Independence Day: Let Us Harness Our Diversity For Nation Building – Bulama

I wish to congratulate fellow Nigerians on the occasion of our nation’s 59th Independence day anniversary.

Indeed, despite our challenges, we have cause to celebrate. Since our independence, we have struggled and survived as a nation through thick and thin. This year marks 20 years of uninterrupted democratic rule – the longest in our history. We have successfully broken free from the strangehold of military rule and it’s attendant costly effect on our socio-political life.

With our collective resolve, we successfully enthroned progressives ideals in 2015 with the victory of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in a historic election in which the opposition defeated an incumbent government – a first, in our nation’s history.

While we cannot say we have tackled all the challenges of underdevelopment, we are definitely not where we used to be. Since 2015 there has been greater commitment to tackling the problems afflicting our great nation and thus strengthening hope.

We have dealt terrorism and organised crime severe blow, our anti-corruption war has recorded significant successes that has generated worldwide acclaim – it is no more business as usual. Accountability and probity has been largely restored to our public service.

Our Social Investments Programme, unarguably the most ambitious in sub-Saharan Africa, is directly impacting tens of millions of Nigerians, in addition to unprecedented investment in Infrastructure, with the power supply situation being tackled with new innovations and uncommon gusto.

The President Muhammadu Buhari led APC administration is blazing the trail in making the welfare of the people, the core of his programmes, in line with the manifesto of the APC.

With the call for institutionalization of our great Party, the progressive ideology of the APC – we must nurture and deepen, such that even after the exit of President Buhari, our development and progress will be sustainable.

We must, as Nigerians magnify our strengths and deemphasize our weaknesses bearing in mind that there is no nation devoid of challenges. Citizens in all great and stable nations rise above them with unity of purpose, and determination.

That the labours of our heroes past may not be in vain, we must eschew bitterness, harness our diversity for nation building, and commit ourselves to putting Nigeria first – subduing the proclivity for religious or ethnic jingoism.

Upon deep reflection, as a nation we have made great progress in nation building largely due to the sacrifices of many citizens and gallant men and women.

The ‘Nigeria Project’ – the abiding aspiration to attain enduring peace and prosperity is an everyday work. Nigeria of our dreams is a task for us all but much more today for the APC, which has been honoured with task of governance by our citizens. Let’s join hands to make her greater everyday.

Congratulations and a Happy Independence Day Nigeria.

God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Signed: Arc. Waziri Bulama
Deputy Director- General, APC. Presidential Campaign Council

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Waziri Bulama: The Rise Of A Political Mogul

I sit and ponder at my Country Nigeria. I  muse and turn over in my mind how a series of the game plan by citizens, policy and decision makers has brought us to an administration which deserves a standing ovation. 

On the far side of this layout  are the APC chieftains, the likes of *Comrade Adams Oshiomole, Arc. Bulama Waziri and Bola Tinibu* amongst many. Now in a colony of political intellects,  with APC at the climax of mending loose ends within the party, I am coerced into anticipating greatness for Nigeria. Amongst this cluster however is a munificent man worthy of recall.A man who has perfused time and strenght into this province. *Arc. Waziri Bulama*.Having served the party for over a decennium, he has made manifest of his interest for the APC national secretary. 

Bulama who is very calm, and articulate will certainly complement the chairmans personality, which heavily weighs toward innovation and reliability. If the decision makers make the right decision by shortlisting Arc. The two will unequivocally  make APC a Brobdingnagian establishment.   

As a stakeholder of the party , a woman , a youth and a member of Bulama Support group, i am optimistic that this will happen. when i joined this noble cause it had just few members, within a span of one week i witnessed volunteers from all corners of the six geopolitical zones troop in thousands. 

I have seen immense hope in their eyes,  they yearn and thirst for Arc. Waziri to become the APC National Secretary. What took me aback is The secretary of BSG Comrade Paul Oyiborolume, and members of the group who have invested their time, resources and energy into the campaign for Waziri.

The Founder of BSG Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri and head of strategy and planning along with members of the committee are at the apex of the whole lot, mobilising volunteers and paying homage to all corners of the country. This gesture is one that deserves an acknowledgement of merit. As an observer and partner i am obliged to give an enthusiastic recognition to the group. Thus, Bulama is a man we are proud of.

It is to no surprise that Comrade Adams along with stakeholders of the party made a redoubtable and distinguished resolute in the campaign by selecting Bulama at the Zenith of the presidential campaign. 

However, the APC which has whirled around President Muhammadu Buhari since inception will need to make tough , quick yet strategic conclusions as to who they hand pick for National Secretarial role. 
With the exit of Baba Buhari in 2023 the party will have to construct robust leadership structures that will give it a unifying footing before this time. As a Nigerian and member of BSG, i anticipate that APC will put to use Arc. Waziri Bulama to serve as the National Secretary for the party.

My reasons span from the fact that he is cerebral, modern, calm and has wisdom the party will definitely make good use. He  has moved solidly from the grassroots to the steep incline of Nigerian politics. He gives us hope as a young people in Nigeria.

Ms Farida Adamu Co-chair Media &Publicity Bulama Support Group

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Bulama: A Square Peg In A Square Hole, By Segun Tomori

As the race for who to succeed the former National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Governor-Elect of Yobe State, Mai Mala Buni heats up, one name has featured prominently amongst party stakeholders in the APC – Arc. Waziri Bulama. Bulama, a top contender for the post in last year’s national convention had stepped down for Buni in deference to party leaders in the North-East as a loyal party man.

Aside his intimidating credentials which has seen him rise to the position of the Deputy Director-General (Coordination) of the APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) 2019, amongst other strategic roles in the party in recent past, what strikes one about him at first sight is his humility, calm disposition yet impeccable grasp of issues that concerns the inner working of the APC.

While the battle has been won with the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari, a lot needs to be done not only to justify the people’s confidence in the party, but also strengthen it as a viable platform for the future. At present, most analysts posit that the APC is still a conglomeration of strange bedfellows and yet to transit into a close knit party. Others infer that President Buhari is the only unifying factor within the party. Unfortunately, Buhari has only 4 years left as President, hence the party must begin the process of reengineering itself to be formidable enough to continue its winning streak. That is where Arc. Waziri Bulama comes in.

Combined with the sagacity, vision and energy of the Comrade Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, Bulama brings vast experience, intellectual acumen and excellent inter-personal skills to the table. With both men at the helm of affairs at the APC national secretariat, APC is poised to reinvent itself, evolve greater cohesion in the party and assert its supremacy in Government formed by the party both at Federal and sub-national levels.

The APC has a “Next Level” manifesto which is expected to guide the policy direction of the incoming 2nd term administration of President Buhari. Bulama having served at the top echelon of the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) will be better positioned to assist the President with requisite human and material resources within the party that will bring the lofty manifesto to fruition.

Bulama’s impeccable credentials and qualities is not lost on party stakeholders as he has already garnered support of majority from his North-East zone amongst other influential leaders across the country.

There is no gainsaying the fact that Arc. Waziri Bulama is the perfect “Square peg in a square hole”, that’s why we are with him and we trust that the APC won’t hesitate to utilise this invaluable asset as it’s next National Secretary.

Segun Tomori is the Chairman, Media & Publicity Committee of the Bulama Support Group.

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Spotlight On Arc. Waziri Bulama, By Farida Ali Adamu

The turmoils of elections are over, the drumming of victory still resonate the airs of Nigeria. The winds of the Next level have swept the country and the entire nation await the inauguration and formation of new cabinet members. A new administrative government is about to take off…

APC must be applauded for their ability to remain unshakeable despite the obstacles they encountered from various oppositions. Yet, in all of these, APC and it’s working committee have proven their determination with a drive to succeed against all odds.

Thus, it is time to consciously appraise the Presidential Campaign council – led by a benign, noble man. One who has been a pillar of APC for over a decade. A political Mogul who has served the party without reservations since inception:
Arc. Waziri Bulama.

So far, Bulama served applaudably with his role in the Presidential Campaign Council. His comprehensible input enabled the whole APC populace project a narrow, yet sharp beam of light on a hero_ a priceless intellectual gem.

Since the outgoing National Secretary’s resignation (Mai Mala Buni), the party has been in desperate need of a National Secretary. The right person who can complement our National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshomole, in ensuring the party maintains it’s solid stance within the 36 states of Nigeria.
The party’s stakeholders have come together to nominate and support Arc. Waziri Bulama irregardless of other candidates huge interest in the role.

In all of these, Arc. Waziri Bulama remains the dependable choice for the position. His unbeatable profile is worth the highest recognition.
An unnamed source attested that Waziri has the blueprint for APC secretariat. According to him, there are structures put in place to address some pressing issues such as gender parity and youth involvement in the coming years. However, this does not come as a surprise considering Bulama’s well experienced background in business and politics. Members of the Presidential Campaign Council celebrates his potentials.

Eventhough APC as a party has emerged to be the strongest and biggest party in the country, it is worthy of note that Bulama contributed immensely to this progress. Therefore, the party should take advantage of this great man and benefit by utilizing his potentials once again.
This is a resolution from the party’s stakeholders and Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomole.

APC party members are searching to make a decision that will directly impact the party.
We the BSG (Bulama support group) are optimistic that the decision makers will make the right choice for the party in good time ..

We look forward to a resounding victory…
This is my hope for BSG

Ms. Farida Ali Adamu

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