Seven Tooth Gone Wrong; Mr Sattish Got Served, By Adeniran Mikhail

If anyone had told me that it was going to take seven of Mr. Sattish Kasara’s teeth to get me to resume writing after over six months, I would have told the person he is correct. How couldn’t it?

I have been trying to find something that will make me pick up the pen once again, I want to take a detour from the mainstream politics which ignited me to begin writing in the first place, it bores me now, the interest in political writings shrinks in my heart as the days goes by, matter of fact, I think we have enough people breaking coconut on our leaders head already. Nothing surprises anymore from the news that comes out of this country. Well, off course except the fact that Yusuf Ismail used hammer to pluck out seven of his employer’s teeth.

Yusuf worked for a drilling company in Minna, Niger state where Mr. Sattish Kasara was the manager of the company. For five years, Yusuf has worked and didn’t take a leave, when he finally wants to go home to see his family, he was denied. If I was a lawyer, I would represent Yusuf in court, my argument will be that he went insane temporarily when his boss decided not to pay him his salary because he asked to see his family for a week in Bauchi state.

It was an emotional moment for him, I’m sure when the scene played over his mind over and over again the thought of how he has been loyal to Mr. Sattish and the company for five years, and when he asked for once to see his family, he was denied, it sent some glitch to his brain it made attack his Mr. Sattish. We will play the emotions card.

Yusuf has suffered what a lot of people go through every day in the hands of foreign Nationals in Nigeria, they use people like rain water and pay a meagre sum. He will tell you boastfully that if you quit, there people who will take the offer in less than 24hours. That is the result of neo-capitalist system we practice in Nigeria.

One of my friend told me that he worked for a Chinese company once, he narrated that many times the Chinese man would call him ‘my friend’, he usually was very happy, he didn’t know that he was being used inside out, until people started noticing a defect in his walking posture before he realized he had to quit. “When a Chinese man tells you that he likes you, run” he always says.

The foreign national are corporate slave masters, they believe that since they pay you, they own you. Subjecting employees to long and rigorous working hours which almost always include unpaid extra time, when they feel you are becoming influential and maybe want to cause a protest or lead any cause that may disrupt work activities, they sack you without query. It’s corporate slavery straight from the colonial master’s playbook, they call them ‘casual worker’, how can casual and worker be in a same sentence if not to hide in plain sight slavery.

My sister once worked for a Chinese bakery as an attendant, and aside a very rigorous working schedule, her small salary was taxed twice. She took it up to her superiors (Chinese) and they told her if she wasn’t satisfied she can quit, that there are people who will replace her the next day.

I condemn Yusuf’s action but, I do not have any shred of pity for Mr. Sattish. He did not threat fairly and he deserves to have all his teeth knocked out for all I care. When he gets to India and asked what happened to his dentition, his response should be two words, Ismail Yusuf.

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