South African Appears On Video Claiming To Be Killer Of Foreigners; Issues 14-Day Warning

The video you are about to watch may change your views on life permanently.

You are strongly urged to watch this video with careful composure.

There are no scenes of violence in the video however it does contain very disturbing speech.

The individual in this video who says he goes by the name, Sergeant Mabutu Butu Meseko Zuma, Ngugu, with his alleged friend, ‘Maseko,’ claims to be a South African behind the killing of many  fellow African foreigners in the country in the recent xenophobic unrest plaguing the nation that has government undertones.

This fellow praises and promises more killing of foreigners in South Africa.

South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma’s son has been accused by opposition activist Julius Malema of verbally promoting the xenophobic attacks.

We reported recently South Africa’s minister of small business actually suggesting support for looting against foreigners unless the ‘foreigners’ teach South Africans their ‘trade secrets.’

South Africa has deployed its army to Johannesburg and other violent regions.

Watch the video


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  1. I will not be surprised to later learn that this human slaughtering in South Africa could be a planned thing with Government support. I have been around long enough to know how greedy and selfish human is. At this point, people who are doing the killing like this guy on Video strongly believe that they are right and very correct. It’s us watching who can see how insane they are. That is what goes inside man’s brain. He can be damn wrong at one point yet not realize. This being called human is grossly flawed. It breaks my heart. If foreigners can give them space, they should.

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