Scores of Insurgents and A Soldier Killed In Army, Boko Haram Bloody Clash in Bama

Fews days after Boko Haram insurgents recaptured Gamboru town, Borno state, the dare devil terror fighters again launched a fatal bid for Bama, resulting in fierce battles in which several jihadists and a Nigerian soldier were killed and several others injured.
The attack which was eventually quelled by the Nigerian troops led to the death of over a score of the jihadists while  others fled with wounds. Many more of the attacking terrorists also died as the airforce patrol went after the fleeing ones. Pursuit  is still ongoing while calm has been restored and troops maintain firm control of Bama town, Nigerian military stated.
“A Hilux vehicle as well as other equipment  and some weapons were captured from the attackers. One soldier died while 7 were wounded while repelling the attack. They have been evacuated from the combat area by air and are already receiving medical attention.
“With most of the towns slated to be cleared of terrorists already covered, the campaign to rid rest of the communities of them is continuing with air and land operations now stepped up in the remaining designated locations in the mission area.  Cordon and search of cleared communities are also ongoing with some discoveries of weapons and vestiges of atrocities committed by the terrorists while they held sway in some locations”, the statement added.
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