” page opened first publicly and unabashedly by Dangote. The government announced, as was repeated in a Vanguard story yesterday captioned, “Until we ‘sell’ assets, we may not be able to reflate the economy – Udo Udoma,” that the government needed $15 billion. The same magic number. And that the way Buhari wished to get this magic figure was not by simply and as it was elected to do, recovering the tens of billions of dollars looted by the past Jonathan, Obasanjo and Babangida governments in concert with the cabal, but by selling Nigeria’s assets to the very same cabal.

Indeed, it is no surprise that former president Obasanjo, who clearly has a lot of Nigeria’s assets and money in his pockets, including money to overhaul its power sector – much of which he invested in government-made billionaires like the very Dangote– is one of those who has come to chant, “sell, sell, sell, sell,” in Buhari’s ears.

Going by Dangote’s peculiar success in governing the governance of Nigeria in his CNBC skit, I am tempted to predict exactly what assets Nigeria would sell and for how much. No, not the Presidential jet fleet as PremiumTimes jested today. Going by Dangote’s September 16th Nostradamus prediction act, Nigeria will be selling 100% of its stock in NLNG and will also auction-off the African Finance Cooperation. These will be sold at exploited prices as Nigeria sells from a position of desperation and weakness as Antony Goldman, head of London-based risk advisers PM Consulting, told Bloomberg, and will yield figures right around the magic “$15 billion.”

Nigeria will not retain a majority stock in the assets as happens in UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and other sensible nations when they privatize, but will sell-off the entire thing(s) to enable cabalistic exploitative oligopolies with no benefit or reprieve for the people as is/was dictated/ordered.

So which country are you in? The one where Dangote is God or the other one where we get the feedback of the choices Dangote, Obasanjo and other cabal members hand to the “president(s)?”

There’s no need repeating the list of differences in the two countries. In one, there are import waivers that earn the privileged cabal billions; there are government enforced oligopolies that cement their success; there is government subsidized forex which literally hands over billions of dollars to the cabal and true owners of Nigeria; there is cabal self-help selection of assets desired and determination of prices to buy them for, and many more perks. The strict and serial government cabal patronage has most recently been blamed in the loss of 4.6 million jobs provided by sideswiped small businesses.

In our country, there is an absolute lack of a government ear (even Tolu Ogunlesispits at you if you dare talk); there are new taxes and fines: road use tax, phone and data tax, international calls hikes in tariffs, bank use taxes, stamps and other levies; removal of fuel subsidies, denied access to forex and limitations on use of black market sourced forex; custom bans on goods; increased custom levies on needed items; and information comes third hand, after being dictated by the cabal to the presidency, a distorted and filtered version is finally released to us, typically through the foreign press.

That’s how Nigeria has always been and that’s how it will sadly continue to be. A Muslim Hadith reported to have been said by the Prophet of Islam goes: “…[Whenever a nation] lessens weights and measures [i.e., being deceitful in business transactions], they will be afflicted with famine, price hikes and and an oppressive leader. When they refuse to pay Zakah (yearly charity), they will be deprived of rain. Were it not for the animals, it will not rain [at all]…”

You can follow Dr. Brimah on Twitter @EveryNigerian.

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Recession: 10 Steps To Fix Nigeria’s Economic Crisis, By Perry Brimah

Nigeria needs to rapidly apply solid solutions to rescue the nation from its current recession. Millions have lost their jobs – 4.6 million according to the national statistics bureau – and millions more are suffering severe hardship and dying and at risk of death. The further down Nigeria sinks, the steeper will be the climb out of the hole.

Sadly, most of what we read from so-called economic experts is advice for the Nigerian government to consult them or others to address the economic recession. None of them has opened up in the public space, if they have the ideas, and proffered the solutions to the current economic quagmire. They keep talking like it’s some sort of riddle and as though Nigeria is not their country and they are not part of those who got the nation where it is today. Indeed we are all responsible, but most especially those who have been in governments in the past; however blaming is disingenuous and counterproductive. What Nigeria needs now is solutions.

The solutions for an economic recession, if it can be solved, are not private or secrets of any kind. This is why anyone who keeps it a mystery does not have anything good to offer. The U.S. recession was solved with simple open processes including for a big part, the “2009 Stimulus”.

A few “solution” comments I have read which include, flooding the economy and diversifying, are palliative and long-term and not to address the fundamental, acute and chronic issues that are not peculiar to Nigeria. While I am not an economist by training, as an educated Nigerian with preservation of my nation at heart, it is my duty to contribute my researched analysis on the solutions for the current problem(s).

How Did Nigeria Get Here?

While the Obasanjo and Jonathan governments definitely played a major role in getting us here by selling (Obasanjo privatization frenzy) all of Nigeria to cabal and looting all its earnings, it is counterintuitive to keep blaming them. The truth is that there is more to this recession than the tens of billions of dollars they and their private cabal partners looted and the infrastructure they failed to build. We must recognize that the recession is not limited to Nigeria. Venezuela is feeling it too; even Saudi Arabia is laying off workers in the thousands.

Two global factors played the biggest role in bringing on this economic famine.

The first was the Saudi oil war-games. By pumping oil at above quota, Saudi Arabia single-handedly determined to crash oil prices and punish all oil producers. Saudi pumps oil at under $10 a barrel which makes low prices still profitable for them, unlike Nigeria where the Obasanjos, Babangidas and other semi-intelligent, money worshipping lowly organisms exploited the country permanently with deals that produce our oil at as much as $33/barrel. Low oil prices, with oil being Nigeria’s mono-economic singular export, naturally crashed the Naira. Unfortunately when teased during an Al-Jazeera interview, President Buhari said he will never challenge Saudi Arabia on the kingdom’s crippling decisions and will not even dare threaten to pull out of Saudi-run OPEC in order to push for Nigeria’s survival. So we are stuck here as far as oil prices go.

The second factor that really triggered this recession, most specifically, the tissued Naira was a U.S. decision made public – and thus, operative– as early as March 2014, to increase interest rates. Floating this decision alone caused investors to buy-up the dollar and through 2014 before the rate was even increased, the Benjamin appreciated the most it ever had in a decade, rising as much as 12% in value that year alone. Naira crashed as did Cedis and other currencies. By December of 2015, the U.S. Fed finally increased interest rates to between 0.25 and 0.5% and the fortunes were sealed. The Dollar continued to appreciate, investors in the U.S. would get more money on their bank deposits and mortgages would rise. The rates are on course to further increase to about 0.875% in 2016. It’s summer for the dollar and winter for the Naira.
It is important to always compare what is happening in Nigeria to peer nations. Our analysts compared the changes to the Naira to the Cedis. Like the 2012 fuel subsidy removal which was not a puppet Jonathan thing per se but a mandate from the IMF as we noticed that the same subsidy was removed across West African nations at the same time on the instance of Lagarde, so also the Forex crash has been virtually identical in Nigeria and Ghana. While the Cedis dropped over the past three years under highlight, gradually, reaching a 1:4 value from the initial 1:1.7 it was in early 2014 post revaluation, the Naira was artificially retained at an inflated value and crashed in one swoop, also downgrading from about 1:160 to 1:425. Both have crashed the same proportion.

Bearing this in mind, next are frank solutions to Nigeria’s recession:

1. Actual Devaluation of the Naira

Why is there a black market, BDC in Nigeria? Why does the country have two dollar rates? This is supervised corruption and main reason why the Naira remains in free and turbulent fall.

Central Bank, CBN’s Godwin Emefiele continues to play games with Nigeria, refusing to fully devalue the Naria. A rate duplicity is maintained with the current interbank dollar rate at N305 while the parallel market sells this at N425. This dual rate is corruption and set up to favor the cabal who have been dashed billions of dollars via CBN subsidized dollar sales. Godwin and his friends are able to make N115 on every dollar. The dual rate also maintains a competition for dollars which hikes the price at the parallel market with rebound effects on the interbank rate. A recent Reuters article highlighted how corrupt governments-made billionaire Aliko Dangote was literally dashed $100 million in just over two months of Buhari’s tenure in review. Extrapolate that to a year and you get a total gift of as much as $500 million dollars.Nigeria can only come out of the recession if the Naira is truly devalued, and there is no longer pressure on the BDC (Bureau de Change). While the federal government of Nigeria is seeking a $1 billion Eurobond, it has within the same period dashed Dangote half a billion dollars in the span of a year and the cabal as a whole some several billion dollars in subsidized forex for their personal ventures while small businesses were shut out to die. This cannot continue. As Senator Ben Murray-Bruce said, the central bank is for all Nigerians and not only the cabal.

2. Recover Nigeria’s USD Billions And Do Not Borrow

The Federal government of Nigeria should not borrow money. It has no need to do so as this has no long term benefit. Rather the Buhari government should employ the services of Nigeria’s best lawyers including Attorney Femi Falana to exigently go after the more than 100 billion recoverable dollars Nigeria has abroad and with bailed-out local banks.

With the right legal maneuvers, Nigeria can immediately secure several billions of dollars in hard cash air lifts, just like Iran recently is reported to have. Nigeria must face its challenges from a position of power and not one of defeat. He who goes out with a begging bowl lives to tell a sorry tale. There are ways to twist arms and repatriate moneys rapidly. Every tool must be used.

Falana explained in February of this year, “From the information at our disposal, the federal government is owed not less than $66.5 billion (about N13.3 trillion) which ought to be recovered without any further delay…In addition, following the crisis of global capitalism… in 2008, the Central Bank of Nigeria gave a bailout of $4 billion (N600 billion) to the commercial banks in the country… The CBN has not deemed it fit to ask for the refund of the total sum of $11 billion injected into the banking system…”

Delete security vote: It must be mentioned that waste must be cut in the government. The security vote must be cut both at the federal level and at state levels. This runs into trillions of Naira mostly wasted or used to finance political, hate and terror campaigns including to pay for media attacks of individuals and groups which continue to promote deadly strife in Nigeria.

3. Take Advantage of the Devalued Naira

If it can’t be a win, win, it doesn’t have to be a lose, lose. Foreign investors are leaving Nigeria not solely because of the devalued Naira, but because of the government posture. Whereas, the crash of the Naira as all economic predicaments, should be exploited to Nigeria’s advantage with aggressive marketing of the opportunities for investors but most importantly with a strong government posture; the shaky and uncertain body-language of Buhari and his cabinet are making a double loss where there should be gain. This is the time for foreigners to invest dollars in Nigeria, most especially in its vast natural resource opportunities. A dollar goes 250% further than it used to.

Now is the time to set up quarries, to invest in mining, farming, fishing and other available opportunities in Nigeria. Now is the time to build and own estate. But why are foreign investors not coming? It is time Nigeria hones in on the opportunities of the low Naira by assuring of security of investment for foreign entities and governments. It is time Nigeria showed confident and eager leadership. We should at least turn it around into a lose, win, situation.

4. Scrap Import Ban List, Open The Market

The CBN’s import ban list has been described as a sham that has always been prompted by the cabal, the likes of Obasanjo and Dangote who typically institute these bans on products Dangote and other cabal manufacture. The import ban lists have always been set up in Nigeria’s history to promote the oligopolies of the cabal. Late Umaru Yar’adua opened the markets and prices fell. He dared to “disentangle” Obasanjo and Dangote till he was killed.

It is poor economics to force dependence on a monopoly. This is why the rich get richer in Nigeria and the poor get poorer till there is chaos. Former CBN governor Charles Soludo has lambasted this policy. It is highly fraudulent and reeks of corruption.

You cannot invite investors and expect trade cooperation while you lock out goods to promote a certain exploitative cabal. In spite of successive government promoting the same cabal, Nigeria buys cement at the highest global prices, at least double the world average. Nigeria’s “.ng” domain name sells at $100/year by these same Obasanjo-related cabal, the highest cost in the world. Virtually every product the Nigerian cabal are assisted to have monopolies on end up exploiting the masses and put money in one pocket only – the cabal’s. Markets can grow on open competition. The cabal must be encouraged to be competitive and not “it’s so much it’s like voodoo money” exploitative.

5. Lower Interest Rates And Promote Small Businesses

Small businesses employ as much as 80% of labor. As small businesses are being killed, there will continue to be mass unemployment, no purchase power and economic recession. The current CBN policies are tailored to corruptly give undue advantage to the cabal and to exterminate small businesses. While cabal buy forex at CBN subsidized rates, small businesses get none. Small business entrepreneurs have limited access to loans and when they do, they get them at unreasonable interest rates.

The federal government must immediately create alternative sources of capital for small businesses. The cabal utilize stashed loot and launder money for former administrators to run their businesses while small businesses are forced out of existence. It is better the Buhari government supports 1000 micro industries than it supports one cabal company. Cabal must be properly taxed and the taxes used to build small industry. Rather the Nigerian government currently taxes the small people to give to the cabal who further exploit the small people with highest prices in the world for goods and utilities.

The cabal have been bailed out numerous times and given waivers and dashed subsidized forex while all governments including the current fail to bailout small businesses. Interest rates must be lowered and government cash must be pumped in an organized and supervised fashion at SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Local fruit juice companies, local chemical factories, metal works, parts plants, recycling plants, solar panel assemblies, mushroom refineries and the like must be encouraged by the government aggressively and immediately.

6. Promote And Standardize “Made In Nigeria”

It is past time for a #MadeinNigeria culture. But this must be more than just a slogan. There are reasons why Nigerians do not patronize made in Nigeria goods. These include reliability. The Federal government must update the standardization boards. All manufactured goods must have warranties that are enforced, with customers being 100% protected by the government. Nigerians should be able to see the warranty label and know that it is backed and protected by law. Failure of companies to fulfill the warranty must be treated seriously as a crime with the companies being immediately shut down and the customers compensated.

Furthermore the ministry of industry must certify products. Product certification in China has boosted the country’s manufacturing sector as its goods are better regarded in global as well as local markets. Nigerians need this assurance as do potential foreign markets where Made in Nigeria goods can be sold. A portal with licensed manufacturer names and information must be available online through which goods and parts can be sourced and Nigerians companies’ accreditation by the government can be reviewed.

Only the federal government has the capacity to develop piecemeal manufacturing where parts of products are made by various small manufacturers and then later combined by other small enterprises, i.e. “division of labor.” The government must do this. The importance of the government recognizing and promoting small entrepreneurs as it currently only does the cabal can not be overstated. The government must set-up to be the link between small piecemeal manufacturers and the market.

It is time for the federal government to actively promote, support and protect a Made in Nigeria culture.

7. Naira: Think Strength Of The People, Poor Economics

Forget strength of the Naira. Think strength of the people. When the people are strong the Naira will get strong; when the people are weak, the Naira will be weak. Nigeria must forget about its Moody rating. Countries have endured tough sanctions and come out superpowers. This is not even sanctions. The Federal government of Nigeria should put the cap on people suffering and dying and not the Naira devaluing. Pull reserves if needed to strengthen the people.

The Naira will continue to drop when the government gives a single cabal $500 million dollars in 12 months then seeks to borrow $1 billion for the entire nation. This corruption makes the people weak and the Naira weak. The Naira cannot appreciate when the Presidency hugs 10 wasteful presidential jets. The people will not be convinced. The people will not have strength, sacrifice and patronize when Lai Mohammed walks in, clad in a loud diamond-sharp starched agbada, to advertise “Change” a slogan copied from Obama, and the President reads more words copied from Obama. And the Naira will not be strong. The Naira will be as weak as the weakening people when they see the circle of power sporting $40,000 watches and $100,000 bags. This government must be serious about change, or/and must immediately partition the country into pieces that will have the chance to as serious as is demanded, and to compete which each other in this.

Contrary to what capitalist economists say, the strength of the economy and currency is determined by the strength of the people and not the other way around. We must study economics for the poor and not always the predominant hegemonists’ brand of economics. Economics of the wealthy has not worked anywhere. Europe is in a perpetual recession even after deriving and the continued derivation of billions from the exploitation of Africa. America today is trillions of dollars in debt in spite of the slave trade and colonisation largesse and continued military economic escapades around the world. The late Thomas Sankara believed in and built the capacity his people. The results were shocking and immediate. We have already wasted the first year and a half of this administration building only the corrupt cabal, it is time to build the people. The Naira will follow.

8. Never Again Use a Banker As CBN Governor

Remove Godwin Emefiele and never again use a banker as CBN governor. Each of the times Nigeria appointed bankers as CBN governors, they built the banks and cabal and extinguished the masses. It is a clear conflict of interest to put a banker with vested interests and friends in the banks, as head of the Apex bank. That is like putting a wolf to protect your chickens.

With the two famous recent banker governors, crippling bank charges and fees were added upon each other to fund the banks and drain the masses in a continuous and progressing ponzi scheme. Some policies were more directly exploiting than others, but all gave the banks many free passes to make earnings off of the poor masses with no value added to the Nigerian economy. And these were done while the cabal were given humongous loans on hand shakes and billions of dollars gifts in subsidized forex. As I wrote July this year, “Recession: Nigeria’s Economy Cannot Improve So Long As Godwin Emefiele Remains In Charge.”

9. Strengthen And Decentralize The Police

Insecurity has cost Nigeria billions in economic loses from the northeast, now a humanitarian catastrophe and a drain to the economy, and continues to do so in the Niger Delta. The fastest and best solution to the continuous breakdown of law and order is stronger and local police. The Nigerian army has no role in domestic maintenance of law and order and as it continues to unconstitutionally police the state, it gets involved in more violations and provokes more deadly crises as it has done in the past. The army is not trained in investigating and arresting. It has no training in disbursing riots and protests and presenting cases to the court. The Nigerian constitution reserves its use as a back up to the police and ONLY when  and if approved by the national assembly.

There is no economy without security and there is no security without a police command that has capacity and understanding of the region. Nigeria will not be serious about economic recovery till it returns the army to the barracks and builds police capacity.

10. Find A Vision For Nigeria

I do not know the vision of Nigeria so far and if the current government has one. What does Nigeria want to be? We know the vision of Dubai and Dubai took itself there. Does Nigeria want to become a tourist center? Does Nigeria want to become the West and Central Africa central manufacturing capital? Does Nigeria wish to become the food basket of Africa? Does Nigeria wish to become the information technology capital in the world? Or does Nigeria wish to become a combination of these or some of them and others?

It is important a central vision or visions for Nigeria is developed and Nigerians are made cognisant of this vision for the future of the nation. Let’s know where we are going so every one can pick an oar and row in consonance. Today we just hear that the new administration wants to build a country, but what country will that be? It is OK to just build a country, but it is better to build a country with a particular primary vision. The world is moving away from careers as we know them. Soon all jobs will be taken over by machines, even medical jobs are at risk. Nigeria can choose a vision that places it at an advantage in the future that has already begun.

Nigeria will survive by God’s grace.

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There Is A Big Conspiracy Going On With Boko Haram By Peregrino Brimah

While the Federal government of Nigeria has repeatedly announced that Boko Haram no longer holds on to any territory in Nigeria, the commander of the United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM), David Rodriguez in March this year challenged that claim. Boko Haram “does own some significant territory in northern Nigeria,” Rodriguez told the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington.

In January of this year President Muhamamdu Buhari had said to the UN Sec. Gen. at a summit in Abu Dhabi, that Boko Haram was “currently not holding any territory.”

Evidently from the latest video released by the group, there are still at least a couple of thousand members of Boko Haram able to freely assemble in Nigeria.

The latest 12 minute video claims to show two separate locations where the Eid prayers were being held. One was in a rather large and well built above ground Mosque and the other appeared to be in the same prayer ground where the Eid prayers were conducted in another similar video released last year.

Not Hiding

In the videos the alleged terrorist group members did not cover their faces as they were not trying to hide their identities. This clearly means that these large numbers in the thousands live in their own Boko Haram towns and villages and not incognito within regular communities.

It is impossible for such numbers of people to live undercover or underground. The numbers seen in the latest video must occupy decent land.

On estimate, the minimum area of arable land to support one person in most congested conditions is 0.07 of a hectare, that’s 7 hectares per thousand people. And for at least 5000 in the video which did not show the female and children populations which could blow up the numbers to double or quadruple those seen in the video, we would have at least 35 to 140 hectares of Boko Haram occupied territory. That’s about 35 to 140 football pitches, minimum but expected to be much more. The Nigerian military has deliberately blocked and censored most information coming out of the northeast, so accurate details are impossible to determine.

Well Fed

Another thing that could be observed from the video was the relatively well-fed appearance of the community. Unlike Nigerians currently in camps for the internally displaced, IDPs, who are suffering and dying from severe malnutrition, the terrorists appeared well fed, well dressed and of good wellbeing. This would mean that they are occupying villages where they have lots of arable land where they cultivate their crops and they also command large numbers of livestock for dietary protein and thus have access to natural water sources where the livestock are hydrated.

Boko Haram appear to be living large in our farming villages while the decent villagers are cramped up and dying in their dozens daily in congested camps with sparse food, water and poor sanitation.

Occupying Villages

When the news broke earlier this month that the “Shekau” faction of Boko Haram and the Barnawi one were fighting each other, it was immediately apparent that they both were quite comfortable and occupied sufficient territorial habitation.

A certain Mele Kaka had told AFP as reported in the Vanguard that the villages of Yele, Arafa and Zuwa village in nearby Marte district were all occupied by loyalists of Shekau. The report did not list the villages occupied by the Barnawi sect.

From the above, we can safely draw the following conclusions:

It is evident that Borno’s farming villages are still occupied by Boko Haram.

Terrorists are feeding fat on the rich farmlands of Borno while IDPs die of starvation in camps.

It appears the Chief of Army Staff Tukur Yusuf Buratai is either auspiciously clueless of the reality that several farming villages are occupied by thousands of Boko Haram terrorists, or he is being willingly oblivious of this fact and is lying to President Muhammadu Buhari that there is no territory under Boko Haram control.

It can be concluded that the war against Boko Haram is far from over and is in a controlled lull at best at the moment.

Is There An Accord Between Buratai and Boko Haram?

We had this same problem under Jonathan claiming he did not know where Boko Haram was, which made us then publish the articles,”National Security Update: Details Of The Sambisa Camps Holding Our 200 Abducted Daughters” and later, “Cities In Sambisa And Myths Of Booby-traps.” Boko Haram has never been inconspicuous and still isn’t. Our Civilian-JTF always locate them when the army claims they can’t.

It would be highly impossible for the numbers seen in the video to exist without some sort of relationship with the army. The Nigerian army led by a Borno indigene, knows where they are and has decided not to massacre them as it does to others groups of individuals across Nigeria from Zaria to the south east and south south.

If as is evident, the terrorists occupy these villages and the Nigerian army is not doing anything about it, what is the mutual arrangement between Buratai and the villages of Boko Haram and why is there such a private accord?

Is it only terrorists who step out of the areas where the Nigerian army may have agreed that the communities of Boko Haram should restrict themselves to that the army kills once in a while? We do know that in Boko Haram’s heyday, there were no fewer than 30,000 members. The military has never produced evidence of killing or capturing more than a few thousand. The latest video substantiates this analyst calculation.

While it is unreasonable and would be totally inappropriate to expect the Nigerian army to wipeout the entire thousands of terrorists who still maintain their own state within the Nigerian state, the citizens of Nigeria deserve to know the true predicament and be a part of determining a final solution to the crisis.

Implications As Boko Haram Threatens The President of Nigeria

How do we deal with thousands of Boko Haram terrorists and inadvertent recruits, members and abductees residing in whole villages in the northeast?

There must be an open concrete plan to arrest all these members and charge and capitally punish all guilty of murder or rape, and sentence other members while punishing and/or rehabilitating as courts decide, those who have not been involved in criminality. Any arrangement with Boko Haram that allows their coexistence within the Nigerian space is unconstitutional and a violation of Nigeria’s sovereignty and security. More so as Boko Haram is a most existential threat considering the fact that in their latest video they have gone as far as issuing a direct threat at the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

The Nigerian military does not have the authority to create a community-amnesty arrangement with these wanted terrorists who have killed tens of thousands of Nigerians, displaced millions and destroyed farmlands and the economy, thereby causing untold hardship and deaths to locals and Nigerians at large.

It is necessary the Nigerian army comes clean to the Presidency and Nigerians at large. We must as a nation decide how best to deal with the remnant threat of Boko Haram. We applaud our soldiers who have stayed steadfast and continued to make the ultimate sacrifice, combatting Boko Haram terrorists in the northeast. We understand that the military is stretched thin and to capacity and thus we continue to offer our services as volunteer forces willing, able and ready to join the Nigerian army combat and capture these thousands of terrorists. The Civilian-JTF which consists/consisted of tens of thousands of able youth, ex-soldiers, hunters and other Nigerians have shown their commitment and offered their patriotic assistance to join the Nigerian military in this battle. It is time this offer is seriously considered. Boko Haram has resurged too many times in Nigeria’s history for an incomplete mission to be in any way acceptable. The defeat of this menace must be total and complete.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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How Yar’Adua Tackled Recession, Terrorism And The Legacy He Left Nigeria By Peregrino Brimah

I seek indulgement to type this piece in defense of late President Umaru Yar’Adua who has been inadvertently included in a list of PDP Presidents who “left Nigeria no legacy,” according to a public statement attributed to the current President Muhammadu Buhari.

While President Yar’Adua is obviously not here to defend himself, providence demands some of us stand in his stead. I do not believe that President Muhammadu Buhari intended to include Yar’Adua in the list of PDP Presidents who failed Nigeria over the 16 years, however being that Yar’Adua’s name was included in headlines across the dailies, it is important to attempt to properly present his legacy.

Yar’Adua ranks among Nigeria’s top two Presidents of all time. By most metrics, two Presidents who had truncated terms were the best by far: late Yar’Adua and late Murtala Muhammad are these two. While President Muhammadu Buhari’s first term also ranked high, perhaps the third best, his current term is filled with mixed results and cannot yet be judged to be in the top category according to my humble opinion. The bottom of the list is occupied by the likes of Obasanjo, Jonathan, Abacha and Babangida, noted for looting the nation’s treasury silly and enjoying immunity and even being defended of “having never stolen” by eminent persons.

I will attempt to do summarily justice to this topic in several sections. I will utilize swaths from my February 2014 article on the great legacy of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua as I compare to what we have currently:

Yar’Adua: the Only President To Openly Fully Declare His Assets

Late Yar’Adua was the first democratic President to fully and publicly declare his assets and remains the only Nigerian President to do so till date. While President Muhammadu Buhari published a summary three sentence brief of his assets, a full public declaration of these is yet to be made. The effect of Yar’Adua’s public asset declaration on trust, transparency and good governance to Nigeria is a legacy he left of untold value that is yet to be rivaled.

Late Yar’Adua’s Legacy on Terror: Boko Haram And MEND

President Yar’Adua had been handed two catastrophic problems by the predecessor Obasanjo government. Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND was wrecking havoc in the Southern creeks and Boko Haram had similarly evolved in the north east. Under the Obasanjo regime, Nigeria’s national security boss, NSA Aliyu Gusau, a Babangida autocratic-regime henchman and the man behind most of Nigeria’s sad history of military coups and continuous insecurity as recurrent security chief, had failed to abate the problems in the north and south. According to reports, Gusau had actually told president Obasanjo when he asked about Boko Haram, then called, ‘Nigerian Taliban,’ that ‘no such group existed,’ despite attacks by the group.


Faced with these unique, entrenched challenges, Yar’Adua selected a National Security Adviser, Major Gen. Sarki Mukhtar – remembered for opposing Abacha on coup plotter treatment in the 90s– who had the commitment and wherewithal to intelligently and appropriately combat the two terror problems.

The Yar’Adua administration with NSA Mukhtar immediately approached the MEND crises with an understanding of the pressing situation.

Through a combination of force and payoffs, President Yar’Adua persuaded all major militant leaders in October of 2010 to renounce violence and surrender their arms in exchange for amnesty, government subsidies, training opportunities, and promises of more money and development of the region. [Ref: Cables]

The Amnesty placated the agitating youth who had reduced Nigeria’s oil output by almost half, more than the current loses by the Niger Delta Avengers and related groups today, and Nigeria invested billions in training and rehabilitating these youth. Peace that eluded Obasanjo was fully restored to the creeks.

-Boko Haram

Faced with a different terror uprising in the north, Yar’Adua with his apt NSA Mukhtar swung into action, again properly considering the dynamics of the northern question. Poverty is predominant in Nigeria’s north, however poverty and/or misguided fanaticism is no excuse for terrorism and murder of innocent civilians and security officers. The nation’s security men were sent to sack the Boko Haram camps in a swift and efficient operation. In one of the few times in recent global history, the terror mastermind, Mohammed Yusuf himself was caught and killed as ‘he attempted to escape.’ Over 700 mostly Boko Haram terrorists were massacred in the operation of July 2009. But Yar’Adua did not stop there. He drew-up a comprehensive deradicalization plan that promised to monitor and prevent radical groups from resurging across Nigeria’s north and also to address the complex societal dynamics that breed terror.

Having established calm and restored security to Nigeria, late Yar’Adua continued with managing other pressing crises he had inherited from the previous administration.

What Obasanjo Left

Yar’Adua’s predecessor, President Olusegun Obasanjo, OBJ rode the oil price waves. OBJ’s regime was not particularly economically unique. It more accurately put, was lucky to be in favorable times and the economic growth was concordant with catapulting global oil prices. Oil prices were $16 in 1999 at the start of his tenure and rose rapidly to double that, $35 in September 2000. By August 2005, oil sold at $65 and by October 2007, oil prices were $90/barrel. Obasanjo rode these prices in an ‘oil cruise.

An important hallmark of the predecessor administration was tits corrupt privatization agenda. Obasanjo built Nigeria’s corruption infrastructure. Obasanjo raised his friends and sponsors of his party (PDP) to gods, handing them chunks of the country across all economic sectors, including things as little as the “.ng” domain which at $100/year is the most costly in the world today. The likes of Dangote and Otedola were handed chunks of Nigeria in a privatization frenzy. Transcorp was formed to further facilitate the complete hand-over of Nigeria’s assets to private cronies of the PDP. As Obasanjo failed to secure his third term bid, he quickly auctioned off Nigeria’s oil refineries to the same cabal.

Other not so favorable aspects of the OBJ years, including the ‘skewed’ use of the EFCC, the billions allocated for repairing power plants, the ‘missing’ recovered Abacha loot and the like have been thrashed suitably in the media.

While terror got embedded in the country, the rich got stupendously richer during Obasanjo and the poor got poorer. The gap between the rich and poor have since in the fourth republic widened to levels never before seen. This is the Nigeria Yar’Adua would inherit.

Tackling the Recession

President Musa Yar’Adua had an uphill task. He was coming in when oil prices were dropping during the global recession and Nigeria’s economy faced testing. The Yar’Adua government had to stabilize the economy against dropping oil prices and decreased production as a result of Niger-Delta terror which had reduced oil exports by more than half. This was the heyday of MEND.

Oil prices dropped to a low value of $35 a barrel during his tenure. This was definitely a tough time as repeats today. But a steady hand and refusal to adopt wrong policies protected the economy.

Late Yar’Adua inherited an external reserve of $45 billion, which grew to $63 billion in September, 2008. Due to the twin blows of reduced income from MEND terror and tanked global oil costs, Yar”Adua left $47. 7 billion in the reserves as at Dec 31st 2009 when Jonathan took over. He left Nigeria’s external debts relatively unchanged.

Faced with an impending recession rocking the world, the Yar’Adua government dug into the nation’s Excess Crude Account to fund the National Integrated Power Project and distribute additional funds national, state, and local governments.

To tackle and prevent Nigeria joining the global recession and shore the economy, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) under President Yar’Adua and led by Sanusi lamido Sanusi (now Emir) ordered the immediate audit of all 24 of Nigeria’s banks. The audits were followed by the replacement of eight troubled bank leaders and a $3.9 billion bailout of the banks which stabilized the economy.

The Yar’Adua government published a “name and shame” list of hundreds of bad debtors which included many closely tied to the PDP and Yar’Adua personally recovered billions in bad debts. In contrast today, the Buhari government refuses to publish the names of looters even after they have returned moneys.

Legacy On Corruption And How Late Yar’Adua Fought Obasanjo, Dangote And Other Cabal

Apart from the “name and shame list, in October of 2010, the former chairman of the Nigerian Port Authority and Vice-Chairman of President Yar’Adua’s 2007 presidential campaign, Bode George of the PDP party was convicted on various corruption charges and sentenced to jail. This was a man who was first indicted in 2005 by the EFCC but was allegedly shielded by Obasanjo.

A major battle Yar’Adua had to face was the recovery of Nigeria from the cabal. Obasanjo had literally sold Nigeria to private friends of his and his party. Tycoon Dangote had been selected and favored by president Obasanjo not only during his second appearance in civilian regalia but from his first show as military dictator when he gave Dangote exclusive importation rights. With the sale of Nigeria’s refineries to Dangote and Otedola, Dangote owned as much as half of Nigeria’s assets, which included Nigeria’s cement plants, a telecoms licence and mining concessions. Bashani Aminu, a Yar’Adua confidant revealed as relayed in Wikileaks,“Disentangling Obasanjo” cables that Dangote once gave Obasanjo a 35 million dollar private jet as thanks for his fruitful partnership.

“Aminu expects more of the same soon — particularly an overturn of the Transcorp purchase of the Abuja Nicon Hilton. Aminu also noted Yar’adua’s commitment to fighting corruption and told Post he gave the greenlight to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate anyone.

He predicted Yar’adua will overturn the Transcorp purchase of the Abuja Nicon Hilton soon. These deals will be aimed at removing the ill-earned gains of Obasanjo and his close allies such as Aliko Dangote. (NOTE: Dangote and Obasanjo’s Transcorp were both part of the consortium that purchased the Port Harcourt and Kaduna refineries.) Aminu claimed Dangote gave Obasanjo a 35 million USD jet plane as a recent “gift.””

In July of 2007, barely two months into office, Yar’Adua summoned the Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE), to query the sale of Nigeria’s refineries to Dangote and co. And to the praise of Nigeria’s Labour Congress (NLC) Yar’Adua overturned these privatizations for being corrupt. Yar’Adua was next going after the Transcorp purchase of Abuja NICON Hilton. Though Obasanjo had put Yar’Adua into office against Yar’Adua’s wishes, he having objected to contesting on health grounds, Yar’Adua was determined to rescue Nigeria from the paws of the cabal, even his sponsors, Dangote, who financially sponsored his campaigns and Obasanjo who orchestrated his selection.

But this was not even the half of Yar’Adua’s war against corruption. There was the kerosene subsidy scam, through which the fourth republic stole and still steals 10 million dollars every day from the Nigerian masses. Yar’Adua who was battling with a chronic allergic disorder and had intermittent kidney failure, took this matter as no joke and not a matter to delay on. Within his short tenure, he went hard and firm against the subsidy fraud, sending four directive communications to immediately seize the fake subsidy that ‘was not reaching the beneficiaries – the Nigerian masses.  Yar’Adua’s Principal Secretary, Mr. David Edevbie conveyed the directives.

The government spent/spends millions of dollars everyday subsidizing kerosene that was/is sold to the masses at unsubsidized prices in an elaborate, cheap scam. President Yar’Adua on June 15, 2009 gave a clear directive that NNPC should cease subsidy claims on kerosene. Kerosene fraudulent subsidy claims run up to the tune of N300 trillions per year. This was going to hurt Obsanjo and his cabal cronies.

Ambassador Maitama Sule revealed that Obasanjo was scared Yar’Adua would soon come after him and AC’s Garba Shehu said Atiku warned Yar’Adua that Obasanjo was plotting to remove him for his “treachery.”

Today the Buhari government is in bed with Obasanjo and Dangote who are dictating government policies and receiving billions in government subsidies and gifts. A recent Reuters report that covered just 3 months of released Central Bank Forex authorisations found that Dangote alone got $100 million in subsidized forex “gift” in that period. For a year of the dual CBN and blackmarket forex rates, Dangote is estimated to have benefitted a whopping half a billion dollars in forex gift from the Buhari administration. This free money from Nigeria’s coffers strengthened the Dangote brand over Nigeria while small businesses were given no concessions and folded up leading to at least 4.6 million Nigerians losing their jobs according to numbers from the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS.

Further, unlike the Obasanjo policy to ban import of goods which Dangote and other cabal have monopolies in, to promote the stocks of these cabal party sponsors, Yar’Adua is applauded to have allowed free importation, limiting local costs and increasing foreign investments in Nigeria. The current regime policies pushed by Obasanjo and Dangote have led to increased hardship while patronizing ad promoting Dangote who is alleged to invest money of many of Nigeria’s looters and other cabal.

According to US cables: “…elimination of import bans and lower tariffs on key products, bringing down the cost of doing business and reducing incentives for smuggling. The Mission has helped the Government of Nigeria solve regulatory and policy problems to allow increased electricity supplies, boost agricultural production, and assist in establishing reliable regional and international markets, including use of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

WeeklyTrust in their one year tribute, remember Yar’Adua thus:

Yar’adua deconstructed power. He was not intoxicated by it, a fact that even his critics had attested to. He operated within the realm of the law. He didn’t pay lip service to the rule of law and due process he preached. The courts regained the freedom they lost during his predecessor’s tenure. They handed down verdicts that cancelled political victories even though his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was the victim.

Despite his ill-health, he pioneered laudable projects across the country. He initiated the dredging of River Niger, a project that was abandoned for decades. He started the reinvigoration of the abandoned rail system. He brought Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to head the Central Bank, thereby saving the country from a looming financial crisis.

He was bold enough to reverse President Olusegun Obasanjo’s decisions considered to be against the national interest.  He saved the country’s three refineries from being auctioned to businessmen, who could not establish theirs.  The nation’s comatose telecom giant, NITEL was not auctioned at least during his time.

He fought corruption in his own ways. He pioneered the policy of returning unspent funds to the national treasury at the end of the fiscal year even though the policy regrettably died with him. He prosecuted and jailed those believed to be above the law. His party chieftain, Chief Olabode George was convicted during Yar’adua’s adminitration. He did not create political enemies who he needed the anti-graft agencies, notably the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to humiliate as Obasanjo did.

After his assumption, he saved the jobs of over 160, 000 federal workers pencilled for sack under various pretences. Not only that, he released the N10 billion Lagos State local government councils’ funds which Obasanjo sat fat on despite court orders. Yar’adua went ahead and reversed the increment of Value Added Tax (VAT) from 10 percent to five as well as the hike in fuel price from N75 to N65. 

A very important aspect of the legacy of late Yar’Adua was his respect of the law. When he summoned then EFCC boss, Nuhu Ribadu to complete all cases against corrupt persons and spare no one, he is noted to have directed that Ribadu must respect and abide by the law in all cases and at all times. Compared to today, the current Buhari administration has disobeyed the courts in several cases and continues to do so, holding people in detention without charge and in denial of bail.

The Yar’Adua administration is noted to have strengthened the judicial system beyond compare, an essentiality for national growth and progress.

His Death And The Conclusion

There are many more instances of Yar’Adua’s stunning and committed actions towards strengthening the judiciary, developing the economy, securing the nation and total war against corruption. But Yar’Adua suddenly took seriously ill and suspected he had been poisoned. As relayed in Wikileaks cables, Professor Ukandi G. Damachi, an insider and confidant to Babangida and other Nigerian top elite, claimed that late Yar’Adua suspected he had been poisoned by his kitchen staff who he inherited from the former president, Obasanjo. This belief was grave enough according to Professor Ukandi G. Damachi, that Yar’Adua fired all the kitchen staff and replaced them.

Suspicion of poisoning has been rather common in Nigeria’s story, and Shehu Musa, Yar’Adua’s elder brother, was believed to have been killed by poisoning in jail as also it is believed late president elect MKO Abiola was.

Yar’Adua’s wife, Turai is also reported to have believed her husband was poisoned, and this was done to speed up his death. [Fresh Facts, May 2010: “They Killed Yar’Adua”].

When the Goodluck Jonathan administration took over, during a valedictory session in Yar’Adua’s  honour, a motion to investigate the conditions of Yar’Adua’s death was raised by senators who alleged that the circumstances leading to the death of Yar’Adua were suspicious, but this motion to probe did not pass the floor and so this possibility was never investigated.

While the predecessor governments, especially the immediate past Jonathan government, certainly messed up Nigeria, we believe it is time the current administration gets over regurgitating the past to explain the predicament of these times. A several month delay in choosing his cabinet (which ended up consisting of nothing special and EFCC and ICPC implicated members with records of corruption in their states) and the delays in signing the budget cost Nigeria a year. This was essential time that should have been used to block and possibly prevent the recession currently bedeviling the nation. Ongoing gifts of billions of dollars in forex subsidies to the corrupt cabal are not helping either. Late Yar’Adua believed in the power of the people over the cabal. This is a legacy that needs to be emulated.

We wish the government success in its efforts to rescue Nigeria.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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How Godwin Emefiele Caused Millions of Nigerians To Lose Their Jobs By Peregrino Brimah

The direct policies of the central bank of Nigeria, CBN have been and continue to be at the helm of the current economic crisis and recession that is permanently and irreversibly destroying life and hope for the Nigerian masses. We have repeatedly pointed out these cabal-favorable, masses-exterminating policy decisions that have gotten Nigeria to this point. As support is lost, our teachers are resorting to stealing and the weak are taking their own lives. 4.6 million jobs have been lost according to the National Bureau of Statistics. This is catastrophic!

In January this year, in my article, “FOREX: Nigeria’s Economic Catastrophe From Godwin Emefiele’s Prison Economics,” I warned that due to unreasonable policies suddenly limiting Nigerians’ access to dollars, tens of thousands of businesses will fold up. I highlighted that business mogul, Leo-Stan Ekeh predicted the collapse of 99% of Nigerian businesses due to CBN forex policies. In April this year in an interview with the Tribune, I again raised the same concerns.

Cabal Favorable, Masses Exterminating Policies

The cabal are the smallest employers of labour in Nigeria. The government employs about 10% of labour. Big business employs a paltry 9% of labour while small businesses (Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs) are the largest employers, employing over 75% of labour. You kill small businesses, you kill the country. It’s as simple as that not just in Nigeria but across the world. Godwin Emefiele with the apparent blessing of President Muhammadu Buhari protected and promoted the cabal who continued to declare juicy quarterly profits while they killed SMEs.

Small businesses employ over 100 million Nigerians while the cabal industries collectively hire less than a million. Atiku Abubakar recently touted that he is Nigeria’s largest employer. “I employ 50,000 Nigerians” he bragged. This is how minuscule the numbers employed by the chronically government-favoured  big corp. are. Those Buhari in his AlJazeera interview promised will get exclusive access to CBN subsidized dollars employ less than 9% of labour. The cabal-protective policies as enforced by the CBN had one predictable outcome as Leo Stan had warned: death of small businesses and mass unemployment. Millions of us small-scale employers who were suffocated, packed up, and threw our employees onto the streets. 4.6 million without jobs and a means of survival in times of hiked fuel prices and inflation were the result.

Godwin Was Busy Dashing Dangote $100 Million According to Reuters

Reuters in a recent article by Ulf Laessing and Himanshu Ojha, revealed how Godwin dashed Dangote $100 million dollars within a year under Buhari’s new government. Dangote got one in nine dollars the central bank sold, at sometimes one in eight, the report stated. Similarly a handful more fellow cabal got the bulk of the rest of the half-price government-subsidized dollars that the masses were deprived of even for importing their petrol (thereby leading to an unbearable price hike). We are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars given to a few dozen Nigerians.

At this time small businesses/businessmen were not only limited in amount of dollar they could purchase with prison-like restrictions suddenly imposed by banks on order of the CBN and against the constitution, but they were never allowed the advantage the Dangotes were accorded to even occasionally purchase 197-rate dollars. SMEs were thrown to the blackmarket and even then, tightly limited in what they could transfer for purchasing their goods and raw materials. As former CBN governor Soludo criticized, sudden unreasonable import ban lists by the apex bank before local availability was established put more nails in the coffin. Whereas, promoting small scale local manufacture should have been done by subsidies and other encouragement methods to preserve businesses during a needed foreign-dependence transition.

In November last year, Soludo is quoted to have summarized,“For the better part of this year, the external shocks to the economy have been complicated or accentuated by a gamut of the “tried and failed” command and control policy regime: de facto fixed exchange rate, largely fixed CBN monetary policy rate, crude capital controls, veiled form of import bans through a long list of ‘ineligible for foreign exchange’, de facto scrapping of domiciliary account established by law, etc. At first, I thought this was the usual kneejerk response of policymakers to a ‘sudden’ shock. We tried a milder variant of this for a few months during the 2008/2009 unexpected/unprecedented global crisis (with global liquidity squeeze and massive capital flight) but even then, it was communicated as a ‘short-term crisis response’ and it was quickly dismantled. We now know what works and what doesn’t even at a time of crisis.

As has been chronic of Nigeria where big businesses get billions of dollars in waivers, they continued to get billions in subsidized dollars, while the largest employers of labour, SMEs continued to be further crippled by the Buhari government. They died.

In return, of course the masses got Dangote and co’s charities. Donations of trucks of food. This chronic government SME crippling, cabal favoritism is what US inteligencia calls the Dangote “beggar-thy-countrymen” model. The cabal then sponsor politicians and the deadly cycle continues cycle after cycle. It was he same in the US during the robber baron era before the labour union riots.

We could have suggested other alternatives that would have protected Nigeria. Rather than subsidize Dangote and co alone, if Buhari had kept his promise to encourage mushroom refineries in the Niger Delta for instance, these could have been built on a franchise template with each community given shares in a small-scale refinery. These community projects should have gotten the $100s of millions gifted to Dangote and the other cabal for their personal projects. This would have not only provided a stimulus for a wide-spread growth of real jobs across localities but it would also discourage terror in the Niger Delta while addressing the local manufacturing problem. Several similar citizen-friendly policy choices could have salvaged the largest employers of labour and the larger nation instead of saving only the cabal.

Again, for too long, Godwin Emefiele rejected our better advise to devalue the already devalued Naira. Keeping a duplicity in prices to enable the amassing of billions by his private sector billionaire friends at the expense of the masses. The rich got richer.

Today the CBN under Godwin Emefiele continues to manipulate the dollar (availability) figures to satisfy his cronies, akin to “inside trading.” Nigeria is in the hands of Jim’s boy, described by many as one of the worst crooks at the center of the Jonathan era of gravid corruption. Indeed the CBN governor is as implicated as Dasuki in the open astronomical looting of Nigeria’s treasury. It is immoral to continue with such at the helm. Nigeria’s fall into recession is the direct consequence of this violation  of the trust given to the new administration.

Ultimately the buck rightly stops at the president’s table. While we cannot deny the president’s role in the job killing policies of central bank under governor Godwin Emefiele, it is more useful to directly underline the failure of this highly autonomous department. Hence the article heading. President Buhari unlike his predecessor has disappointed Nigerians by not even portraying the slightest posture of a wish to sack the CBN governor or get him investigated and prosecuted. I would not encourage the accusations that the media exposed nepotism by the apex bank has something to do with Buhari’s acceptance of the man who opened Nigeria’s vaults for Jonathan and company to steal the nation dry.

Senator Ben Murray Bruce tweeted, “It is called the Central Bank of Nigeria not the Central Bank of Rich and Powerful Nigerians. This nepotism must be investigated & punished!” It wasn’t, but rather the central bank since continued favoring the rich and connected and overseeing the loses of millions of jobs for Nigeria’s dying masses.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Rise In Islamist Fanatic Killings In North Nigeria By Peregrino Brimah

The rise in mob religiously mis-inspired killings in north Nigeria cannot be overlooked. From Zamfara to Abuja. From Kano to Kaduna, there have been news reports of intolerant killings of Christians and Muslim minorities by zealous misguided youth and even state actors. While outspoken, illuminated Muslim scholars like Imam Murtada Muhammad Gusau have in clear terms preached against the gross violations by those who take lives against Islamic rule, the erring killers continue unfettered and unbothered. They and their supporters even make threats and promises to “drink more innocent blood” in the open and online, desirous of justifying their “haram” misguided actions.

Boko Haram Shadow

While Boko Haram is on the retreat, successfully cordoned by the Buhari administration’s return of the army to what it used to be before its procurement department was turned into a suction straw for the siphoning of Nigeria’s billions, the north, no longer overshadowed or constrained by Boko Haram’s usurp of meaningless barbarism, appears to be experiencing a reawakening of it’s age-long noted deadly intolerance.

Could the era of Boko Haram terror have caused the notable lull in diffuse deadly zealot behavior? Were the murderous fanatics cowed by Boko Haram’s superiority in mass massacres or were they afraid of death in the hands of the more wild and wicked terrorists? Or were they possibly filled and fulfilled by Boko Haram’s massive blood spillage and not thirsty to engage in same?


Nigeria is experiencing an economic recession. The indices are bad. There is frustration in the land. Teachers have been reported to have resorted to stealing, while highlighting the debilitating state of small business owners –the largest employers of labor in Nigeria– a mother of three recently reportedly killed herself over the crippling Naira-Dollar currency exchange rate.

Nigeria’s central bank has maintained policies that only favor the wealthy and industrial manufacturers, while the small scale importers who employ 70% of labour are being run into extinction. Coupled with broke state governments, the majority of salary earning masses both in the public and private sectors are broke and stretched thin either borrowing money or lending to others.

While the nation experiences a surplus as the price of oil has remained at an average of $50/barrel, $12 above the budget benchmark, and the recovery of looted billions and high Naira rate, hovering around N400/USD has also put surplus cash in the hands of the government, there is no reprieve for the masses. There is hunger in the land and the people are dying.

But can this suffering of the masses be a factor in the resurgence of northern intolerance? It is hard to evaluate the role of the economic crisis in the “takfiri” intolerance islamist murders and massacres. We are of the opinion that poverty does not cause murderousity. The poor are blessed. Our opinion is that other factors are more to blame for this unusual recurrent, deadly fanatic trend limited to Nigeria’s north and no other country in the world of note.

Northern President

Some suggest that a northern president has emboldened fanatics to believe they can intimidate, persecute and mass murder religious minorities in the north with impunity. The posture of President Muhammadu Buhari has been clear on instances of targeted killings of Christians in the north: Buhari has condemned the act in unambiguous terms. Even though the Buhari government has itself been accused by local and international organizations and indicted by a Kaduna judicial panel of a mass massacre followed by the secret burial of hundreds of minority Shia Muslims in Zaria, it is unknown if this act and posture has inspired and emboldened fanatic kill-happy Muslims.

Capital Punishment Response

The hanging of persons, civilian or military, rich or poor, weak or powerful, caught directly involved in the mass murder of religious minorities or in the vocal and organized sponsorship of such, according to the stipulations of Nigeria’s anti-terror laws that prescribes death for all terrorists and supporters of them, would send a clear message to maniacal intolerant mass murderers.

It is important Nigeria’s police arrests perpetrators of these sick crimes and that the judiciary, state or Sharia courts rapidly sentence them to death in accordance to the prescriptions of the law. This wills end a string message to the misguided blood-thirsty youth and their radical islamist, usually foreign paid cleric sponsors, who intend to rip Nigeria apart by fueling sectarian strife.

God is with the patient. May the patience of targeted minorities never wear thin.

Dr. peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Proof Of God’s Existence, By Peregrino Brimah

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Pastor Adeboye: The 15 Questions ‘Humanist’ Ijabla Raymond Can’t Answer, By Peregrino Brimah

My dear friend Dr. Ijabla Raymond is having a field day poking at religious communities. I have had some degree of direct interactions with Ijabla a few years ago when I joined his FaceBook page dedicated to testing jabs at the faiths. After a couple of days of my illuminated responses to his jabs, an uncomfortable Ijabla who noticed I was shattering his developing empire of anti-god-ist fans by showing the folly of his sermons, kicked me out of the page.

Of course, the above was my reading of my and Ijabla’s brief direct engagement. It was not the first time anti-god-ists kicked me out. The Richard Dawkins forum also gave me the boot some years back after they could not tolerate my defense of religion and could not answer my simple questions to them.

Here I pose the questions to Ijabla and any other Humanist or anti-god-ist who cares to try to answer them. I anticipate any attempts to answer them and assure all that I will use logic and science to demonstrate the flawed logic, emptiness and blatant error in the anti-god fanatics’ responses.

1. What is the purpose of your existence?

2. If I (we) can get away with it, why should I (we) not kill fellow men?

3. Why should man conserve the environment (fight global warming etc)?

4. What is the Singularity from which the galaxies formed?

5. How did the dense Singularity at the beginning of the Big bang come into existence?

6. Can something come into existence out of nothing? If not, then how do you explain questions 4 and 5?

7. Categorically prove your existence (beyond being in a dream).

8. Can you scientifically discuss parthenogenesis while denying virgin births?

9. Do you not agree that evolutionary principles prove religion (based on the strict preservation only of traits necessary for survival of species, which preserved-religion must be one of)?

10. Why do you sleep?

11. Why do you yawn?

12. Evolution: in bilateralism, how come and why are both sides identical, e.g: both your eyes are the same color?

13. How does a cock hatched in seclusion recognize and warn of the approach of a hawk (and not a dove)?

14. Since there is absolutely no fact and no time-bound guarantee in science, can a position devoid of fact surpass any other positions?

15. Can you defend, explain and justify the placebo effect as relates to a position to abandon religion?

We await Ijabla or any other takers’ attempts to answer some of these questions.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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Protests Against Nigeria Govt. Killing People, Killing The Press By Peregrino Brimah

Dr Peregrino Brimah protests Tuesday at Nigerian Embassy New York against Nigerian government intimidation of the media.

Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission overstepped its constitutional boundaries in arresting Mr. Abusidiqu Usman in attempt to muzzle and silence the Nigerian media.

The Nigerian media has been the balance of the government exposing financial crimes and embezzlement by serving and past government officials in the civil service and military.

The media has also exposed crimes against humanity including the mass murder of over 350 Nigerians in Zaria last December and their secret burial in a mass grave at Mando: perpetrated by the Nigerian military in cahoots with the Kaduna State government.

Nigerians will loose their rights to safety security and the pursuit of prosperity if harassment and intimidation of the Nigerian media continues.


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It’s Not Too Late For Wole Soyinka to Repent By Peregrino Brimah

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36 (KJV)

It baffles when one reads from worldly intellectuals who seem unable to comprehend and appreciate things as simple, plain and obvious as God. It becomes hard to reconcile how their ‘high’ intellect can yet be so lacking in what to us is perhaps the most basic properties of existence and the very reason behind it. It’s like being able to program a computer but unable to add 1 to 1.

The latest piece by Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, titled “To Everything, Its Place” as it appeared in SaharaReporters, was one more piece by the unbelieving, globally renowned fanatically anti-God professor that scratched the mind. In a nutshell, the professor was trying to separate God from the school.

Professor Soyinka believes as he expressed, as appreciated by me, that mixing God and Holiness with children’s academic life causes “religious clashes of increasing savagery.” Once again, the professor casually linked religiousness and God-consciousness with Boko Haram as the symbol and in a way, only terror he knows of. He would prefer that things like veils that make a student “show off” as being “holier” are discarded along with shows of wealth in student dressing. The professor casually described the use of British colonial school uniforms as consecrated and sacrosanct, defending this “doctrine” on the basis of a lack of national debate on its retained significance “after several decades of independence.”

The Ununiform Uniform

Most schools in the United States and perhaps most schools in most countries in the world do not use school uniforms. In Europe, Britain and Ireland are the only countries where the school uniform is widely adopted by state schools and generally supported by the government. One wonders how small Soyinka’s world is that he thinks school uniforms are standard, or perhaps, how much he attempts to contract the world to pursue his arguments.

The attempt to define student learning as a process not to be interfered with by wealth or morality, falls flat on its face when one studies the American academic system where children wear their fancy clothes to school if they can afford it and those who believe in veils cover their hair as recommended in the Bible and Quran, if and as they deem fit. Does a peer wearing designer clothes frustrate a fellow student and destroy him? Does a classmate wearing a veil feel she is demonstrating a “holier than thou” attitude and does this frustrate her peers? Where did professor Soyinka get these ideas from? It’s certainly been long but has he completely forgotten his childhood schooling experience?

I went to school in my kid years in Geneva Switzerland. My “primary” school, La Chataigneraie international school like most others did not prescribe the “holy” uniforms and did not discriminate wealth or holiness. We had a very wealthy friend called Sultan. We used to call him Salt and pepper. As you may imagine, Sultan was the filthy rich kid of a Sultan. While his wealth of games and toys that I could only dream of, was clearly appealing to me at my tender age, I was not oppressed by it. Sultan also did not see his wealth as a tool of subjugation as wealthy adults do, but had us “poor” black brothers as his best pals, to play with all his toys with. He even gave us many to take away when my brother and I left the school.

If there is a time that human beings can and should be tested and taught what diversity is, is it not at a tender age? Or would the professor rather promote a fake uniformed world where all realities are snuffed so when the children suddenly graduate and go to university as happened with Boko Haram founders, and witness the disparity, oppression and inequality, they revolt and establish terror groups on the basis of “fighting inequality and government corruption that breeds it” as was Boko Haram’s foundational sell pitch? What does the professor know of attribution, correlation and association and on what basis does he draw up and select his explanations for Boko Haram (the only terror he appears to know).

As children, seeing fancy toys we could not own, we turned into master inventors and creators. We made our toys. We built and built and by the time I was in a secondary school in Nigeria, I was a chief inventor. Together with a secondary school best friend who today is Nigeria’s top drone expert and was involved in the Gulma drone the Jonathan government built, my humble self led our school to Junior Engineers and Technicians victories. I would say there was an advantage to seeing things I could not own, that challenged me as a pupil. I believe certain challenges I faced in that international school in Switzerland moulded me into a human right advocate I am today.

Bring the wealth, bring the holiness, bring the high IQs and let us also bring our poverty, skin complexion, lower IQs and other social and physical qualities and inequalities and let a proper school with sensible teachers marinate all that into a good soup. And even if wealth is to be checked at the school’s door; does a school not teach morality and holiness?

If as the professor loves to repeat, the errors of takfiri Muslims which he believes is in the very essence of Islam as a whole, led to the development of Boko Haram, what causes Ombatse, MEND, Niger Delta Avengers, armed robbers, government officials, and all other terror-associated formations? The lack of Islam? The lack of the veil? Does the professor not see his arguments as too simplistic?

As Professor Soyinka advances in age I wonder if he is able to answer the question all anti-Godists have yet been unable to: what is the purpose of his existence? Why do those kids need to go to school in the first place? To learn, earn, breed and die…like animals? To continue to propagate the human species for the sake of propagating the human species? To have fun without fear, to love life and fear death? To wear uniform and be uniform, or not to? To Ben Stein’s amusement, a foremost anti-God faithful fanatic prophet, Richard Dawkins said Aliens put us here. Perhaps life’s purpose is to serve the aliens?

Why a place for everything?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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