Saraki’s Visit To Miaiduguri-: Hope Needed, Hope Given, By Lawal Sharafadeen

At a time like this in our country where nothing seems to be making any sense at all, problems keep mounting without any hope of solution.

We have the problem of falling oil price, states inability to pay workers and sitting at the middle of it all is the issues of BOKO HARAM.

The issue of BOKO HARAM had seen president Buhari travel to almost 10 countries so just to gather the needed resources to tackle BOKO HARAM.

One must commend the recent visit of the Senate President Senator Bukola Saraki to the IDPs in Maiduguri as a step towards the right direction, the visit which was moved at the floor of the senate by a Senator from the south and was seconded by Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekwueremadu who said in his words that no one can quantify the untold hardship, destroy of life and the trauma that follows afterwards which the victims of war undergoes, haven gone though such trauma himself but had to live on hope of a better tomorrow hence it is indeed necessary that the senate visits the IDP.

What feature awaits the kids of the North east who had either lost a single parent or both?

A life without any form of Education or dream for a better life is no life at all. Many of the kids in the developed and peaceful areas have to put in a lot of struggles in other to make anything out of life considering the condition of our country where resources are getting scarce by the day talk less of the kids of north east Nigeria who in time soon will forget any definition of what a good life means. If am asked, i will say that the stage is set for a more brutal BOKO HARAM sect if these kids are not properly managed,

The current situation in the north where education has little priority is envisaged as the main machinery which gave room for exploiting our kids and exploring their hopelessness. Kids who are not in school and not under guidance will easily fall pray of ill acts.

Hopelessness can easily be eradicated through educating these kids and above all showing care and taking the message of hope to them.

We all are products of hope that was given to us by our parents, the society we living in and the exposure we were opportune to have and this is the same parental role the senate president has provided by hi visit to the Maiduguri.

The 7th assembly was at the center of it all but didn’t see it as important to visit the IDP in person to give a message of hope and reassurance that they are not alone but this was not the same for the 8th assembly as the Senate President Sarakis took the message of hope to the north east.

Saraki’s visit was a visit of hope restored for the kids of North East and a reassurance that this government lead by president Buhari would be supported by all tears of government to see the end of Boko Haram.

The hope that the senate president had been able to establish in the hearths of these kids will go a long way in putting an end to any recruitment of young boys the sect may be orchestrating.

We must also not forget the financial support  of a total sum of 10 million naira given by the Senate President to the IDP and this also will provide a cushion of some sort at least for the time being,

Nigeria is for all of us and the visit of the senate president has been nothing nut leadership by example that all of us must emulate regardless of our political status or affiliation.

God bless us all.


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