Sudan Releases Over 80 Political Prisoners

Sudan’s government has released more than 80 political prisoners, following a directive from president Omar Al-Bashir.

The detainees, among them women, students and journalists, were arrested last month following protests over the high cost of living.

Families and friends, who camped outside prisons, celebrated as the detainees walked free.

The deputy head of the main opposition party, Fadlallah Burma, is among those released.

An official statement said the government would seek solutions with other parties to resolve the grievances of protesters.

Sudan devalued its currency last month and cut wheat subsidies, which doubled the price of bread a development that triggered the protests.

Sudan has struggled economically since south Sudan seceded in 2011, taking some of the oil fields which were vital to its economy.

The country is also recovering from 20 years of economic sanctions, which the US lifted last year.

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