Stand Up For Integrity Canvasses Support For President Buhari

At times Likes this, people of good will must rise to the clarion call to command what is good and abhor evil; a time when Nigeria is presented with a choice of who can be entrusted with the leadership of this great country.

Thank God, we are old enough and informed enough to know the antecedents of Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari and his character traits. We bear witness that he is a Man of integrity and a National Patriot, the like of whom are few in Nigeria of today amongst the past and present leaders. 

Prior to his ascension as the Civilian President in 2015, Nigeria was a Pariah Nation and a laughing stock amongst committee of Nations. Despite the huge resources that accrued to the Nation, the Government of then was known for uncommon crave for corruption and ineptitude. Little wonder then why for the first time, a sitting President was convincingly defeated despite the incumbency privileges.

Indeed, a new foundation is being laid, new values for accountability and good governance is being instituted and a new economy based on non-oil sector is gradually taking the center stage. The scourge of insecurity and kidnapping is being tackled and militancy is under control. Boko haram previously controlled 14 LGA areas in north-west but have none anywhere now in the north west. Labour related crises are being resolved and the GDP growth is very encouraging.

Brand new Cancer Center at LUTH completed  and commissioned in Lagos, a new day in the treatment of cancer in Nigeria, as early detection enhances cure.

With 8million tons of harvest as at today is the largest producer of maize in Africa, this figure is bound to increase as more people takes to farming. Indeed contribution of agriculture to non-oil GDP is in excess of N240billion.

President Muhammadu Buhari has completed : ABUJA – KADUNA ITAKPE – WARRI LAGOS – ABEOKUTA ABEOKUTA – IBADAN ABUJA METRO, while work has progressed extensively on the Lagos Ibadan axis which will be extended to Kano, The rails are coming and Nigerians are connecting again.

With Anchor borrowers programme, Tradermoni low interest loan, and Npower,PMB has continued to use the little resources to build  a new economy and empower the poorest of the Poor in their millions.

Surgery is ongoing in the figth agaist Corruption. The untouchables are feeling the heat, conviction are being obtained and a number of them are behind bars while a lot are fugitives in foreign land, runing away from home where they onces hold sway. Corruption is a virus and  a plague and we all must fight against it along side with President Muhammadu Buhari.

On the strength of the above, arising from the need to consolidate on the achievements of PMB, we the adherents of the Tijania SUFI order Nationwide hereby declare our total commitment to the re election of PMB come 16th Feb 2019.

We equally call on All Nigerians Voters to cast their vote for Mr. President to guarantee a future for our Country while laying a good foundation that our children can be proud of.

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