Southern-Alignment: How Osinbajo Mended The Broken Ties By Eniola Opeyemi

The southern part of Nigeria is seen has the most United and the intellectually inclined not until the Biafra civil war led by the foremost Igbo lengend, Pa Chukwu Ojukwu, the war according to history was almost won not until the intervention of the Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who was said to have advised the Nigerian stated to cut the funding of the Eastern region, this advise was seen by many as betrayal by the western part of the country in spite their perceived strong relationship, hitherto, the advise may have been in the best of Nigeria as a nation whose founding fathers aspired to see her as successful yet the amalgamation last forever.

The Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s intervention was one of the best a decision maker would key into to keep nation, yet, it’s like a wound on so many others who have misinterpreted the action to keep a negative notion against the Westerners (Yorubas) even till date, I wouldn’t have gotten the first hand information if not for the compulsory one year service (NYSC), that gave the chance to learn more about others culture and their view on other ethnic groups.

Looking into the day relationship between the east, south and western Nigeria, one would say the last have been seen of the unholy alliance when every part of the region came together to vote Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the southern Nigeria was happy and see the Yorubas to have kept to their words, especially the south-south part of the Nation, most especially, the Niger-Deltans, but their seems to be a twist in the relationship after their second term aspiration of the Otueke maestro, most part of the west took another decision to withdraw the mandate, no thanks to the collapsed agreement between the then president and the acclaimed Yoruba leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, not forgetting the fall out with the Ebora Owu, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Like so many political jobbers would do they took advantage of the constraints and chose to get rich as it is a perceived season for the politicians to reap and sow.

So many Governors knowing the juicy packages coming from the campaign train of Jonathan overtook the role of campaign DGs in their respective states, it also on record that the Nigeria Governors Forum has never been much happy than under the Goodluck Jonathan led regime, they seems to make rule at their pace and take decision even when it won’t favor the nation. Without digressing, many Governors who have even lost their grassroots got the campaign fund without a reliable connection with the electorates, the result is short of nothing less than under – delivery or not even delivering at all, note, not all governors accepted the offer of managing the campaign for Jonathan in their states. Reading through Segun Adeniyi’s books wouldn’t have stated less, thus, the many other staunch supporters of the former president, especially those from the Niger – Delta and the east would have tagged the westerners has ‘betrayers’ for not giving the required votes to their son, Ebele.

As a Youth corps member, and that of a Yoruba origin, my name, Eniola Opeyemi, is a symbol of the ethnic I represent, so many times I feel dejected for been tagged a Yoruba boy – the betrayers, I struggle to explain but most times I chose not to respond at all, accepting the fact That’s the extent at which our civilization as a country has reached.

Thanks to the move by the acting president, Prof. Yemi OSINBAJO, whose stride showed that the south as a whole can still produce something great, even beyond politics, his peace and reconciliation move in the south and the east showed his prowess not as a run of the mill Professor but a seasoned academician and a true pastor. Today, if anyone can reunite the south at this moment, it will definitely be the professor of Law. Like a senior friend of mine from the Niger-Delta said and I quote, “Reason behind Osinbajo’s success is born out of the fact that he is not a power monger or a sit tight power hungry politician”.

Reading through the headlines and hearing the Militants from the Niger – Delta volunteering to fight for OSINBAJO is a clear example, though, am not an advocate of truncation of peace, and I sure the redeem pastor will also object, but I write from my observations on how the south and the north will reunite for the betterment of the nation. The Biafra agitators now find a the confidence in the renown scholar as they wont turn down a meeting with him and he would neither resist meeting with them even in the middle of the forest.

A testimony of the Acting President’s stride is the former vice -president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, his boss in title, he said “Professor Osinbajo has demonstrated strong leadership by moving fast to nip the recent tension in the country in the bud, which arose from the quit notice issued on the Igbo by a coalition of northern youth groups and the counter notices from groups from other regions.”

Today, am glad and reassured that we can all live in unity, irrespective of our ethnic, division along political lines and religion.

Thank you Omowe OSINBAJO

Eniola Opeyemi writes.

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